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15 Sep. 2014
A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Excuses
Plaintiff is suing the Defendant for $5500 because the defendant is profiting off of pictures that were taken by the Plaintiff and posted on the Internet without his consent (as per the contract.) Defendant claims that Plaintiff turned over the rights to the photos when she paid for the $375 photo shoot with CD. Therefore, she owes him nothing.
15 Sep. 2014
Natural Distraction
Plaintiff: Jim Dryer vs Defendant: Janet Henderson regarding a refund for her son's tuition.
7 Oct. 2014
Pro Bono Tutor
A man files a lawsuit against his tutor after receiving a bad grade.
15 Oct. 2014
Dog on the Loose
Anna Ivanova (high school student) VS Donald Font ( dog's owner). Donald's dog got off it's restraint and attacked Anna, when she was riding her skateboard on the way back home from school.
10 Nov. 2014
Taboo Tattoo
A man says his granddaughter was bullied into getting a tattoo
19 Nov. 2014
Hoarders & Javelinas
A lawsuit over a neighbor's hoarding, which is attracting vermin to the neighborhood.
20 Feb. 2015
Modified Mess
Plaintiff is suing Defendant for cutting her off causing her to have a car accident. Defendant says Plaintiff caused the accident.
23 May 2016
Slandered on Social Media & Totally Wrecked
Ashley Jacobs is Suing her soon to be ex husband Ron Jacobs, for ruining her career, in the case called Slandered On Social Media.