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(I) (2017)

Hana Mae Lee: Sonya



  • John : [walking into Cole's room while Cole is pretending to be asleep]  Boy, this kid's hobby must be getting bullied. He's reading The Secret? He's like 10 years old.

    Sonya : [talking to Bee about Cole]  Won't he hear us?

    Bee : With the amount of drugs I gave him? Hell, no.

    Sonya : [while petting Cole's hair]  Good boy, pretty boy.

    Bee : Do you have the needle?

    [Cole's eyes open in horror] 

    Sonya : Course I have the needle.

  • Sonya : [having been alerted to Cole's presence by a spider falling into a mouse trap]  Hi, Cole.

    Cole : [to himself]  Oh, god.

  • Sonya : [Cole has escaped her and she is coming after him]  I'm gonna make sure you hurt before you die, Cole! Cut your fingers off, every single one!

    [Cole sprays bug spray into the crawlspace, igniting the flames of the firework and causing an explosion that blows Cole back] 

    Sonya : I'm still alive, motherfu-

    [second explosion kills her completely] 

  • Allison : Look at this shit. That would go viral so hard. I mean nobody's done human sacrifice.

    Sonya : People have always done human sacrifice.

    Allison : Yeah but like, not in America with hot people.

  • Sonya : Do you even know what an orgy is?

    Cole : I'm guessing it's something sad people do cause they want other sad people to like them and they can forget for one minute how sad they are in general.

    Max : That's actually a pretty good answer.

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