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Another good road trip which also isn't perfect
MihaiSorinToma7 September 2017
Because the first Perfect Road Trip didn't turn out so well, or at least nothing close to perfection, Top Gear's two presenters set out, from the same starting point, to redo the original, claiming they have learned from past mistakes.

As in every movie, they test drive a bunch of extravagant cars, conceive a couple of challenges for themselves (some of them involving The Stig) and end up, more or less voluntary, in trouble. Although they always manage to find something new and interesting (like the commercial tryouts and the kit car rally) which, along the way, brings irony and laughter, it kind of follows the same pattern, being a bit predictable and repetitive. Still, it's a Top Gear movie which is enjoyable and funny, accompanied by some great cars which automobile enthusiasts will definitely appreciate.
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Such fun
janbmw6 October 2019
This road trip is even better than the first one, on even better roads and even better cars.
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Worlds most dull
selmes-182-2522410 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The same old format, and dull tired jokes about Hammond not eating new types of food. It's aimed at kids, and even they hated it. They drive some cars and Jeremy wins. Yawn. They tour Italy which is the only reason to keep watching. It's top gear without a script or jokes or reason. Hammond is made to take empty suitcases up some stairs to Jeremy's amusement. I think this is the most disappointing BBC DVD ever. Watching paint drying would be more fun. The end again is sudden after they get into two ford capris. Yawn. Hammond is the joker without any comedy. After 12mins we turned it off. We returned and found it sent the family asleep. It's the worst most lame DVD from BBC. Do not buy it or any others. This is a rush job, lacking in interest or events. 1/10!
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