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Make me proud
nogodnomasters9 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Not since "John Dies at the End" have I been able to figure out the ending of a film from the title. Ivan (Gary Stretch) is terrible. He kills his one son Chester (Chester Rushing) and hits the other one in the side of the head so he can't hear out of both ears. Asher (Joe Anderson) grows up deaf and decides to be a mute because he would talk funny. When dad is released early from prison, Asher is out for revenge. And there is a girl (Candace Smith) involved.

The film won a number of awards for being the best indie out of Louisiana. It was professionally shot, however there were a number of things I didn't like. The first was the metaphoric and poetic language monologue that was fitted into the script by someone with less than the education to speak/write that way. Good writing, but didn't fit the character. Now for a deaf guy, I assumed he could read lips and sometimes read lips when he wasn't looking at them. And how did a deaf guy know to turn around when a gun was fired? I guess no one caught it in post or didn't care. The whole situation seemed like over reaction. I am sure grindhouse zealots might find a gem here. It seemed a bit tedious to me.

Guide: F-word. Sex, rape, nudity (Frances Reagan James + uncredited)
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Fathers have always taught their sons to replace them
neamtzu_rau20 January 2017
This movie hits me on a very personal level.

It resembles much of my relationship with my father. I never knew why my father started or why he couldn't stop drinking. I am certain that not many IMDb users can relate to violent childhood memories but this film goes beyond that.

The poetic voice-over, the spectacular scenery, resembles Terrence Malick's doing and the violence on a Black & White screen, punctuated at key points in the story, resembles Quentin Tarantino's work.

I don't have much to say about this gem, but that it captures how it feels to be born in a family with a violent past and how good men chose to make different decisions in life.

It's spot on. Uncomfortably so.

Yet beautiful.

Thank you, Sean Brosnan
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A Brutal and Heartbreaking Tale of Southern Gothic Revenge
horitaj3 March 2017
When I think of revenge in cinema I think of "Oldboy" (2003), "Dead Man's Shoes" (2004), "Blue Ruin" (2014), "Lady Vengeance" (2004), "Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance" (2002), "Django Unchained" (2012), "Kill Bill" (2003;2004) "Gangs of New York" (2002), and even "John Wick" (2014). Now after seeing this masterpiece of revenge, "My Father Die" is now on that list.

"My Father Die" is as you already know, a deep southern Gothic revenge film, and is the directorial debut of Sean Brosnan. The film starts off with two brothers (Asher and Chester) walking around talking about sex and meeting up with a girl (Nana) so that Chester can have sex with her. As Asher keeps on watch for the two his father (Ivan) pounces when he's not looking and hits him so hard upside the head that he ruptures his eardrums. Ivan then confronts Chester and beats him to death in a fit of rage while the recently deaf Asher watches. Jump twenty years later where Asher is taking care of his overly obese mother who does nothing but sit on her bed and watch the local church sermon. Ivan is recently released from prison and Asher plans to exact his revenge upon his fallen brother. And so ensues one of the best revenge films I've seen.

The film is so well acted by the entire cast, mostly the three main stars Joe Anderson (Asher), Candace Smith (Nana), and Gary Stretch (Ivan). These three actors did a magnificent job bringing their characters to life. Joe Anderson was magnificent as he never said a word in the film and yet you could empathize with his character so much. Gary Stretch was unbelievable, if you thought he was bad in "Dead Man's Shoes", you have no idea how much more bad he is in this film. Stretch is just absolutely brutal and brings so much tension and suspense in every scene he is in.

Brosnan's direction is fantastic, he never loses control of the brutal and religious aspects the movie brings. He developed the characters so well and took time to really make them feel real. The cinematography is overall very good, when it comes down to the cinematography of a very low budget film I'm not so harsh on it considering that money is not very abundant, but the film looks beautiful either way.

Throughout the film I couldn't help but see Brosnan's satire on Southern religion. I am not completely sure if it was intentional, but if it was good job. Periodically in the film a painting of Saturn eating his children is seen, which not only symbolizes the characters in the film but also gives the film a religious quality to it which I thought was interesting.

I honestly don't know what else to say, this is a great revenge film with unique characters that we empathize and despise, a great story, acting, and direction. Sean Brosnan debuted with a powerhouse of a film and I will without a doubt be looking forward to what he has in store next.
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It was an intense film! Well Done!
subxerogravity21 January 2017
Was not sure what to make of the synopsis of some guy who can't hear and who can't speak going after his father who murdered his brother but it turned out to be one of those real good movies that pays homage to that 1970s style of film making that all the indi filmmakers who love b-movies seem to enjoy paying homage to.

Very gritty and emotional. Well laid out film. I love the way it looked it was beautiful in it's grittiness and I loved the way it felt and I loved the music.

I was waiting for a while for this film to come out at my theater. I saw the poster and it looked great. It was worth that wait.
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Raw, violent and ultra-gory.
peterp-450-2987165 April 2017
"I do know that my father was a ferocious fighter, had great potential. Mama said he could have gone all the way to the top. Said the safest place for him was in the ring. She blamed America for sending him into the jungle. I blame Vietnam for not bringing him home in a box."

Raw, violent and ultra-gory. That's what "My father die", the remarkable debut of Sean Brosnan (son of the famous spy), actually has to offer in terms of content. An orgy of senseless violence. A revenge film avant la lettre. A bit like "American Muscle" where revenge was the central topic as well. The only difference is the style and look of this one compared to the previous. "American Muscle" tries to convey a seventies vibe, while "My father die" looks more stylistic. The use of black and white images in the beginning initially makes you think this is more than a typical revenge movie full of brutal scenes. Until the avenger starts his quest to put the suffering and injustice straight again.

The person who wants to take revenge is Asher (Joe Anderson). A young man who skins alligators in the backyard and who eerily looks like Kurt Cobain wearing a raccoon (I guess) headdress. In appearance anyway, because in terms of hearing this certainly isn't the case. Asher is in fact deaf, because his aggressive father Ivan (Gary Stretch) he has hit him rather harshly on his ears when he was young. And at the same time, this mentally ill brute, beats Asher's older brother Chester (Chester Rushing) to death. And this because he caught him in an intimate embrace with a local girl named Nana (Candace Smith). I suppose Ivan also had an affair with her.

Twenty years later Asher and his mother receive the news about Ivan's early release due to good behavior. That's when Asher realizes he has to carry out a major task. Look for Ivan and kill him before this madman shows up at their porch. And that's the beginning of a long chaotic and violent trip through this poor part of the U.S. The first thing that struck me in this rather pretty vacuous film, is the strong and convincing acting of the main characters. Ivan is terrifying brutal. A bully who without a blink of an eye smashes someones brain because the person got in the way. He doesn't care whether it's a cop, a gang-member or a fragile woman he's knocking down with a devastating blow. An insensible, numb and ruthless fighter. His posture and appearance is of such an extent that you step aside when he nears you. And apparently all this is the result after having fought in Vietnam.

Now, I still think Asher has inherited some of the genes of his father, because he has no compassion for those who don't want to help him find Ivan. A couple of shot off toes and wildly pounding with a shovel are the result. Because of his deafness and the fear of being called a retard when talking, Asher is deafening silent the entire movie. He doesn't say a word and he just makes use of sign language and facial expressions. Despite his sound free role, I thought it was a magnificent performance of this for me unknown actor. In addition, Candace Smith and Kevin Gage (as blood brother Tank) are certainly worth mentioning after displaying some brilliant moments.

In hindsight "My father die" isn't really a stunning film. The story-line is rather weak and the whole story looks like a hodgepodge of random events with terrible brutality not being shunned. Unfortunately, the denouement is a bit exaggerated. It looked more like a modern version of a firefight in an old cowboy movie. I'm not really a fan of this kind of exploitation films about deprived slums where futureless individuals waste their time on useless and cruel activities. And certainly not when the used violence is completely senseless, aimless and indifferent. The film surpasses "American Muscle" easily and tries to acquire a cult status as "Vanish". I didn't feel like turning it off and that's a positive sign. I am convinced that Asher's last thought contained the following sentence "It's better to burn out than to fade away".

More reviews here :
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interesting first feature
ferguson-626 January 2017
Greetings again from the darkness. Pre-judging movies is just something that naturally happens for frequent movie watchers, and a pleasant surprise can create a joyous experience. Such is the case with the feature film debut from Sean Brosnan (son of Pierce). With no shortage of entries into the Family Revenge-Action-Thriller genre, it takes something special to standout, and though it targets a (very) limited audience, those that give it a shot will likely be impressed.

It's the style that we notice from the opening black and white segment, where two brothers are hanging out and joking together as the older one offers up some typical teenager advice on "romance". An exceptionally brutal and violent attack leaves Chester (Chester Rushing) the older brother dead, and Asher (Gabe White) the younger brother deaf.

We flash forward to a time when Asher is an adult who takes care of his mother, and prepares for revenge against his father. That's right … the monster of a man responsible for the violence that changed the course of Asher's life was his own father. The pursuit of revenge is something we've seen on screen many times before, but it's the performances and the look of the film that make this one worth discussing. Joe Anderson stars as the adult Asher, and he conveys wide emotional swings with no dialogue. Instead, we are guided by the narration of his younger self – and this is some of the most poetic narration you'll find outside of a Terrence Malick movie. As terrific as Anderson is, and as much as we empathize with his character, it's Gary Stretch (former British boxer) as his father Ivan, who provides a villain so despicable that we find ourselves anxious and rooting for Asher's violent revenge.

There is mention that serving in Vietnam destroyed Ivan's soul, but it's rare to see a man with no conscience and one who is capable of such carnage. Director Brosnan offsets this creature with the black & white flashbacks, and creates a contrast of beauty vs brutality. It really messes with your head and emotions. Marc Shap is the cinematographer and he shows a wonderful eye for both nature (much of the film takes place on the bayou) and personal interactions (both calm and frenzied). The film also makes good use of sound – and no sound, both of which are effective.

Make no mistake, this is not an easy movie to watch and won't be to the taste of most. Violent revenge is not really condoned or condemned in the movie, but it seems clear that if you are taking that path, make sure you do it right the first time! Young Asher's narration tells us that "revenge is not noble, but it's human" … a sentiment that rings quite true. What's also true is that Sean Brosnan is an exciting new director to keep an eye on, and maybe the first ever to include a closing credits tribute to Irish playwright John Millington Synge.
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Good B Revenge Action Flick.
prendj0124 January 2017
They allegations of bucket loads of blood and gore are overstated. As a revenge action flick it has enough action to keep most people happy. The reflections on the past add pathos.

Some of the characterizations are a little thinly drawn, but fortunately for us not the main roles; which are all filled with conviction. The violence though extreme occurs in context and without unduly being dwelt on.

Other reviewers really should try to be dispassionate and honest about there own sensitivities if they seek to achieve their presumed goal of guiding over people in their movie choices.

I would have given this a 6 but raised it to a 7 because the main roles are played well. The script isn't too shabby and the pace and length of the film was well considered in the edit.

This is good B movie action by any honest brokers standards.
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Superb depraved thriller
t-dooley-69-38691610 July 2017
Asher is deaf and mute, but he wasn't always it was his abusive father that caused it to him when he was twelve, around the same time that his pops killed his brother for reasons of a sexual jealousy nature.

Ivan – the father then has to do his time in the State Pen etc. We join them on Ivan's release and how Asher now all grown up, and bursting for revenge, has decided that his daddykins is a boil that needs lancing.

Now that is a brief synopsis and this is essentially a violent thriller that did well at Frightfest. I thought it was excellent, some have complained it to being a bit 'arty', never a problem in my book and it is violent and depraved and dirty and even existentialist but all in a contextual way.

This is written, directed and has a bit part for Sean Brosnan (son of Pierce) but this is no vanity project. I found the cinematography to be well thought through and the timing of the 'action' just spot on. The actors all do a brilliant job and the story itself is as griping as it can be repulsive, so all in all some feat to have made so many differing aspects work together and work so well – one I can recommend completely.
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Total Bloodbath and Orgy of Violence from Start to Finish
leftbanker-122 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers Ahead!!!

This movie was not rated but deserves a XXX rating for the seriously over-the-top violence, torture, and gore. I've never understood those ratings because any hint of sex and you'll get an R rating which generally hurts at the box office but something like this will probably fly in with P-13 or whatever. I don't have kids but I would rather they watch hard-core porn than sick filth like this.

This is basically a revenge movie. The kid's brother is killed by their father. The kid grows up and puts on a dog suit to track down his evil dad. No biggie and this is wrapped up soon enough...but not so fast because we have another hour of violence to go. Take a wild guess as to who ends up dead.

I'm through giving this horrible bloodbath the time of day so just let me reiterate by saying that this is sick, completely unimaginative trash.
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trans_mauro22 January 2017
Society is going down a drain.

Once again, another so called cult film resorting to human sewage to try and cause an emotional impact because, it seems, audiences are so desensitized that in order to keep them awake they have to be fed vile and despicable imagery.

I wonder what makes directors and writers to film a scene where a teenager masturbates while watching other teens having sex. How authorities allow this to happen? This is worse than porn because in porn the actors are not supposed to be underage.

After that, I could not stomach to sit through monstrosity. I fast forwarded pausing every now then to sample what was going on, and, of course, what one sees is a succession of human depravity, deviancy and the usual depiction of human misery.

Skip it. I believe watching a dead cat rot in an alley has more entertaining value than this aberration.
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Raw and out there
kosmasp2 March 2017
This was part of Frightfest 2016 and it was really good. Now it has quite a few flaws overall, but just the rawness and the way it deals with things plus the way it is framed and filmed, all make up for it. Some may feel it is too "arty", especially the black and white shots of it (flashbacks) will be the target of that criticism.

But it all makes sense (well apart from starting something and crazily enough not having finished it ... then again that creates a sort of magic aura that transcends this into a different dimension) in the end. And it is based on Freud partly of course. In the sense that sons want to replace their dad. In this case, the dad is not a nice one at all.

A lot of violence and a lot of crazy things happening, but all with a purpose
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Super Good
temoor-janjua21 February 2017
Intense and just pure awesome in every way.

The direction is great, music is awesome, acting is pretty good all around, story is original and action is top notch.

Probably deserve an 8/10 but I gave it a 10/10 to counter the unjust rating that it has right now.
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What a mess!
Ctaylor198022 October 2018
This film failed on so many levels, especially at delivering a single coherent thought.
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