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Despite the formulaic setup, People, Places and Things benefits from first-rate writing and stellar performances.
With a dry and witty tone, it’s an amicable and appealing piece on love, both the romantic and family kind, and the ways in which it can change, evolve, and grow.
A superb, comically gifted cast helps writer-director Jim Strouse lift this quite a few cuts above his previous work as well as above the general run of films about modern life and relationships.
This is boilerplate rom-com fare with few plot surprises. But thanks to witty dialogue, strong performances and sure-handed direction, the movie’s also smart, hilarious and an absolute delight.
Filled with arch wit, the film is sweet and sorrowful at the same time. Like many indies, it lacks much of a conclusion, though writer-director James C. Strouse shows that simple ideas, ably executed, can make an endearing film.
Strouse’s film is about the changes that occur in all relationships and about letting go when it’s time. It will probably not change your worldview about any people, places or things, but it’s a pleasant way to spend a couple hours.
The Guardian
Clement’s unique comic timing and his character’s wonderful artwork add to this film, whose aim is to communicate how relationships work, rather than to create fake movie magic.
For a film with one eye on messy, real emotions, People, Places, Things undercuts itself with goofy humor.
Slant Magazine
The film introduces a promising romantic pentagon, only to let it float away unfulfilled into studiously benign coming-of-age clouds.
People Places Things, though reportedly also based on Strouse’s own experience, plays like a mediocre, bloated sitcom episode — never novel or insightful, and only moderately funny.

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