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trainman26911 April 2018
Before I start this a couple of caveats.

Not the highest budget film recently. So keep expectations lowish. Dialogue- Oh dear. Beyond cheesy into incompetence territory But still- I liked it. Why?

Atmosphere. With what appears to be a budget based on a 12 year olds pocket money, dialogue that at times just seems like random words put together and the principal actors obviously hamming it up in parts - it kinda works.

Okay theres no Oscar nomination in the offing, but with a set that seems to consist of 1 room and 1 corridor, plus a couple of outside shots in the wood nearest the production companies still pulls off suspension of disbelief.

Manages to convey a kind of Hellraiser/Cuthlu mythos sort of vibe despite its shortcomings. Then it pulls off the ultimate movie trick of setting you up for a sequel but still giving enough closure where you can accept the ending as is.

Dont get me wrong, its no classic. But worth your time from the very conscious uber violent creature kill scenes to the OTT ending.

AND its got Aid .Edmondson
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Don't even bother.
buffalob-0239927 September 2017
Don't waste your time with this garbage. Just about everything that could be bad, is! The dialogue,particularly for the main scientist is laughable, in the worst possible way. The acting is appalling. The directing is worse if possible. I think this proves that in the British film industry, who you know is more important than talent. Avoid.
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Not carried away with this.
mbprocter25 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Very repetitive throughout and a major let down for an ending. Don't make this your Saturday night film to watch. The killing of the zombie type creatures is repeated over and over, ad nauseum. I got fed up half way through and was hard pressed not to leave before the end, which I should have done.
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Decent flick if you like mysteries.
dpaschall-719-40786229 September 2017
I liked it, mostly because of the mystery that was slowly revealed but never fully explained.

The ending is a giant cliff hanger, so hopefully there is a sequel to make up for the lack of ending provided. If there never is a sequel, well then it is clear this movie was seen in vain.

It is a bit slow going, but if you like mysteries, like me, you'll probably like it anyway, because the interaction with the characters is a bit comical and intriguing.

Clues are provided throughout the movie to suggest and hint until you get an idea of what the characters are up against.
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I'm torn
vmalast25 October 2018
Part of me really liked this film and another didn't. Hmmm. Would have been much better without the extra cheese factor. Very lovecraft as another viewer stated, which I loved. I also understand the humor but, it was overdone and not in a good way. I might recommend it if one was in the right mindset.
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Slow and confused for a long while...but THEN...!??!!
Rabh1725 October 2018
I rented this one off iTunes. It was Horror and something else...and it's October/Halloween. And I'm tired of Vampires, Zombie Apocalypsi and Evil Nuns.

And this one smelled...different.

Now a couple of the other reviewers have touched on the almost cheesy set-up and cheesier dialogue. Plus when you see the zombie creatures in the movie preview it's not like it's gonna be a surprise. And the zombie things appear pretty soon, so you might sit back and say "Oh Please! what's the point of watching the next Hour and fifteen minutes?"

To that I would say...The movie is Not really about the zombie things. They are just a symptom. You have to connect the dots...

But first you have to be willing to sit thru this Movie to be bothered to connect the dots. That's it's First Flaw. And it's a Bad one, which is why I gave it a 6/10.

It will drive away the casual Horror/Splatter fan just because it will bore them. It's repetitive.

It will drive away the curious viewer because they won't see any way to make sense of anything of Who the characters are or Why they are there in the first place. And again, the beginning will bore them. It's repetitive.

I stopped watching halfway through because of the monotony and went to sleep...but I didn't delete it. Something...missing...drew me back to it the next night and I resumed watching.

In the end, what pulled me in was the underlying Lovecraftian feel. And because I've read Lovecraftian horror, I was pulled into pulling the clues together: the flashbacks, the time shifts and the disconnected dialogue pieces make sense if you've read Lovecraftian Horror. Even the repetitive parts had minuscule clues in the dialogue that I started catching. But if you never have read any's all disconnected nonsense.

That's this movie's second deep flaw. I suspect the other reviewers who gave it somewhat positive reviews have basically READ Lovecraft or similar writers. Because this movie only worked for me because I was filling in the details and images mentally as if I was reading a book.

And then the Ending drove it home.

If you've never read Lovecraftian will just be a cheesy, repetitive mishmash that's not even all that great in the cinematography category.

But if you've read Lovecraft...give this one a try. You will likely find it...interesting. But it's definitely NOT a Saturday Night Main event.

Last-- some reviewers have opined at a possible, though highly unlikely, sequel. Here, I completely disagree.

There is NO good ending, No rescue, and No Second Chances in Lovecraft's Universe. The Ending will fit.
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It's supposed to be cheesy...
luckythday7 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
...once you understand that it's actually quite entertaining.

I see a couple of complaints about the scientist being over the top, well he's supposed to be. I mean really it's more of a caricature than a character...

Q:"What about his teeth?"

A: "There certainly are too many teeth." case you missed it, that was funny, and it was supposed to be.

This movie is straight comic book style camp, with a spooky atmosphere. Think Dr Who meets Hell-raiser. Once you realize that it becomes both funny and spooky, and hits it's intended mark well.

In all I gave it a couple of extra points because they obviously were on a strict budget but still did quite well with it.

If you walk in expecting a fright-fest you will be disappointed, but if you take this the way it was intended it makes for a very entertaining experience.
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I came here for Adrian Edmondson...
donttouchmeprimate27 August 2018
...and what I got was 1 hour and 41 minutes of "bleh". Some films of this type are bad yet thoroughly enjoyable to watch, this is not one of them. The whole film feels as though it was shot without and rehearsals or preparation. Mate, seriously, I... I can't even talk about it any further. Watch it if you want but, meh.
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