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love this movie highly recommend
MR_Heraclius23 February 2020
Don't Breathe: That rare modern horror film that uses tension building and atmosphere. With an unsettiling preformance from Stephan Lang and a totaly original story while being full of hitchcocking suspence and twists to create real modern horror, Don't Breathe is that rare modern horor film that succeds Intellectually as well as viscerally. if you like horror it is a must watch!
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Edge of your Seat Suspense,
lesleyharris3026 September 2016
Don't Breath is a great movie with a very well developed plot and a stellar cast. It is an absolute thrill ride, from the moment we enter this man's house there is a tension that does not go away, it never becomes tiring. It had me at the edge of my seat from start to finish, as we quickly gain support for these thieves as they get caught up in a bad situation.

It did, on the other hand, make some cliché plot developments. There are some moments that were so typical they took me away from a movie that was clearly trying to stand out, but was clearly forced by the studio to have some predictable plot points.

The cast is phenomenal and their chemistry with one another added to the suspense. Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette were very believable as down on their luck teenagers. The star of the show, however, is without a doubt Stephen Lang, a completely engrossing performance of a ruthless man with no soul, I believe it will go down as the highlight of his career.

The intimacy of the film is the main thing that makes it so fresh and interesting as a thriller, if it was taking place around a city or in a town it would not be half as suspenseful as having it all take place in a house. An intense adventure, Don't Breathe is a refreshing movie that certainly stands out from the crowd, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good thriller.

A group of teenagers break in to a blind man's home in order to rob his possessions, however, they soon realise he is far smarter than they thought.

Best Performance: Stephen Lang
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Morons vs a blind man.
Scunner18 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Three unlikable morons break into a blind man's house to steal his money. These are supposed to be the protagonists we're rooting for. Being morons they then proceed to alert the blind man to their presence whereupon said blind man disarms the most egregiously moronic of the three and dispatches him forthwith. At this stage the other two morons have ample opportunity to escape by breaking through the massive unbarred windows right next to where they are standing, but for plot reasons this doesn't occur to them. Neither does distracting the blind man by throwing any of the many objects located throughout the house, or indeed throwing them at him or simply hitting him with them. Because they're morons. And then some other moronic stuff happened before I decided life was too short to waste on moronic crap like this and turned it off before the end.
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An incredibly intense thriller
moviewizguy17 March 2016
Fede Alvarez just gave Green Room a run for its money with Don't Breathe, an incredibly intense film and glorious exercise in suspense. It's one of the best studio-produced thrillers I've seen in years. The premise is simple: A group of teens plans to break into a blind man's house to steal his money. Only thing, the old man is more adept than they realize. While the setup is a little too pedestrian, albeit economical, once the story gets rolling, the film doesn't let up, running at a lean 88 minutes. Other than that, Don't Breathe is best viewed going in knowing as little as possible.

This is Alvarez's first film in three years since his violent and solid remake of Evil Dead, and it is with this sophomoric debut that solidifies the genre filmmaker as someone with obvious talent. Inspirations are drawn from the best - Hitchcock, Fincher, and Wait Until Dark are a few - but Alvarez provides his own unique vision that truly makes the film his own. Like the masters before him, Don't Breathe is purely cinematic, relying less on dialogue and more on visual storytelling and sound to drive the film. The cinematography is amazing as well as the creative sound design, so much so they are characters within the film themselves.

The cast, while small, is great too, including Jane Levy, who can pretty much be titled this generation's scream queen after this and Evil Dead. Dylan Minnette is good in his role as well, providing enough sympathy for his character. Both young actors are put through hell, and their physical performances sell their tumultuous ordeal convincingly. However, it is Stephen Lang who is the film's shining beacon. As the antagonist, Lang is instantly memorable and frightening, an intimidating force that permeates throughout the film even in scenes without his presence.

If there's one gripe about the film, there's a plot twist that doesn't quite work, but that itself is a minor complaint compared to the many things the film gets right and does so well. I won't say more. Don't Breathe is a technical achievement, the rare studio film that actually pushes what film can do as a medium. However, like with Green Room, try not to get caught up in the hype, even with my glowing review. Set your expectations appropriately, and remember to avoid watching the trailer.
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a film without strong follow-through on its premise
Quinoa198431 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Don't Breathe is a grisly, unpleasant exploitation film about characters that you don't like going up against a man who is at first somewhat sympathetic and then turns out to be a ridiculous mess of a (human) monster, and it's directed with some skill. I almost wish it had been made with greater sleaze or a total abandon for logic and taste and become a complete Grindhouse exercise, but the problem for me with the film is that director Fede Alvarez - again collaborating with Evil Dead producers Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert - wants to have it both ways, to have characters that, as the audience, you don't really like or have sympathy for so you don't have to worry *too* much once the psycho ex-military Zatoichi man is getting his payback... until he wants you to like them.

There's this sense in the movie that it's dancing with a grey area of having strong, morally ambiguous characterizations - you'll feel one way about the young woman Rocky and her compatriots Alex and "Money" (yeah, that's his name, like a thug on SVU or something), but maybe not everyone will feel that way until the peril and suspense and terror kicks in. That's fine, as well as it is with the antagonist (who, in the alternate movie that may exist of his story, he's the protagonist). But the problem is that the characters are set in a realistic horror-thriller situation and yet they carry that Dumb Movie Character logic that carries little logic at all.

This isn't the case for all of the film, and for the first half I was with it... up to a point. It's certainly got some logic gaps that you got to suspend disbelief for, and things like 'why if this blind ex-military man has all this money is he on the only house on a dilapidated Detroit city block with no one else living there, like out of Stephen King's Roadwork or something. And the filmmaker and his DP carry a lot of heft when it comes to the direction and the look of the film: they know how to bring an audience in by moving the camera in creative ways, having staging that makes sense, and pacing (in these early scenes) that makes things intense for us just as much as the characters... again, up to a point.

And then the movie decides to... well, here's where spoilers kick in: the guy (he doesn't have a name so Sgt Hartman-Zatoichi works well) is not simply some old dude living by his lonesome having lost a daughter to a fatal hit and run. No, he has his special set of I-can-kill-you-with-my-hands-or-my-guns, AND more than that is the reveal that in his basement there's a lair for the woman who hit his daughter who... he is also keeping locked up as she is knocked up with his child so that he can replace his dead daughter and... this comes into play even more terrifyingly in the last minutes when the girl Rocky gets in his grasp and... Jesus Christ movie! It's around here, or just before give or take around the moment when you think a character's been stabbed with a pair of gardening shears but it's revealed he is still alive(?!) (and this after seemingly to already be dead from a no-one-survives-that-s*** fall through a window), that the movie goes into Full Stupid and lazy territory.

Again, I wish that if Don't Breathe leaped into completely crazy and bonkers terrain, but it doesn't have the courage for that; it's caught in this nexus of trying to be a legitimately creepy and fearful experience done with direction that tries to sometimes call back to things like Fincher's Panic Room (also a 'bottle' one-location scenario), and being a movie with full on exploitation (the title recalls for me Edgar Wright's DON'T trailer from the actual Grindhouse experience), featuring characters we don't care about that are basically drawn (though with some real emotion from the actress playing Rocky) and thrown into nightmarish, violent set pieces.

I don't like when a filmmaker cheats me with information that's dealt out to me. I don't like having the rug pulled out from under me even if it's something that I should take for granted like a character survives something they shouldn't of or a character doesn't kill someone when they have ample opportunity to (you'll know the moment, or moments, when they come). I leave Don't Breathe feeling rather empty and angry instead of elated, which terrifying movies can do - see Green Room earlier this year, also about characters caught way in over their heads, for a much greater example of this - but its ugliness is in multiple ways: in how it treats rape and sexual assault (it ends up being a cheap out to having a stronger 2nd/3rd act), in how it treats bodily wounds (come on man), the logic of having a home security system at all if there's, you know, a RAPE DUNGEON in your basement, and how it treats sound design. Yes, for a movie like this the sound design gets weak after a while.
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Stephen Lang is perfect, the movie very suspenseful.
Veteransson12 January 2017
Three burglars find out about a blind army vet, living in an abandoned street, sitting on a huge amount of cash. The three burglars break their rule of not stealing cash and decide to rob the place, thinking it would be a piece of cake. And of course it isn't. The blind army vet isn't as helpless as they had hoped for.

Don't Breathe is directed by Fede Alvarez, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Rodo Sayagues. They obviously felt inspired by David Fincher's Panic Room (2002), and did come up with a great, suspenseful movie. The three burglars are played by Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Daniel Zovatto, who all do a great job. Stephen Lang however outshines everyone in this movie as the old blind man. He doesn't say a lot but his gestures and mimics were enough to be uncomfortably creepy. Even though he played a blind guy, he still made his character seem anything but helpless, on the contrary, his character was more menacing than any ghost, monster or murderer from your average horror movie. On the other hand however, you feel sorry for the blind man. He's simply a man trying to protect his house from burglars. Or is there more behind this man? The movie does a good job making you wonder about whether the blind man has something to hide or not. The movie does a poorer job however with Daniel Zovatto's character, he's the typical character every horror movie has: the asshole that talks too much and doesn't care about anything or anyone.

Besides one or two cheap jump scares, the movie succeeded at maintaining a lingering suspense throughout the entire movie. Once the three burglars are inside the house, there won't be a moment that you'll feel at ease. This is an edge-of-your-seat kind of movie. The movie opens with a scene that obviously takes place later in the movie, which alerts you that until that scene, the burglars will never be safe, and heightens the suspense even more.

As the movie progresses, the twists and turns in the story start to accumulate. Twists and turns in a story are great but not if there are too many, and not if these twist and turns are the ones you might expect from a horror movie. Throughout its course, the movie becomes more and more predictable. And this is where the suspense, although still being present, lessens.

'Don't Breathe' is a great horror movie, accessible for people who don't usually enjoy the genre. It has a great premise and is very suspenseful but becomes a bit too predictable over time.
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Decent thriller with too many plot holes
samslaydon2 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I would certainly classify this as more of a thriller than a horror film. Horror films can get away with stretching the imagination more than most films and since this was more of a thriller, in my opinion, there were too many such "stretches". Some plot elements were adequately covered early in the film. For instance, Rocky wants the money so she can escape to the west coast...check. The antagonist can drag a person down the middle of the street because it was established via GoPro camera that there is no traffic in that neighborhood...check. He keeps the girl in the cellar to give birth to a new daughter...check. But the bad points outweigh the good...1 - Why is it assumed that the guy has a huge amount of cash in his house just because he got a settlement for his daughter's death? Oh, he's weird so he doesn't have a bank account? The cash in his home should have been based on a better premise. 2 - The guy is in the same room with two of the kids that break into his home and even passes by them in the hall, but can't smell them. However, he walks into the kitchen and discovers they're there by smelling their shoes...ridiculous. 3 - In most of the film the guy is feeling the walls and stumbling around the house as a blind person would normally have to, but he appears out of nowhere fairly quickly to corner the thieves...whatever. 4 - The guy has a person trapped in his basement, yet he has an alarm to trigger the police in case of a break-in...good Lord. 5 - Despite the lack of sterilization and proper obgyn attention, he impregnates this girl with a basting syringe and sperm he keeps in a basement fridge...come on. I could name more, but I'll stop there. Yeah...yeah...yeah, it wouldn't be a thriller without those elements, you say? Nonsense. These are implausible twisting of facts, yet most accept this as good, if not great, filmmaking. Please.
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A brilliant directed, riveting thriller !!!
avik-basu188918 December 2016
The central theme lying at the heart of 'Don't Breathe' is the sense of claustrophobia, a sense of being trapped/imprisoned. The director shows us a number of appropriate images like window bars, bars outside gates, prison like shadows being cast by Venetian blinds,etc. to drive home the theme. This theme resonates both in a literal sense with the kids being imprisoned in the house that they had planned to rob in the first place, as well as on a broader symbolic level because it is made clear that these youngsters aspire to break out of the 'prison' of life in a financially ailing Detroit and head for California.

This film at the heart of it is an exploitation film and certain details get revealed with the passage of time that in keeping with the genre of exploitation cinema, flirt with lack of realism and force you to suspend disbelief a bit. But what made it very easy for me to suspend disbelief and go along with the ride was Fede Alvarez's direction. Without his masterful directorial skills and storytelling, this film will not work, full stop. He elevates the film. The Giallo inspired visual texture that he uses with the red and green neon lights not just makes the film look vibrant, but also serves a thematic purpose. His camera is extremely active and he makes use of space in the interiors of the house skilfully. He uses extended long takes to raise the tension and his use of ambient noises and music is subtle and brilliant. The very first shot of the film itself is masterful in the way the camera moves from an overhead position gradually to a ground level one to reveal what's happening along with a gradual rise in the volume of the music.

Stephen Lang has to be admired for his performance. He brings a very raw, masculine physicality to his demeanour that truly makes him terrifying at times.

I think this is one of the best directed horror/thriller films I have seen for some time. It doesn't spend too much time in developing its characters. Both the sides in the conflict are not worth unconditional sympathy. The youngsters are low time criminals and the blind man is not someone worth sympathy either once certain details about his life and mental condition get revealed. I guess it was intentional on the director's part to stage the film with a degree of moral ambiguity where the viewer doesn't fully care for either of the two parties and in the end it works within the exploitation film framework.

To end, I'll say 'Don't Breathe' is a film that I would recommend more for the direction than for the script itself.
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The story makes no sense.
imamonstre31 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
How did this film (and I struggle to call it that) receive so many stars?! THAT is the real mystery here! The story centres around 3 kids who break into houses. Two are dating, and the third-wheel is a quasi-moral-objector who follows along because he thinks he's in love with the girl. The girl clearly strings him along, and her scumbag boyfriend even mentions this to the beta about how he needs to keep himself in the friendzone where his "b*tch" put him. Yes, that's how he refers to his girlfriend. There's a really pathetically hamfisted attempt at making us feel some sort of sympathy for this trailer trash princess.. because she has a crummy home life? Because her mom is rude and has a guy-friend staying with them and asks her to go buy a frozen pizza? Are our hearts supposed to bleed? This somehow makes it okay that this girl chooses to be in a relationship with a thug, while consciously stringing along a seemingly nice guy (in comparison) ... and it's okay that she chooses a life of breaking and entering instead of getting a fast food job (I'm from Detroit. Fast food restaurants still exist.) or something of the like? She looks down on her mom, but all we can see is her mom being a typical piece of foul-mouthed trailer trash sitting around on the couch. SHE is the one out there committing crimes.

Anyway, back to this nonsense story. They break into the house of a blind army vet. A rich girl ran over and killed his daughter and he settled with the family for a large sum of money. They decided (for whatever reason) that he kept this large sum of money in his home. In the middle of the hood. Okay. Clearly a logical assumption (based on NOTHING. seriously. they just decided he kept the money in his house and there's nothing that lead them to this belief. He's an amercian citizen and a vet and he wouldn't use a bank? oh okay.) They break in and scumbag boyfriend is the first to die. They all act like fumbling fools and somehow this blind as hell old guy WHO HAS NO IDEA WHEN THEY'RE STANDING INCHES AWAY FROM HIM can magically locate and harm/kill them.

So the friend-zoned beta ended up leaving, because he never wanted to do any of this anyway. But after he heard the gunshot he went back to save his trailer trash princess. Why? Who not immediately call the police? Why sneak back into the house? He sneaks back in and trailer trash princess is hiding in the closet. He tries to talk her into calling the cops but she says no because she saw where this old blind guy hid his fortune and she wants it all to herself.

They end up in the basement where they find that this guy has been keeping a hostage. The rich girl who ran over his daughter. Friend-zoned beta once again tries to talk the girl into calling the cops but she doesn't want to because she says "ya but then we'll have to give back the money" She has no morals. Yet he listens to her. He went back to save someone with no morals. I couldn't care less about this film anymore.

Old guy ends up killing the hostage, and beta. Trailer trash girl gets away with the money. I fast-forwaded at this point. She's in the airport ready to "start a new life" and sees on the news this guy is being wheeled away in an ambulance reporting that he shot and killed 2 intruders and thank god he's okay. Trailer trash girl doesn't care, naturally. Are we supposed to be happy for her? She's gonna go off and live her life and not tell the truth about what happened? What about rich girl's family? They never get to find out what happened to their kid? IMPORTANT THINGS THAT DON'T MAKE SENSE how did this blind guy get this rich girl into his home? how did he get her into the basement (it wasn't a proper staircase!!!!!!!!!!!) and get her tied up with all the lighting set up juuuuuuuuuuust right. How did a blind guy set up such a great little hostage space? AND LET'S GO BACK TO, HOW THE HELL DID AN OLD BLIND GUY GET THIS YOUNG GIRL INTO HIS HOME. HE'S IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GHETTO, HE'S BLIND. HE CAN'T DRIVE. HOW WAS HE ABLE TO KIDNAP THE RICH GIRL?????????? i can't get over that! hahaha it's so stupid! this movie is stupid. the story is stupid. the characters aren't likable. i don't know, i want my time back.
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Very infuriating film to watch and extremely cliché
a_glaysher15 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was looking forward to watching this film, but after the first 20 minutes or so, I found myself shouting at the screen because of the ridiculousness of it all. After the break in, and initially being HEARD by the blind guy, they spent half the time stood around like lemons and sneaking around. I must have counted 8 opportunity's for them to grab something and knock the guy

out, but did they, no. They proceeded to sneak around while be stalked by this guy who couldn't see. It took them until the last 15 minutes to actually find the brains to actually grab a weapon and hit him with it. It was so comically unrealistic that it ruined the rest of the film for me, because it actually got better half way through once they got caught. If you don't like unrealistic and cliché films I would recommend avoiding this one.
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Blinded by stupidity
miketantarelli11 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I was so stoked to see this movie. All the horror websites I visit all said it was awesome, can't miss it, must see, best horror/suspense/thriller in years. Well I'll give them credit, it was suspenseful. But not because of the acting, or the plot, or the setting. It was suspenseful because you never knew what stupid thing the main characters were going to do next. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see the next mistake. This movie was a joke. I have never been so disappointed with a movie I was so excited to see. After the girl escaped the house and was pinned in the car by Cujo, you knew the Blind Man was going to get her again. I was amazed at how much trouble these three people had with an old blind man. It doesn't matter that it was in his environment. Who cares. It was an old blind man for gods sake. Once he killed the first guy all bets are off. You attack him. You find something heavy, wait around a corner, set him up by making a little noise and BAM!!! hit him in the head. Get what u came for, and leave. They made this guy seem like Daredevil and Rambo rolled into one, with a little bit of The People Under The Stairs thrown in there. I understand movies are not real life, they are stories. But this movie was about something that could happen. This could be a real life scenario. But there were just too many stupid moments to take it seriously. You knew this was all make believe. You knew it was fake, just a story, just another movie. It was just a movie, and not a very good one. If you want to get frustrated while watching something, then this is the movie for you. If that doesn't sound like your idea of a good time, to me it doesn't, I recommend skipping this flick. You're not missing anything, unlike if you watch it, because then you'll miss about 90 minutes of your life.
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Fede Alvarez puts on a masterclass on how to craft a suspenseful film
rafaytherman28 August 2016
Let's break it down, shall we?

What makes a thriller good? It's the suspense, the nail-biting, tense situations the film presents that have the audience at the edge of their seats at all times. And I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that this film delivers just that. Whenever you feel like the scene is over, and that you have some breathing room, BOOM! Fede drops the characters in a much worse predicament, with the excellent and diverse score by Roque Baños pounding in the background. The score of the film elevates each scene and as the film progresses, the movie raises the bar and ups the ante with each passing moment. Once the characters enter the house, the film always has you in a vice grip and never lets go. It makes you feel what the characters are feeling; their dread, their helplessness; and that is a testament to how great a director, Fede is.

Let's move on to the actors. So the main cast consists of Stephen Lang, Jane Levy and Dylan Minnette, and each of them nailed their role. Stephen Lang, sir, hats off to you. The man looks like a bad ass without even trying. That's just what Mr. Lang is, a bad ass. But his performance in this film was much more nuanced. You could see that he was a much more complex character. He showed vulnerability, sadness, anger, depression and hopelessness, all through facial expressions, as his role did not require extensive dialogue. He was the star of the film. But equally so was Jane Levy. Now if you're a huge fan of her, like me, you've probably seen Evil Dead and all three seasons of Suburgatory, and you already know that she's a very diverse actress. But in this film, she took her performance to another level. The dread in her eyes, the anguish, as well as the determination to do what she had to do in the film, all were portrayed so well through physical acting and body language, and the same could be said for Dylan Minette's performance. A+'s all around.

Overall, I can confidently say, this is the best film I've experienced in the cinema, this year. Give this film all the money you can. These people deserve it. Thank you to everyone involved, for this experience.
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Absolutely ANNOYING. An Insult to intellect & common sense
ccrisss1 September 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I have never bothered to write a review for any movie (good or bad) until now.

I've watched some very artsy weird indie movies, and a lot more awful mainstream movies, but this one compelled me to react because of its UNDESERVED rating & glowing reviews!

I can't remember the last time a movie annoyed the hell out of me by its sheer stupidity. I am appalled at how it begs you to suspend disbelief, insulting your intelligence throughout, and offering no redeeming quality whatsoever.

I know it's "just a movie", we're asked to set aside logic and believe the unbelievable for the sake of enjoyment, BUT the stupidity made it difficult to enjoy. and the story is not even fantasy, sci-fi or anything supernatural to warrant extreme suspension of disbelief.

This is just a BURGLARY OF THE MOST EPIC MORONIC PROPORTIONS it's almost a comedy. I would even count an alien invasion more realistic than this preposterous plot!

The movie revolved around the UTTER STUPIDITY of those 3 lowlifes. Don't get me started on the old blind man who seemed to be Daredevil gone mental (who turns on lights in his house he couldn't even see). He might actually be a mutant, that's how he managed to pull off everything. And of course they had to force in a disgusting scene just to bring some so-called twist to somehow salvage their horrible plot and lack of decent script, it's pathetic and desperate.

I hated ALL the characters, especially the dumb EVIL greedy gold-digging hypocritical woman who would sacrifice her soul and others for money. and she's supposed to be the protagonist?? what a joke. I wanted her to be tortured. There is NO ONE you could root for, no one you would want to stay alive, except maybe for the dog. Had the dog massacred the woman I would've been a tiny bit satisfied but no, the absurdity continued to its pathetic conclusion that had me wishing someone could've just dropped a bomb at the start and be done with them all.

This is not about some minor plot holes we can overlook. The whole thing, yes the WHOLE THING is so RIDICULOUS that try as you may to shut off your brain from protesting, it's just not possible, at least not for me.
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What's brown and sounds like a bell?
MrJoe198723 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Dung. Just to clarify, this movie is also brown and sounds like a bell. Before you fall for the reviews and dive nose-first into it, please try to understand a few things...

This is a film (a thriller film, apparently) that aims to portray the perpetrators of home invasions as God-fearing victims with pure motives, war veterans as insane, murderous rapists that hunt by scent and echolocation, and old blind men as reclusive, unhygienic, and insane.

The plot is pretty simple. Three degenerate young adults (well, two degenerate young adults and a rich boy; an aspiring degenerate young adult, I suppose) are having a good old time burgling people's houses to raise money to move to California. Right off the bat, it becomes impossible for a rational, thinking individual to sympathize, in any way, with these people. They are initially shown to not only be robbing a house but, also, vandalizing said house, with one of them either urinating or ejaculating on the kitchen floor. Hey! It's OK, though! The girl (Rocky) is shown to come from a broken home shortly after, so she is completely justified in everything she does, right? I suppose all of the rest of us who got the shaft in life and did something productive with ourselves took the easy way out, right? Anyway, their fence informs them that they should consider actually stealing money if they want to make more money than they would make fencing stolen goods. Wow. Who would have thought? Seriously, who would have thought?! So, they break into an "Army vet's" house because they get a tip that he was compensated years earlier for the death of his daughter by the family of the daft teenage girl that was apparently being daft like a daft teenage girl is daft when she hit the poor guy's daughter with her car and killed her.

As it turns out, the old guy is blind and, oddly enough, not very fond of having people break into his house. He proceeds to play a game of cat and mouse with the invaders, picking them off one by one, and then... I'm not even going to bother with how ridiculous it gets with the plot twist. I guess you'll just have see for yourself if you're intent on wasting your time.

Jumping to the end, the girl ends up getting away with something like 1 million dollars from the old guy's house; the same one that was begging God for help at one point; the same one who left the bodies of her partners to rot; the same one that did nothing for the girl in the basement (like I said, you'll have to see for yourself); this girl makes it to California to live it up with her daughter/little sister/who cares with absolutely no consequences.

Morale of the story? If you're a pretty female, it doesn't matter if you drove a man insane by carelessly slaughtering one of his family members with your car, it doesn't matter if you are selfishly robbing houses to sate your greed and avoid working to make a living. The fact is, you are always the victim, all the time, no matter what. Thanks for the insight, Hollywood. I've already finished writing it down on this piece of paper, and... **FLUSH**
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Too many flaws.
daniel-halloran17 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
We thought the cinematography, casting and acting were exceptional, and worth seeing. The story, however, has too many flaws. The dog would have awakened the man and put him on guard. How on earth would a blind man track down, capture, and enslave in a block and tackle harness, the woman who killed his daughter in an accident? Without being seen? How could any man survive multiple brutal attacks, including several swinging sledge hammer blows to the head? The police would have identified the blood spatter DNA from both the captive woman and the escaped woman (Jane Levy), seen the block and tackle harness, and not simply closed the case as a blind hero successfully dealing with only two robbers; they would have pursued those leads, even in Mayberry! With a little more work on those issues, this could have been a real classic.
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rws_2017 December 2019
Warning: Spoilers
3 idiots break into a blind man's house. They proceed to make a load of stupid decisions and get what they deserve, because the blind man happens to be a bad ass, psycho mofo (who sounds a lot like Bane from Batman). Just another film that's premise is very unrealistic and just plain stupid; so much so that it's actually entertaining in a comedic way. Shame one of them survived, i was hoping they'd all bite it.
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The bad guy wins?
eric-wallis18 August 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I love horror movies, but this is not a horror movie. I hate movies where the criminal wins in the end. That is what happens here. It would have been better if everybody died.
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Unstoppable tension
thedude0031 March 2016
After Evil Dead's well-made remake, a lot of us felt that Fede Alvarez was a director to watch. With Don't Breathe, he definitely became a director I'm very excited to see future projects from.

I admire his knack to generate tension. After the film kicks off, there is really no stopping. It became almost unbearable at the end, nearly reaching the point of overkill. When you have a thriller filled with so much tension throughout its running time, there's only so much you can do before you start yelling "you gotta be kidding me" at the screen.

The cinematography was beautiful and moody and the performances were fine, except maybe Jane Levy, who I felt was too wooden, making her character a little bit unlikable.

Don't Breathe was a solid effort and a great addition to the home invasion genre with a little twist.
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Make some noise
Movie-Inspector11 October 2020
Don't Breathe is a well made suspenseful flick, the cast is also good. The only trouble with this movie I got is logic - how you beat someone with a highly developed hearing ability who can't see!? Simple, you make a lot of noise (activate radio, TV, some kitchen devices, or just drop some stuff here and there etc. etc.) Anyway, if you put your brain on sleeping mode, Don't Breathe is an enjoyable piece.
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" it's kind of messed up to rob a blind guy isn't it"
aassssfdkofbp9 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Yes it really is and we are supposed to root for these spineless cowards who rob a blind man and then the blind man defends himself they deserved it. Also the blind man must have super powers cause blind people aren't able to do the things this guy does. Plus they had so many chances to kill the blind man realistically even though he's a veteran it would be very easy to kill him but these three morons sneak around the entire time. Crying tripping on crap and making noise constantly. Awful shoehorned in plot trying to be disturbing but it comes off as "we can't come up with a good story so let's just make the man try to inseminate the hypocritical garbage blond girl with a turkey baster" it try's way to hard , a pitiful "villain", nothing is even slightly scary, the whole movie I was rooting for these idiots to die, and very unlikable characters especially the greedy hypocritical girl character who I wanted to get tortured who sacrifices her friends just to get the money but no she lives of course
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Unbelievable thriller
sgriff2255525 August 2016
I just got back from a premiere screening and here are my thoughts.


Avoid trailers and movie clips too. Avoid anything that could be a spoiler.

The less you know the better the film will be.

If you're a horror/thriller fan GO SEE THIS RIGHT NOW. You will be very glad you did.

The film was exhilarating, tense, eerie, and exhausting, with an amazing score.

Thank you Alvarez.

Now to try to sleep...
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Don't bother
john_seater7 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
An excessively positive description of the plot would be routine, boring, and improbable. A more balanced description would add that it is stupid, idiotic, moronic, and imbecilic. Over and over the heroes, who really are scum, never get the idea to distract the blind guy by throwing something to the other side of the room. It never occurs to them to smash out a window and escape through it. It never occurs to them to trip the guy. It never occurs to them to pick up things to use as weapons, even though appropriate objects are lying all over the place and indeed are picked up by the blind guy. Near the end, how does the blind guy run way down the street straight for his victim? Is he really Batman, able to echo-locate? Especially after one of the scum/heroes has bashed his head repeatedly with a 2-pound maul. When the police come near the end, wouldn't they have been a mite curious about the basement prison cell the blind guy had constructed?

The photography is truly terrible. Most of the time you can't see what is going on because the action mostly takes place in the dark. Oddly, the blind guy has enough dim lights on so that you can see people moving around but not enough to see anything clearly. Later, the blind guy turns off the lights, but why did he have them on in the first place? He's blind, so why spend the money on the electricity? Why does this routine 1920s-style small house have so many strange shafts, both vertical and horizontal? How did the blind guy kidnap the young woman who killed his daughter? How did he get all those mattresses and bondage equipment to build the cell? How did the blind guy get rid of the dead girl's body? There was a scene that I think depicted that, but like most of the movie, it was too dark to figure out what he was doing.

Why not bash the dog's head in with a chair or frying pan or something?

Why spend any more time on this worthless waste of time?
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Waste of time
Ikon6624 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Spoiler: this movie is the equivalent of gargling dirty toilet water. I'm so tired of the same stupid back and forth, predictable as always, flaming garbage bag fire movies. I've never left a review and had to set up an account to do this. That is how stupid this movie is. I would rather watch a movie of someone peeling an orange with the fire alarm going off for 2 hours then ever watch this movie again. Seriously, don't waste your time. Read a book, watch literally anything else, start a fight club with your neighbors in your back yard. Go to the store and buy 12 pizzas, some pizza rolls and make 47 tacos and sit outside and watch the grass grow. It will be far less annoying and more entertaining than watching this. You would have more fun power washing your small intestines.
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This movie is HORRIBLE!!
jvallecer9 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you're looking for a thriller where the protagonist sacrifices her "friends'" lives in an effort to steal a few bucks from a deranged blind man, then this is the movie for you. She cries out to God for help after two of her friends die (one which is presumed dead) and does not let go of the money she's stole for the ENTIRE movie when the man that loves her does everything in his power to help her get free. Then the writers makes it appear as if she's defeated some sort of evil when she could've freed herself and sought real justice for the woman that was held prisoner. This movie has NO protagonist... No one to root for. I wish all of the characters died or ended up in prison.

So remember kids, if you love money enough and you're willing to do anything for it, to include letting your friends die, then you will succeed in life.
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I just wasn't impressed.
linearcombinations-4218710 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe I'm growing out of horror movies, but this just doesn't do it for me anymore. If you're going to go for realistic, then go for realistic. If you're going for supernatural, go for supernatural. But don't try to mix the two, unless you do it more tastefully like the first two Paranormal Activity shows.

I didn't like the lighting (or lack of). Obviously this is to be expected in a dark house of a blind guy. Maybe that's why we need less horror movies that take place in dark houses. I'm sure the underlying motive is to make the scenery relatable to the average person, but come on. Oh, and he turns out to be a crazy pervert, what are the odds? Maybe it's just so we feel bad for the idiotic kids who thought it was a good idea to rob a house in a ghost town.

I heard this movie was good and was thoroughly disappointed. Maybe I'm having a rough day and am not in the business of being scared by anything - not even a turkey-baster-wielding blind guy.
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