Avengers: Endgame (2019) Poster

Zoe Saldana: Gamora



  • Peter Quill : Gamora? I thought I lost you.

    [Gamora is actually the one from 2014 who doesn't recognize Quill, and attacks him] 

    Gamora : This is the one? Really?

    Nebula : It was either him or the tree.

  • Gamora : [this is 2014 Gamora talking to 2019 Nebula]  Tell me something. In the future, what happens to you and me?

    Nebula : I tried to kill you... several times... but eventually, we become friends. We become sisters.

  • Peter Quill : Gamora?

    [walks up to her] 

    Peter Quill : I thought I lost you.

    [Peter touches Gamora's faces; she grabs his hand, knees him in the groin] 

    Peter Quill : Ow!

    Gamora : Don't... touch... me!

    [knees him again] 

    Peter Quill : Ah!

    [falls to the ground] 

    Peter Quill : You missed the first time... then you got them both the second time.

  • [exhausted from his encounter with the outriders, Clint collapses on the floor. Past Nebula comes in and stands next to him] 

    Clint Barton : Oh, hey, I remember you

    [gives her the gauntlet] 

    Nebula : Father, I have the stones.

    Clint Barton : What?

    [Past Nebula is about to shoot him] 

    Gamora : Stop!

    Nebula : You're betraying us.

    Nebula : You don't have to do this.

    Nebula : I am - this.

    Gamora : No, you're not.

    Nebula : See what we'll become.

    Gamora : Nebula, listen to her.

    Nebula : You can change.

    Nebula : He won't let me

    [tries to shoot Gamora] 

    Gamora : No!

    [Present Nebula shoots and kills Past Nebula] 

  • Gamora : I am... Peter Parker.

    Carol Danvers : Hi, Peter Parker. You got something for me?

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