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MPAA Rated R for language, drug content and some violence

Sex & Nudity

  • Jessica Chastain wears low-cut clothes in some scenes, revealing her cleavage.
  • Molly is seen in the shower washing blood off herself. Waist up and only her back is seen. Non sexual context.
  • "I never traded sex for money," Molly tells Federal prosecutors.
  • "Still not sure if (the conversation is on) the record, but if there is, I want to make certain that was in it."
  • She's telling the truth, though she does flirt with a few customers.
  • She and others often wear glamorous gowns that showcase curves and cleavage; in New York she hires a bevy of alluring women described as former Playboy Playmates to work the gambling parlor with her.
  • Molly takes a shower in which we see her back.
  • In flashback, a 14-year-old Molly says that she believes that marriage is a "trap."
  • As an adult, though, she expresses a longing to settle down and have kids.
  • We hear intimations of unfaithfulness among Molly's regular gamblers.
  • There's a reference to a woman whom Larry says "doesn't like men."
  • Molly corrects him: "She doesn't like d--ks, Dad. There's a difference."
  • Molly's father was unfaithful to his wife throughout their marriage.
  • Molly's known since she was just five, when (we're told) she saw Larry in a car with another woman but didn't comprehend what she saw.
  • But she knew, Larry insists. "I knew you knew."
  • And some of his strict, unloving attitude toward her was "how I reacted to the shame."

Violence & Gore

  • Molly is kicked, punched, her head is bashed against the wall multiple times, and a gun is pointed in her mouth, all in one scene. We see blood on her face and blood being washed from her hair while in the shower.
  • As a kid, Molly suffers a back ailment.
  • We see the aftermath of the surgery to correct the condition-lots of bloody incision marks and stitches around her spine-and we learn that the doctors told her that she should probably not ski anymore.
  • But she does. Years later, during the Olympic trials, she has a serious accident
  • One of her skis somehow uncouples right before a twisting flip and she lands hard.
  • We see her body bounce and tumble along the ground and her bloodied face afterward.
  • When the Mob approaches Molly to "partner" with her operation and provide muscle to collect debts, Molly refuses.
  • She's later attacked in her apartment building
  • She's punched in the face, kicked and slammed into the wall until she's bloodied and bruised.
  • Before the Mafia thug leaves, he forces her to open her mouth and sticks the muzzle of a gun in it.
  • The implied threat is clear
  • If she doesn't agree to work with the Mob, she'll be killed.
  • Later, Molly leaves red bloodstains on her white apartment walls and, when she takes a shower, blood runs copiously down her spine.
  • FBI agents also point guns at Molly during an arrest.


  • About 10-20 uses of f***, a few uses of s*** and d***. One derogatory use of n***** in a referenced quote from a character.
  • Nearly 30 uses of the f-word and another dozen or so of the s-word.
  • We also hear "a--," "b--ch," "h---" and "n-gger."
  • Crass words for various anatomical parts are sometimes lobbed.
  • God's name is misused four times, once with "d--n."

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Poker players are chain smoking while playing cards .
  • Many drug references. We see Molly take pills and crush them to powder. Drugs being bought and flushed down the toilet are also seen. She comments how she doesn't like getting high but she keeps taking the drugs to stay awake.
  • Gambling and mind-altering substances often go hand in hand here.
  • Molly says that in her early days, she was drug-free and made good decisions.
  • But as her games grew more popular and she added more poker nights to her schedule, she started taking drugs to stay awake and alert-everything from the prescription drug Adderall to cocaine.
  • Then she'd take something else to bring her back down.
  • Toward the end of her run she admits, "I was addicted to drugs-anything that could keep me up for a few days and knock me out for a few hours."
  • When she hears that police are raiding her games, she hurriedly flushes bags of white powder down the toilet
  • She admits that she's an alcoholic, too.
  • Molly cleans herself up, though.
  • And by the time she meets and hires Charlie, she's been alcohol- and drug-free for a couple of years.
  • Plenty of folks drink heavily while playing poker.
  • One regular seems perpetually drunk, at one point proposing marriage to Molly in a wobble-headed slur.
  • People smoke while playing poker.
  • Scenes in nightclubs are soaked with alcoholic beverages and besotted with drunken revelers.
  • Lawyers prosecuting Molly's case believe she's knee-deep with the Russian Mob.
  • We hear a reference to the drug MDMA, sometimes called by the street name Molly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A mafia henchman physically beats molly up for a solid minute . There's blood and kicking when she's down.
  • Molly's games often attract unsavory characters, including the head of a Ponzi scheme (who bilked several gamblers out of millions) and several folks who wind up being connected to the Russian mob.
  • One gambler admits that for him, the thrill isn't in the win. It's in "destroying lives."


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene that last for a few minutes, a female is beaten up and traumatically threatened with a gun by a male.

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