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Best not go into this one with the attention span of a gnat
shadow_runner-5921217 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I saw A LOT of reviews dissing this movie before I decided to give it a try based on the few reviews that claimed it was actually a decent flick if you're willing to think a little when you watch it.

Thankfully they were right, although I wouldn't pay much for this as its basically a youtube short that's been stretched out to movie length. But a decent youtube short nonetheless.

Short Version: Don't watch this for the Movie cover, see the Trailer first and make sure you're actually into it before watching.

Long Version: First off a lot of people giving this movie terrible reviews were duped into watching because of a VERY misleading promotional cover that has nothing to do with what the film is about. Everyone else either couldn't figure out the reasoning for the lone astronaut's actions when applying their own enlightened "common sense" (seriously?), had no patience for even finishing the film or not being spoon fed the story or genuinely did not like the film despite "getting it" which I can understand completely as it's not a movie for everyone.

I'll begin to spoil much of this now to clear up a few things. First off, He's the Alien. He lands on earth. It's his planet's fault that World War 3 occurs there due to the machine they sent into Earths orbit to allow instantaneous travel between the two. His frequent need to use a nasal breathing device implies there is something wrong with the air quality that only allows the astronaut to breathe for short lengths of time before he needs to inhale his own supply of either oxygen or something else (keep in mind He's not from Earth).

I see the robot designs getting a little flak for being so boring and while that is true they are also pretty realistic; This really is as advanced as we would be in real life within the next decade or two. (We're a loooong way from ever building terminators kiddies and even longer from mass producing them on the cheap). The reason the machines on the earths surface are hostile is likely due to everyone having gone underground which at that point it can be presumed anyone left on the surface is an invading enemy force. It could also just be the default setting for these machines if they receive no commands from a human operator for a time (As hinted at in the bunker surveillance room). Dead man's switch?

Ending's not too hard to figure out early on but its always interesting to see just what the film is going to portray to lead us to that conclusion. I've enjoyed plenty of other youtube shorts, tales from the dark side, outer limits and early twilight zone episodes so I can appreciate this kind of movie. It's just a shame that people will rip on this so easily while a short about a robot dog and some kid in motocross can skate by with a 7.5.
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A decent story for a twilight zone episode, not for a full length movie.
amopescari-665-90901510 January 2017
Don't expect rock-em sock-em action from this robot movie. This is not the worst sci-fi flick I've ever seen. The premise is great, it just isn't enough to fill 82 minutes. This would have made a great Outer Limits, or Twilight Zone episode. Though the budget was obviously pretty low, they did a fairly good job with what they had. The space scenes looked pretty good. The CGI robots were pretty bad, but again, I've seen worse. Aside from a home movie reel of people having a barbecue, the only person you see throughout the entire movie, is the protagonist. Well, him and a dream baby, for no apparent reason. Ian Rowe's performance was pretty good, but he didn't have many lines to deliver either. Maybe four or five total throughout the whole movie. Overall, the movie is a bit boring. There were some robot fight scenes, here and there, but even those were lackluster, and, well... robotic. I'm a die hard sci-fi fan, so I kind of enjoyed it, but if you don't REALLY like science fiction, I'd avoid it. If they had more money to sharpen up the graphics, and if it were fleshed out a bit more, it could have been a really great movie. If you do watch it, expect a slow paced, not terribly made, low budget movie.
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Dog Robot saves man
nogodnomasters13 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Captain (Ian Rowe) is going to a Goldilocks planet 20 light years away which he called 581, most likely the one that circles around the star Gliese 581. A transporter was first sent there as this is going to be some type of wormhole thing. Captain gets there, but his ship crashes into a planet that looks like an area outside of Devon, England. Now Gliese is a red dwarf and its Goldilocks planet in question always faces the sun creating a habitable band in a twilight zone. That was not this planet. The early stages of the film looked promising with a padded room spaceship and neat looking screen effects...then he landed as we watched one guy stroll through the woods with a mechanical dog.

PLOT SPOILER: Captain encounters a drone battle going on with no life forms. It isn't hard to figure out what happened, even before he picks up an empty bottle of Jack Daniels. Yes there is even a slight twist on top of what is Captain Obvious. I liked the film better when it had simians in it.

Guide: 1 F-word. No sex or nudity. Being re-titled: "Reconnoiter" I am not sure how that DVD cover fits into the film.
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Surprisingly excellent
ant-817-2828958 May 2016
If like me you spend more time paging through streaming services looking for something decent to watch than actually watching movies, then you probably have a similar process of compiling a shortlist of movies that don't have stupid titles, don't have stupid covers, aren't made by a certain science fiction channel, and don't have a blurb featuring the words "zombie" or "found footage". I then run my list past IMDb's and other aggregators' reviews to arrive at the Least Worst Film.

And thus it was with "Robot World", which nearly didn't make the cut because it doesn't feature at all on most review sites, and has a different name on IMDb ("Reconnoiter"), all of which are usually very bad signs indeed.

But on this particular evening the competition was unusually dire, so I decided to go for it, and boy was I glad I did!

This film has a tiny crew, no doubt a tiny budget, and practically no cast at all. Yet it delivers a tight, well-plotted, well-paced story with considerable aplomb, and surprisingly decent visual effects to boot. At times it reminded me of Moon, Sunshine, or Extant, and is heavily influenced by 2001 and Battlestar Galactica. Maybe a hint of Blake's 7 (upholstery, mainly).

This exceedingly fine British film is 1000 times better than most of the dross out there that has 1000 times the budget, and I hope that Rendered Pictures go from strength to strength. It is so refreshing to be *pleasantly* surprised by on online movie these days.

Do yourself a favour and watch it, then find their website and read the production blog, and marvel at how such a film came to be!
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A slow-witted, family-made UK film.
midge563 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Clearly, the cast & crew are all related. Definitely not a very bright bunch. The rave reviews are likely from their family as well.

When the movie began it was clear there was a serious lacking of IQ & common sense behind the writing & acting. It was like sending Farmer John into space alone without any training or common sense.

There is also very little dialog since there is only one actor. If there is something dumb which can be done, you can bet he will do it.

They send one lone astronaut into space when the ship is clearly built for multiple crew. Sleeps through arrival, then sits staring, stupefied (does this a lot) doing nothing until ship cannot recover. Does everything as slow as he can.

Abandons ship. Continues to breathe oxygen supply without checking planet air quality until supply was nearly gone. Clearly an earth type planet but claims to only have 5 days of water & food then promptly lays down the open water container & spills all of it. Upon finding more water & treating it, he sloppily spills down his front while drinking wastefully.

Then claims on his radio report the planet is barren with no intelligence as expected (without bothering to check the planet). What was that orbiting craft they sent doing? It should have provided an orbital overview of the planet.

Then the fool waves to something moving without first finding out who or what it was. Talk about an idiot. Farmer John wouldn't survive a night at Disneyland.

He doesn't bother to find out why his communications don't work. Puts his bag of supplies on a robot dog & nearly loses it several times. No concept of protecting his supplies. Totally ignorant in everything he does. Carelessly tosses his gear. He even beats up on a mummified body. I wouldn't trust this guy to mow my lawn.

The best part is the robot dog & the reason behind the planets condition. Duh! What did they expect when they sent that orbiter to another planet without asking? This family-made film was like having the Beverly Hillbillies write, direct & act in a film. Except slow-witted Scottish farmer style.

Very slow moving, & drawn out with very little dialog.

The concept was good. But in the wrong hands. Watchable if you have time to burn and a lot of patience.
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Solid Movie, Could Have Used More!
cromaticdesign10 January 2017
I loved this movie. Judging by the artwork I expected a dumb movie that I could just have a have a drink, watch, criticize and and go to bed. I was pleasantly surprised by the believable graphics, (most sci-fi films over due it and it ends up looking plastic and fake) the amazing plot and eeriness of it. I value authenticity in sci-fi films and this film has it all. Definitely a thinking mans's movie. The only thing I would criticize is the artwork, (they were clearly trying to sell it as something other than what it was and that alone is the closest I come to understanding why it has such low ratings) and lastly the ending could have been a little more complete.
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Too slow of a pace, but some really cool robot effects
ulisses_phoenix8 May 2020
It was very apparent that this film had almost no budget. Only one astronaut for critical mission? I guess that saves a few bucks in actor salaries. But the real downfall for this film was the mismatched tone of the score and cinematography to what was actually happening to the character/story. There were many places where the character was experiencing one emotion, yet the score set the exact opposite mood. The same with the cinematography. (Jump cuts when character is experiencing long bouts tedium?)

Another problem was the unrealistic dialogue. For example, at one point the main character is suppose to give a report back to mission control, but he sounds more like an eighth grader than a highly trained professional.

The robotic special effects were great though. It appeared that they used actual robots (not CGI) for the majority of the robots in the film, and they were able to convey some personality for the robots. Also, the acting by the main character was well done, even though he had very few lines of poor dialogue.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this film unless you really like robot movies and don't mind exercising your suspension-of-disbelief muscles.

Triggers: violence - guns, lasers, bombs, war; graphic depiction of cadavers.
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Not much going on here at all
professorjeffreypbrown4 September 2016
I was intrigued by the picture used on Amazon to promote the movie, and the description sounded like it would be at least fairly interesting. Not even close. Worst of all, I paid $3.00 for it. Free would have been bad enough.

We see these Acme Corp robots just a few times (looking NOTHING like the high tech robot used to promote the film), but there's little insight into why they're going about killing everything in sight. To protect the few survivors of the holocaust? But by the looks of it, the robots would kill them too. Who knows? And maybe the details were there somewhere, but I got so bored with such a slow paced, unproductive story line, if you can call it that, I kept skipping ahead.

There's a few revelatory moments, but the majority of the film is just very long, drawn out moments, one to the next, over and over again. Here's a suggestion, if you want torture, try the less time consuming variety, like maybe a good punch to the face as a superior alternative to this movie.
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junk-monkey15 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers

A well-meaning but VERY slow paced piece of SF which falls to bits about the half way mark by not playing fair: Half way through the movie the downed astronaut discovers a container "covered in alien writing" - it's a Jack Daniels bottle! DAH DAH DAH!!!!! The alien planet was Earth all along! (as if we hadn't seen that coming). The old 'it was earth all along' gag not in itself a show-stopper, a lot of films, books, comics have used that trick over the years and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. What makes it not work here and makes the watcher (well me at least) give up on the movie is the fact that in the opening sequence of the film the astronaut is surrounded by screens full of warnings and alerts - all in English. Come on! And it's not as if the film makers gave us a lot to distract us from joining those two dots either so it really sticks out.

Having said that I did watch it to the end. Some of the SFX were pretty good for the budget but there just wasn't enough material here for a feature. Even a (very long) 67 minute one. This was a 20 minute short stretched way beyond any credible limit.
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Worth seeing and artsy.
itsme027827 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
As an actor, in mostly indie movies myself, I can appreciate this. Making movies isn't easy. Let alone completing one. I actually really enjoyed this. Early on it had almost a 2001 A Space Odyssey feel to it. The robots were great. The directing was good, good acting (tho not much dialogue). And they had a nice camera. It looked good. I found it interesting almost everyone in the credits were "Rowe". I have to say tho, I did not like the ending.
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Another Fine Example
wwgt11 March 2017
Another great example that well done science fiction does not require dozens of idiotic CGI fight scenes , dizzying sequence after dizzy sequence. How ever much they made this movie for was well spent money. All it takes is a little imagination and not have a need to see karate chop moves on speed or ridiculous romantic side stories juxtaposed against a backdrop of over played and under thought fight scenes. This movie did not need a slutty looking girl dolled up to the max to keep you watching. Well done, Very enjoyable.
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Excellent for what it is
skgfinds12 June 2018
A lot of people seem to trash this movie. Well let me just say they have no idea how to rate a film. Considering this is a very low budget film it was very well done. Yes there's a lack of dialogue. Duh that's how it was designed. The cinematography was outstanding. Effects were well done to the budget. Acting was good. Remember that Tom hanks did a film with little dialog and it was a Oscar nominated film. The story and show running, imo, were excellent. Only one thing could make this better. Remake with someone like Ridley Scott behind it. With a large budget and some add ons to the script this could be a award winning movie. Great job. Make More Movies
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So boring
telia_teh_poit3 June 2016
The basic idea of the movie is an interesting one but everything else is terrible. There's a huge lack of dialogue/monologue and I might have been OK with that if it wasn't for the annoying cinematography and boring story. Most of the movie is shaky as if it was shot by a cell phone in the hands of someone with multiple sclerosis.

The premise is interesting except they give away the 'big secret' halfway through. The one and only human character is really slow with figuring things out, leaving viewers to sit through the rest of it wishing they could smack him.

If you have young children who don't want to go to sleep at night, this might do the trick.
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Interesting but with some serious flaws
garcianc200316 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
My 4/10 score is perhaps inflated, due to my very low expectations going into watching this movie. With a title like "Robot World" and the goofy poster, I wasn't expecting anything more than a B movie to entertain me on a lazy Sunday. Setting the bar that low, the movie delivered better than expected; just not 1,000 times better.

First of all, there is only one human character in the entire plot of the movie if we don't count the radio voice and the found film. And, yes, there is a bit of "found footage" that too conveniently moves the story forward by leaps and bounds just about when the viewer is beginning to get restless.

The fact that the pilot seems to know how to operate the projector, but not the handgun during the found footage scene was one of many goofs throughout the film. For example, how is it that the two worlds have identical cultural customs for grooming, clothing, use of tools, interfaces, etc? How come none of the robots came to investigate the crash site? At one point, the pilot was walking over what was obviously a path then appeared shocked at finding evidence of intelligent life. Parachutes, combustion/fire, gravity, etc. all work too conveniently as expected and Earth-like for not ever having set foot on this planet before.

The premise of the story is the most interesting part, but so much more could have been done with it - I am sure, based on the resources evident on screen that there were budget limitations. The pace and some of the shots seem to attempt to pay homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, these are vague similarities. The story also seemed to have a Philip K Dick tone - which is more to say that it felt like a short story stretched into a movie with an attempt at a social/moral message.

Once I was committed to watching the film and started getting into the story, I kept praying that the story would not fall into the "all aliens speak English" category. It came dangerously close, but I credit the movie for twisting the premise around. There is one shot of a newspaper that is shown in a strange language and switches to English when the camera pans across it that is the only tell-tale indication that what the pilot sees and what we see is not in the same language. We learn later that the unfamiliar one was the pilot. This was reminiscent to The Hunt for Red October when Captain Ramius was speaking in Russian and switched to English mid-sentence as a device to allow the viewers to follow the story. Except that in the case of Reconnoiter, the device served as a plot device that some viewers might consider a cheap shot. Unfortunately, once the viewer catches on, the movie turns into a one trick pony and there is not enough plot left to carry it to the end.

The conclusion of the story and the ending of the film were extremely disappointing. Are we to believe that the arrival of the machine and the pilot triggered a religious war that ended up in the extermination of all humanity? Yet, that humanity capable of such high level of automation could not simply send a probe to check out the machine and make contact on their own? Without a better and more satisfying third act, the viewer just feels left hanging.
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I really wanted to like this...
elementaladventure22 February 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this movie, but it was a jumbled mess.

The high reviews are clearly from someone who worked on this thing, because this movie falls flat in so many ways.

I love smaller independent films, but the script, story, etc, are all lacking, some to the point where it's jut plain stupid.

Spoiler alert: Read no more if you don't want to ruin the already bad movie.

The first half hour of the film is stupidly boring, nothing happens, and the story doesn't move forward at all. I might as well have watched the dude eat toast for 30 minutes.

Our hero, an astronaut, lands on what he thinks is a mysterious planet. he then wanders around, and sleeps a lot. Why? Who knows. I guess he was tired.

Eventually he finds a Jack Daniels bottle, and somehow mistakes it for "alien writing". Apparently he can speak English, but can't read it.

Later, he finds a gun, but doesn't know how to use it and accidentally fires it. What astronaut doesn't know what a gun is????

Towards the end of the film, he finds an old underground bunker, with lots of dead people, and then he puts it all together that he ended up back on earth, but after a major nuclear war, and the only thing left alive are roaming robots still shooting at each other.

Bad story, acting was OK, not great. HORRIBLE editing. The movie constantly cut to black, and the screen remained black for a long time. Clearly the editor didn't know what he was doing, and decided, when in doubt, cut to black.

This could have been a GREAT film, but sadly, wasn't.
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Slow and silly.
aprilmike-5199125 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Robot world,

more like a handful of robots in England!!!

Very slow like all have said before.

Capt James somehow passed the astronaut selection board, how was this possible?

Carrying that damn grip/holdall made him look like he was going for a dirty weekend!

I recognised at once that he was back in old blighty(Dartmoor/Exmoor and the river Severn bridge)did he ever do any survival training!!

Very poor effort, at least he doesn't play Frech with the robot dog!
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Kidding, right?
ttocsmij10 January 2017
The only interesting things in this flick are the robots (which actually do exist as I have seen them in trade publications). The cover photo has NOTHING to do with the content BTW and that robot does not appear anywhere in the movie. I'm not sure how this film could have won any awards as listed in the Trivia section. Perhaps that Trivia comment should be checked for accuracy. The action, if one could refer to it as that, is slowwwwww and the annoying "black screen" pauses only add to the pain. The character is clearly not the trained astronaut or military figure one would think would be sent on such a mission. He doesn't even know how to use the simple device he finds about halfway through (though most 6-year-olds today would have no problem using it). By the end of the movie a possible ending begins to appear ... and is then abandoned entirely thus the movie ... does NOT end! It just stops mid-yawn.
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I can not believe I watched this movie twice.
Peter-9458519 June 2019
Let me start by saying the lead image of the fancy robot is a laugh.

The special effects were bad but could have been a lot worse. It actually had them which is more then I can say for some movies. So do not watch this movie for the effects.

I watch this movie some time ago and forgot how it ended so I ended up watching it again. It actually kept my attention for the 80min+. You just want to see what is going to happen next.

I like the way it ended. Very thought provoking.
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Putin's acting debut and with a taco bell value menu budget!!
joiningjt4 May 2022
Actually I think even Putin with his dull drab ignorant slow talking personality could top Jethros lead performance here We're suppose to believe that this is an Astronaut in a 25.00 kmart nylon onesy with cloth gloves and plastic shoes and let's not forget his 19.00 canvas high tech travel bag then this highly trained astronaut doesn't put the top back on his water bottle and his 5 day supply spills all over the ground mr genius then finds a gun and again our trained astronaut doesnt know how to use it and almost shoots him self with it the story was fricking stupid the acting was mediocre of course it has only 1actor so?? But by far the WORST filming ever, when the director didnt know what do do in the next scene he just cut to black and I mean cut to a LONG black then next scene or bobbled the camera so bad you had to take another tylenol. So if a horrible film with a horrible ending,filming,acting,audio video, u go oh why a 6 I'M selling the bluray that's why!!
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Puh, what a drag!
jamessmithurst8 April 2020
I wanted to see an action title. It had a nice poster and I thought 'oh well, I can always stop watching it'. Puh, when the pilot started talking, seeing a capsule with three empty seats; and when the capsule's orbit started to deteriorate and the actor was moving like a grandpa to get a spacesuit (which was merely a gas mask and crash helmet), I knew this would be a bore. To be honest. I flicked through most of the movie. I'd rather vacuum instead. Yes, Ian is an independent film maker, and yes, he deserves credit for 'solid acting'. However, the story, the props, the lack of action and purpose made even this flick boring during the flick through. I mean, where was the robot pictured on the poster? Not in this movie! Obviously, this dude traveled to a post-apocalyptic earth. Hooray. Planet of the Apes ring a bell? Look, watching a guy walk around aimlessly and hit a robot with a stick, who then gets woozy, gees.Thank god I have a vacuum cleaner.
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Don't waste your life here.
tommaguzzi-9617110 June 2020
Go and watch some paint dry it will deliver more entertainment than this trash. It's an ultra low budget homemade 10 minute short film implausibley streched to over an hour and half. There is only one character no dialogue and nothing much happens. Anyone making it to the end without fast forwarding should be awarded a prize.
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Boring, Irritating Sounds
jeckelmail5 May 2016

The movie is boring. Nothing of interest happens from about the 5 min mark until about the 40 min mark, 25 to 30 minutes of that could have easily been scrapped and it wouldn't have matter one bit.

It has far to many annoying sounds, especially early on. Several times there is a high pitched whine that goes on for way, way too long. Other sounds that would normally not be an issue, like the alert buzzer in the spaceship, become irritating because the scenes are dragged out far too long.

As soon as the story actually starts moving, the twist becomes painfully obvious, to the audience at least, though the protagonist is a slow one and seems oblivious to what is, literally in a couple cases, right in front of his face. SPOILERS... Oh my God. He's back. He's home. All the time, it was... They finally really did it. Those Maniacs! They blew it up! Ah, damn them! God damn them all to hell! On the more technical side, the main/only actor did a reasonable enough job, with what he was given. The effects weren't spectacular, but they were good enough with a few, like the robot dog, being pretty good. The camera work on the other hand was as boring as the story. Nothing except plain straight shots, lacking any flare or even a hint that the director understands camera angles are a tool to help tell the story, not just a device to record it.

An interesting concept, but that is pretty much the only positive thing I can say about this movie. 3/10 would not watch again.
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Great time.
dannellwilkerson26 September 2019
Ian Rowe plays the perfect "lost, stranded, marooned and isolated part. Would love to see a higher budgeted remake. Solid storytelling.
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UNFORTUNATELY watched this movie Because "1000 Times" . . . yada yada. Don't waste your time (unless thoroughly bored).
muzicdjdon15 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
A complete waste of time ventured to this movie because of review "1000 Times yada yada. Also Surprisingly Excellent". Started interestingly. Please don't do what I did I missed the Beginning clues.(A Small Spoiler Only because it's the reason for the Review). When he has to abandoned his spaceship, the time it took. that's the main CLUE. The U.K. Reviewer was probably the producer and or has only been out of the house once or twice.

AND YES I Unfortunately Finished the movie. Bells and whistles in a movie are fine if the story needs them. I maybe a biased reviewer a good flick should be visually and mentally stimulating. But I know I can be an HONEST REVIEWER (I'm still ticked at MR. U.K.,1000 Times yada yada Doesn't know what a good movie is) He's eagerly awaiting Watching Grass Grow Part 2.

So I'm assuming the lead (Ha Ha You'll get it) was Mr. 1000 Times. The s t o r y is horribly stretched out and so v e r y s l o w. So the lead (Ha Ha have you got it yet) is an astronaut, and not a very smart one. Oh hell if you want to call this a good movie watch the first 10 min. and the last 10 min. but you will be still disappointed.
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one of the worst movies, i've ever seen
soenkemartens17 May 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Forget about the promising cover, this movie is only interesting for 2 minutes, where they explain what they did with machine 1 and 2. A very rough animation. No explanation, how this may work, just that they did it. The rest is just like the original planet of apes without apes and anything else.

This whole story could be told in 2 minutes. The machines, fighting each other is absolutely useless, as nearly everything else in this movie.

An absolutely waste of time!

And the flaws are worse too... How can they transport machine 2 for 60 years and as it finally works, it's a time-machine, that's still in the earth-orbit? Imho the whole story is bullshit. But maybe i missed the point...
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