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A tad slow, but love the story. Too bad they cancelled it.
hdtvkeith9 October 2018
As others have said this was a great Exorcist replacement. Here is where I suspect they lost people, the long delay between season 1 and season 2. It is a tad slow, but kept me fully engaged. This is good straight thriller horror without the way over the top extremism of American Horror Story. I wish Cinemax had the balls to at least run a few episodes of season 3 to wrap up the story. I am tired of investing time in shows that just end without wrapping up the story line.
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Everything American Horror Story SHOULD have been..
A_Different_Drummer24 May 2016
Good horror is hard to find.

Grew up on Stephen King, saw the original Living Dead in a theatre, have my own copies of Browning's FREAKS and CAT PEOPLE .. you know the drill.

Tried so hard to like American Horror Story but kept banging into talky self-important scripts and self-important actors and self-important directors.

Only seen one episode of OUTCAST but it looks like a find. Reminded me of the very first S01E01 of X-Files, which seems like something I saw just yesterday. (Actually WAS yesterday, I have the boxed set.)

The direction and cinematography is to die for. Great tone. Interesting characters. The producers boast one of the best pedigrees in the biz. No overblown egos, at least not yet. Really holds the attention which, as I have said my 1100 or so IMDb reviews, is the acid test of any show.

And upcoming actress Wrenn Schmidt has one of the most interesting "TV faces" since Anna Torv in Fringe. I think male viewers in particular will think that, if they were hiding in a semi-condemned house with no water or power, this would be their first choice for someone banging on the door trying to lend a hand.

Very promising.
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Stararmour3 June 2016
This show is supposed to do for the ghost/ possessed genre what the walking dead has done for the zombie genre. Bring it out of the ridicule into the books of serious TV. I didn't read much else about this show going into it and I am glad for it.

Like many reviewers have said, it's that first scene that completely has you hooked. I was grimacing and enthralled at the same time.

I didn't think too much of the story-line - it seems to echo the usual haunted by a possession in the past trope, but there are some twists that bring it out of the absolutely ordinary. It remains to be seen how well they build on the out-of-the-ordinary elements in the story. Let's remember that TWD also started out regular - a guy waking up in a world inhabited by zombies was very very familiar. It is what they have done with it in the long run that has made it a gem.

This is just the first episode in what appears to be a very promising ghost series. Go Kirkman!!

------------edit post season 1 finale--------- no spoilers!

This is the slow burn that The VVitch tried so hard to accomplish. Things move slowly and deliberately towards tragedies/ triumphs in the storyline. The season ends in a good place, leaving us wanting more.

I wont lie, there are some bits where it seems to drag its feet in petulance, but it does recover. And, boy, when it twists, so do you!!

I would recommend putting in the work to get through the draggy bits for this one.
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One of my favorite new shows of 2016
swilliky4 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Cinemax presents a new horror series called Outcast from the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. Set in the small town Rome, West Virginia, a demon is afoot possessing small children, or anybody really. At the center of this horror is Kyle Barnes played by Patrick Fugit. He's had a past with this demon that has resulted in him being alone and locked away inside a house hiding from everyone. Only his sister Megan Holter, played by Wren Schmidt, will come to visit and drop off food.

There is plenty of gore in this show as it is on the much less censored pay-for-cable channel and from the mind of the prolific zombie series writer. The boy who is possessed performs all sorts of gruesome acts on himself and those who try to cast the demon out of him. A particular part where he bites his finger is a shocker right at the start. Reverend Anderson, played by Philip Glenister, is called in to help release the boy from his plight but can do little in the face of such evil. The supporting cast looks good too with character actors like Reg E. Cathey of House of Cards playing the police chief.

After season 1 The new horror show on Cinemax comes from Robert Kirkman, the Kentucky native, and creator of The Walking Dead. Outcast expands on classic horror tropes as it follows a depressed man, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) with a mysterious power and a troubled past, and a preacher, Reverend Anderson (Philip Glenister) who performs exorcisms. The two men stumble upon evil entities spreading through the small Southern town of Rome, West Virginia. At points, the show fell into a "demon of the week" episodic nature but provided enough intrigue to push through a solid introductory season.

This horror original based on graphic novel doesn't go for the easy jump scare but draws out the tension with slow, menacing dread that builds through each episode. The most gripping story of the series is the plight of Megan Holter (Wrenn Schmidt), Kyle's sister, whose terrible experiences catch up with her and her husband Officer Mark Holter (Mark Holter). This subplot flips upside down as it collides with the main storyline to make for an awesome and chill- inducing finale.

Check out more of this review and others at swilliky.com
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Episode One Review
MamaShandi24 May 2016
The beginning scene grabbed my attention. It succeeded in properly setting up the episode. I wasn't too sure of what to think about the main character at first. There was a cloud of mystery around him. As the episode continued, and the other characters began to emerge, I started to understand their aspects and how they relate to the situations in the episode. They all served their purpose in helping to develop the story line. There were some conflicts in place to help keep the viewer interested. A lot of answers to beginning questions came at the end. I recommended this series for anyone who has interest in possession or religious type of horror flicks. If the remaining episodes of the season are as enthralling as the first, then this series should be around for a while.
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Perfect first episode - Robert Kirkman has delivered the goods!
roguecritic4230 May 2016
Great first episode. Not a single criticism from me.

It starts off so dark and twisted. The plot is interesting and I look forward to more.

There is a lot of supernatural horror packed into the first episode, so I really look forward to see where this story goes.

It offers The Walking Dead quality TV horror, but with demons instead of zombies.

Good actors, good casting choices so far, interesting location shots, I think we have a winner. A lot of potential for this show. As long as they keep it heavy on the supernatural and effects like they did the first episode, I'm going to stay tuned.
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Horror story telling at its best!!
jbalodimas-134-22076723 August 2018
Just finished season 2. The finale had me on the edge of my seat. Great horror story telling. Gritty, sincere etc all in one show. I hope this gets renewed for season 3 or at least finish the series with a legit finale.
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Must see!
Fancytower17 August 2018
Outcast on Cinemax is one of the best horror, psychological dramas on tv right now. I was hooked from the beginning and can't stop watching. A very unusual take on "possession". Is it possession or something else. Acting is spot on. Truly one of the best series right now
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Best of the best and one of a kind
sunrise3028 September 2018
Outcast is all that. Great acting, chilling atmosfere, great story, characters... this is a gem and i want it too last forever Too bad there is a rope on season 3 because of legal mumbo jumbo crap cinemax made
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Decent, high-quality television.
elmoslively22 September 2018
Creepy, eerie, violent and at times downright scary, this show has a strong cinematic feel which is highlighted by a great cast of high-quality actors, first class direction and a taught script. Definitely a can't miss show that I really like.
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I missed The Exorcist and then i found Outcast
valeriapetrova22 September 2018
This is a series that i was looking for. Thrilling, stunning and with chatacters that go deep and let you feel the strange atmosphere of things happening around them. I hope very much that season 3 is on the way!
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Outstanding & Original Tv
ricochet93-369-30880212 August 2018
No horror movie or tv programme have come close to this. We need more Outcast!!!!
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Nice look onto the malady of the otherworldly kind
quincytheodore24 May 2016
Upon looking at Outcast there's an identifiable mix of horror movie and TV show ambiance. It dabbles in possession gig with adequate seriousness, even a gleeful amount of creepy spots, but there's a set up for continuous showing of horror as well. The protagonist is man of little faith and many tribulations, which give a more modest backdrop instead of usual exorcism glamour.

First and foremost, it manages to present terror or at least compelling enough scenes to hook audience. The atmosphere might be quaint and done with nice cinematography, but this actually works as contrast for some of its unsuspecting creepy sequences. Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit) is a man who has experienced abuse, be it may physical or paranormal. He's utterly conflicted, although his wish to help can be appealing.

The set-up might work in different case for each episode, with Reverend Anderson(Philip Glenister) as the unusual side kick. Alas, it could be a case of the week shtick,, but Outcast has a very weighty tone to the production that it resembles horror blockbuster than a series, even though the rural setting is not that grand.

For a weekly dive into horror, Outcast is looking appetizing with brilliantly bleak atmosphere and broken character seeking respite.
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First look of Outcast
fadlanamin9 June 2016
It's a drama horror series about a guy who seem to always be surrounded by Supernatural possessions.judging by pilot episode , Outcast seems really promising and I really looking forward to the next episode. It is well acted. The actors did a really good job and there is some scary intense scene and some of it is pretty gory. Although , this series is went kinda slow and a bit confusing at first. The plot is also interesting , and seems to be different from any kind of horror series there is ( there is some similarity from Damien , but it's better ). I guess this series is inspired by that Conjuring movie.

Then again, it's only the first episode so there's nothing much I can say about Outcast. It's worth a shot. I hope the next episode will get better because there's only a few good horror series.

Will update after the first season.
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Dark but good
deloudelouvain17 August 2016
Pleasantly surprised with Outcast. Being a fan of the obscure, you get everything you want with this series. The evil ambiance literally drips of your screen during this show. They don't reveal too much, so it isn't easy to create such a dark ambiance. I hope that we will get more gory scenes in season two, even though it is not absolutely necessary for this show to survive. The filming and the soundtrack are perfect. It's all very dark and gives you an uncomfortable feeling. Patrick Fugit does a great job playing the outcast Kyle Barnes. Even at the end of the first season you still have a lot of questions unanswered and it can only be good for the next season. Reverend Anderson played by Philip Glenister also fits perfectly in the story. Evil against good, or is it totally different? Can't wait for the next season to get some answers.
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very well done
MattyAndAnnika18 July 2016
The TV Series Outcast (2016) created by The Walking Dead's Robert Kirkman is by far yet another beautiful creation. When the comic started hitting the shelves, people at the shops started telling us that we needed to check out the comics as a show would be coming to Cinemax. Of course we started checking out what we could find, collect the comics and wait for the show.

We started watching the show because so far other than Fear the Walking Dead, everything revolving around The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, Preacher, etc have turned out to be awesome. Outcast episodes 1-6 of Season 1 are put together nicely and yes you'll notice the intro does sort of follow the layout of The Walking Dead as if it were duplicated to change imaging and music; but it's awesome. I love the cast, the story is eerie which is beautiful to me, and the effects are perfectly set. We highly suggest you to check this show out if you're not already doing so.
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...simply.. brilliant..!
Sergio_Gorgone14 June 2016
I could try to manifest every ounce of knowledge and give a comparison or technical review.. BUT.. I won't! Story is compelling, actors are cast to perfection - visually enhanced approach to telling the story and letting the viewer throw in a few dimes of their own.

It holds you, shakes you and won't let you go. We're along for a major ride and thanks to cast, crew, direction and writing - this is truly a treat.

It feels like something you may have seen or felt on big or small screen - and that is your first mistake and the entrance to something awesome. Don't take my word for it - watch it, you might not feel better - but I guarantee you will love every minute!
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A fan from The Beginning
calibre-6749927 July 2018
I started watching this show from day one, but I have never read any of the comics or graphic novels. The show is a different take for the Horror genre and the shows darkness really helps Outcast stand out from the other shows currently out on TV. Season 1 was Great though Season 2 has a few bumps along the way, but season 2 is still worth watching. I don't know why Season 2 took so long to debut in the U.S. I hope the delay doesn't hurt viewership ratings on Cinemax. Hopefully season 3 can start production in the latter half of 2018 or 2019. I would recommend this show for anyone who likes the horror/graphic novel genre and doesn't want to be bothered by commercials or cut scenes b/c they may be too intense or bloody for the weak at heart. The only drawback is I would strongly recommend watching this show from the beginning. If you are a new Fan Enjoy the show and keep Kickass Outcast!
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Great Series
mitman499 July 2016
I think Outcast is a great series. I was never into movies like the Exorcist but do like the horror genre. Outcast is different from other movies and TV series that deal with devil possession. Outcast has exceptional writing with deep plots that keep you guessing and often confused. I really like this. It is so different from a routine plot. The other thing that makes Outcast great is the excellent acting. Patrick Fugit gives an outstanding performance as the lead character. His laid back attitude and slow charismatic pace makes him so believable as an undeserved outcast. You feel sorry for him and yet often feel like him in everyday life. The reverend who becomes his side kick is also an excellent actor and it is hard not to think he is very weird. I just hope Outcast does well in the ratings, because this series deserves it. I can't wait to watch it on Friday evenings. It is now my favorite TV show.
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Bleak, Creepy, Violent and Depressing Series
claudio_carvalho4 July 2018
"Outcast" is a bleak, creepy, violent, gruesome and depressing some times TV series based on a comic book. Most of the characters are non-likable and there are many contradictions along the ten first episodes (First Season). The drama lived by the lead characters is stronger than the supernatural side of the story, frustrating the fans of horror. "Supernatural", for example, is better and better since the stories have humor and are funny. I am not sure whether I will see the next season of "Outcast" since there are better series to be seen and followed. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil)'"Outcast"
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aprilgregh8 August 2018
I think there are certain genres of storytelling that seem to suffer from a lack of unique ideas or captivating presentation; science fiction and horror are the two that most immediately come to mind. I was initially interested in Outcast because it came from the mind of Robert Kirkman, of Walking Dead fame. That being said, I find Outcast to be superior in terms of the uniqueness of it's premise and storytelling. At this point, I have grown tired and disappointed in the bloated sluggishness The Walking Dead has become; I have yet to feel anything but enthusiasm and excitement for the next episode of Outcast.

Rather than going back to the well over and over again as does The Walking Dead, Outcast pulls you in because you aren't really sure what it is that you are scared of. Even though it could fundamentally be classified as a show about demonic possession, etc...it isn't the moments of exorcism or bloodletting in the show that are truly the most anxiety-inducing or disturbing; rather, it's the buildup to those moments, when Kyle is trying to determine which of his friends, neighbors and family members are possessed. Like any good science fiction or horror, it's the quiet moments of realization that lead up to the "aha" or jump scare moment that make it worth viewing.

Patrick Fugit is fantastic as Kyle, and the rest of the cast is certainly superb as well. This show has seemed to fly under the radar for a rather long time; hopefully other people will hear about it and voice their enthusiasm. I would hate to see something as promising as Outcast go the way of the dodo while so many shows continue to get renewed simply so they can remix the same unoriginal ideas over and over again.
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Kirkman = STRONG OPENING; NOTHING HAPPENS for the rest of the season; CLIFFHANGER. Then rinse-repeat next Season.
hoytyhoyty22 August 2016
I gotta stop writing negative reviews. For some reason it's easier to bucket something unworthy than to praise up something good. I guess good things don't irritate you.

Kirkman has managed to irritate me. One too many times.

In fact ... that's it. I've had it with him. He's a talent-less charlatan. I won't even be bothering with Walking Dead when it returns - I read ahead on TWD and found out what happens I got so bored with waiting.

Outcast has done the same thing he always does.

First episode is really gripping. You want to know what happens.


Talk. Let's talk. Have we talked about this? You only ever want to talk, you never talk about the real issues! You're just saying that, I wanna talk about this! Have they talked about this? I dunno, we'd better talk about it. Have we talked enough? We don't talk enough anymore. I think you should talk to him. Have you talked to her? She talked to me. We talked. But I don't think we did enough talking for the group. We'd better have a group talk. We all need to talk more. We definitely haven't talked enough. You talk, you're better at talking. Hand on, I'll talk, you talk later. We all talk now or we talk later. You gotta talk to him. I have talked to him, he hasn't talked to you. I talked to him, what are you talking about? We'd better talk about that. Talk more. Come on, talk. Just talk. Talk.

Oh oh I don't know how to write a story, so I'd better create a cliffhanger ending so people think I have some suspense ability. I'm Robert Kirkman, and basically I'm a liar and a fake.

The only good points:

* Great first episode, which turned out to be the only good episode.

* Fantastic opening track by Atticus Rose et al, with excellent visuals.

* Philip Glenister (his accent was amazing too, he only let slip one English syllable that I noticed in the whole season).

* Reg E. Cathey.

* Brent Spiner.

* Wrenn Schmidt in a wet and soapy nude scene.

None of which are enough to entice me back for Season 2.

Mr. Kirkman, you are a fraud and we are done here.



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ditch, don't watch
jaodeballs26 June 2016
Let me save you the trouble of wasting your time by telling you that episode 1 is the best episode this show has to offer. everything else starts to go downhill from there.

the show won't tell you anything and the show won't explain anything beyond what is necessary to hook you into watching another episode.

we've seen shows like this before. they drag out thinly-plotted stories promising to reveal something "phenomenal" only to fall flat and offer no payoff.

this show is no different.

at episode 4, you will realize the writers have no clue what this is all about. they're just pulling crap out of their asses.
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Still Waiting for Something to Happen
kidsick-2611911 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I'll keep this short. I can understand that characters need backstory and we need to find out who they are, where they come from and why things are the way they are. But, this show is really dragging on with nothing really happening with casting out demons and all that one would expect based on the title. Episode after episode is about the MC being in denial of his powers and dealing with a restraining order from his family. Okay, we got that...now start growing some balls and start showing some demons instead of a soap opera about some stranger coming into town who slept with your sister and got beat up by your cop husband. Why does it take three episodes to show demon stuff? In TV land, that's called BORING. It reminds me of an English Literature book versus a Stephen King or Dean Koontz novel. Which would rather read? I think I stick with the King and Koontz.
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Love the story and the casting is Superb!
dschmi-6453324 January 2019
I pretty much think this show is the best cinemax show ever done. The casting is spectacular! The Rev and Sydney lead the way! I can't understand why they cancelled it early. Other shows aren't even in the same league.
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