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  • Near the film's climax, Rocky gets chained to the area where the girl named Cindy had been kept. It had already been revealed that Cindy killed The Blind Man's daughter, and as a result, he impregnated Cindy to replace his child, with the intention of setting her free when she gave birth. When Rocky, Alex and Money invade his house, The Blind Man, not being able to see, accidentally kills Cindy, and blames Rocky, telling her "she must be held accountable". He then prepares a semen sample, cuts Rocky's pants and prepares to inseminate her the way he did to Cindy. However, before he does so, he tells her he is not a rapist and that he never forced himself on Cindy.

    There are two explanations as to why he chose to do it this way. 1.) He does not want to get charged with the crime of rape. If he decides to turn Rocky free when she gives birth, she could easily claim she was raped by him, and he could be charged if they found the evidence. The same could have happened when Cindy gave birth. Whether this is a realistic motivation is unclear, because even though the Blind Man can claim self-defense if he was questioned about the death of Money, Cindy and Alex, he will nevertheless be guilty of kidnapping Cindy/Rocky, holding them against their will and forcefully inseminating them. Even if a jury believes the insemination story, it will most likely earn him a significant prison sentence, and he will not be able to care for his new child in prison. 2.) While he is crazy and wants another daughter so bad, he does have a conscience and a twisted sense of morality. He believes that Cindy and Rocky simply owe him a child, so he will not go to an unnecessary extreme to get one. He even promises to let them go afterwards, but it is questionable if he would keep this promise, since this would almost certainly lead to prison time for him (as described in 1). While one may argue he is going quite far in forcing someone to carry his child, he mostly wants them to understand what pain is and to see how he feels. As for the killings, he was defending himself and his house when the trio broke in, and not just killing in cold blood. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • That seems to be the general suggestion. As the news bulletin says, the Blind Man is considered to be a hero: a handicapped, decorated war veteran who has successfully defended himself against two burglars who brutally assaulted him in his own house. However, it would also be a wealth of evidence that something more was going on then a simple story of home invasion. In the case of a double homicide such as this the police would have done a thorough sweep of the home. They would do this both to find out if there were other perpetrators hiding inside possibly wounded or dead and find all of the evidence to wrap up the case. The blind man had fallen into the basement so the search would have also involved the basement. In their search they would have discovered the padded cell and restraints inside. Of course it's possible that that room was used by the blind man for consensual domination play. But at the very least it would have set off alarm bells among the police who would have investigated. The blind man would have already been on their radar for Cindy's kidnapping. As someone who has been wronged by Cindy he would have been a prime suspect in her disappearance. Somehow he had escaped detection when Cindy disappeared but once they discovered his dungeon they would have renewed the investigation of him. In addition to the room itself the police would have discovered the semen samples and the turkey baster which would have had semen on it as well as semen spilled on the floor relatively recently. Like the room itself these wooden of definitively pointed to wrongdoing but would have raised suspicions among the police. Also raising suspicion would have been the blood-stained found in the basement. It's unlikely that the blind man would have been able to fully clean this up between when he knocked Rocky out and when she regained consciousness. The police then would have discovered a significant amount of blood in a place where none of the three people involved in the blind man's story we're located. If they tested the blood they would have discovered that it didn't come from the blind man Alex or Money. This would have led them to wonder why the blind man supposedly the victim in all this would have lied to them further prompting suspicions. A thorough search of his property would likely have ensued which would have found lots of Cindy's DNA in the room where she was kept, on the gag which she wore and perhaps elsewhere. It's also highly likely that they would have found Cindy's body which was not hidden with too much care. Edit (Coming Soon)


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