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Avengers: Endgame May Not Beat Avatar Worldwide Box Office Record After All

Avengers: Endgame May Not Beat Avatar Worldwide Box Office Record After All
Avengers: Endgame has been decimating the box office since hitting theaters late last month. The Marvel Studios project has already beaten several records and has made an unprecedented amount of money in a short amount of time, but the earnings are starting to slow down quite a bit. From the get-go, it has been speculated that Endgame would go the distance and defeat James Cameron's Avatar as the highest grossing global movie of all time, but it's beginning to look like it might not happen now.

As of this writing, Avengers: Endgame is sitting at $2.62 billion at the global box office while Avatar rests at $2.78 billion. "It's slowed down more than we all expected," says Shawn Robbins, chief analyst at BoxOffice Media, when looking at how fast the movie was able to become the second highest grossing movie of all time. Avatar's success was more of a gradual
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Iron Studios adds Falcon to its Avengers: Endgame Battle Diorama collection

This past week we’ve seen figures for Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Groot from Iron Studios’ 1:10 scale Avengers: Endgame Battle Diorama Series line, and now its the turn of Anthony Mackie’s Falcon! The 1:10 scale figure is available to pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles, priced at $130.00; take a look at the promotional images here…

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Falcon appeared in the Cinematic Marvel Universe for the first time in Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014).

Played by Anthony Mackie, he is Sam Wilson, a former Air Force officer who helps Captain America using the wings of experimental flight equipment. In Captain America: Civil War (2016) he won an accompanying drone called Red Wing, a homage to the hero’s mascot-like bird in the comics. In Avengers: Endgame, the winged hero returns alongside the once snapped heroes to defend the Earth from Thanos.

Sideshow and Iron
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New Hi-Res Avengers: Endgame Stills Highlight The Compound Attack

Avengers: Endgame is a special movie.

Even before Joe and Anthony Russo’s juggernaut arrived in theaters, there was a real sense of wonderment and awe coursing through the Internet, as fans speculated as to how something so spectacular – so unprecedented – was even possible in the first place.

It took 11 years and 21 movies – Captain Marvel included – to lay the necessary foundations for Endgame and its colossal, three-hour story, so it’s small wonder why viewers are rushing to see the Russo Brothers’ crowning achievement two or three times in order to properly appreciate all of the little Easter eggs and callbacks to McU past.

Speaking of which, below is the latest gallery of high-res stills from Avengers: Endgame, which essentially covers all bases – from Steve and Tony’s heartfelt reunion in 2023 to the battle at Avengers HQ, at which point Thanos’ entire army wages war against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.
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Avengers: Endgame behind-the-scenes image features a new-look Kraglin from the final battle

The climactic battle of Avengers: Endgame saw virtually every major – and minor – character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe joining forces to battle Thanos and his forces, with even Howard the Duck making a ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ appearance.

And it seems there may be a few more Easter eggs to look at for once we can pore over the battle frame by frame, such as Sean Gunn’s Kraglin, one of the Ravagers from Guardians of the Galaxy, who has been spotted in a behind-the-scenes image sporting a new, Yondu-inspired look.

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Now Rotten Tomatoes Won't Verify Your Review Without a Confirmed Ticket Purchase

Rotten Tomatoes is making more changes behind-the-scenes. As of today, only users who confirm movie ticket purchases can leave verified reviews. The site started over 20 years ago to provide movie and TV fans a place to see a collection of aggregated reviews to better suit their viewing habits and guide their choices. Over the years, the site has been infiltrated by trolls who either don't like a particular movie, franchise, or studio. So, Rotten Tomatoes has been trying new things and implementing changes this year.

The verified reviews is going along with previous changes Rotten Tomatoes has made recently. Earlier this year, it was announced that users would not be able to review a movie before it hits theaters in an effort to take power away from trolls who were polluting the reviews without seeing a movie. Now, the site works more like social media in terms of the "Want to See" function.
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Rotten Tomatoes Takes on Trolls With New ‘Verified’ Audience Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes has taken another step towards verifying that users who post reviews or ratings of movies, have actually seen them. The site’s Audience Score feature — distinct from its professional review-based Tomatometer — became a haven for trolls to negatively review or rate unreleased, unseen films. Today’s move is meant to increase consumer confidence in the widely-used and influential review aggregator.

Earlier this year, the site announced that it would not allow users to post comments about a movie until after its release, although that only delayed the inevitable: trolls who wanted to trash a movie they had yet to see, just had to wait a bit longer to do so. Starting today, that changes.

In a blog post Thursday morning, Rotten Tomatoes said that users who purchase tickets on parent company Fandango’s website will get a verified badge next to their review, and only those “verified” reviews
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Petition For Marvel To Cast Danny DeVito As The New Wolverine Hits 20K Signatures

Let’s make one thing clear: TV shows, movies, and games all have passionate fanbases behind them, and for better or for worse, disgruntled devotees are always ready to complain, make ridiculous demands, and hurl insults at showrunners, directors, and writers. In the past few weeks alone, petitions have popped up to replace Brie Larson as Captain Marvel with a person of color, remake the final season of Game of Thrones, and remove Robert Pattinson from the Dceu, where he was recently picked to take on the role of Batman.

Obviously, it’s a little difficult to figure out exactly what the intent and motivations behind each petition are. While some campaigners are genuinely upset with the direction their favorite franchises and series are taking, it’s highly likely that others are trolling, and are only looking to upset the internet at large. Either way, it doesn’t seem like
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Brandon Routh Reveals Who His Favorite Superman Is

Whenever any given pop culture icon is repeatedly recast over time, it’s only natural for moviegoers to choose a favorite and passionately back them. In the case of Superman, I have a difficult time singling out an actor because each of them have brought something different to the role. Though Smallville is my favorite live action telling of the tale, I appreciate what guys like Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Henry Cavill and Tyler Hoechlin have brought to the table – and not just Tom Welling.

Another name to throw into the mix is that of Brandon Routh. Though he played the Man of Steel for only one picture, that being Superman Returns, odds are that he served as somebody’s first exposure to the character. And believe it or not, even he sometimes gets asked to weigh in on the topic being discussed here today.

While appearing at Motor City Comic Con this past weekend,
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Exclusive: Captain Marvel Becomes a Bodega Avenger in a New Series from Idw

  • The AV Club
Now that Captain Marvel’s made her long-awaited debut on the big screen in her own solo film and helped defeat Thanos in Avengers: Endgame, she’s one of Marvel’s most high-profile heroes taking up space in audience’s minds. So it’s none too surprising that she’s the centerpiece of an all-new comic from writer Sam…
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Rotten Tomatoes to Bypass Trolls With New Audience Score From Confirmed Ticket Buyers Only

In an effort to combat trolls who negatively review films without seeing them, Rotten Tomatoes is rolling out an alternate “Verified” ratings system this weekend, which will filter audience ratings and reviews to only include those who actually bought a ticket to see the film through Fandango.

Starting Thursday, Rotten Tomatoes users can opt-in to the new system to get their ratings and reviews verified if they bought a ticket for the film on its sister ticketing site. AMC Theaters, Regal Cinemas, and Cinemark will also participate in the new system later this year, allowing ticket buyers on their sites to also get their Rt reviews verified.

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Regardless of whether or not they opt-in, Rotten Tomatoes users will still be able to post ratings and reviews. However, an audience score that filters out
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Petition To Replace Brie Larson As Captain Marvel Now At 25,000 Signatures

Captain Marvel – and specifically Brie Larson – has generated an incredible amount of controversy in 2019. Prior to release, the actress made some incredibly milquetoast feminist comments, which were seized upon by more unpleasant fans as ammunition to use against her. This developed into an avalanche of online negativity, which led many to conclude that Larson’s feminist posturing had irrevocably doomed the movie and it would go down in history as Marvel Studios’ first outright flop.

Given that the film has now made about $1.1 billion, it’s safe to say that certain portions of the internet were talking out of their collective asses. But now, there’s another attack on Captain Marvel and this time, it’s apparently from the very same social justice warriors that are supposedly the biggest fans of the movie.

An online petition, which has just about hit 25,000 signatures, demands the following:

We need Brie Larson to
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Zachary Levi Says Working For DC Was More Fun Than Marvel

While most fans tend to focus on Marvel and DC’s key players, there are plenty of minor characters across the dozens of films that comprise the McU and Dceu, many of which are played by A-listers. Ant-Man and the Wasp, for example, features the likes of Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer, while Academy Award winner Viola Davis played Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad.

More interestingly, there are a handful of actors who have made an appearance in both Marvel and DC films. Laurence Fishburne, for instance, had a role in the aforementioned Ant-Man and the Wasp as well as both Man of Steel and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. The same goes for Florence Kasumba, who was featured in Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. And then, there’s Zachary Levi.

Shazam Meets Captain Marvel On Hilarious New Fan Art 1 of 2

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Yes, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Box Office Was Massive, But It Fell Short of Expectations

Yes, ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Box Office Was Massive, But It Fell Short of Expectations
After its fourth weekend, “Avengers: Endgame” is the biggest grossing domestic hit in more than three years with $771 million in North America. Its final achievement will be profound — but it also comes awfully early, as “John Wick 3” now holds the number-one spot. The Marvel movie’s April 25 release is not quite a month old, but unlike prior all-time hits, it’s no longer driving the most business.

Here’s where we stand, with some projections, records made, and context compared to other huge hits:

Final Domestic Gross: About $850 Million

No one can complain about $850 million. At a minimum, “Endgame” will be the second-biggest film in a decade that has seen the business turn itself over to blockbusters. It comes in an era in which comic-book titles, Marvel ones in particular, are a mature force. So while it’s a great gross, it’s less than what was anticipated after a
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Post-Endgame McU: Marvel Characters We’d Most Like to See

Alana Joli Abbott May 22, 2019

As the McU enters a new phase, we highlight five Marvel characters we'd like to see take a major role post-Endgame.

This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. We have a completely spoiler free review of the movie right here.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t been shy about teasing characters from the comics that fans would love to see on the screen. Now that The Snap has been reversed and we know which characters have survived or come back, we can speculate on who we’ll see in future installments, and why their stories might be perfect for the expanding McU.

Here are five characters we'd most like to see get narrative prioritiy in the post-Endgame McU...

Monica Rambeau/Captain Marvel/Photon/Spectrum

We’ve already seen young Monica Rambeau in the McU, as she’s an important figure in Captain Marvel, both inspiring and
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Groot joins Iron Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Battle Diorama Series

Sideshow has released a batch of promotional images for another addition to Iron Studios’ Avengers: Endgame Battle Diorama Series with a 1:10 scale Groot statue. The Marvel collectible is available to pre-order now, priced at $94.99. and is expected to ship November-January; check it out here…

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Groot is a Floral Colossus of Planet X. Played in cinemas by Vin Diesel, the friendly tree hero sacrifices himself for the survival of his group, but a small branch of his body allows his regeneration and survival, making him return first as a baby and now as a teenager.

In Avengers: Endgame Groot joins his friends of the Guardians of the Galaxy to battle Thanos and save the universe.

This is the first version of Teenage Groot by Iron Studios, a statue that joins the huge 1:10 Battle Diorama Art Scale Series prepared to honor this amazing blockbuster!
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Scooby-Doo movie Scoob adds Iain Armitage and Mckenna Grace

Warner Bros. has announced that Iain Armitage (Young Sheldon) and Mckenna Grace (Captain Marvel) have signed on to the upcoming Scooby-Doo animated feature Scoob, and will voice young versions of Shaggy and Daphne respectively.

The youngsters join the previously announced Zac Efron (Fred), Amanda Seyfried (Daphne), Gina Rodriguez (Velma), Will Forte (Shaggy), Tracy Morgan (Captain Caveman), Frank Welker (Scooby-Doo), Kiersey Clemons (Dee Dee Skyes), Mark Wahlberg (Blue Falcon) and Jason Isaacs (Dick Dastardly).

Scoob is being directed by Tony Cervone and will see the Mystery, Inc. gang joining forces with other characters from the Hanna-Barbera universe to save the world from the evil Dick Dastardly.

Scoob is set for release on May 15th 2020.


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New Petition Calls For Marvel To Cast Danny DeVito As The Next Wolverine

For some reason, fans believe that their silly petitions will have an impact on the decisions that the higher-ups of billion dollar conglomerates make. The latest comes courtesy of user Ring Arius, who’s asked Marvel Studios to consider It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star Danny DeVito to play Wovlerine if the character were to ever pop up in the McU.

Given the multiverse we could be introduced to in Spider-Man: Far From Home in July, it may be possible that we see Wolverine, Deadpool, and other characters Disney has acquired from Fox cross over into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But seeing the goofy comic actor, who played The Penguin in Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman Returns, don some pointed knuckles is hardly likely.

Still, the petition is picking up steam. At the time of writing, it’s garnered over 6,000 signatures and already surpassed its first benchmark goal by over 1,000 participants.
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Iron Studios reveals its Avengers: Endgame Doctor Strange Battle Diorama statue

Sideshow Collectibles has released a batch of promotional images for Iron Studios’ 1:10 scale Doctor Strange Battle Diorama Series Doctor Strange figure which is based on the appearance of Benedict Cumberbatch as the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel sequel Avengers: Endgame. The piece is available to pre-order now, priced at $170.00; check it out here….

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Doctor Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, created by Stan Lee along with Steve Ditko in 1963.

Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon, but his arrogant, selfish and greedy persona made him unpopular. When he suffered a car accident that damaged the nerves of his hands preventing him from work as a medical surgeon, he exhausted his fortune in trying to heal himself. With his last resources, he went to the East in search of an old wizard called “the Elder” and ended up becoming his apprentice in the mystical arts.
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Dan Aykroyd Says Ghostbusters 3 Is Heartfelt And Quite Scary

It sounds almost too good to be true, but assuming that things keep according to schedule, fans from all over will be watching Ghostbusters 3 in a little more than a year. It’s hard to believe things have progressed this quickly, and it was only a few months ago that Sony Pictures released a brief teaser to hype up the web. But given that it didn’t show us a whole lot, there’s still one thing on everyone’s mind: What will this new film be about?

As of now, plot points are scarce, but we do know a few key details. For one, the movie focuses on a whole new team of teenage poltergeist poachers, rather than the adults we’ve grown accustomed to in the past few films. Casting information hasn’t fully been revealed, though we do know Finn Wolfhard (of Stranger Things and It fame
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Watch a deleted scene from Captain Marvel featuring Vers and Yon-Rogg

Ahead of its digital release later this month, Marvel Studios has unveiled a deleted scene from its superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel which sees Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) teaching some young Kree recruits about the threat of the Skrulls with the help of Vers (Brie Larson); watch it here..

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Captain Marvel is being directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck (Mississippi Grind) and sees Brie Larson (Kong: Skull Island) leading the cast as Carol Danvers alongside Samuel L. Jackson (The Avengers), Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Djimon Hounsou (Guardians of the Galaxy), Lee Pace (Guardians of the Galaxy), Lashana Lynch (Fast Girls), Gemma Chan (Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them), Algenis Perez Soto (Sambá), Rune Temte (Eddie The Eagle), McKenna Grace, Annette Bening (American Beauty), Ana Ayora (The Big Wedding), Vik Sahay (Chuck), Kenneth Mitchell (Star Trek: Discovery
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