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MPAA Rated R for violence, language throughout, and some sexual content/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • Linda meets up with a widower and kiss under false pretenses. He invites her to the couch. In a truly bizarre scene, Linda starts to cry and the widower pulls her close and passionately makes out with her until she gets up and leaves.
  • A woman is revealed to work as a high-price call girl. She greets a client in a tight dress. A man is invited to a woman's room where they make out as he undresses her. We see her breasts. We see the man's buttocks and hear moaning. However, they are interrupted. This scene lasts about two minutes.
  • A man asks a woman is she's "ever had sex with a black guy" to which she doesn't outright answer but replies "you're worried about whether or not your dick is bigger?"
  • Veronica character is seen at various points making out with her husband Harry.
  • A meeting between the oppositional candidates occur with Jack Mulligan accompanied by Siobhan, in this scene there's cat calling and sexual references outside the building and Kaluuya's character seems somewhat infatuated by her. She is seen wearing tight skirts and heels.
  • In a warehouse where the women meet repeatedly, there are posters of topless women. They are for the most part blurred.
  • There's a brief scene of Veronica looking at some nude pictures

Violence & Gore

  • Daniel Kaluuya's character is a hitman, and he is a deeply disturbing one. He is often the most violent when you least expect it
  • Two men are unexpectedly shot in the head with blood mists, blood then pools beneath their heads.
  • A paralytic man gets repeatedly stabbed in the back, legs and hand, by a man. He then crawls out of the wheelchair with his leg covered in blood, as the other man throws away his wheelchair. This is clearly a torture scene, and is hard to watch because a handicapped man is getting abused. Some blood is seen on the floor
  • A mother slaps her daughter on the face, two women slap each other on the face, and a man slaps a woman on the face.
  • Three women break in a house, as one of them has a security guard held on gunpoint. The guard is then tasered. We then see a man pointing a gun at the women, as he shoots at one woman, and another woman shoots at him (he dies). Blood is present from a woman's wound, along from the man.
  • Three men are seen carrying a man who has been wounded from a gunshot, we see his bloody torso and blood coming out of his mouth, the men then die in an explosion.
  • A woman has a black eye. It is implied that her husband is abusive
  • Several gangsters enter a room. We hear them roughing up a man and possibly beating him to death. This is offscreen while a character sits and watches TV while this happens.
  • While several swat team members shoot up a van, the driver is shot in the head, we see some blood spurt from his face.
  • The overall tone of the movie makes the violence seem more dark and brutal.


  • 74 uses of "fuck", several uses of "shit", "bitch", "damn", "hell", and "Christ." 1 use of "cocksucker" and 3 uses of "cunt". A few uses of "nigger/negro"

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some scenes of social drinking in bars.
  • A woman lights a cigarette and starts to smoke it.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • This movie is very depressing. It revolves around a group of women who lost their husbands in a car explosion. They were all bank robbers and the movie shows how being involved with people in crime affects your everyday life and what it's like to be a widow.
  • Another main factor is how a widow lost her son to a murder by a police officer.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • A man crashes his car into a rail guard, he dies. We see his bloody disfigured face.
  • After a man slaps a woman on the face, she shoots him dead. Blood is visible.
  • In a flashback, 19 year old boy is shot inside a car by a police officer, blood splatters all over the car seats.

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