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Season 3

22 May 2017
Episode #3.1
Malotru is still held captive by DAESH and the DGSE enlists Nadia to set up a risky rescue mission. Tensions mount as the CIA is afraid that Malotru's release could bring his treason to the public light. Meanwhile, Marina is still traumatized by her ordeal in Iran and is sinking deeper into paranoia.
22 May 2017
Episode #3.2
As negotiations begin between the DGSE and Daech, via Nadia, Malotru sees a glimmer of hope: one of his jailers is a mole of the Russian secret services and can help. Duflot tries to help Marina overcome her trauma.
29 May 2017
Episode #3.3
The FSB agent likely to help Malotru is wounded in battle, and Malotru loses hope. Marina is approached by Philippe, a man who claims to belong to the DGSE. He wants to recruit her on behalf of Mossad.
29 May 2017
Episode #3.4
Cochise, a high-ranking DAESH general, is ready to defect. The Russian mole returns with new orders from the FSB: let Malotru rot in his cell. Philippe begins to train Marina and asks her to speak at a conference in Baku.
5 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.5
Malotru and the Russian struggle for survival in hostile terrain while they are actively hunted by jihadists. Duflot is preparing to go on the ground, in Syria, to meet Cochise. It is for him the only chance to get Malotru out of Daech's hell. As for Marie-Jeanne, she replaces Duflot at the head of the Bureau.
5 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.6
Malotru can only rely on himself and must fight alone to hope to escape his pursuers. Duflot, who had just left office at the head of the Bureau, went to meet Cochise on the banks of the Euphrates. In Baku, Marina is offered a post at the Institute of Seismology.
12 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.7
In Baku, Marina is caught up in paranoia, which complicates her mission. During an interview under high tension, Duflot meets Cochise and negotiates his defection, on condition that Malotru be released.
12 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.8
The DGSE lives in dark hours, and Marie-Jeanne is on the front line to stay the course. The director-general decides to carry out an operation to free Malotru while ex-filtering Cochise. In Baku, Marina realizes the mission entrusted to her by the Mossad and implants a computer virus.
19 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.9
The Bureau is putting all its resources to find Malotru. Nadia and Prune are put to work on this mission, but Malotru, as a professional, is extremely cautious. In Baku, the wind turns for Marina: Philippe realizes that she is perhaps not as novice as she claims.
19 Jun. 2017
Episode #3.10
Marina is sequestered by Philippe, and the Mossad is ready to get rid of her; she must get out of there. At the same time, at the DGSE, Marie-Jeanne is more determined than ever to stop Malotru during a secret meeting of the latter with Nadia.

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