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Worth your time
makalov_8223 June 2017
Olmo & the Seagull is a intimate movie by Petra Costa, she already has proved her quality on her first movie, Elena, and this one is another good step forward on her career. Olivia Corsini is the star of this piece, showing a amazing performance that won me through the movie, Serge Nicolai showed a good work to. I would recommend this movie to anyone i know and i would recommend follow the work of Petra Costa, a promise of the Brazilian cinema. A great piece about motherhood, work, self discover and the things we have to let go when having a child.
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A beautiful portrayal of life well loved, well lived
mjcsamuels1 March 2016
What a beautiful gift to humanity.......just at the time we need it!!!!! A stunningly beautiful, human and humorous portrayal of living life just as it comes to you. Loving, living, singing and laughing through all the surprises, all the challenges! A beautiful view of humanity, motherhood, fatherhood, family-hood! The level of beauty and pure humour was a lovely surprise in this amazing film. Olivia Corsini with her partner Sergio give life to Olmo......and even more than that, give life to hope and belief and support and joy amidst all the unknowing one faces in life........Bravo to this amazing group of talent in writing, creating, and breathing life into such a beautiful film!!! Give yourself a fabulous gift- get your theater to play this film- then ring me, I will happily hold a reception in the lobby! MarySamuels BRAVO!!!!!
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