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MR-ODIN23 February 2020
This movie portrays a villain that by far has been the best out of all the other Marvel antagonists. It shows his personal conflicts, his purpose, as well as his cruelty. The heroes of this film are overshadowed by this, but the ending really makes a mark on the audience.
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Best Cliffhanger of all Time
Alex_Lo5 February 2021
A meticulously planned film down to the last detail, where you can see how much love is behind it. Of course, the film delivers impressive show values and action, but besides, it is above all the interactions of the characters that are well thought out. Surprisingly, no character is neglected, and all the storylines of the previous films are brought together amazingly logical. The end is for me one of the best cliffhangers of all time, after the movie I was whacked. In the end, I have to ask myself: What more do I expect from a comic book superhero film? I was perfectly happy, so I can also give a comic book adaptation 10 out of 10 stars.
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Better than Endgame
grztxks14 March 2021
Infinity war is one of the best MCU protects. It has a great story, great acting, and awesome looking. If you aren't a Marvel fan or haven't watched most of the previous MCU movies this however, won't be something for you. Let's start with Thanos, definitely one of the best villains, he has a motive, is well played, you can even say that Infinity war tells his story and not the story of a hero. But also most of the other cast members were great in their role and again, if you love Marvel, watch this movie.
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andreascaloni16 February 2021
Avengers infinity war is an emotional roller coaster. Using the strength of its powerful and interesting villain, the movie successfully brings together the past 10 years of Marvel movies into a largely effective cocktail of super-heroic dramatics. Joe and Anthony Russo create a superhero movie that it's every bit the epic that it needs to be. However prepared you feel, you are not ready for Thanos. Infinity war is stunning, hilarious and heartbreaking.

Rating: 9.6.
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A film that pulled off the impossible.
cartermain20 January 2021
Avengers: Infinity War is a film that should be utter crap. A franchise stretching almost twenty films is unheard of. And making a great and satisfying climax to that franchise is nearly impossible. Considering how many characters Marvel had to juggle together with this movie, there was almost no way this movie wouldn't suck.

But it didn't. Marvel pulled it off. All of the characters were balanced seemingly effortlessly. The action was amazing. The characters were funny. The story was compelling. Marvel made what should've been an overcrowded mess into one of the best superhero films ever made.

This movie will sit you on the edge of your seat for 2 and a half hours. Hats off to the writers, directors, producers, and Marvel Studios.

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lalit2859527 July 2021
Infinity war seemed much better than endgame to be honest.
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A superior avengers sequel
Abdulxoxo5 February 2021
Although this film has 'Avengers' in the title, it ultimately belongs to Thanos. It's his story that drives the whole plot. He is the main characters of this movie, not any of the heroes. Thanos in my opinion is the greatest villain the MCU has ever produced. as a character he is truly threatening. In most of these movies deep down I know the hero will always win. For the first time I wasn't sure if the hero would win or not. Through the movie's entirety I was on the edge of my seat wandering whether my favourite characters would actually make it out of the movie alive. To have a villain with that level of genuine threat I thought was fantastic. I also felt slightly conflicted by his motivations. On the face of it, planning to eliminate half the universe's population is obviously a bad thing; however, after we learn his motivations for wanting to do so, I'd be lying if I didn't say I understood where he was coming from. There are two tones at play in this movie. One of them is a comical tone, mostly coming from the Guardians, Thor and Spider-Man. Predominantly though this movie is dark. Because of the level of threat created by Thanos, there is an emotional aspect to this film that will take the viewer by surprise. There are plenty of large scale action sequences, which are amazing; but there are also some shocking moments that were difficult to deal with. What I can say is that, the running time of two and a half hours absolutely flew by.

Overall, Avengers: Infinity War did well in balancing the screen time among the characters in a way that every member of the Avengers get at least a moment to shine. There are also lots of great action, comedy, performances and a massive cliffhanger at the end that is well earned.
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It all led to this: superhero film at its best
Filmdokter25 October 2021
#MCUrewatch. A confrontation that has been in the making for dozen of films. Thanos finally arrives. And boy he doesn't disappoint. He is by far the most interesting MCU villain: strong, nuanced and perfectly performed by Brolin. This really is HIS movie. The film has a train like speed and one impressive sequence is followed by the next. Especially the banter between Thor and the Guardians and Iron Man vs Strange is what makes these Marvel films so fun to watch. Great climatic ending (a well ending...). As a stand-alone film it might not be as good as some others but as a showcase of what MCU has achieved, it has never been better.
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To this day one of the most impossible films to pull off
uzair-368678 February 2021
This film is an achievement unto itself. Unlike any other marvel movie, this deserves to be praised for bringing around 25+ popular characters and putting them all in a cohesive narrative thats unlike anything that came before it.

At least 20 movies filled with characters and storyline nuances were successfully kept intact here yet the main character was the villain that had barely had any screentime previously, yet was written in a way that you could empathise with him and tied him into prior events like the new york invasion.

The movie itself is structured perfectly, from the perspective of Thanos putting him in a heroes journey making him go to different locations to collect the stones from different heroes weve come to know, and pairing different combinations of heroes in an insanely well written way so every character stood out and had an iconic moment to shine.

All in all the scope of this film is beyond anything that has come before it and even more so than Endgame, but they kept the narrative grounded and paced it perfectly. And the ending of the movie is one of the best endings ever. The best superhero/ comic book film of all time after The Dark Knight.
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The best
muhammad-669037 January 2021
This is is the best marvel/avengers movie every minute is very great no cap.
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Somehow they pulled this off
Jesper280126 April 2018
I consider myself a big comic book marvel fan. My favorite films from the franchise so far, are Cap. American: Winter Soldier and Thor: Ragnarok. As this movie was directed by the same guys as Winter Soldier and Civil War, I went into this movie with sky-high expectations.

I am gonna keep this brief: Avengers: Infinity War blew me away! If I should mention just one thing that really amazed me was the character of Thanos. He is so well developed and makes for a super interesting and complex villain. As an audience, we are actually capable of sympathizing with a guy, who wants to kill off half of the universe. It's not about power or dominance. It's about preserving life in a Universe with finite resources - a goal with leads him (and the avengers) into several interesting moral dilemmas.

I agree with the other reviews here. This movie is such a beautiful calamity of 10 years of the best superhero entertainment there is. Thinking about it, I can't really grasp how the director pulled this off. So many well developed characters from different story lines are working together in a true cinematic symphony.

I give this movie my highest recommendations. It's a must-see for anyone with just a remote interest in the franchise.
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miacoop7 January 2021
With Thanos come into play you think that the avengers would be able to tackle this problem but no. After re-watching Infinity War multiple times it still gets me because it's sad the ending really is just another cinematic masterpiece which Marvel always pull off and the fight scenes are amazing. Marvel have some of the best actors and the best casts I'm not applaud them for that. No mad Steve was just sexy after mate and I loved it a lot.
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The first Marvel film I really liked
eva3si0n8 January 2021
The first Marvel film I really liked. Surprisingly in the film there are many spectacular scenes, which are well held and the main transition between them is made seamless, which does not make you miss. And the main thing that surprises the film - the ending, it really makes it clear that Marvel now plays big, since began to break up with the main heroes of the giving films.
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Extravagant clash of the titans
TheLittleSongbird2 May 2018
Have found myself liking or loving a lot of Marvel's previous work, while finding a few faults with most. It is very easy on the most part to see why they are highly regarded critically, though those more critical of their work have raised criticisms that can be agreed with by me.

Loved the first 'Avengers' film, while 'Age of Ultron' was more problematic and generally a lesser Marvel effort though still having a good deal to admire. 'Infinity War' for me was the best one, or the one enjoyed most. Would also go far to say it's one of Marvel's overall best, and a perfect example of how to do a superhero film and how to balance a large cast of characters and a lot going on. Can totally see why it has been so positively reviewed and it deserves the positive hype from personal opinion, though would hesitate in calling it flawless or one of the best films ever.

More could have been done with the very end, which felt like it ended a little too suddenly without resolving everything to full effect. It may very well have been leaving room for a follow-up, but to me it's always been dangerous somewhat to do that just in case a follow-up doesn't happen.

Scarlett Johansson also has far too little to do, with too short screen-time. Black Widow is the only character to me who felt underdeveloped and Johansson struggles to do much with it.

However, the rest of the cast are spot on. A big shout out goes to Josh Brolin, who makes for a menacing and melancholic Thanos. Speaking of Thanos, Marvel have tended to underwhelm with their villains, underwriting them and giving them vague or inconsistent motivations. Thanos is easily one of the best Marvel villains along with Hela, one of the most interesting and of surprising complexity where he is a threat but one can see his point of view.

Robert Downey Jnr, Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth are also standouts of a near-uniformly great all-star cast. There are a lot of characters here, but somehow on the most part it didn't feel like there were too many (a big danger with films with many characters and a trap fallen into quite a lot). They hold a lot of intrigue and manage not to be too sided and true to character.

Likewise, the story is very eventful with a busy main story and several subplots. Yet it didn't feel sprawling and managed to make sense and never lose engagement. Basically it's a non-stop thrill-ride and tautly paced, with some reveals that leaves one gasping, twists that genuinely shock, rousing entrances and some of the finest action sequences of any Marvel film or any film recently, that are truly exciting and big in scale without being too noisy or exhausting. The climax is truly epic, in scale, spectacle, thrills and emotion.

'Avengers: Infinity War' hugely impresses in the script too, with snappy banter, hilarious quips (along with 'Thor: Ragnarok' this is one of the funniest Marvel films, Thor has the best of it), tension and an emotional poignancy not seen to this extent or as strongly in Marvel films. It's all intelligently handled and the humour didn't feel misplaced or inappropriate to me, this is a Marvel film that delivers on the spectacle and thrills while also having brains and heart.

Marvel never disappoints when it comes to the production values. 'Avengers: Infinity War' is not an exception. It's beautifully and atmospherically designed, slickly filmed and edited and the special effects, not overused or abused, are some of the most extravagant and spectacular for any film seen recently. It's tightly directed and dynamically and rousingly scored.

Overall, an excellent film and one of my standout viewings of all the films seen so far from the first half, and overall, of 2018. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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Avengers Infinity War: Marvels crown jewel
Platypuschow4 May 2018
Let me be clear Infinity War is not flawless, it has its faults but thankfully they are overshadowed by two hours of awesomeness.

Every movie in the Marvel universe for the last decade has ultimately been building up to this therefore expectations were through the roof and for the most part it delivers.

Almost every character from the MCU teams up to face its most dangerous foe yet, the mad titan himself Thanos and if you know anything about the comics then going in you'd know to brace yourself for heartache.

With all the hype as to who wouldn't survive the film I'm left wondering just how many deaths are permanent, this is a superhero universe after all so never say never.

Though the story and Thanos's motivations differ from the comic this can be forgiven as the new story is wafer thin but competent.

As you can imagine one of the most exciting things about Infinity War was uniting heroes we've never seen side by side and that certainly delivers on all fronts. The action is thick and fast, despite the dark overtone we have plenty of comedy and teenage Groot didn't ruin the film like I feared he would.

Obviously this is not a big finale and merely a high profile chapter in a much larger story but the movie is highly climatic regardless.

I am saddened that this wasn't a two parter, alike Civil War (2016) this was a huge story and perhaps should have been broken up across movies.

Infinity War is a contender for the best Marvel movie and instead of feeling burnt out after the never ending stream of films this has wet my appetite for more and I can't wait for the next film.

Excellent stuff, though where in the blue hell was Ant Man?

The Good:

Children of Thanos


All out action as expected

Ties everything together nicely

The Bad:

Peter Dinklage (Never thought I'd say that)

So many characters were spread too thin

Things I Learnt From This Movie:

If Thanos and Cable ever meet its going to be super weird

Dishonest footage/photos are commonplace now (Look up the footage of Hulk in Wakanda running with the rest of the team) Seriously, never happened.

Somewhere out there right now are DC fans claiming this is a bad film
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The standard for every crossover movie
Dello_6 September 2021
Though this is not my favorite MCU movie I think "Infinity War" is the best product the studio produced both because of the really high scope and because of the execution itself. I think the movie is so great because it contains almost everything you could ask (action, humor, heartfelt moments, great CGI, fantastic score, ...) in a balanced way. Furthermore even if the culmination of the MCU happened in "Endgame" it was here that every piece of the Marvel Universe was brought together for the first time. I remember to have an astronomical hype at the time and the fact that the movie resulted to be even better than what my hype was making envisioning me is something that I highly count. But the best part of this movie is its villain, Thanos. I loved him (and still do) and he absolutely stole the show and sets up Endgame perfectly. Clearly "Infinity War" has its flaws and I am not here to say it is perfect like a 10/10 rating would usually mean, but for what it represented at the time and the way it was delivered I think we couldn't have asked for more.
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Marvel's best
numenorsniper-6639625 November 2021
I saw Iron Man in the cinema when it first released in 2008, and still remember it being ground-breaking and awesome. Since then I kind of lost interest in Marvel movies in general, as their quality was very variable, with a few gems here and there. Ultimately in hindsight, the MCU is a really fun and generally well-made series of movies, with the persistent flaw of deflated stakes, contradicting rules and muddled plot points. Not quite brainless entertainment per se, but sometimes feels like that.

Avengers Infinity War reignited my interest in the MCU, as the movie itself was really well done in pretty much every way. It's genuinely a very strong movie, that is deeply rewatchable, and one of the best Space movies ever made.
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Infinity War does a brilliant job by seamlessly combining the last few films together. It picks up where Ragnarok left off on the space shuttle with Thor, Loki, Hulk and all the remaining Asgardians. It opens with a distress call as Thanos and his Dark Order have slaughtered most of passengers including some of the remaining Asgardians. He interrogates Thor and beats Hulk so bad he is too scared to ever turn green again. A defeated Hulk/Bruce Banner is then transported to Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum so he can warn him of Thanos' arrival. It is down to Doctor Strange, Wong, Tony Stark and Spider Man to prevent Thanos' evil minions from destroying New York and taking the time stone. It's a thrilling action sequence that introduces Starks cool new nano-bot armour that creates its own swords and shields.

Thanos has been teased since 2012 and the wait has paid off here as he is by far one of the best villains. The story is more about him achieving his goals which is refreshing to see as the villains are normally sidelined in these films. He is so determined to get all six gems, each gem making him stronger. The Avengers and Guardians have to race against time to stop him from finding all six. One sequence on his home planet 'Titan' is worth mentioning and like most of the film, it is breathtaking and tense. His crew (Dark Order) also seem unbeatable as they battle the rest of the Avengers in Wakanda with their alien army which also proves difficult. Thanos gets some interesting backstory, it would have been even better if the menacing Dark Order got some backstory themselves as we never really understand them or their motivations.

Even though it enters familiar ground, it is often done differently and most of the time it's unpredictable. It's full of surprises and twists which will leave you exhausted by the end. Although Infinity War feels over stuffed with characters and storylines, the Russo Brothers do an exceptional job by giving each character enough to do. Its great to see some focus on characters like Gamora and Thor as previous films have kept it prominently on characters Iron Man, Hulk and Captain America. That's not to say they don't get anything to do because they do, it's just not as much as usual. This entry really does require you to see all of the ones before it as it can become confusing. They often call back to previous events and storylines, so it's a better experience if you are familiar with all of them. There are also so many fun references like Rocket Racoon's need for artificial limbs, Thor's new haircut and Drax's constant quips.

There are too many visual effects shots which could have been avoided using practical effects. The CGI shots don't look bad, but sometimes they can be distracting. However it's a technique that is quicker than any other, and with studio films of this scale that's just a small price to pay. The action scenes are so well directed accompanied by a music score by Alan Silvestri who always adds that extra level of excitement to them. It is a relief to say Infinity War runs well over 2 hours 30 minutes which is the longest Marvel film. There is no point saying its "baggy" or "overlong" as fans of the franchise will greatly appreciate this and with so much going on the runtime is justified.
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payiyugk6 February 2021
This should've been the last movie in the series. The end was perfect. Thanos is the greatest hero of all the MCU. Driven by a pure desire to save the universe. He was not after power, glory or riches. He wanted to fade away and leave behind a healthier grateful universe. If I could wield such a weapon I would also wipe out half the universe. It would be best for everyone.
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The best of the MCU
danmossman12 July 2022
This film achieves absolutely everything it aims to. All the heroes show their motivations and interact well with eachother, from where they were all left by individual films. The villain is one of the great movie villains, horribly evil and intimidating but you fully understand his loss and his motivations. Needless to say the CGI and cinematography are flawless as is the script. What a film. It also has one of THE great endings in cinema.
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The best MCU film? It just might be.
coldembrace61915 May 2022
Can you imagine a better comic book movie? So much going on from start to finish, and yet the story is well-written, every character is unique and brings extra flavor to the film, and every transition fits perfectly. The Russo Brothers really outdid themselves, I was utterly captivated the entire movie and will probably rewatch IW multiple times without getting bored. This is a treat for comic book fans everywhere. Also, how about Josh Brolin as Thanos? Ridiculously good!
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Best superhero experience
abdorahmanrawashdeh5 September 2021
This movie is truly once in a lifetime experience.
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The Best MCU film; a masterpiece
tyrantlizardthad19 August 2021
Avengers: Infinity War is a film so powerful and good that instead of being crushed by the weight of its expectations, it lifted them up and launched them out into space. Packed with epic, intense action, fantastic character work, and a powerful ending, it doesn't get much better then this. It's especially remarkable when you remember just how much buildup there was to this film and how massive the expectations were, you would think it would be almost impossible to meet, but Infinity War does it so well it makes it look easy.

The story is exhilarating, it moves at a brisk pace which really makes you feel the immense stakes and how urgent the situation is. Every single character is handled extremely well and are all in character. The film makes sure to pay attention to what spot they're in in their character journey since the last film each respective character was in and continues their development. It maintains continuity and brings every character together in a way that's organic and serves the story perfectly. Tony Stark finally gets to fight the thing he has been tormented by and preparing for years to fight, Steve Rogers and most of the other Avengers are fugitives of the law and thus are more rugged, Bruce Banner is still dealing with his conflict with the Hulk (continuing what was established Thor: Ragnarok), Thor is dealing with the grief of losing everything, manifesting in personal vengeance towards Thanos, and much more. But perhaps the best thing about the film is the characterization of Thanos, one of the best villains in cinema since Darth Vader from Star Wars (which was the intent of the Russos, specifically saying that the wanted to make "the next Darth Vader"). He is a ruthless, insane and narcissistic monster, but he still has honorable traits, respects his enemies, he has a very flawed perspective of how to save the universe but believes it whole-heartedly, and even a fatherly love towards Gamora. He's terrifying but also humanized, and it just works perfectly.

The computer generated effects, especially those that brought Thanos to life, are perfect, as is the soundtrack. While MCU scores are typically regarded as forgettable, Alan Silvestri's score for Infinity War is anything but. The performances are impeccable as well, there's not a single unsatisfying or uneven performance. Josh Brolin as Thanos, Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark, Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, Benedict Bumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda and Zoe Salanda as Gamora in particular stick out to me and knock it out of the park.

In conclusion, Infinity War is the best MCU film and one of the best films to have come out in the past 10 years, and I don't think you could ask for more. Infinity War (along with its sequel, Avengers: Endgame) isn't just a movie, it's an experience.
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sangomiguel14 April 2021
With the participation of almost every member of the MCU, this movie redefines the Action genre, setting the bar higher up than ever before.

Special effects are out of this world (2020) the whole cast and crew delivers an excellent job, it takes you to every specter of human emotion the cinematics are great & soundtrack is compelling.

The story is very engaging, the script is hilarious and the movie doesn't follow the regular Hollywood formula it is with out a doubts not only one of the greatest super hero movies but one of the best achieved films in history hands down. 10/10.
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An outstanding watch
r96sk23 January 2021
This is exactly the sorta thing I want from an Avengers film! Full blown, no punches pulled action. In that regard, it's an outstanding watch!

Despite knowing practically little about the MCU up until a few weeks ago, I still knew this was a film that was going to see - so to speak - excrement hit the fan... and boy did it! It's a great ride.

Like 'Captain America: Civil War' did, 'Avengers: Infinity War' does an incredible job at juggling the gargantuan number of characters. It's ridiculous, but totally awesome, how many faces we see appear again. I thought they got the screen time for all, more or less, down to a T. Not an easy job, that.

Speaking of the cast, it's Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Josh Brolin who stand out most in my memory. Them three are excellent, especially the latter. Away from those lot, it's very cool to see all the other worlds - including from 'Doctor Strange' and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' - come together into one film. As for new additions, there aren't many - Peter Dinklage being the pick.

There are many references that I had already become aware of just via the internet, so it was quite amusing seeing them all unfold here and there. The effects looked great to me, as they have basically all the way up until this point of the MCU. The comedy is good again, also.

Needless to say, I can't wait to see 'Avengers: Endgame'!
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