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MPAA Rated PG-13 for creature violence, gore, and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A man says he's "Pissing himself," this is just because he's scared (You see the pee dripping down his legs).
  • Burt gets forced into a cage, he then gets hot, goes into his underwear and goes crazy. He then uses his pee as a natural resource: Drinking his pee, Showering in his pee, and peeing. (All used for humor)
  • A nude (no nudity shown) man and woman kiss inside an outdoor shower.
  • Lead female character wears skimpy tight shirt revealing bra underneath and cleavage. At one point her large breasts bounce as she runs in slow motion.
  • Burt's son says he was born from when Burt had sex (implied) with a hippie in the 70's.

Violence & Gore

  • The Film is quite violent for PG13
  • Lots of violent and bloody human deaths
  • A couple get massacred by a A-Blaster in a shower (A lot of blood is splattered, the massacre though is implied, just lots and lots of blood is seen). Including that you see them get thrashed around a lil' bit.
  • A man throws a machete at one of the A-Blasters and lots of orange blood is splat everywhere, the same man gets picked up and left on a bridge with lots of blood drizzling on him, then later killed. Then the same creature gets shot and killed with lots of blood in result.
  • An A-Blaster gets shot in the car and lots of blood fills up the car.
  • Lots of more A-Blasters get brutally turned up into mush by machine guns, rockets and knives.
  • Same as Graboids and their tongues, they get brutally gored up also.
  • The Graboid at the ending scene gets struck by lightning and blows up covering everybody in disgusting orange slime.
  • A man gets dragged out of a helicopter by Graboid tongues and by being killed by them, the blood splatters and paints the whole helicopter red with blood and the pilot.
  • The pilot gets eaten whole by a Graboid and escapes it successfully by ripping up its belly up with a shotgun.
  • A man pops out of nowhere from under the ground screaming for help get mauled from a Gabroid as still being in the mauling process, blood and guts fly out from under the ground.
  • A Graboid gets blown up by a exploding truck.
  • An A-Blaster is killed by an Bow n' Arrow.
  • One implied death.
  • A man gets swallowed whole by a Graboid and doesn't come back out, the man before bing swallowed is crippled up and covered in blood.


  • PG-13 - for creature violence/gore, brief disturbing behavior, some suggestive dialogue, and language
  • Several uses of "Ass," "damn," and "hell," with some uses of "S" and "Bull-S."
  • The A-Blaster stands for Ass Blaster.
  • Several uses of Piss.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two men drink beer while fixing a car.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The film is quite graphic.
  • The creatures and their looks and abilities can be quite scary for some viewers.
  • Peoples' deaths are pretty scary.
  • The film is quite unusual for a PG13


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Burt's son finds a very valuable war item and calls it "War Porn".

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