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Not as good as infinity war..
MoistMovies29 April 2019
But its a pretty good film. A bit of a mess in some parts, lacking the cohesive and effortless feel infinity war somehow managed to accomplish. Some silly plot holes and characters that could've been cut (Ahem, captain marvel and thanos). The use of Captain marvel in this film was just ridiculous. Shes there at the start, bails for some reason? And then pops up at the end to serve no purpose but deux ex machina a space ship...

The past thanos part wasn't necessary when you think about it, they could've done this film without a real 'villain' And it would've worked and been a original take on a super hero film without using the same formula we have seen in 10+ super hero films already. The entire final battle felt like a rehashed messy battle, with a bunch more characters against thanos - basically mixing the space battle from infinity war; iron man, spider man etc and the final battle of infinity war with captain america, thor etc.. mashing those two into one within this new film. The scenes of trying to pull the gauntlet off his hand.. it all felt like a rehash.

To me the best part of the film was the first act and half of the second, when everyone is lost and trying to figure out how to continue on. really interesting themes that followed the pay off from infinity wars ending. And then the time heist part. Tho the heist part should've been much more stretched out. With only small parts of thanos within that, and not having him be the big bad again. But just a side character that gets in the way a little bit.

And the setting up for 'new avengers' to replace the beloved actors and characters we have come to associate with these films.. they do not get me at all excited for the next phase in marvel films. Falcon, Valkyrie, blackpanther, cap marvel? I just dont care about them at all. And their actors lack any charisma or depth.

To me this feels like a closing of marvel films that I'll really enjoy for my pop corn fix. I've given infinity war a 10/10 and some of the stand alone films 8's and 9's. But I have a sinking feeling this will not be happening in the future except the guardians of the galaxy films.

It seems i maybe in the minority for my feelings towards this film, but im not sugar coating my opinion like it seems a few people are doing due to nostalgia. Its good, but not great. Had the opportunity to be better, maybe? And the setting up of new characters to come possible reflects on my score to... Because i just don't give two cents about any of them
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These get worse!!!
sajakram14 June 2019
I don't really know what all the hype is about. Bored watching this as it's the same again just rehashed. Glad to see the back of the Avengers to be honest.
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Crazy in every sense
davyjones-63636326 November 2021
This film is an emotional rollercoaster with some of the coolest superhero plot lines ever drawn up. It's straight up the most epic Marvel film that will probably ever be created. I don't see how Marvel could ever top this, but getting to see these characters all together at least one last time was a reward all on its own.
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Perfect ending
dhiraj-yahoo8 May 2019
After watching Infinity war, I was looking forward to much more this time, still a perfect ending.
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The End of an Era!
ahmetkozan25 April 2019
After Avengers Infinity War, we waited for the Avengers Endgame. We wondered how the story would go on, how our heroes would turn back, what would be the end of Thanos. Many theories related to this have been put forward. Avengers Endgame was undoubtedly the most anticipated film of recent years. Normally, the higher the expectation, the higher the probability of disappointment. But this is not the case for Endgame. Whatever you're expecting, you find much more in the film. This means that the biggest concern about the film has disappeared.

On the other hand, another comparison comes up. Is Endgame more successful than Infinity War? We can comfortably say it Avengers Infinity War is just the beginning of the story. Endgame was the finale of the story. So we shouldn't think of these two films as two separate stories. There is only one story divided into two parts.

Avengers Endgame is, above all, a great homage to the ten-year history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The story highlights the original Avengers team. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye are at the center of events. No character comes in front of them. Of course there are many characters that play an important role in the story outside the original Avengers team. Everyone's concern was that Captain Marvel, who was included in the Marvel world, overshadowed other heroes. We can say that this certainly did not happen. What is important in this struggle is not how strong you are, but how good you are. This comes to the fore in all areas. It gives good message about being a hero and a family.

Of course, Avengers Endgame has some critical aspects. For example, is the three-hour period necessary in terms of the story? It can be discussed. The head of the story moves much slower than the rest. It also drags the heroes into an emotional predicament. Then the tempo is rising and the heavy scenes we are watching are getting more meaningful. The last 45 minutes of the movie is fully action packed. But the last 45 minutes goes so fast that you don't even realize it. Action and battle scenes are really successful. There is not even a slight distress about visual effects. There are also slight logic errors in the film, but in general the story is so successful that these details become meaningless and insignificant after a certain point.

Lastly, Avengers Endgame doesn't have a movie end scene. Because after the film's final, there is no need for another scene. The Marvel legend Stan Lee appears with a small stage. But this is the last surprise scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, there is no clue about Marvel's future. This makes us wonder more about Spider-Man: Far from Home. 10/10
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Half this movie is boring, emotional dialogue, unlike the first part all action!
rsvp3211 August 2019
I have watched the first part many, many times. Every minute of it was accounted for with importance to the plot - not wasted on snowflake emotions.

This second half has an excellent plot, but oh, my - how it dragged on with talk and tears!

I also didn't like Pepper suddenly being outfitted as a fighter?! lol! And, considering the future hero roles revealed in this one, can we eventually expect a white Black Panther, too?! Don't get me wrong - I don't want to see a white Black Panther.

Several other points of disappointment, too.

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Just terrible!
ferdmalenfant2 August 2019
They've really scrapped the bottom with this one! Oh so Bad!
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" ...the problem is, when you mess with time, time kinda tends to MESS BACK.. " ~TONY STARK, A.K.A 'IRONMAN', MARVEL'S " AVENGER'S : ENDGAME " .



...if this "1ST-BIT" HERE sounds a bit CLICHE ? ? ? The fact is that this film Is, ( At The VERY LEAST ) ->- ( 1. )A LABOUR OF L💎VE . ( 2. )A TRUE, UNEQUIVOCAL WORK OF " HE💎RT " . ( 3. )A BEAUTIFUL & ENDURING M💎STERPIECE .

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE pictures that are "THOROUGHLY" UNPREDICTABLE, & this Passionately-exquisite Creation FAR, FAR outweighed my Every-Hope in that particular respect, and ...Indeed..... so MANY, MANY, MORE .

A WELL MEANING WORD OF ADVICE, THOUGH ->- "THIS IS ( NOT ⭐ -❕) A FAIRY TALE". BE ABSOLUTELY SURE to chuck your 'innocently-created FANTASIES' of what to expect... RIGHT AT THE CINEMA ENTRANCE, ( Or chances are, you will Almost-CERTAINLY, be DISAPPOINTED ) .

ALSO, I "ESPECIALLY" urge you to Spare more than just a "Passing-thought" for CHRIS HEMSWORTH'S "Profoundly-comedic", & YES... O F . C O UR S E ->- ROBERT DOWNEY JUNIOR'S, "Utterly-Stellar & ENTIRELY OSCAR WORTHY ⭐❕ ( -AS IN "BEST ACTOR, & NO LESS- )".. "DRAMATIC"... PERFORMANCES. ( The Generally-SUPERB Collective-cast performance NOTWITHSTANDING )...

Come to think of it, ( SADLY ), ANTAGONISTS' performances these days Often tend to get OVERLOOKED and/or TAKEN FOR-GRANTED; & JOSH BROLIN'S "INEVITABLE"-THANOS ->- MAY ->- most decidedly be NO EXCEPTION. I'm ( ALREADY ;) ) ROOTING FOR him to be Nominated for "BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR" for the 2020 OSCAR AWARDS .

AND IN CLOSING : OH YES.. Consider Yourself Warned... this film is SO FUNNY..... you may just ->- "DIE LAUGHING". ( Consider yourself FULLY-WARNED, N O W ) .

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The ending made all 22 movies worth it
larshoeijmans24 April 2019
If you're going to watch this movie, avoid any spoilers, even spoiler free reviews. Which is why I'm not going to say anything about the movie. Not even my opinion. All I'm going to say is:

The crowd applauded 3 times during the movie, and stood up to clap their hands after. This I have never witnessed in a Dutch cinema. Dutch crowds aren't usually passionate about this. I checked the row where I was sitting, and people were crying. After the movie, I was seeing people with smudged mascara. That's all I have to say about the movie.
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slighty awkward or boring at times, slow dialog, some cool stuff
randomStuff10122 August 2019
Unfortunately clumsy. I enjoyed all previous Avengers, and a few scenes in this are very cool and funny, but this one lowers the bar overall. For me the story petered out instead of maintained momentum from previous movies. The dialogue struggles to be interesting, boring sequences at time.

Clumsy Avengers fit awkwardly together for group photo, like bad high school reunion. That said, I enjoy Avengers like everyone else for years, just not this one so much.

The super-power woman, Capt Marvel, her powers are overdone. Too simplistic, too much power. No reason for her to lose any fight.

Was a big collective of all heroes even necessary? Sort of not really.

Some scenes linger way too long, drawing out already thin content. And where was Dr Strange? He hardly had anything to say, and very brief appearance, yet he was in possession of crucial aspect of story.
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Absolute Perfection End Game
ymyuseda24 April 2019
Rating 10/10 Absolute perfection end game !! Good acting performance to all the characters. Great cgi's. Truly epic & perfect ending to a long journey of marvel movie. Go see it you wont regret it !! Perfection Marvel Endgame !!
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Oh. My. Gosh! What a boring movie!
dan-219923 May 2019
The alternate title for this film: "How to Cram a 90 Minute Movie Into 3 Hours."
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Ashcropolis29 April 2019
Not a full review cause I don't feel like doing one.

Endgame was fine. It's riddled with far too many plot holes, cringy humor and weird character choices for me to give it anything over a 5. Hulk and Thor are completely butchered here as characters imo. The 2nd act is boring and does every time travel cliché you could think of, third act however, although blatant fan service is fun and exciting to watch. 3rd act basically saves the movie. The main reason I saw this was to see how Captain America's arc ends since he is one of the few characters I care about in the mcu. Unfortunately Iron Man's arc is done way better here compared to Cap's. No spoilers but Captain America's ending is shoehorned in at the last second and makes no sense. It felt completely unnatural . Oh yeah and hulk dabs, in the year 2023.
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nothing here keep on walking
patrickpink201319 August 2019
3 hours out of my life I will never get back. not worth the hype. you think the soap opera is done by the ultimate battle. think again. let us milk it and release another spider man. geez a lou.
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A must watch
kriscot-4854816 July 2019
  • great performances
  • incredible visuals
  • story ends in a way to set worth a new generation of marvel stories/characters
  • perfect send off for the original actors
  • a must see for any marvel or superhero fan
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A little bit underwhelmed
Mardolin24 April 2019
Don't get me wrong, the movie was great, but would I watch it a second time? Probably not - until the DVD comes out.

I've seen infinity war at least 5 times, and it's one of my favorite films.

That being said, i will compare the two movies for sure, and I just disliked the pacing, it was all over the place. Some Characters felt off, and some got little to no screen time, where others had too much.

It's just too many characters for one movie, even though infinity war did it much better, with just as many characters. I just can't put my finger on it.

The fighting scenes were alright, the first half lacked action, but the second half delivered some good solid scenes, nothing groundbreaking, but fun to watch. They can't reinvent the wheel, neither do they want to. They stick to what works, and that's alright.

All in all, the movie was a close 8/10, the fanboys who give it a 10 are just blind to accept the mistakes the movie made. It's not a perfect film, even an 8 is really generous in my opinion. The Movie works with nostalgia and gives fans of the MCU the things they wanted, more or less.

Still thinking Thor 3 was the best MCU movie. Sue me.
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Everybody's here
ansirahka3 November 2019
A nice conclusion to the saga, it'll give you nerd chills
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Very disappointing
ravi244512 May 2019
Right in the beginning, you know how the movie is going to end...the good guys are going to win. How anti-climactic that was.. The stage is not set right (half of all humanity is gone, but the enormity of that is not explored...)...when you have Thanos give his explanation as to why he did what he did, I found myself thinking - well, he actually has a point. In the meanwhile, every single superhero is given time to fight, say some cute things, some say a few smart things, a few even manage to say profoundly philosophical statements... The quantum physics explanations used to explain how things are done, are plainly non sense... ..they just made stuff up as they went on. Alls well that ends well. Except we spent 3 hours to find that out.
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sophiakjaer10 March 2022




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Pure torture
Herufied6 August 2019
I had to take several breaks, walk the dogs, play videogames and clean the house, while watching this absolutely ridiculous and nonsensical pile of rubbish and now afterwards, I'm asking myself why I put myself through such suffering. To what end. I guess I was hoping there would be one scene or at least one line that put a smile on my face or made me feel anything at all except extreme pain and boredom. There wasn't any of that unfortunately, so I just wasted three hours of my life I could have spent on basically anything else and it would have been more worth while. I can't decide which one was more painful to watch, this or Aquaman? Both equally and utterly disappointing I guess.
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Plot holes and other blockbuster weaknesses, but it is impressive in how well it lands this huge beast in a way that satisfies and delivers
bob the moo2 June 2019
Much like I did for Infinity War, I was caught up a little bit on the hype, but mostly I think I prioritized seeing this so that I could browse Reddit again, since so many popular posts are memes from the final two Avengers films. Unsurprisingly perhaps, I found that it was very much the overall picture I found with Infinity War, which is that it is far from perfect, a blockbuster pure and simple, but that it is quite a piece of work in terms of how well put together it all is.

In terms of that structure, at time of writing this there are quite a few comments comparing it to the final season of Game of Thrones (which right now just has 2 episodes left) in the way that it has to bring everything together. The comparison is unfavorable, partly because GoT continues it very rushed approach to writing, but mainly because Endgame does it very well. The detail of the plotting is of course filled with holes that are best just to ignore, but the structure allows for a very nice conclusion as we retouch on moments from within the existing films, allowing nostalgia, references, and a sense of winding it up (although of course it will continue as long as the films make money). As with Infinity War, the writing somehow gives characters enough time despite there being so many of them; it hits several tones but none undercuts or takes away from another; and it mixes humor and action into a plot that takes itself seriously enough so it feels like it has weight.

Of course it is still a blockbuster film, and far from perfect, but it is impressively done and very easy to enjoy if you go with what it is doing.
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jamiepick-1604225 March 2021
The Most Overrated Movie Of All Time. (Will Always be the Most Overrated and most Forgettable Movie Of all Time.)
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The zenith of the MCU franchise.
vert271224 April 2019
I feel like I'm wasting my time writing down my thoughts about Avengers: Endgame, because nothing I (or any critic) could say about it would ever dissuade a prospective viewer from seeing it. But after having had the chance to watch it at a preview screening, I can't help but say a few spoiler-free words.

I'm not your average fanboy -- most long-running franchises have bored me at this point, and I couldn't care less about the newest Star Wars episode or whether there will be another film set in the Harry Potter universe.

But Marvel films have been consistently watchable, with many solid entries and a few great ones (Winter Soldier, Ragnarok, the first Guardians of the Galaxy among others). And after Infinity War ended with a cliffhanger, I was looking forward to the conclusion. Boy, was I not disappointed!

Very few highly-anticipated movies live up to the hype, but Avengers: Endgame is one of them. It's the perfect follow up to Infinity War, and the absolute zenith of the Marvel franchise. It's hard to see how they'll be able to top this one.

It's surprisingly inventive (even when you know where the story is headed, the plot takes a few tangents getting there), emotionally engaging (a few people were crying in the theater) and surprisingly funny (this is probably the most I've laughed in a Marvel film since Thor: Ragnarok). Visually speaking, it's a true spectacle (topping Infinity War in the 'epic battle' stakes), and even though it's three hours long, it doesn't feel bloated. The only times I glanced at my watch was because I was hoping there would be more time before the end.

Yes, it's a superhero movie, but an immensely entertaining one (especially for fans who have seen all the pictures that came before it: there are tons of references and inside jokes to reward the faithful).

If "Return of the King" managed to win Best picture at the 2003 Oscars Avengers: Endgame deserves at least a nomination. It's as good (and in many ways better) a conclusion to a fantasy/genre series as the Peter Jackson film,.

Go see it.
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The best Marvel Superhero movie ever and also the epic conclusion to the 21 movies in the MCU
rjcattermole24 April 2019
Avengers: Endgame is above all the best Marvel superhero movie to date. This is also the best and epic conclusion to the 21 movies in the first 10 years of the MCU. This is the epic culmination. The best storytelling ever told.
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Worst Marvel Yet!!
sebastianjohnayres4 May 2019
Honestly felt like a completely different film from Avengers Infinity War. In fact the film had such a different tone from all the Marvel films before.

The characters changed, the story line was poor. Incredibly disappointing end to phase three
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