White Girl (2016) Poster


Morgan Saylor: Leah



  • Leah : Yo. I was wondering if you guys know where I can get some weed or anything?

    [Blue whistles] 

    Blue : You think we're some drug dealers or something man?

    Leah : Uh... no? I just thought you guys maybe know were the hook is...

    Blue : Nah, for real shorty... You can't be coming straight and ask strangers like that. Aright?

    Leah : Are you serious?

    Blue : Do I look serious?

    [Leah walks away, Blue lights up a joint] 

    Blue : Hey shorty!

    [Leah turns] 

    Blue : Don't do drugs, aright?

  • Blue : Hello.

    Leah : Hi.

    Blue : What's your name?

    Leah : Leah.

    Blue : I'm Blue.

    Leah : That's your real name?

    Blue : Maybe.

    Leah : Why do they call you that?

    Blue : 'Cause I'm always sad.


    Blue : Before I met you.

  • Blue : You feel this?


    Blue : I wanna marry you Leah.


    Blue : Will you marry me?


    Leah : Marry you?

    Blue : Will you?


    Leah : You're not serious.

    Blue : I'm dead fucking serious. Marry me.

    Leah : But... we are so young.

    Blue : Yeah, but something like this only happens once in a lifetime.

  • Blue : If I talked I could walk, but I ain't doing that shit.


    Blue : Fuck, I fuck up right when I met you.

    Leah : Blue I told you, we're gonna figure it out.


    Blue : Is that what you think shorty?


    Leah : I always figure it out.

  • Leah : [to Blue]  What kind of girl do you think I am?

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