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Tenant Goes Down

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22 Sep. 2016
I Don't Remember That
A director of a senior home is accused of leaving a grandmother unattended.
18 Oct. 2016
Grand Theft Boyfriend & Bogus Plumber Brother
A woman tries to recoup lawyer fees. Also: Judge Mablean Ephriam hears a case involving medical expenses resulting from an altercation.
24 Oct. 2016
Enemies with Benefits
A woman sues her mother-in-law for defamation.
23 Nov. 2016
All Hiked Up & Doomed Honeymoon
Lana Rain, a "fluff fitness" YouTuber, attempts to sue Kelley Waters, a more serious athlete, for a trespassing fine of $2500, which she received while hiking with Kelley Waters. Whose side will Judge Mablean take?
9 Nov. 2016
Beauty Supply Push & You're Not My Mother
Selling hair products to a teen without her mother's permission; the return of tuition money.
23 May 2016
Slandered on Social Media & Totally Wrecked
Ashley Jacobs is Suing her soon to be ex husband Ron Jacobs, for ruining her career, in the case called Slandered On Social Media.
21 Sep. 2016
Bathroom Back Out; Phone Stack
Parents are suing for the cost of tuition and fees; friends sue over a broken cell phone.