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The best courtroom justice television show
TheTopDawg29 September 2017
Shocked at the low score for this show.

Compared to Judge Judy, this show is 100 times better!

I can watch this show all day all night and Judge Mablean is funny, fair and tells it like it is.

This is one of the best, if not THE best courtroom justice television show.

It's a well deserved 9/10 from me!
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First time watcher
nancygomez-9353014 September 2017
The first time ever hearing of Judge Mablean and watching an episode of her court today was actually insulting.In my opinion, the people that brought in the cases seemed to be acting by amateur actors. I didn't believe this was real court and just a bad show. The judge was no Judge Judy,Judge Faith, or Judge Milian and I was disappointed that this was on TV. I feel so strongly about this that I felt the need to say something. I don't mean to disrespect if it was real and not acting. Not a Judge I'd like to watch again.
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The show is a sham
puterkatz24 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If anyone actually did their homework, they would discover this show is NOT real. At the end credits (which run extremely fast) there is a disclaimer stating that any resemblance to persons real or dead is coincidental. Although interesting, all of it is scripted and performed by actors. By law, the real court shows are limited to $5000.00 awards. The scripts are very loosely based on lawsuits gleaned from the news...or possibly someone's twisted mind. The producers are Entertainment Studios, founded by a comedienne, which should give anyone a reason to question the authenticity of the shows. I watch it for the laugh factor.
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Excellent "Justice"
drudolphlpn22 December 2014
Where can I write to the Judge? I enjoy the show and commend Her Honor for delivering justice in a fair and appropriate manner.Finally there is a judge without an agenda of her own, besides Marilyn Milian of The Peoples Court, which I have watched for years. It seems like on Judge Judy its all about the Judge and she doesn't have time for the litigants in "her play pen" where her arrogance abounds. Judge Mablean really shows compassion and concern for her litigants and gives them the time to state their cases. The show is educational and enlightening. There are times when, as a regular viewer, I would like to send comments to the judge. Your website should provide as link to do so. Den, retired LPN
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None of this is real.
Java_Joe13 November 2018
First of all Ms. Mablean isn't a judge. She was a prosecutor and she knows the law but she is not a judge. That right there ought to tell you everything.

Secondly these aren't actual plaintiffs. They're actors. The cases might be real in that the producers have gone through actual cases to find some to dramatize on this show but there's no actual trial going on.

And lastly they use really bad actors. Often times you can tell they're acting. They're just not that good.

So watch it as a sit com or as a joke but don't take it seriously.
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This show is AWESOME!
cujokay19 January 2015
I can't believe more people aren't watching and/or commenting on this show.

This is Judge Mablean in all her glory. She still has that sense of humor we came to love on Divorce Court but is still very fair and very knowledgeable.

She now does all kinds of cases like Judy; she's not limited to divorce law. She can award up to $25,000 exceeding the maximum award of court shows like Judge Judy, The People's Court, Judge Mathis, etc.

She takes no crap and will cut you down with a look or a phrase. This show is really worth watching. If you give it a try, you'll be hooked. Judge Mablean has lost none of her wit. It's a wonderful show.
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Poor decision by head strong old woman
pointmanstan22 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Flipping through channels and stopped long enough to see this is no Justice show rather a high trip for a self appointed woman who has her rule of the roost for today. A woman requested refund of tuition for her daughter's private school after they changed their rules mid year of the school session because they are now allowing boys to go to the girl's bathrooms.

It became apparent that the school changed its policy after she had signed up and then expected all students and parents to be happy with their new rules. Though the school could not show that the policy was in effect or provided to those enrolled at time the commitment was made, this judge would not return her money. she even said that people have to embrace the new thinking without question and convince children to let opposite sex into their bathroom! BS.

This so called judge is part of or supportive of the Hussian Obama's crowd in their illegal sociology experiment to destroy this country eliminating the virtues that founded this country.
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Case of Spoiled 10 year old and indifferent mother
beverlyr-2239227 October 2017
This is the case where an obese male reserved 2 seats on an airline but was seated next to an obnoxious kid who called him fat, etc. and the mother did nothing, in fact, she was really rude to the gentleman and told him to mind his own business when he tried to correct the kid regarding the slur against him. The kid's tablet was broken and Judge Mablean didn't seem to sypathize with the man at all and charged him with the $700 or some odd cost for the tablet. I felt that was totally wrong, it encourages negative behavior from the kid and obviously the mother not correcting him. The kid is going to be in serious trouble unless he learns a lesson which he obviously didn't learn from him irresponsible mother or Judge Mablean. I'm surprised, usually Judge Mablean is very level headed with her rulings and comments.
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What is she teaching young women in America?
silllinda25 October 2015
This could be a spoiler if you have not seen her 2014 cases. Stop reading if you haven't seen this episode and want to see it again if they run it. It has been on TV at least twice so far. I just saw the most horrendous case and ruling from this terrible judge. A young woman had religious beliefs that made her want to save sex for marriage. She told her boyfriend and they dated for 6 months and he said he "understood." Then he wanted to take her to Paris. He bought her lingerie and thought he could talk her into sex. When she said "no" again, he left her that night with half of a round-trip ticket, very little money so she couldn't stay in Paris or exchange her ticket for a different day flight to get home early. She took him to court to get the money back from the ticket exchange. She was very hurt and in tears. Judge Mablean first shouted at her to give details on what the girl WOULD let the boyfriend do. She and the boy repeatedly said, "Everything but sex." That wasn't good enough. She kept shouting and insisting that the girl should spell it out. And then asked her if this was how she "teased" the man. The young woman looked defeated and said. "sure." Mablean kept up questions about teasing the boy. Apparently in her mind, letting a man pet you or do other things is "teasing" him even if you have a prior understanding of no sex before marriage. So the Judge ruled against the girl who was left high and dry because she apparently deserved it for leading the guy on. I was appalled. Is this really what we want our young women to learn? As a women, you cannot date or engage in any physical contact unless you are willing to finish it and let the man have sex with you. Otherwise you are just teasing him. We apparently aren't allowed to have that choice. You either don't let the guy touch you (or maybe you just aren't allowed to set boundaries--but he can so he doesn't get frustrated) unless you are ready to have sex. In other words, the guys can have what they want. And what would she have ruled if he had forced himself on her? That she deserved it because she led him on? There are thousands of young woman out there who can love and have a man caress her but not have sex with her and they can have a lovely relationship and often leads up to marriage. It used to be that way for just about everyone. But now, idiots like this judge tell the men they deserve to have the sex they want because above all else, the men shouldn't be frustrated. Judge Mablean should be fired and muzzled so she doesn't hurt our young women any more than she has already.
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The way she treats people
maggie-6757317 January 2017
I used to watch her all the time and respected her as a judge but now she treats people like dirt she used to show respect but now I have trouble watching her as she treats people like judge Judy who I also refuse to watch because she treats people like dirt, she needs to go back to the way she used to be. She barks at people and doesn't even give them a chance. She is getting just like judge Judy and not listen to what people have to say, Some people don't even get a chance to speak. So take notes from your earlier shows.

Go back to being the kind person you used to be. Then I will return as a viewer
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