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Sex & Nudity

  • Some cultural outfits show the bare midriff.
  • A scene takes place at a beach, girls wear revealing outfits in the background, while the camera dwells on a character in a fancy 2 piece outfit that is modest by comparison. A male character objects to her showing so much skin.
  • In the end music video, a character performs a dance that mimics slapping a girl's bottom.
  • Several comments are made throughout the film of guys becoming embarrassed in the presence of a pretty girl.

Violence & Gore

  • Violence with some details is depicted in the film, including some that show infliction of pain and injury, but they are never detailed, intense or prolonged.
  • The film's opening sequence contains a prolonged animated war sequence, where a soldier's body is seen impaled with a spear with bloodletting visible, followed by a few other soldiers who are shot by arrows.
  • Besides these, violence portrayed in the film mainly takes the form of punches and kicks without much details of injury.
  • There is also an intense car chase scene and one where three people have to fend off a pack of hyenas in an enclosure.


  • 2 prominent uses of the word "sh*t" used for comedic effect. Otherwise there is almost no name calling or other uses of questionable language

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several scenes of mild peril that are lessened through slapstick comedy, most of which is overstated and corny.
  • Expected CBFC Rating: U

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