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novaknika-8058011 May 2019
Two people meet in college, fall in love very fast and then for the rest of the movie you watch them making out. The "plot twist" isn't even a twist. The book(s) are incredibly gripping, I don't understand why they had to tone the plot down this much. The movie should have been 18+, it feels like it's 12-.
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Cringy. Worst love story ever.
jelliejune21 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I understand that I might not be the right audience for this film, it's more targeted towards twelve year olds that have never been in a relationship. But as someone who's going to be twenty-seven soon, this movie was so bad. So bad. So many things happen that don't make any sense!

Hardin is manipulative, Tessa's friends are the worst, her mom is just mental.

And please, kids, for the love of god: never open a condom with your teeth!
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I wasn't disappointed but I wasn't satisfied either
biancabbswart12 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
There were parts of this movie that were romantic and left everyone in the cinema feeling smitten. However, having read the books, I have a few bones to pick.

The beginning was quite rushed so their relationship was not developed well. One second they meet each other and the next they are already at the lake ... and anyone who has seen the movie or read the book knows what happens at the lake; it was all too fast for me to truly feel happy and excited that they are finally getting together.

The movie was oddly PG. Anyone who has read the books will know that the books are a lot more passionate. It is confusing as to why a story about college students is kept so PG when college students in general aren't PG. They adapted a very intimate and non-PG book into a PG movie, which many who read the book might be disappointed by, as I was.

This is an oddly specific bone to pick, but: I felt the placement of the scene where they argue in class over Elizabeth Bennet came too soon. They are in essence arguing about Tessa being interested in Hardin, but by then that didn't seem like an issue. Perhaps this scene would have made more sense being after the lake and restaurant scene where she does confront him about whether he is embarrassed to be seen with her. But, what is done is done.

Lastly, the movie did not portray the essence of the love-hate relationship in the book. Where was Hardin's jealousy and possessiveness? Where was Tessa's attitude towards Hardin? They tried to capture the complicated nature of Hardin's character when he tells the story of his drunken father and his mother whilst at his dad's wedding, but there was no development on this - I didn't see emphasis on the relationship issues he seemed to have in the book. Also, in the book I myself had a love-hate relationship with Hardin's character, but in the movie I simply just enjoyed looking at Hero Fiennes-Tiffin considering how good looking he is.

All in all, it was still an enjoyable movie and I could tell a lot of hard work went into it. The movie was beautiful to watch, especially the lake scene and the bathtub scene (which was an especially cute scene). I also have appreciation for the attention to consent and safe sex practices. Casting was done well; Josephine Langford (Tessa) and Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (Hardin) we're extremely well suited to their characters, but I feel they could have done more with their characters if they were given the opportunity.

The romantic scenes were cute and made me smile, but the movie lacked the deeper layer that the book has about how complicated people can be, and the message of learning to love someone despite their flaws as well as trying to be a better person for the one you love. Considering Ana Todd (the author of After) was on set all the time, I am confused as to why she allowed the movie to stray so far from the core messages of the book.

Small details of the book were included and did leave a smile on my face when they came up as they reminded me of the effect the book initially had on me, but the bigger-picture messages and themes of the book seemed missing.

Viewers who have not read the book may be confused by the fast pace, as I used a lot of my knowledge from the book to fill in gaps.

Reading the book does cloud my judgement, so I would like to emphasize that it was still a good movie which I plan to rewatch many times.

Should you watch this movie? Yes.

Do I want a sequel? Yes; I am hoping much of what was left out in this movie was because they plan to make a sequel, one which is more passionate and explores the complicated nature of Hardin and Tessa. The movie did not have the same effect on me as the book did, but I would still watch it again and tell others to watch it.
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Save your money for something worth!
bealexandra12 April 2019
I went to see this film with my hopes high since I have read the books multiple times and I absolutely loved them. Well, I got really disappointed. If you have read the books, you're going to be really disappointed as well. If you haven't, you will not understand the story, since the action is overall really quick, so you don't really understand the scenes or why they are even there. It is boring because 90% of the film nothing much different happens, most of the times is just music playing and Tessa and Hardin kissing and making out. The dialogues are weak, they barely even talk, and if they do, is just hi and how are you. Basically, the characters met and 5 seconds later are already declaring eternal love. No sense at all. The storyline is poor and doesn't respect the film at all. For me, the film killed the book. I feel like the characters didn't show much emotion. Hardin I just didn't feel the vibe. He is really superficial and his personality is just neutral.

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Awful. They owe the author an apology.
skeilat-rains16 April 2019
Clearly NO ONE involved in this movie read the books! The only thing they got right was the characters names! That's it. It was a completely different story than the book. There was absolutely no chemistry between the characters. I've seen more passion in a Hallmark movie. Seriously, don't waste your money or time.
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Cliché, boring, bad plot, predictable.
amaliegraaberg12 April 2019
We died laughing in the cinema, because it was so ridiculousy predictable and stupid. Don't spend your money or time. I am telling you, no!
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IMDb record for most fake reviews + done many times before = pass
TheTopDawgCritic14 April 2019
Decent directing, great soundtrack, but poor acting in a story done many times before. The long 106 min run time felt longer with the slow dragged out pacing. Then there's the IMDb record for the most 8-10/10 clearly fake reviews I've ever seen - wow. All have only reviewed this film. So obvious and sad. A big pass and very generous 4/10 from me.
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An ersatz of Rebel without a cause
FrenchEddieFelson19 April 2019
First things first, I clearly do not belong to the intended audience which is probably narrowed to female and romantic teens, between 11 and 17 years old. Possibly older, with a touch of nostalgia. Tessa, an ingenuous teen, leaves home, mum and high school in order to integrate university, her roommate inviting her to join an idle and carefree group. She meets there Hardin, a rebel without a cause (Nicholas Ray, 1956) but with a keen interest in literature, like herself. The continuation is relatively predictable and indubitably goofy. My own rating: 2/3 of 10. My rating while trying to belong to the intended audience, with a generous empathy boosted to the extreme: 4/5 of 10.
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wwwlouisalovesbunnies15 April 2019
So I´ve read the books. I found them very good despite being "teenage romance", because of the complexity of the characters (especially Hardin), the roller-coaster storyline and how you get so sucked into it and feel everything the characters feel. You can actually truly feel how Tessa and Hardin are soulmates.

The movie though... I totally get that they had to cram everything together and leave stuff out which most of the time when I have read a book and then watched the movie annoys me but still leaved me satisfied. But with this I was too dissapointed. They left out so much that the whole development of the story and their love just felt extremely unrealistic and strange so that it made all of the romantic scenes laughable and weird. I mostly rolled my eyes and cringed as well as most of the theatre did. As soon as Hardin started speaking, everyone in the room burst out laughing because of how monotone he sounded and how weird his lines were.

They left out so much of the character Hardin, his darkness and pain, the anger and the mood swings. On screen, all that tried to portray it was just him being a bit passive aggressive and cry sometimes. Be a bit moody but it was nowhere near what it could have been. This also made everything lose that deep passion that I think is the reason many people are captured by the books. Not many romantic books capture passion in that way and that´s what made it unique to me. When they left all of that out though, this just became a bland and boring cliché film.

Usually when I watch rom-coms or whatever, I am at least a tiny bit captivated by them or can at least feel some compassion with the characters but this movie didn´t move me or make me feel anything at all even for a second. Which is sad because when I read the books I cried several times.

The other thing that I think draws people in by the books is the sexual content. I heard this movie was gonna be the new "fifty shades of grey" but the attempt at this being sexual was the lamest I´ve ever seen. The sexual scenes were so not sexual it was weird that they were even there. And it´s a shame becasue I feel like the seuxality and the passion and darkness of Hardin was the whole core of this story and they left it all out and made it into just any other love story.

And don´t get me started on the soundtrack.... it was pathetic.

The one thing I liked was the visuals, they found great fitting characters, I loved the settings and I loved the modern but still retro feeling to it. It was pretty much perfect. But perhaps such a complex story as After can´t be made into a 1,5 hour film without failure. It´s too bad though, it could´ve been great.
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an absolute NIGHTMARE
sofb15 April 2019
Poor acting. The relationships were shallow and underdeveloped. The film overall was really really bad, to the point that I almost went out of the theater.
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Bad movie
nmaureb13 April 2019
This was a bad movie, It's a really empty movie, nothing happened! the character didn't have any chemistry, no dialog, this was a waste of time and money, my life deserves better. i almost stab my eyes with a fork. i prefer to see my eyes bleeding than to see this empty movie.
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Crissulinaa908 May 2019
I've been waiting the movie for almost 3 years, since i ve read the books. It was very disapointing for me. When i ve got home, i ve started to read again the books and it was a huge diference between them. If you want to make a movie after a book, dont ruin the story, dont skip important detailes, because for the readers is very frustrating!
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146 Minutes of my Life were wasted
lakeeffectbird13 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Imagine hitting your head against a wall for two hours. That would probably be better than seeing this movie. Everything about it was cliche; the characters, the plot, everything. The plot felt like your average teen/young adult drama but worse. The "tension", if it could be called that at the end of the movie with the two main characters breaking up was pointless when the got back together. I mean, even the characters themselves were just cookie cutter characters that you'd see in every teen drama. Tessa, the stereotypical "I'm-not-like-the-other-girls" girl, who's doing her best in school until she meets the bad boy with a dark past, Hardin, who's edgy but likes literature and has a soft spot deep in him. Landon and Tessa's roommate being the stereotypical token charatacters to appeal to anyone and always give Tessa "good advice." The only times I really got laughs out of the movie where in spots I definitely don't think I was supposed to be laughing. I get this was originally fanfiction, but wow. Wow. Yikes.
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Just Another Teen Movie
CinephileForCinema13 April 2019
This movie is your typical good girl meets bad boy romance, so as for plot twists, can't say there were many. The acting was average at best, but it wasn't like the characters were exactly the most complex to portray, so I suppose the actors did their job. In addition, the characters either fit complete stereotypes or simply did not have any personalities at all. Side note: I refuse to applaud Anna Todd for making the movie "diverse". She made Tristan a girl, which would have been interesting had Pia Mia been on the screen for more than 4 minutes. Anyone else getting the same queerbaiting vibes as Riverdale? And representing the African American community with Landon wouldn't have been a problem had he had more duties than being the typical 'black best friend's stereotype.The biggest thieves of the screens were the two main characters, Tessa and Hardin. The movie focused much more on the romance between them rather than them as individual people with separate stories and personalities. For a movie that bragged about encouraging empowerment, they sure made Tessa seem dependent on Hardin and hinted at her being irrelevant without Hardin. I mean, a lot of romance movies are guilty of this, but still, it makes for some pretty unrelatable and boring characters, especially the female lead. Another side note: Josephine Langford is an okay actress, however the producers should have told her that her Australian accent came through way too much and asked her to do the scene again. The editing was a bit odd, including a lot of shots of characters just staring at each other and extreme close ups of body parts and objects. Jenny Gage was way too dependent on montages to save this film. In terms of plot, some of the character motives were lost in the fast-paced nature of the film. Believe me, it was incredibly too fast. This is something that happens a lot in book to film adaptations, since it is very difficult to cram what would be a 10 hour reading session in a 2 hour movie, but still, they could have tried a bit harder. Instead of trying to stuff a film with new scenes that have zero relevance, this movie should have at least tried to include scenes from the book that may have been a waste of time as well but at least they weren't brought out of thin air. This movie was, well, forgettable. Beyond average and disappointing. Overall, it just blends in with the rest of the teen romance genre, if anything being a flop to others in that category.
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Would rather drink garbage water
laurakoontz14 April 2019
I would be more entertained eating a can of paint. This movie is a cliche teen romance drama. The plot is trash and it is extremely rushed and once the climax hit nothing happened. There was barely a build up and then it just farted in your face. The acting was so dry and was worse than the acting in a porno. The characters are terribly written. The main character Tessa is the worse version of the cliche "sheltered virgin girl" yet and Harden is a craptastic bad boy like holy crap. If you want to watch this movie I would suggest you watch 50 shades instead because at least 50 shades is graphic enough to distract you from the garbage plot. But if you want a good laugh I would watch this movie because it is so bad it's funny.
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Boring af
anaaafonso13 April 2019
Well I wasn't expecting too much about this movie but I never thought it was this bad, omg it was so creepy to watch mainly their first time!!! What the hell was that? "are you ready?" and open the condom with the teeth and how can you put a freaking condom with one hand???

Before you even start with the excuse "you didn't read the books" YES I read the books and there was essential parts that it should be in the movie, like Hardin forcing Tessa telling Noah that she was with him during the night, or the REAL MOTIVE of the bet, or Landon's and Tessa's friendship AND the most important thing Tessa's thing with Zed!!!! But no, instead you only focus on Tessa and Hardin kissing all movie, constantly looks for each other, her sighs...

The movie itself wasn't worth it to watch because it all happened so fast most of the scenes didn't happened in the books... gosh I'm going to try to forget that this movie ever happened.
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12 years olds shouldn't be allowed to rate movies.
rachelluma24 June 2019
It's obvious that the people giving this abomination of a movie 10 stars are under the age of 15. This monstrosity was an adaptation of an apparently "best-selling novel" that was a rip off of a One Direction fanfiction. The main male character, who is a 12 year old's wet dream of Harry Styles, is an abusive and manipulative brute. Seriously kids, just go read your 1D fanfics. This movie and novels should have never been made.
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90's vibe!!
nataliastrang12 April 2019
I may be bias because I read and loved the books but it was a great movie. Just like any indie movie just starting out, it has its flaws. I felt because I read the book I noticed how rushed it was and all the changes but it wasnt that bad. The chemistry is amazing, the actors were great and it brought me back to when I watched you drive me crazy, shes all that and cruel intentions. Definitely gave me that throwback vibe and cult classic.
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Worse than Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey
i1goddess27 June 2019
I cringed everytime i watched Hardin and Tessa and their lines got me on my nerves so much. They take minutes to start talking and when they do it, they dont say anything relavant or logic and it sounds wrong. They do act like children or even worse. Hardin is a wannabe trying to be creep, stalker, he's a baby boy, like grow up dude. The only issue with him happened when he was 8 years old like along time. Everyone has their traumatic experiences or stories. He's not even a victim of verbal or physical abuse from his family and he acts like his life is the worst... He isn't even seen like a dangerous bad boy how the book portray him. Bad boys are strong, not a whiny baby... He's just an immature jerk and she is a disloyal girlfriend. I don't even understand how her boyfriend wasn't mad at her for betrayal. for accepting to be cheated on. I guess he was really tired of her. That or he had a girlfriend secretly too. There is much i would say but i'm not even bothering my time. This movie sucks ass , bad message.
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One word: beautiful
klaudiazareba11 April 2019
I personally loved this movie. It's beautifully shot and the actors have an amazing chemistry. I read the books back in 2014 and the author herself said that the movie is going to be different since you can't really fit a 400 pages book in 100 minutes. The changes that they made were necessary in my opinion and I prefer the "softer" Hardin from the movie. The movie has a great message and shouldn't be getting so much hate just because it's not exactly like the books. 10/10 from me. Hoping for a second one! People should watch it with an open mind.
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Give it a try
itsmequeens11 April 2019
If you love high school romances with full of drama and love then you should watch After. I really loved the books but I didn't like the Hardin of the books instead I fell in love with the Hardin of the movie . Great cast with new faces , something fresh and romantic to see . It really reminds you your first love and I really hope for the sequels
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An intense college romance with passion
ronakkotecha11 April 2019
After is the kind of film that could have gone horribly wrong. Well, it had all the ingredients - good girl, bad girls, brooding mysterious college hottie, wannabe college teens sporting nose piercings & tattoos, dysfunctional families & broken marriages..the list will go on. But what trumps all of this the heavyduty emotional texture of the film. The intense romance that develops between Tessa and Hardin in a conventional yet very mystical way. There are not many twists and the narrative is simple. However, it hoodwinks you into feeling that something really uncanny will happen - whether or not it does, is for you to find out. Makeout scenes are aplenty but none OTT. They are aesthetic and complimentary to the storytelling. Director Jenny Gage handles that well with his young, good looking actors keeping their next-door image intact. Audience will relate with their characters and root for both of them. Pace is slow but consistent with moments that will stay with you. Overall, AFTER is the kind of college romance everyone hopes for - it's got love, lust and heartbreak in equal measure!
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Loved it
ditte-h-5276711 April 2019
I think the movie captured the essence of the book. It's quite impossible to make it 100% true to the book. I liked the adaptions, they made sense considering the length of the movie. The cemestry between Hero and Josephine is amazing, they did a wonderful job. Hardin is a bit softer than in the book, but I don't mind that at all because it's perfect for the movie. Some things happens really fast, but again an adaption I can live with because it works for the movie. The ending is so sweet and beautiful and I hope for more After movies. Overall love the books love the movie I'm a happy Afternator.
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Loved it!!!
aandrea-7503811 April 2019
I think the movie captures the essence of the book beautifully. It's an adaptation so the changes were necessary, the end result came together perfectly.
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My love GREW!
laurenguillory-9096312 April 2019
I loved the movie. Reading the books and being so in love with them I was SO excited for this movie. If you're a true fan of the book then you should seriously just be glad you even have actual characters played out in front of you! You could tell the story was there! There is still so much see and witness from the book and these actors. There is SO much more of the story we love to be told. The books as Tessa & Hardin were written in 2014.. to make it adapt to 2019 there were changes. GOOD changes. And adaptation of the book isn't making it exactly like the book itself, it's taking bits and pieces (important) pieces and making it into its own! I love the curve they took with the film & I would give anything for them to be able to make sequels! What does it hurt anyone to be supportive of something others are passionate about!? I'm proud & in love with this film! I'm angry about people just not being supportive!
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