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MPAA Rated PG-13 for some intense peril

Sex & Nudity

Violence & Gore

  • We later see their corpses as the hunters butcher them and pack the meat.
  • Keda manages to hang on to a rock instead of tumbling to the valley floor below, but loses his grip, painfully bounces off a few jutting stones and finally lands on a ledge, bloody and unconscious.
  • Indeed, one teen-a newcomer, like Keda-is snatched by a saber-toothed cat and apparently killed offscreen. (The entire attack takes place in shadows, but it's pretty jarring nonetheless.)
  • Keda and Alpha hunt and kill boar, rabbits and fish.
  • They snack on live maggots, too. (Keda also puts a few of them on a wound Alpha has suffered, in order to clean it.)
  • Earlier in the film, he refuses to kill an injured boar when he's hunting with his tribe, forcing someone else to do it.
  • We see bloodstains on snow.
  • A frozen corpse of a man still sits outside his hut, and the tribe passes the partially-eaten remains of a mammoth. (Later, the mammoth is completely skeletonized.)
  • After they carve suitable spear points (one of which slices Tau's thumb), the successful hunt initiates are beaten mightily by their peers as part of the initiation ceremony.
  • "Pain will journey with us," Tau intones before the beating takes place.
  • A herd of bison are driven off a cliff. The entire scene shows an incredible amount of unjustified cruelty.
  • Very few humans are hurt, so the rating is Mild ; but many animals suffer a lot of violence, so for them the rating would be Severe.


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