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How education changes prisoners patterns and lives
jezcollier21 March 2016
I work in the Private Security Training Industry here in Victoria Australia. There is an increasing shortfall of personnel due to the a serious problem with re-offending of 18 -24 group in this State. It is an issue that has been officially acknowledged by the Victoria Ombudsman who recently recommended "a justice re-investment" in the education of prisoners. This documentary, solidly supported by pre and post prison term evidence,shows how proper education changes lives for the better with a "flow on" effect into the community with lower levels of re-offending as a testament to its effectiveness. I found that as I watched the film my initial skepticism vaporised as I watched the prisoners who had attended the Peace Education Program describe the way it had positively impacted their lives inside. Interviews with some of them after their release confirmed that the benefits did not stay behind the prison walls. I would recommend anyone to see this film regardless of profession and rejoice in its testament to the human spirit and the power of change.
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Uplifting and inspiring
Trilliumviews15 April 2017
I went to see this with my adult daughter. We were both deeply touched and inspired by the humanity in this film. The film helps break down stereotypes and shows the reasons to have understanding and compassion even for those who have obviously transgressed the values of our communities. This is not just passive acceptance that is being promoted. This films documents a specific program, called Peace Education, that is rehabilitating prisoners in inspiring and heart warming ways. It gives hope and shows ways we are more similar than different. As a psychotherapist I found this a powerful look into the values of "criminals". As a human I found it helped me breathe with more ease. Go see it. The underlying message is universal.
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