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Easy on the eyes horror adventure
LAndyQ28 February 2017
The standout element of this film are the visual effects. For a low budget flick, the magic and witchcraft visuals were done well and they didn't distract or take you out of the movie. The acting was hit and mix at points, and so was the writing some times but this movie managed to entertain me more than Rings (2017). The witches in Reel Nightmare could have been in more scenes. They were the strongest draw to the film. The lead girl and overall, the female cast was superior to the male counterparts. But no living character here is a match for the witches. The witches had a strong presence and I'm glad they didn't use CGI to bring them to life.
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Worst Director Ever
arfdawg-18 February 2017
The Plot.

A group of film students from Miskatonic University venture into an old Victorian house with a grisly past to shoot a last-minute thesis, but the discovery of a mysterious book called the Necronomicon brings production to a deadly halt when they awaken the spirits of three vengeful witches.

What a bunch of hooey.

How this clown got someone to give him money to direct this piece of garbage is beyond me. He's untalented.

The script is a total derivative rip off of every movie ever made in this genre.

The acting is below amateurish.

But the REAL problem is this horrible director. He really should be homeless living on the street. Please stop the madness and don't fund this clown. He has no talent.
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The Generators will be here tomorrow
nogodnomasters1 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The film is introduced as if it is going to be a found footage film. It is not, just poorly framed and shot. A group of students from Miskatonic University (HP Lovecraft "Re-animator" fictional university) decide to film inside the haunted Goodwin house that had three "witches". PLOT SPOILER: Individuals become possessed for a short period and attack another in the group.

The film stars Madeleine Heil who will be appearing in "Clowntergeist" a film whose name I just love. I will give Madeleine credit, who poured her heart out into this film. Unfortunately the special effects didn't go beyond black and white film footage and contact lenses. The film attempted a few light moments that didn't work. The dialogue needed improvement and the off and on random possession didn't pan out. The film actually got more boring during the climax scenes when you realize, "this is it." Guide: No sex or nudity. I don't recall any swearing
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Not bad, could have been better
pattomasi28 February 2017
I liked that this movie Reel Nightmare flipped the bird to all sexist, xenophobic and racists out there. That's what good indie filmmaking is supposed to be about: defying the status quo and the world needs that today. The quirky humor in this movie is not gonna click with everyone but thats a good thing these days. The witches effects were well done but the movie was getting good when it ended. Wish there was more in it to get to know the parallel between witches and the Hilarys of the world. Not a bad movie, but could have been better if more time that been invested to develop the witches backstory which is the most interesting aspect of the film.
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Real Nightmare
cynthia-boras8 February 2017
What you get: nice old mansion, crap story, horrible acting, special effects dating back to the 80s The idea for this movie is not too bad. The synopsis sounded interesting enough to me. It raises expectations the movie can't deliver.

Who casted these guys as actors? This is sometimes so bad that it gets funny. I have seen a lot better in music videos or even TV commercials for breakfast cereals. Who wrote the dialogues? Repetitive and boring. They talk so much about things nobody would ever find interesting.

What actually happens for 40 min is close to nothing. How is that even possible? They could have elaborated on the old mansion, on the story or on the characters. Thos is a whole new dimension of boring.

There was one scene with really outstanding visual effects. You get books flying around. That was so bad. Even adjusting them on a rope and moving the rope with the books would have been more impressive. I haven't seen something like that in ages.

So much potential wasted here. Do yourself a favour, go to the dentist, clean the filter of your vacuum cleaner or check if your vaccinations are up to date. Can think of so many other things I wouldn't like to do rather than having to watch that film again.

I give 1 for story idea and 1 for everybody involved to finish a project like that.
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Good production value
info-461069 February 2017
The screenplay will not win any awards but it's definitely an entertaining movie with great production value (for a small budget film). The color work in some scenes is really nice and the effects were cheesy but also above average. This movie could do well as a SciFi network Sunday movie. The witches were scary but they managed to make them alluring. i wanted to be a witch myself. The story has a very feminist tone that some guys will not like but if you watch it with an open mind, you can understand why it's important to give everyone a fair shot and how not to judge a book by it's cover. Speaking of book, it was only introduced midway but the sequence with the books attacking the blonde chick was a nice effect.
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Not a Lovecraft film
Leofwine_draca19 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
REEL NIGHTMARE: BOOK OF WITCHCRAFT is another dead-headed indie horror flick centred around the subject of witchcraft. For whatever reason, this is a film chock-full of Lovecraft references in terms of character and place names, but otherwise it has no connection to the Cthulhu Mythos (worse luck). It's a dreadfully bad film which looks much older than it really is and is routinely cheesy, dull, and badly acted. Just the usual, then.
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A very fun indie Horror
robert-46116 February 2017
Armand Petri's Reel Nightmare is a very well produced independent horror with the acting, camera, lighting and sound design one would expect of a main-stream Hollywood film. The film is a seamless high-bred of found footage with traditional narrative but with Reel Nightmare, the found footage is not ever part of the actual visual presentation but rather an ecstatic theme driven by the scene structure, in other words, no shaking camera or armature looking footage. Though all performances were compelling , I especially liked the portrayal of Sofia by Madeleine Heil who offers a first rate delivery. The film provides a few laughs, plenty of scares and a very cool surprise ending. I hope to see more from this production team!
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