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Sex & Nudity

  • Episode 9: A young man is ordered to strip naked when being admitted into jail. He is seen naked from the side, covering his genitals with his hands (his genitals aren't visible), and from the back, with his butt clearly seen. He is told to bend over and spread his cheeks, but the camera cuts to him from the front from the waist up, so only his expression of humiliation as he does this is seen. This is nonsexual as it is just simply a routine cavity search
  • A man is attempting to talk dirty to a small child over Skype, this scene is fairly lengthy however he is interrupted by a phone call from Mr Robot. It never gets too explicit but it still may make some viewers uncomfortable.
  • A woman is seen masturbating twice, once in season 2 and another in season 4.
  • A woman is shown naked in bed as she is laying on her side. You can see her butt and not anything on the front.
  • S01E02: Naked girl was shown sleeping for 2 seconds
  • Season 3
  • Season 4
  • Episode 3: A couple kisses passionately, partial nudity
  • Episode 4: A woman masturbates, no nudity. She joins a sex chatroom.
  • 2 on screen sex scenes and one scene that heavily implies BDSM and one brief instance of BDSM show with a woman tied up being punched in the face by a fully nude man(bare buttocks shown) and knife play, we see the knife slightly cut into her skin. The rest is implied sexual encounters and sex references.
  • Season 1
  • Episode 1: Child pornography and BDSM are mentioned near the start of the episode, but they aren't explicit references. Later on a girls butt is seen from the side, sex is implied.
  • Episode 2: Some pornographic images flash on a screen briefly. Nothing explicit is seen.
  • Episode 3: There are some references to gay sex in this episode. Two men are suddenly seen naked on a bed having sex, with heavy breathing and moans. There is talk of cleaning up vs being dirty. Near the end of the episode, a woman has dressed herself in a blindfold and black leather lingerie and a man straps her arms down and puts a ball in her mouth in preparation for sex. Nothing beyond that is shown.
  • Episode 5: A man walks in on a woman going to the bathroom. She spreads her legs. Nothing is shown.
  • Episode 6: There are some sexual references but nothing explicit
  • Episode 7: There is a brief non-explicit discussion of pornography. A man describes how he wants a female to suck his balls.
  • Episode 10: A man makes a joke saying he had sex with another guys mother
  • Season 2
  • Episode 1 & 2: There are some references to BDSM but nothing explicit
  • Episode 3: A woman is shown masturbating to an online sex chat discussion. Her hand in her shorts is seen moving but no nudity.
  • Episode 4: After meeting in a bar a man and a woman briefly have sex. Some heavy breathing is heard but no nudity is seen.
  • Episode 5: A man is revealed to run a black market website that has drugs, weapons and hitman services, as well as abducted women sold as sex slaves.
  • Episode 10: A woman is shown in her underwear briefly
  • Episode 11: A very young girl asks a woman if she "cries during sex", as part of an unknown test.

Violence & Gore

  • Although violence isn't frequent and very brief some scenes are pretty graphic, intense and occasionally bloody. Sexual violence and suicide are also depicted throughout the show though they don't occur often.
  • Season 2, Episode 12: A woman is choked and punched in the face several times until she is beaten and bloody.
  • Outside of a few scenes the violence isn't very graphic mostly brief shootouts with some mild blood.
  • Dark army members kill themselves when their duty is done out of honor and also kill themselves to prevent being arrested. They're shown doing this a few times by shooting themselves in the head.
  • Season 1
  • Episode 3: A man beats up a homeless person to express his rage.
  • Episode 4: A couple of people are shot in a dream sequence.
  • Episode 6: A man is shot in the head. A corpse is seen with its neck slit.
  • Episode 7: A woman is strangled to death.
  • Episode 8: There is blood on a man's right hand after he punches a mirror.
  • Episode 10: A man shoots himself while doing a live news interview. This is the most graphic scene in Season 1, there is no censoring, you see all of what happens with blood both behind him and flowing out of his mouth after he shoots himself.
  • Season 2
  • Episode 1 & 2: A man slits another man's throat but it is imaginary. Later on, the same man whose throat was slit in the hallucination is shot in the throat by a stranger and dies.
  • Episode 3: A man is tied up and wet cement is poured into his mouth as a form of torture. The man begins to choke and it is revealed to be a hallucination when he is vomiting out the pills he consumed earlier, he then proceeds to consume the pills that are covered in vomit. In another scene, a man discovers a corpse that appears to be shot in the head.
  • Episode 5: A man is drugged and then shot in the head by a henchman. A group of people is shot by two gunmen and one of them commits suicide to avoid arrest. A man is dragged out of his room and assaulted by other men and we see a part of another man's scalp on the floor.
  • Episode 6: A woman receives cigarette burns on her arm from another woman and later knocked unconscious twice. A police officer is hit and run over by another car then we see his bloody corpse. A tied-up man gets hit by a tire iron offscreen and we see unrealistic blood spraying out upon impact. (the violence is shown in a comical manner for the context of the scene)
  • A group of men grab a man and break off an injection needle inside his fingernail. A man whose face is battered is dragged from the bed with force by other men to another room.
  • Episode 7: A man mentions he shot someone. A gang corners a man and attack him as well as attempting to rape him but another man saves him by stabbing them offscreen and we hear the men groaning from their wounds. One of the gang members gets stabbed again but in the rectum for his attempted rape.
  • Episode 8: A woman is tied up by a swimming pool and she attempts to escape but knocks herself out by hitting her head against the wall. She later gains consciousness but gets shocked by a stun gun and due to her heart condition, dies from it and falls into the swimming pool. Two people stuff her corpse inside a bag and burn her in an incinerator.
  • Episode 10: A male amputee is suffering from internal bleeding and damages to his body from an attempted car chase. A woman talks about being abducted by an older woman as a child. We see a helmeted gunman shooting up a restaurant from a distance and we see what appears to be blood on the windows before it shatters. The gunman is shot and attempts to escape but commits suicide when the authorities arrive. A woman runs out of the restaurant and she has some blood splattered on the side of her face.
  • Episode 11: A koi fish dies in its tank from the leak.
  • Episode 12: A man is shot in the stomach and bleeds after a verbal altercation. His fate is unknown but there are hints he is still alive.


  • Fuck is heard a lot more frequently throughout season 2, 3 and 4 occasionally uncensored on television versions and fully uncensored on streaming and blu ray/dvd releases. There are 5 uses of the word cunt; 2 each in season 2 and 4 and 1 use in season 3. All the uses of fuck and cunt are completely uncensored in season 4 even on the television edits.
  • 5 uses of the word 'cunt' in this show. Once each in S2E4, S2E12, S3E8, S4E1 and S4E8.
  • Season one contains a lot of strong language although not as frequent as later seasons. Fuck is heard around 1-7 times per episode. 1 episode in season 1 doesn't even have a single use of the word. This was also censored on TV edit's and completely uncensored on streaming, home releases and TV airings outside of the US.
  • This show contains strong language throughout, the show is more comparable to HBO and Netflix shows in terms of profanity.
  • The word N****r is used a few times throughout the series uncensored.
  • Frequent uses of shit, bitch, ass, asshole, damn, dick, God, Christ and pussy throughout. A few uses of cunt and several uses of fuck and a few homophobic and racist slurs though never frequent.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Eliot is a morphine addict and is seen frequently snorting it throughout season 1. Season 2 onward it is referenced but we hardly see him using however one episode revolves around him with a big bag of it in season 3.
  • People are seen drinking and smoking. Many scenes of drug use and abuse by various characters. Morphine is used throughout season one and less frequently throughout the rest of the show, however is still referenced as the main character is a morphine addict. People smoke weed throughout. People smoking from joints, bongs and pipes. Meth, MDMA, heroin and cocaine use is also depicted briefly.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show is very graphic and aimed at mature audiences, tackling very heavy themes of control, mental health, corruption, trauma and many more. Season 3 and 4 are notably intense with very high stakes and tension. Episode 6 of season 1 is another example of how intense the show can be.
  • As depressing and dark as the show can be, it can also be very uplifting at points and carry a very hopeful tone in places.
  • Rated TV-MA for some strong violence, thematic material, pervasive strong language, some sexual content including explicit refrences and drug use
  • The show is very anti-capitalist and shows the financial struggles, poverty, loneliness and mental health issues caused by capitalism as well as the protagonist going into detailed rants about his hatred towards capitalism. It also deals with problems of revolutions as well and the aftermath of one and how it may destroy peoples lives and cause an economic collapse. This may depress and turn of a lot of viewers as it reflects a lot of our current climate.
  • This shows first 2 seasons aired as a TV-14 due to the frequent strong language being largely censored/muted out. However the first 2 seasons still contain mature and disturbing content this is definitely not a show for children, despite this these seasons have since been re-rated TV-MA on streaming services due to uncensored swearing.
  • Suggested Series Rating: TV-MA, for pervasive language, sexual content including graphic nudity, brief strong violence and explicit drug use throughout
  • Although very dark and serious, the series is very self-aware and sometimes satirical.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • Eliot is nearly raped by a gang of men, the men are then killed by Leon. We then see one of the men's bare buttocks as Leon stabs a knife into it.
  • It is revealed Eliot was molested by his father when he was a small child.
  • In season 1 episode 2, Elliot walks in on Darlene in his shower Darlene covers her breasts while saying "Jesus christ i'm naked asshole" (we don't see her breasts) Darlene tells Elliot that she needs to borrow his clothes because her old ones quote "Have cum stains on them" she then says she was joking

Violence & Gore

  • Whiterose kills herself by shooting herself in the head.
  • Eliot walks through a building and sees several dead bodies with some blood shown.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Elliot suffocates a man by cracking his neck Elliot looks away while doing it and says "I think you should look away too" and the camera cuts away from the scene

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