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Decent enough if you haven't read the comic books
linus-ekstromxd28 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
As of writing this there has currently been 6 aired episodes.

I was really looking forward to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy after seeing the shorts about the characters' backgrounds, but unfortunately the actual show left much to be desired.

Let me just start with saying I'm a big fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy comic books, and I am very familiar with many of the characters introduced in the show.

When the show started I immediately felt that this show would be just based off of the characters, with no connection to the story lines of the comic books - which I'm completely fine with - but I still feel like the show needs to honor it's source material.

The show is also supposed to be a continuation of the movie (while still not being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe) but it's so sloppy compared to the movie. The soundtracks aren't as well placed as they were in the movie, the characters are slightly dull and shallow and the story lines are mediocre most of the time.

Spoilers ahead: The show started reasonably strong. You could tell from the jokes, the dialogue and the slightly forced moral-of-the-story that this was a show for kids and would probably not be enjoyed by most of the more mature audience, but I still enjoyed it; I take every chance I can get to see my favorite comic book characters move and talk on a screen.

What really blew it for me however, was the constant introduction of cosmic characters. I have always loved to see cosmic characters in the comic books - Galactus, Thanos, the Collector etc. - and I thought I would love it in the show, but unfortunately it was poorly executed.

These cosmic characters have a reputation of being extremely strong in the comics, but in the show they are nowhere near that level of power. The Black Order (Thanos' generals) consisting of Supergiant, Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight, Ebony Maw, and Corvus Glaive, were easily matched by the Guardians while in reality they would have beaten the Guardians senseless with ease. The Collector and the Grandmaster were both easily thwarted by the team while they are both supposed to have some of the stronger intellects in the universe. On the plus side though, Drax' power level seems to match his comic book self more than his movie version.

So, to summarize: Pros: You get to see your favorite team in new environments fighting new battles, and if you can tolerate the bad you will find quite some nuggets of gold here and there. That's it, that's the only pro.

Cons: It's not honoring it's source, it's poorly executed most of the times, the characters feels forced and shallow, the morals feels pushed down your throat more often than not and the stories doesn't feel convincing at all.

If I hadn't read any comics I would probably have given this show a 6/10, maybe 7/10 if it caught me on a good day, but as it is now I give it 5/10. Would not recommend.
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Great expansion to movie & awesome standalone show.
ltepicskillz23 October 2015
The Guardians of the Galaxy TV series is a great continuation of the widely successful and entertaining movie, "Guardians of the Galaxy." The show nails the characters, and goes into more depth about them, specifically into their past. The adventures the Guardians experience together are thrilling and also comedic. It is also really cool how the TV show expands upon the movie's popular soundtrack "Awesome Mix Vol. 1" with its own excellent soundtrack "Cosmic Mix Vol. 1," consisting of similar songs from the 70s.

Overall, this is a great show and I look forward to the finale, which is sure to be a phenomenal mix of funny, exciting, gripping, thrilling and suspenseful.
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Pure trash
mujohaso1 May 2018
Im saddened that such a great comic and movie franchize has such a poor and low quality animation series behind it. Its pure,pure trash. The animation is of the simplest form, the energy and enthusiasm in the voices seem like they were done in their lunch break at their original job, the stories, ....the stories deserve a whole review to itself for how horrible and bad they are. There is nothing of substance there, nothing interesting, nothing of a moral subnote, nothing of a general interesting redline, nothing of what is basic comic worth... And theyve even managed to make the characters which are originally fabulous and cool, totally uninteresting somehow. This show isnt worth the half a fart, actually, its insulting and makes you dumber for watching it.
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Gurdains Of The Underweling And Dull
alltimelowbro22724 March 2017
Why was this show made its so boring the phasing is dull the writing is half ass ed there is nothing to this show that stands out instead of the animation there no likability to the chactors but there's nothing but flash and no substance just stay away from this show if you what to support the movie franchise base of the marvel brand ugh
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An awful addition to an awful universe
stevenyellow16 June 2017
This show like the rest of the current awful marvel shows is nothing but an advertisement for the movies. The animation is sloppy, the story lines are half baked, and there is nothing noteworthy to speak of it just kind of exists for the heck of it. Avengers emh, spectacular spider-man, and wolverine and the x men were all made with love and care but they got canceled because of the marvel/Disney merger. What marvel should do to get the approval of its fans is renew those 3 shows and release the Josh Keaton Spider-Man episodes of emh and even if they don't we can still have hope that Netflix renews them one day. So all in all boycott these piles of garbage they're putting out, show your love for the canceled marvel animated shows/universe and let us bring them back from the dead. #Joshkeatonisspiderman #specspidey4netflix #bringbackavengersemh #fireloeb
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Would someone please turn on the lights?
willz18721 March 2016
I had this ranked as 8 for entertainment value but now I've downgraded it to 4 due to my disinterest in watching a show that is so oddly lit. Everything is too dark. The backgrounds are sometime far brighter than the characters. Or its all one bland tone. I can't watch it. I don't know what I'm supposed to be looking at. Just from listening to the show it sounds awesome. I wish I could see it. I appreciate the chances they took on making a darker cartoon but this is madness.

It's a funny thing to complain about as one would usually complain that cartoons are too bright and look unrealistic. This pushes the limit on use of shade and shadow.

Great cameo appearances. Decent stories. Good designs. A total waste since you can't make the characters out. If this was a movie, you would fire the lighting guys. Like watching a dead monitor. I hope someone remasters it and punches up the lighting and contrast.
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It's OK, but
rabidbeaver-1725018 May 2017
They really need to learn how to draw animals better, especially when their faces are in full-on view. The way they do it is very disconcerting, as if they were only trained to draw flat, human faces.

Also, why is Rocket digitigrade, when raccoons are naturally plantigrade, like humans?
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Decently Entertaining
JustGotToSayIt18 April 2016
All I can say is thank goodness Marvel did not let that gawd awful Man of Action production team touch this one. Unlike the horrendous Ultimate Avengers and Ultimate Spider-man, The Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon actually have some decent storytelling, and the humor actually elicited some chuckles, instead of me rolling my eyes at Spider-man and the Avengers, two shows that were so nauseating I can't even watch them.

The Guardians series seem to connect to the movie and goes into the background of the characters. Interesting back stories and you can tell, well thought out. I'm a fan of comic books but I never gotten into the Guardians, so this show is pretty fun to watch, for kids and adults alike.
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Watchable at best
WeAreLive29 October 2017
This isn't worst I have seen from Marvel animated or the best but it is just nothing special at all.

I don't really get why did Marvel have to make there animation even more dark then what it was. However the designs are pretty good for this show and most of the background is very detailed.

Honestly, Avengers Assemble and Marvels Spider-Man the two current shows are better than this because they have less annoying characters and at least don't behave like idiots.

Will Friedle is a good voice actor but honestly he is not that good as Star-Lord but it is not as annoying or unbearable like his deadpool from Ultimate Spider-Man.

However this isn't as bad as Hulk and the agents of smash but it is still scraping it's dumbness.

Since I am a massive fan of Guardians of the galaxy i will continue watching. If you like this or if you are going to watch more power to you. But honestly I would recomand something like Avengers Earths mightiest heroes instead.
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