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5 Jan. 2018
Nathaniel Needs My Help!
Rebecca wonders if history is repeating itself as Darryl embraces a newfound superpower and Paula schemes again, this time for good.
12 Jan. 2018
Nathaniel Gets the Message!
Rebecca discovers the powers and limitations of altruism as a new, unexpected bromance forms between two other characters. Special episode featuring the 100th song milestone of the series.
26 Jan. 2018
Oh Nathaniel, It's On!
Rebecca navigates major changes in her professional life and Heather gets a new opportunity.
2 Feb. 2018
Nathaniel and I Are Just Friends!
Rebecca and Nathaniel starts having an affair while Nathaniel continues getting serious with Mona. Paula hires Sunil for helping out with the work and the other employees but he realizes Paula is the 'Office Bitch'.
9 Feb. 2018
By avoiding him, Rebecca has decided to stop having any sort of personal relationship with Nathaniel, she funneling her energies into being a stereotypical lonely old lady. Her alone time is short-lived when unexpectedly Trent reenters her life, he using whatever means at his disposal to become her boyfriend. He has to resort to blackmail, he still having such ammunition on her beyond the information contained in the envelope he gave to Josh before what was supposed to be Josh and Rebecca's wedding. Despite believing that she had truly turned a corner into normalcy, ...
16 Feb. 2018
Nathaniel is Irrelevant.
Heather and Darryl are preparing for the baby's delivery, each who approach the imminent big day in divergent and incompatible directions. In light of Rebecca unofficially breaking up with him, Nathaniel has decided to enter into a committed relationship with Mona, they moving into the next step of cohabitation, which they plan to announce to their friends - which will not include Rebecca - at a formal soirée. Both these items have the potential to be overshadowed by the fact that Rebecca has not been sleeping due to recurring nightmares of Trent still stalking her. ...
12 Oct. 2018
I Want to Be Here
Rebecca confronts the consequences of her guilty plea while an angry Nathaniel seeks solace in a retreat and Josh searches for answers.
19 Oct. 2018
I Am Ashamed
News of what Rebecca did, not only to Trent but to others as divulged in that courtroom testimony among other venues, has gone viral, she being coined the rooftop killer who, stated on various Internet sites, should remain locked up for all her bad deeds. As such, Rebecca, who has been trolling the comments section of such sites, feels that she can no longer face the world and has become agoraphobic, unable or unwilling to leave her house, even for things that she would normally go out of her way to do for fun. The fact that Rebecca's house was once the site of a ...
26 Oct. 2018
I'm on My Own Path
Rebecca's return officially to working as a lawyer at what is the recently renamed law firm of Mountaintop is pending the bar association's review following her incarceration. She plans to work there regardless while the review is underway, which is happy news especially for Paula as the firm's most important client, Wendy Legrand, has been up in arms over the quality of the legal service provided to her by the firm in Rebecca's absence. Nathaniel, however, has taken to a new tact in terms of dealing with seeing Rebecca again on a day in and day out basis at the ...
2 Nov. 2018
I'm Making Up for Lost Time
Even though she sent him a thirteenth birthday present in part to make amends for how badly she's previously treated him, Rebecca is surprised to find her half-brother Tucker Bunch from Santa Fe on her doorstep, Rebecca having missed his mother's telephone call saying that he would be visiting on his own. What Rebecca is unaware of in taking Tucker in is that his mother did not tell her he was coming since she doesn't know - he supposed to be visiting Silas - in Tucker having a specific agenda for coming to Southern California. Using something he found hidden at his ...
9 Nov. 2018
I'm So Happy for You
Now that Rebecca's life seems to be on track, she is dealt a blow when both Heather and Valencia, one half of her girl group, tell her that they are moving away, Heather and Hector who have bought a condo in El Segundo, and Valencia and Beth who have been offered jobs with one of the major event planning firms in New York City. Although Rebecca is sad about the news, her sadness doesn't stem specifically from the thought of missing her friends but rather something else about their lives. Rebecca takes specific action in adding to her group of friends with people she ...
16 Nov. 2018
I See You
Three mismatched pairs end up going on three different road trips throughout various sections of the metropolitan Los Angeles area. Tired of self-reflection from "this" therapy or "that" therapy, Rebecca just wants a chill hang day with some friends at a barbecue joint in Irvine. The only person available is Darryl, who is by far the least chill hang person she knows, he who always wants to delve deeper into feelings, which is not what Rebecca needs today. The reason that Paula isn't available is that she has to study for exams. But before she can do that, at least in...
30 Nov. 2018
I Will Help You
Staying with Valencia and Beth, Rebecca heads back to New York as her mother is receiving an honor from a Jewish charity group, Naomi who seems to be most proud that she has convinced her longtime friend, Elayne Boosler, to make the presentation at the banquet. In Rebecca's vow to be honest to a fault - which includes posting a detailed history of her bad deeds on her online dating profile - she plans to tell Naomi everything about her recent life, including the jail term and almost killing Trent, all in an effort to have a healthier relationship with her. While some of this ...
7 Dec. 2018
I'm Not the Person I Used to Be
Greg returns to West Covina; Rebecca questions things she thought she knew. Valencia and Josh attend their high school reunion.

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