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Season 2 and 3 are amazing ! Give it a chance
morganazenpet10 May 2018
Season 1 is more of an introduction and not as good . But season 2 and 3 are SO GOOD! It almost seems like it's a new show , the story is better, the acting is on point and the special effects are amazing . Give it a chance .
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It builds its own version.
fjustfer-393719 May 2018
The new season of Shadowhunters clearly makes a stable foundation of what makes its book counterpart so intriguing. I believe this is the time where it shines and subsumes itself to the character and environment of the book that all readers are familiar of. Season 3 is the stepping stone of what could become a long running show.

My advice, withhold all judgements on the first two seasons and be carried away of the new season.
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Now I'm hooked!
p_bubblegum20 February 2018
I finally got around to watching this series on Netflix after a long delay due to reading a few negative reviews but wanted to finally make my opinion.

Firstly I was interested in the story - I haven't read the books but was introduced to the Shadow Hunter world by the movie so I dont have much to comapre or judge, but it's the same story line I'm most interested in. (There will always be a divide between book and movie/tv versions of any narrative).

Yes I agree the first couple episodes seem a bit lacking but you can't hot a home run straight off the first bat. I kept watching and finding getting more and more drawn in & constantly hitting next episode. I was initially dissapointed there seemed to be only 2 seasons but so excited now it is still continuing because now I'm hooked!

Notes: I think more raw emotion coming from the actors/characters and little less cliche moments will benefit but all characters stories are smooth and not over complicated but detailed that it doesnt create plot holes. Perhaps more focus on the inner character developments so we can get really attached to indivudals backstory and their life choices.

But still I am hanging out for the next season and I recommend at least watching the whole first season before making a judgement call - if it aint your thing fine but dont rain on others parade.
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From guilty pleasure to shameless obsession!
basoirbans29 May 2018
The most important thing I want everyone to know is that it get's better. Much better. If you love the genre, I recommend you watch through the first season as the second season is better and the third season is totally awesome. There are many likeable actors/actresses. The acting is believable. The special effects get noticeably better by the season. I absolutely LOVE the story. This is my favorite genre and I'm glad I watched through the first season even though I wasn't to eager to finish it.
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Give it a go
mariashaukat-8035127 October 2017
This show is amazing. Yes it had a few problems in season one and it took a while for the actors, writers and production crew to adjust and find their rhythm like many shows but season two showed what this show is capable of. This show has everything you could ask for. It has entertainment and good characters as well as well as good rep for pretty much everyone and its just getting started.The first few eps of the show might not be to your taste but everything gets better as it goes along especially the acting, effects and writing and direction. So if you quit in season one then give it another chance and stick with it because season two and especially 2B is amazing and even the last few eps of season one are quite good. It really sets the tone for season two and for 2B to blow our socks off and now hopefully season three will too.
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Just get through S1
kayjordansibley1 May 2018
Get past S1 and its smooth sailing. I think it needed to find its legs and the actors needed to discover the characters more. And S2 doesn't disappoint. The cast and characters are diverse spaning across the spectrum in personality, ethnicity, and sexuality. Strong women who support each other, men who break free of the stereotypes of true masculinity, badass fight sequences (come S2)...its just good. Though it's a fantasy show, it deals with real world problems with care. The special effects and writing improve greatly in the second season. And this current third season just keeps getting better. Hoping for a season 4!!
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just give it a go.
alicialouba17 February 2016
Give this show a chance. Just do it. People are complaining that the first episode was crap. I hope people realize that for some of the cast this is their major big break. Besides, it gets so much better! I'm sick of all the reviews that were published right after the first episode was released and people are listening to it as they think that is for the entire show when it is not. So, do the people who actually have waited for this show since March and are actually enjoying it, and don't spread negative hate around social media and whatnot because I surely am not the only one to see the show expand and explore. Not saying everyone has to like it, but please don't brainwash other people into thinking it is bad when it's not. Feel free to disagree with me, I only made this account to post this review, ha ha.
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Don't let negative reviews persuade you
xxteamdamonsxx16 February 2016
Don't let the negative reviews on this show persuade you not to watch it. May of the people that have watched Shadowhunters and disliked it didn't do their research before the show came out. The directors and creators said many times you had to come to this show with an opened mind. The show is slightly different than the books because they creators wanted it to be fresh and for the book readers not to know everything that is going to happen. I'd recommend reading the first book before you watch the show to freshen your mind or while you watch the show because there are many things that you don't notice in the book that they bring up in the show. I's better for you to see what the show is about yourself then to see it through what others tell you. Stay opened minded, distance yourself from the books, and don't be quick to judge from the first episode, the show gets better after each episode.
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Don't give up. This is a great adaptation.
gustafsonlori17 January 2016
When I saw the previews I was nervous it would be like the deplorable movie. I am a huge fan of the series.It makes sense to keep it a series instead of trying to make movies of all the movies. I will be interested to see how they will follow the books. Will each season be a single book? Will they combine books. Either way, I'm excited to keep watching. The casting in the movie was horrible. Magnus was a joke. The casting for the series is spot on. I'm pretty picky when it comes to casting. I am disappointed with the institute as others have stated. I enjoyed Simon and Jace's humor. I find the use of the different weapons interesting and didn't think the effects were cheesy. Please please remember that it is very difficult to make an adaptation of a book into a movie or series. We were spoiled with Harry Potter and the Hunger Games. I'm definitely going to keep watching.
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Terrible Acting, Ruined an amazing book series!
krystaljain27 July 2020
Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Claire is an amazing book series and this web series has done a huge injustice to it. I was utterly disappointed on watching the episodes and couldn't get past a few. The acting is just terrible. There are no expressions on the cast's faces, the scenes look very disconnected, the way that the storyline is displayed is hugely disappointing.
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Delivery lacking
mr-michael-wood13 January 2016
After the wife and I saw the movie we were disappointed to find out they weren't going to make the next in the series for the big screen. Our woe was turned to hope when we learned that it would instead be turned into a TV series. Sadly the good news stopped there. The sets look good and the story seems to be staying loyal to the book (for the most part), but the major downfall is both the acting and the special effects. The acting seems like that of your average high school drama class, lines that need pauses between them are blurted out quickly and with sloppy delivery, even the body language is lacking in any real commitment. While some of the fight scenes look good for the most part the entire feel of the acting, fighting and effects can be easily summed up as power rangers. To touch quickly on the effects, while TV shows have much smaller budgets than feature length movies I feel some effects should have been left out in favour of old school tricks rather than cheap looking garbage. By far the worst part was seeing the Shadowhunters tech, mixing high tech gadgets with this magical world feels like Bilbo Baggins texting Gandalf for advice.

If even just the acting improves this show could really impress but for now it's underwhelming to frustrating
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Split Personality
tradairn26 July 2020
I'v been reading the reviews and I'm glad to know the show improves in Season 2, but I'm on Episode 8 of Season 1 and I'm not sure I can stick with it long enough to get there.

Clary is SOOOO annoying! Both she and Simon overact so badly it's like they walked on to the set by mistake; they belong in some cheesy sitcom. The rest of the cast at least give more restrained performances, but Clary and Simon are on the verge of hysteria the WHOLE TIME - it's exhausting to watch them.
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dhop-4468331 July 2018
There's bad acting, then there's Shadowhunters. There's not much more to say really
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I love this show! I have no idea what people are complaining about!
sparklekitty-0843316 February 2016
I really like this show! I honestly have no idea why people are complaining about how they picked the characters and that the show isn't following the book. They SAID they were going to add more twists and turns to make it better and more fun for the people who already read the books. I am currently reading city of lost souls and I think that the cast and the director and everybody else who puts in work for this show is doing an amazing job! I love the way they chose the cast for the series! I think everybody fits their roles perfectly! In the movie I had problems towards Jace's character since he looked nothing like I imagined while reading the books (besides the fact that his hair was blonde). The characters in the show really lend themselves to the characters in the book. But, the only problem I have is with Jace. He is a really good actor and I think he delivers his lines perfectly! But, where did all the arrogance go? I haven't seen that much arrogance in Jace throughout the show so I hope the script writers will try to incorporate more arrogance in his lines throughout the next couple of episodes/seasons. Besides that, I love the show! I love how even though I read the books I still don't know exactly what's going to happen! Thanks for making this show! Definitely an improvement from the movie!
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Great show
youngbloodmagan7 May 2018
Had me hooked from the beginning can't stop watching
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Very good!
draganamarjanovicc18 February 2016
I love it! Some of you are very harsh. The cast is doing a good job. They play their roles good.

And they're only 6 episodes give it a try and watch all the episodes maybe you'll like it more then. I see much resemblance with the movie "the mortal instruments:City of bones" and I like it I give that movie 8/10 I think that the TV show is better because of the characters and how much they're involved I didn't noticed the other characters in the movie it was all about the main characters.Im positive for this TV show . And its based on books that really cool it much often that a movie is based on a book and not a TV show so thumbs up for that to!
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Is this a parody?
dillizmampap26 October 2018
The acting is so bad that I'm starting to wonder if this is a parody. They are treating their viewers like elementary school kids. This reminds me of arrow, so bad.
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Just get past S1
kayjordansibley1 May 2018
I'll admit that the first season is lacking in comparison to what follows after it. The special effects and acting are bit cringe-worthy at times. But as the show heads into its S2 it is soooooo much better. It is better paced, better acted as I think the actors know their characters more and the writing really picks up. The cast has great diversity and the characters themselves are all over the spectrum in personality, ethnicity, and sexuality. Though a world of fantasy, it covers real world topics with care and attention. A great show. S3 gets better each episode and I hope there's a S4
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A New Shadow World Worth Exploring
Black2White13 April 2016
I've read almost all the books, but the story of Clary, Jace, Simon, Isabelle, Alec and Magnus... That one I know from start to finish. Can't say I appreciate the movie, but I've found this TV show to be quite interesting. Sure, it has deviated from the books, but I hardly know a TV show based on a book that hasn't. Even movies do it all the time. So I gave it a shot and I'm willing to follow it through. If I wanted to see the story of the books then I'd read the books. When I watch Shadowhunters is really to see what they're willing to do differently. And so far although it hasn't been great, it isn't poor either. I've found it to be a good show to follow. And until it becomes impossible to watch then I'll continue seeing it.

Also true that the cast is a little green and that shows quite well, especially in the scenes that would require more emotion more deep into it. But seeing most are newcomers I'm more than willing to let that slide.

All in all I believe if people go into this with a open mind and not expect to see what they read in the books they'll appreciate it for the value it has.
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People got paid for this?
christinef-55-97168016 January 2016
I loved the books, I somewhat enjoyed the movie. I'm not a purist so I'm not upset when TV Shows and Movies wander away from the original story lines. This may well introduce Cassandra Clare to a whole new audience, and I'm all for that.

What I cannot abide is the atrocious acting. It wasn't just bad, it was woeful, across the board. When we have been witness to some very high quality Television of late and it makes it all the more obvious when something falls far short of being even bearable. Sets, Costume, Camera...these were all well done. I enjoyed the look of it, so what a pity it had to be completely ruined by abysmal acting, shoddy editing and incompetent direction. Were I Cassandra Clare I'd be suing for the besmirching of my good name.

I'll hang in for the remaining episodes; I'll give it a go, if only for the Old Spice Guy. There are more directors listed, pilot episodes are notorious for being bad. Maybe things will get better when they find their feet. I guess we'll see.
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Cant Get Enough VERY Entertaining!
rawrr_sophie7 February 2016
i feel as though this show is getting to much hate most people comparing it the books or even the movie, the books are great yes. The TV show is different from the books and i think its great, there telling us the story again in a different way. i very much enjoy the differences i don't want a and exact copy of the books. i don't want it watch each episode and know exactly how the season will end what would be the point in watching it, they kept the main story and changed a few little things and they have done an excellent job people need to stop hating it deserves a higher rating then a 6 at least an 8 i just hope people stop hating in time for us to get a second season I think people need to stop comparing to the books and just look at is as an original TV show its great, and i can't wait for each week and i can't wait to see the rest of the season i hope it gets a second season !
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TV Series Is Redemption For The Awful Film
cb-5410028 August 2020
Shadowhunters is a Excellent TV show and it needed to be after the awful attempt of adapting the books into a movie franchise. The Character casting for the parts have been made by people who fully understand the characters from the book unlike the film (In the film isabelle, jace, clary, Simon all where played by the wrong characters, it was like whoever cast them had not read the books). The TV show is different, the characters do the books justice. Season 1 is a slow burner and the show comes into its own in the following seasons and like all good TV shows you develop a relationship with the characters (Only good TV shows allow that to happen). I don't want to say much more because I don't want to spoil it for anyone reading this. All I will say is give it a go, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy.
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It's addicting
bhabyk10 May 2019
The first season was totally rocky but, you will become addicted to the show! The love interests, magic and action will be a big relief from the modern, tech reliant shows we see now a days. Give it a chance.
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Just get throught season 1 and its gonna be great
mimikarasu15 May 2018
First I was confused coz the movie wasnt that interesting for me..if I should watch it but I gave a try. Just get thorugh the season 1 and its gonna be great!! Season 2 and season 3 are amazing. I think the show is underrated coz people gave up so fast in season 1 which is not countable a lot of TV series need their time to grow! I would deff cancel The 100 gave this show next seasons to go.
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Gradually improving, lots of potential. Overall enjoyable to watch.
edacheeky13 April 2016
Shadowhunters, although not amazing and award-worthy, is still relatively enjoyable to watch. There are many aspects of the TV show that need improvement, but that doesn't mean that there aren't things the show has nailed. I personally have not read TMI yet and I feel that people are comparing the book and TV series too scrutinously. I feel that having not read the books has helped me enjoy the show rather than be frustrated that the show isn't sticking to the books. Among the cons, the acting of certain characters is quite cringe-worthy although some are new to acting so we can't judge them on this. The script was also pretty cheesy, but then again it reflects the target audience. Let's just hope that'll improve later on. Apart from that, I think a lot of us can agree that the institute design was not that great, it was way too techy and didn't feel homely at all. The pros, on the other hand, include SIMON! Simon is amazing in all respects! Alec and Isabelle were great throughout. Jace's character improved towards the end of season 1 which is great. I didn't know how to feel about Magnus at first but currently, at the close of season 1, I'm liking his character which is very much like Jack Sparrow, as youtuber Christine Riccio pointed out. With regards to Clary, I love her relationship with Simon, apart from that I don't think she grew much until towards the end of season 1, like Jace. I'm hoping for more improvement regarding the characters in the upcoming season.

One thing I had minor issues with was an episode - and I can't remember which episode - where it was just really overly trying to be sexual. There were so many implied sexual scenes, undressing, kissing, etc. and it all happened in that one episode. They might as well have just named the episode "Everybody's having sex". I don't know I felt like that was all so forced and I felt slightly uncomfortable, like it was a little forced as if the producers/screenwriters/whoever were like "lets just put some sex in". Although I do understand that it did sort of serve the plot, I think it was a bit unnecessary considering the original target audience - I'm a little confused now, like who's the real target audience? I feel like different aspects of the TV show are reflecting different target audiences.

With regards to the plot, I felt as though some things were all over the place, aspects of the plot didn't advance until end of season 1 in a rush to cram things in. But I can understand why, because I mean, they had to keep the audience interested/satisfied enough throughout the series so that they could invest in a second season which will hopefully advance the plot much better.

Knowing that freeform has rights over TID as well as TMI, I'm excited to see the incorporation of both stories into Shadowhunters, or if not, I'm dearly hoping that they'll give TID its own separate TV show.

But yeah, regardless, the show had a slow start, but it is gradually improving, and it has potential to be great in season 2!

So overall there are things it needs to work on, but the show is still entertaining to watch. I'm excited for season 2 and hopefully many more seasons to come!
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