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Sex & Nudity

  • Sex references: lots of sex talk/innuendo & gestures. One scene shows the mom & dad in bed at the hotel.
  • No nudity. There is mostly just suggestive talk.
  • A 13 year old boy and girl discuss whether they think the boy's baby sitter is having sex with her boyfriend after he goes to sleep. She later dares him to stay up late and watch them have sex. When the boy tells the girl that his babysitter has several people over the girl suggests that she is having an orgy and that the boy should go watch.
  • A teenage girl is seen taking off her top and shorts, though she is wearing a bikini under it. No nudity, but done in a sexual slow motion with music. The boy is perving on her
  • Several high school students are shown playing "spin the bottle". The bottle stops and points to one of the boys and he picks truth and is asked by one of the girls which person there he wants to have sex with the most.
  • When the bottle lands on one of the girls she is dared to kiss everyone and she agrees. First she gives one of the boys a closed mouth kiss on the lips. She then goes and kisses one of the other girls on the lips, they then start French kissing and start rubbing their tongues together, after which they take turns sucking on each other's lips.
  • After being shot in the breast a teenage girl starts panicking and says that now her breasts won't finish growing and no one will want to grope them, motor boat them or suck on her nipples. She also mentions that the gun shot will deflate one of her breasts so it is implied she has fake breasts as natural breasts would not deflate. Script is a bit confused here.
  • A few references to orgys
  • Reference to prostitution twice, the babysitter is referred to as a prostitute by the boy, the little girl refers to her father seeing a prostitute but they are referred to as protestants as the kids get the words mixed up & don't really know what it means.
  • Lots of sexualising of teenage girls & a bit paedophilic, especially the sexualisation of the little girl later on in the film.

Violence & Gore

  • Cole kicks Max in the groin during a chase scene.
  • Cole is bullied in some scenes with him being hit with eggs and being pushed to the ground.
  • Very strong, graphic gore and violence. Disturbing and full of blood. Stabbings, explosions, hangings, shootings, etc... Full of slasher/horror violence! 18+


  • "Shit" is used the most through out the film. "Bitch" is said a few times and is used once in text. At least twelve uses of "fuck" and "fucking", one use of it is shown through text. Several uses of the word "dick".
  • R - for strong horror violence and gore, brief sexual content including references, disturbing images, and language

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Cole mentions sneaking off to smoke marijuana although no drugs are actually seen
  • Bee gives Cole a double shot of liquor (which he discards), while Bee takes a shot herself.
  • Reference to spiking of drinks with drugs.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The death scenes could be intense with lots of blood present but they are done in comedic affect!


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • During spin the bottle, one character kisses all of the others and two girls make out over an extended period.

Violence & Gore

  • After Bee kisses Samuel, she stabs him in the head with 2 knives with massive amount of blood spewing out into gold goblets on each side. This was done in a supposedly comedic effect! But actually quite disturbing
  • Two cops are killed with the first one being impaled through the skull with a firepoker by Max and the other having his throat graphically slashed by Bee. There are massive amounts of blood involved as this happens.
  • Allison is shot in the breast as the cops get killed but she survives but later has her head blown apart by a rifle wielding Bee with a copious amount of blood and brain matter soaking Cole.
  • John has his neck graphically impaled on a trophy after Cole pushes him off a banister. Some blood is seen but is still graphic.
  • Sonya attacks Cole in a crawlspace but gets killed by an explosion after Cole attempts to blast her with a firework. Sonya has her hands caught in mouse traps while this happens.
  • Max is hung from a tree by a rope while fighting with Cole in the treehouse.
  • Cole crashes a car into his house with Bee inside which seemingly kills her but she is shown to have survive the ordeal in the mid credits sequence.
  • Right after Bee kisses Samuel in the Spin the Bottle scene, she shoves two large daggers deep into his head. As she pulls them out, blood gushes from the wounds while two other characters attempt to collect his blood into chalices.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • One scene features bee giving a double shot glass of alcohol to Cole early in the film, but we later find out that she used drugs as a way to knock him out so bee and her cult could take his blood. But Cole dumps the alcohol in a plant beforehand.

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