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MPAA Rated R for violence, language and brief sexuality/nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • In one scene while the woman is out of shower the man begin to kiss her but she refuses him telling him that she doesn't want to.
  • There are brief scenes of partial nudity present in the film.
  • For example, in a scene where a man watches a woman change in another room, there is a brief, partial glimpse of one of her breasts.
  • In another scene, the same woman undresses while walking with her back facing the camera, exposing her bare back and part of her bare buttocks. Then she lies in a bed while the man is coming to her. Sex is implied.

Violence & Gore

  • At the beginning they burn some corpses of people who got killed in war. Later some skulls of burned corpses is shown.
  • The woman when becomes angry beats the girl up and the girl cries.
  • The film contains some scenes of violence.


  • There are some uses of the swear word 'f**k' and 'motherf**ker' as uttered by the main characters out of anger or frustration. Most are in French/Tamil.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some smoking and drinking.
  • The man is drunk couple of times. Once while drunk he comes and sleeps between the woman and the daughter. When awakes they tell him that he stinks of alcohol.
  • A man smokes weed. When he leaves the woman smokes a little.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The main storyline of the film concerns a Sri Lankan family, whereby the father is part of a militia group, who flee to France as immigrants to try and start a new life, as the one back home places them in constant life-threatening danger. However, when they arrive in France, they face new, unexpected problems which they have to cope with.
  • Most of the film is done as a drama, and the themes present may make younger viewers very unsettled. However, the film is also somehow light-hearted at times, and elements of humor (some dark) are present throughout in a subtle manner.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Some of the stronger scenes involve the male protagonist being beaten up, as well as a scene where the male protagonist stabs another man in the chest, with impact and some bloodletting visible.

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