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MPAA Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi violence and action throughout, language and some crude references.

Sex & Nudity

  • A couple is staying together in a hotel room, but the scene set there is brief. When the couple are attacked while taking a walk, one says to the other, dryly, that they should have stayed in bed.
  • Rocket makes a reference to hiding an object by sticking it up his... He is cut off before he finishes his sentence, but it is strongly implied he would have said butt or any other related word.
  • Star Lord makes a reference to attaching a grenade to someone's "junk".
  • There are a few kisses between couples.
  • A man says that instead of using the word "boyfriend", he prefers to think of himself as a "Titan-killing, long-term booty call."

Violence & Gore

  • The film features extended scenes of fantasy violence and action sequences.
  • There is a big fight sequence with Aliens. Many aliens are killed and blood can be seen oozing from them.
  • The violence in this movie is more intense than any previous Marvel movie. There are plenty of brutal beatings, stabbings, choking, and heavy hitting. Although a slot of the action is bloodless, there are some shots that are quite bloody.
  • The film basically has non-stop action and, unlike most MCU films, it has a dark tone to it and much is because of the spontaneous violence there is in certain scenes.
  • In addition to standard comic book film destruction, characters are tortured, impaled, and beaten. While generally bloodless, the consequences feel greater, and could upset younger viewers.
  • Multiple scenes of stabbing, some of them leading to death, others leading to open wounds, with much of them being immediately healed.


  • Occasional D words, H words, other name calling such as Douchebag
  • "God" is used as an exclamation several times.
  • Star Lord says "Chill the f out" as a reference to the word "fuck."
  • Someone starts to say "motherf..." but is cut off before finishing the next word.
  • 4 uses of "shit," including one use of "bullshit."
  • One character shows his middle finger to the villain.
  • A few uses of "Asshole"
  • Peter Quill says at one point "What master am I supposed to serve, Jesus" which might offend some viewers as it is quite crude and it's said in vain

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Like most MCU films, there is a balance between humorous and dramatic moments but Infinity War has a MUCH darker and bleaker tone, similar to The Winter Soldier and Civil War, except that this one is the darkest alongside its sequel, "Avengers: Endgame".
  • Characters are attacked by violent alien creatures which may be intense for some.
  • This film is very dark and contains the look and tone of a doomsday movie, with several dangerous situations, many beloved characters seen in previous films dying in the most tragic way possible, intense depictions of terrorism and genocide, a devastatingly tragic ending, and much more action and violence compared to the rest of the MCU films.
  • This film is much more violent and more explicit than any other MCU film, which could disturbing for some viewers who are familiar with the previous films.
  • Thanos' extraterrestrial Black Order is frightening. Characters Ebony Maw, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, and Cull Obsidian make up the Black Order, and they all have frightening appearances.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • In one scene, Nebula is tortured and we see her being stretched apart and dismantled by Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet, more than once, as she screams in extreme agony and Gamora watches on in horror. This scene is extremely disturbing and very hard to watch.
  • In a scene, Gamora is thrown to her death by Thanos, we see her falling, and later we see her lying dead on the ground onto a pool of blood. This scene is extremely emotional, very disturbing and quite graphic.
  • In a scene, a character, Loki, is strangled by Thanos in graphic detail and then has his neck snapped onscreen. We see Loki struggle to break from Thanos' grip, only to fail and then we see his face turn purplish and his eyes turn red due to the lack of oxygen and has some blood visible. His dead body is then shown as Thor cries over his corpse. This is pretty disturbing, borderline graphic and quite hard to watch.
  • In a scene, Tony Stark and Peter Parker rescue Dr. Strange from Ebony Maw, one of Thanos' henchmen. Here, Maw tortures Strange with a bunch of spikes and we see those pierce through Dr. Strange's face, causing him to scream in intense pain. Then, Stark blows up a hole into Maw's spaceship, which ejects him into outer space due to decompression and almost sucks out Strange, who is saved by Parker and then Stark closes the hole. We then see Ebony Maw's corpse float away from the ship, frozen and crumbling slightly in the process due to the lack of air. This scene is quite intense and somewhat disturbing, but it's also slightly humorous due to the awkward pose done by Maw in said aftermath, as well as the somewhat hilarious look on his face.
  • Whenever Thanos shows up, whoever is against him goes at him. The hits range from kicking, punching, slashing and stabbing. Although he doesn't die, him getting beat up is more crowd pleasing rather than disturbing.
  • Thanos violently rips the Mind Stone from Vision's forehead. Vision appears to be dead after that and his body turns all grey. Luckily, there's no blood in this scene, since Vision himself is an android, but still, this scene is rather disturbing.
  • We see dead bodies in the Asgardian Ship at the beginning of the movie. Thanos and his henchmen brutally hurt the characters they are fighting.
  • In a scene, Gamora stabs Thanos in the throat with her sword, puncturing his jugular vein, and then stabs him in the chest with her dagger. We see some dark, almost black, blood gushing out from his throat. He covers the wound with his hand so nothing graphic is seen. He slumps to the ground dead and Gamora weeps. It's then revealed that this is a mirage due to the fact that Thanos now possesses the Reality Stone, but this scene is a little gory and disturbing nonetheless.
  • In a scene, we see a flashback involving how Thanos met Gamora and here, we also see a mass genocide taking place, in which innocent civilians of an alien race are seen being executed. A disturbing and sad scene.
  • Tony is stabbed in the stomach by Thanos. He is seen in agony for a while but ultimately survives.
  • Towards the end, Thanos gets impaled in the chest by Thor with his part-warhammer, part-battleaxe hybrid weapon, Stormbreaker. We see Thanos agonize as Thor drives the weapon even further into his chesIn the aftermath, after Thanos warps away, we see the weapon covered in some blood.
  • Characters are being impaled, stabbed, tortured, hit and strangled through the whole movie. The ending scene shows many beloved characters and many innocent civilians die. The great battle is nothing like the other MCU fights (more violent). The movie starts with a hole load of dead bodies on the ground and two badly injured characters.
  • In the climatic battle of Wakanda, the remaining members of the Black Order, are killed: Cull Obsidian is launched in the air by Bruce Banner with the Hulkbuster armor. We see Obsidian yelling while airborne and then he's shown exploding with a ball of flames seen in the air; Proxima Midnight tries to kill Black Widow, but Scarlet Witch lifts Midnight in the air with her powers and Midnight is horizontally split in half by a gigantic bladed war-wheel, with blood splattering everywhere and covering a very few areas, including Black Widow's face - ite actual splitting is extremely brief and from a distance, so not too graphic - it should also be noted the blood is blue; and finally, Corvus Glaive fights Captain America, where he's eventually impaled with his own spear by Vision, with blood seen around the wound and the blade of the spear. The entire scene is somewhat graphic, but is very quick and highly stylized.
  • 4 characters are shown dying by, getting stabbed in the chest, getting choked and eventually getting his throat cracked (the whole thing is shown so it may be unsuitable for children under 12 to watch), getting thrown off a cliff, and getting his artificial forehead destroyed. The other "deaths" were a lot of people turning into dust.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • In a scene, Thor is tortured by Thanos and he cries out in pain (as seen in the preview). Somewhat disturbing.
  • Several well-established characters die, which will likely upset younger viewers who are familiar with these films.
  • There are death scenes throughout the film. Some can be hard to watch.
  • Viewers might find the disintegration sequence particularly emotional, as some of these characters have been beloved over the years. Arguably, the most emotional one is that of Peter Parker's, as he cries and pleads with Tony Stark.
  • Thanos is a very threatening and violent villain whose story and motives are all rather disturbing and will definitely unsettle some, although they make sense. His physical appearance can also be somewhat intimidating for some viewers as well, especially younger ones, because of his massive and imposing size, his scarred and somewhat disfigured purple skin, as well as his emotionless expression.
  • The ending is very depressing and hard to watch.
  • The death of Loki can be hard to watch, especially due to its absolute brutality as well as it being onscreen and especially, due to Loki's status as fan favorite. In the scene, Loki briefly struggles to break free from Thanos' grip. There is also a close up of his face which can be challenging to watch. The fact that Thor mourns him in the aftermath also does not help either. Also, many of the characters die disintegrated towards the end, like said before, which can be emotionally intense for some, mostly due to them being fan favorites, just like Loki.
  • Gamora's death scene is extremely emotional and intense.
  • Iron Man gets stabbed by Thanos. It may look like he was going to die but he survives. This scene may be extremely shocking and emotional, especially for fans of Iron Man.
  • The part when Thanos snaps his fingers might be very shocking for some viewers. If you were listening to Gamora sometime before this part, you'll definitely know what will happen.
  • Towards the end of the film, some of the heroes die by Thanos' snap. The entire scene is extremely emotional and sad. (Especially those who are fans of Shuri, Winter Soldier, Black Panther, Groot, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Mantis, Drax, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man (not counting Nick Fury and Maria Hill in the post-credit scene))
  • This movie has some moments that are violent but not very much and the most intense scene is when Thanos stab Tony Stark when they were fighting.
  • In one of the film's most infamous death scenes, Peter Parker starts to slowly turn to dust and says that he doesn't feel good (due to his spider sense's warning him of the danger) and then he stumbles into Tony's arms and starts sobbing terrified and pleading not to go before falling to the ground and finally turning to dust and dying. This scene is very upsetting and hard to watch, especially for long time fans of the character.

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