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MPAA : Rated R for violent disturbing images, language, drug content and brief sexual material

Sex & Nudity

  • In one scene, it's implied that a man is receiving oral sex from a woman (nothing shown, only their voices are heard).

Violence & Gore

  • In two separate scenes, graphic details are recounted a massacre of a family by a surviving witness
  • 3 decapitated heads are shown in one scene
  • 2 decapitated heads are shown in another scene
  • 2 hung bodies are shown in another scene
  • After lots of gunfire, a drug lord is flushed out of a building and subsequently slapped, punched, and kicked amid lots of yelling
  • A casualty of a shootout lies on a sidewalk next to a trail of blood
  • A man is seen lying face down dead on the side of a road


  • Much of this film is in Spanish with English subtitles but no attempt is made here to distinguish between profanity in English subtitles (with profanity heard in Spanish) and profanity heard in English.
  • 6 instances of sh*t
  • 29 instances of f*ck or derivatives (m*f*er, etc.)
  • 4 instances of bullsh*t
  • 1 instance of d*mn
  • 2 instance of ass
  • 5 instances of son of a b*tch
  • 1 instance of f*ggot
  • 1 instance of hell
  • 3 instances of bastard
  • 3 instances of balls

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • In a film about the illegal drug trade, expect a lot of references to illegal drugs:
  • a few scenes show illegal drugs being made
  • we see several large containers of drugs seized by townspeople from a deposed drug lord

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • a tense confrontation escalates between some soldiers and townspeople but is diffused before it gets violent vigilantes capture a member of a drug cartel and decide to interrogate and kill him rather than turn him over to the authorities who would eventually release him
  • A little girl becomes hysterical when she realizes her father is being brought in for questioning by vigilantes
  • a man threatens to cut off another man's fingers
  • men are heard hollering off-screen as they are being tased in a makeshift interrogation room

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