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They did try, but.......
s327616920 September 2016
"Well, they did try but...." was the first thing that came to mind having watched AmeriGeddon.

Its not that this politicized film doesn't have some valid points. Its concerns over globalized corporate government and the growth of an oppressive surveillance state, are not without validity. Nor is its criticism of GMO food, something that can simply be written off. The problem is, the whole affair is so over the top and confused, that the real message gets lost in translation.

From an entertainment point of view, this rather short flick, is best described as a cross between Red Dawn and the A-Team. Its clearly a budget affair.That said, the acting is not too bad even if the script is more than a little corny.

In summary even though this flick falls short of the mark, its still good to see people refusing to blindly accept the mainstream dialogue. Lets hope for more polished, focused efforts in future. Five out of ten from me.
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Hurtful try at being entertainingly informative
pamyers-9077113 May 2016
Amerigeddon the movie has quite possibly done more damage to furthering the discussion of a runaway government and the impacts of it than anything else in its cinematic attempt. This is an example of good intentions gone sideways and at worst just another rich guy making a "B" movie to get his face on the big screen.

Using the "EMP" doomsday approach to make a movie narrative is understandable. Making an over dramatic, choppy, and under developed story line film that my friends wanted to walk out of is bull headed irresponsibility.

The movie itself started out with plausible and believable scenes in the first few minutes that quickly get over shadowed by bad music, 1980's sound effects at "key" moments, and acting that would make a high school drama teacher throw their glasses in disgust at. While it didn't have to be cutting edge graphics or sounds track quality, it does have to be fully watchable. It isn't. It is painful to sit all the way through. The end battle was worse than an old scene from the 80's A-Team TV show.

For those people that have been in the military, or follow world events from an anti-globalist perspective, this movie lets you walk out of the theater having to apologize for the horrible creation the people that went with them just saw. There is no plausible transition to a realistic conversation about politics, individual preparedness, or faith at the end of this film.

I am terribly disappointed and embarrassed by this attempt at informing or at least sparking the interest in people who don't take these kinds of things seriously.

From someone who wanted an A plus movie it is clearly an F minus effort.
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Seriously ?
amerstaff18 September 2016
This movie is an tragedy and insult to all people with common logic and knowledge . Once again the US and their " freedom " is under attack and the bunch of "patriots " are saving America. I don't have problems with B movies but this one ., this story is so , so stupid that I had to comment on it . Even the birds on the tree knows who is the biggest imperialist country in the world but somehow in the movies they are always the victim and the enemy this time are the United Nations ( biggest sponsor of the UN is US , basically UN is in the pocket of US ) This movie could only be good for somebody from the US ., probably only from Texas and other rednecks parts of the US . Just unbelievable ., just trash of the story :)
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Modern day propaganda film, action-coated for idiots.
krb13818 September 2016
Hide your guns! They're a-comin' for em! Obviously the rest of the civilized world is involved in a conspiracy to take away all of our guns and destroy the American way of life, so we don't need to address plot.

In all honesty, this is just a bad Right-Wing propaganda film dressed up as an action movie and devoid of intelligent, rational thought for the intended audience. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff made specifically to control people through fear. Plain and simple, this is a tool to get all of the gun-loving rednecks from my region of the country riled up before this year's election.

If this review makes you angry, don't worry, just go outside and fire that assault rifle that you "need" for home defense into the air a few times. Soon you'll forget about me and this review and remember what it means to be a real American.

In a couple of months, the elections will be over, the Republicans will likely have suffered a humiliating defeat, and you can move on to whatever conspiracy theory they decide to feed you for the next few years.

For reasonable people, you can go ahead and skip this one unless you just want to laugh at the sheer stupidity.
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debtman8 June 2017
No, it's not terrifying because it will scare you with it's plot, it's terrifying because you know that certain elements of our society actually believe the plot of this movie is a realistic situation that we are headed for any day now. If that doesn't scare you I don't know what will.

I won't go through the plot because it's your standard "global cabal of shadowy figures manipulate the populace and use the UN to take over the USA". OK maybe that's not so standard. You've got almost all of your alt-right buzzwords in here though! The only real surprises are that they somehow forgot to include Muslims as the bad guys. Oh and that they completely randomly and out of nowhere threw in about 3 lines of anti GMO dialog.

Should you watch this? Hell yeah! It's terrible and will leave you shaking your head and laughing the whole time. Bad acting, ridiculous plot lines, what more could you want? On the plus side the cinematography is surprisingly decent (for a movie like this). And there's a special guest appearance by Mr. Alex Jones himself!
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90 minutes of Message
killgoredarkskies23 May 2016
This film is short and clearly it's budget was constricted, but I appreciate the intent - few who are at polar opposites to Al Gore and the likes of the Clooney's or Kate Beckinsale ever get a chance to drive what's on the Big Screen. One could say this film is a sort of "opera", it's far easier to connect with when you already know what to expect - and in that sense Heavin and Norris actually score "OK" by my reckoning - this is a synthesis of many books that inform and alarm (One Second After, the Patriots and Survivors series, etc.) Will the people who shied away from 13 Hours come to watch this movie, of course not ! The Dog Whistles that also drove the mainstream of Hollywood to disdain the 300 movie for its values are certainly working overtime against AmeriGeddon.

On the plus side, it's shorter than the re-make of Red Dawn.

I would get the US troops helmets, and remember that "the brig" is a term of the Navy and Marines.

IMHO the title is terrible ... and yes the climax is like an episode of the A-Team. On the other hand this could be a good double-feature with Invasion USA ...
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Terrible times infinite!!!
agortiztmti20 November 2016
I watched this movie with much anticipation for its release and I am very disappointed as the movie has terrible acting and bad action scenes and I wish to never see it again. The story line is unrealistic and flawed compared to a real-life disaster movie. The movie looks like it was created on a farm with cell phone recording and cheap equipment.

I usually have a great attention span in movies but this movie made me so bored all I could think about was how much longer till its over and how I wanted my money back and how I really did not want to go through the hassle of a refund or how I could get some laughs by having a friend watch this movie by telling him or her that is was great and anticipating their phone call telling me that I got them with some laughs. Do yourself a favor and stay away from watching this movie and the trailer is all you need to watch and best of all its free.
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This is the 'Red Dawn' of the 21st Century
scrat24222 November 2016
With the budget and feel of a Hallmark after-school special from a parallel universe, this movie delivers to anyone familiar with most New World Order (NWO) conspiracy theories. I could lay out some inconsistencies in the plot but I don't want to give out any spoilers. Let me just say, it's all here: U.N. takeover of the US, EMP bombs, US Presidential\Political sellouts, Constitutional and 2nd Amendment flag waving, whistleblowers, you name it, it's mentioned. Curiously and refreshingly, there is no racist or anti-Muslim themes.

Preppers guides, Faraday cages, Ham radios, home power generators, John Deere products and a still in your new hilltop stone fortress of a house will all be on your shopping list after watching this movie.

The acting, as you can imagine, is about as wooden as a Hallmark after-school movie as well but they deliver the lines they need to keep the movie going. The 'battle at the Texas compound' and 'helicopter showdown' stretches the imagination a bit too but the girls are hot ...just saying.

Lastly, this did have the feeling of a pilot for a future series or at least a part 2.
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This movie is your drunk uncle rambling at a Christmas party as he wears a tinfoil hat
cpeter-7917326 September 2016
I thought this movie was a disaster. I had very high hopes for this movie and I think if the movie was written and directed correctly it could have been a wonderful movie. The movie has a great premise as it starts out, a shadow government has put plans in motion to take down the current American government so they can create a NWO. Very nice idea, but the movie is so poorly executed it reminds me of nothing more than a drunk uncle rambling at a Christmas party as he wears a tinfoil hat. A wonderful series that goes into this idea was the show Jericho it only lasted two seasons, but the way they explore the idea of a shadow government is much better in my option.

The worst part about this is entire thing is, I really like some of the characters Charlie and Sam were awesome, and they even had some okay acting. I'm kind of sorry they got stuck in this turd of a film.

They movie does such a poor job that in the end, this movie makes it seem like a 10-year-old could stop this plot to take over of government.
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It's possible
Dottie236926 September 2016
Movie plot is a possible scenario. It could happen. I have seen other reviews and they say it is for morons. Take it from an outsider, it's not for morons - it could become true. Watch enough documentaries and you will see where they got their inspiration from. It's not paranoia at all ! I mean, look around you and see what the rest of the world thinks about America. Many people would like to see America burn. For Christ's sake you don't have to watch any documentaries you just have to look around you : what's with all the crazies all of a sudden? Who shoot schools and blame it on the guns ? Instead of blaming it on their insanity? I just wanted to balance things a bit - too many NEGATIVE reviews on this movie ! What's the world coming to?
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Someone took a real potential eye-opener and dumb-ed it down irreparably
mkshreve14 August 2017
Believe me, I am one of those voices crying out in the wilderness, trying to get people to wake up to the hazards of EMPs and the people in the Deep State who are itching to use them, but using this movie in my information arsenal?? NOPE! That's the equivalent of shooting myself in the foot.

The appearance of Alex Jones in the beginning of the movie pretty much was the highlight and it just went downhill from there. I haven't even gotten to the part where the EMP was detonated and I'm already bored with the bad acting, the awkward staging of the cast and the forced dialog that seems like the director required 10 Libertarian talking points per paragraph. UGH, just hope when the real thing comes, I can tell everyone I come in contact with, thanks for not being a wooden, poorly rehearsed actor with an obvious agenda!
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OMFG, you have to watch this rolling clusterfunk of a movie!
adamchurvis16 January 2017
With a total production budget of only $387.14, one can understand why the best screenwriter they could muster was the winner of the "What I Did During Summer Vacation" essay in Mrs. Magillicutty's 3rd grade class at Hubert Humphrey Elementary School in Yazoo City, Mississippi. The script hit so many noses with so many hammers that my own nose bled out of sheer sympathy. Though my main question, "Who in pluperfect effing hell looked at this script and said to himself, 'Funding this is a really good idea'" will remain unanswered, it does answer this: "What do you get when Chuck Norris's relatives get together with Alex Jones and a whole bunch of guns in front of a camera?" Make no mistake, I highly recommend you watch this film, whether you are a tree-hugging Prius driver, a die- hard prepper, or someone in between. The tree-huggers will laugh so hard their spleens will be in danger of disintegration, the in- betweeners will be amusingly confused, and the preppers... well, let me just remind my prepper friends that Hoppe's No. 9 is NOT a viable personal lubricant. Don't even try it. And that goes for Break-Free CLP, too. That being said, preppers will find this film the cinematic equivalent of having their grundles pumped, so stand clear for a day or two afterward while they calm themselves and then explain to them that it's just fiction. Be prepared to explain to them what the word "fiction" means.
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Worthy Effort, Dismal Failure
Eradan1 November 2018
I really wanted to like "Amerigeddon" because I'm sympathetic to all of it's basic ideas such as prepping, respect for the Constitution, defence of national sovereignty, and resistance to the globalist agenda. Unfortunately the film just doesn't work as a movie. The dialogue is often awful, the soundtrack is terrible, and it has no dramatic pacing whatsoever.

The cast are a mixed bag of beginners, old pros (Diane Ladd, Dina Meyer), C-List celebrities (AnnaLynne McCord) and semi-professionals (Gary Heavin, Rich Bentz, Alex Jones) and the results are as inconsistent as you'd expect. When some of the less talented members of the cast are on screen chewing up Heavin's bad dialogue under the inept direction of Mike Norris, well... it's not pretty.

The movie was clearly intended as an easy, entertaining introduction to the worldview of the Prepper and Patriot communities but the problem is it fails so badly as entertainment, there's no way anybody who doesn't already agree with Heavin and Norris on everything is going to sit through it. Otoh if you are one of the awakened, you're not going to learn anything from this flick because it's too simplistic.

I gave Amerigeddon a '5' purely out of respect for it's ideas but if not for my ideological sympathy, I'd rate it a '1'.
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This Movie Sponsored by InfoWars
Lucanus2 October 2016
What a flaming pile of crud. The fact that Alex Jones has a cameo told me everything I needed to know in the first few minutes. If you're looking for something like Red Dawn, or Tomorrow When The War Began, you're looking in the wrong place. Instead this seems to have been churned out by the tinfoil hat wearing NRA members who believe that the government is out to get them and conspire with foreign powers to enslave the American people. Utter crap.

Do yourself a favor, unless you are willing to take to your own melon with a sledgehammer to match the IQ of the people this film was made for, steer clear of it. It doesn't even serve as amusement - it's too preachy for any comedic value.
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A Good Story, An Important Message, So Much Potential
mjpetty715 October 2016
So here's the thing, I'm a film major, I'm trained to look at film a certain way. I look at each shot composition, each character action, line of dialogue, and each acting performance. On the other hand, I'm also someone who believes most if not all that this film is showing us. So I really wanted this film to be good and really wanted it to work, and overall, it did it's best.

In terms of story, I think AmeriGeddon is actually a pretty solid film. In a similar fashion to both the original and latest Red Dawn films, AmeriGeddon follows the fall of America as a nation due to a strategic attack on America and following this attack foreign troops arrive to "keep the peace". Due to my love for Red Dawn, I honestly had a lot of hope in this movie. However, both versions of Red Dawn I thought were executed better. Nevertheless, AmeriGeddon's plot is actually pretty good! Between the conflicted soldier, the troubled teen, their love story, the politician seeing what's going on around him, and everyone else, I thought, at least on paper, the film worked pretty well.

This brings me to my criticisms, and I by no means mean to be harsh because I understand the importance of films like AmeriGeddon being made and seen by American citizens, however I believe they could have done much better and I don't believe it's a budget issue. I believe there are two primary reasons AmeriGeddon was not as good as it could have or should have been: too much expositional dialogue and sub-par acting.

Let's talk dialogue first. One of the first things you learn in any basic scriptwriting course is to "show don't tell". AmeriGeddon's dialogue, though informative, is unfortunately way too on-the-nose and/or expositional. Between constantly using the words "New World Order" and character's spewing out statistics and phrases like something out of a Survivor's Manual, the screenwriter in me was cringing at times watching this film.

The other biggest issue with AmeriGeddon is the acting. Now, I don't want to give the impression that all the acting was bad, because it wasn't, but unfortunately there were certain character's whose acting fell flat, and sadly I believe this is a direct correlation between the dialogue and the performances.

All-in-all, I am definitely happy to see this film made and that people are actually excited about a film like AmeriGeddon. Do I wish the quality of the film were better? Absolutely, this film should've been as good and intense as the 2012 Red Dawn remake as I referenced earlier, but nevertheless AmeriGeddon is a must see for those who are interested in where America is headed, and if you're a cinephile like myself then I would maybe suggest a different popcorn flick to watch on a Saturday night.
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Another Extreme Conspiracy Theory Movie. Don't Waste Money On it
jcmann0130 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Interesting AND CONVENIENT that this movie and Hillary's America is coming out right before national presidential elections?

Okay, lol, 1st thing is 1st. This movie is bent on the idea that America has completely lost it's roots and is ripe for take over by foreign governments and dictators , which is the biggest fallacy in the movie. Second, that marshal law will be declared by some comic book villain in an ivory tower with his operation "Dark Star" plans? This reminded me of one of those old James Bond movies where he has to bring down a very rich bad guy who wants to rule the planet with Third, this movie revolves around a Texas family with a big ranch in Lima with a daughter that resembles Sarah, the mother of the Terminator Resistance Leader, John Connor and even resembles her?

Okay, putting the movie together, the entire movie serves to promote the idea that America will fall apart and it won't take much to put in into a state of marshal law, which is perfect for these UN dictators to rise up and take over and conform it to the new world order. The only problem is that for the federal government to tell the military to do this, they would in fact cause anarchy and chaos among the soldiers enforcing such laws and this won't last because it would erode into desertion and civil war. After all, Americans are raised in a system of democracy and free thinking. If you take this away, it will cause mass rebellion and Washington doesn't want this to happen.

Common Sense tells me it would be much easier to keep things the way they are so people can pay their taxes on time and finance this country's huge budget and keep the crooked politicians rich??

That is why this movie is ridiculous!!
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A+ for effort C- for execution
tony-146-6956265 August 2017
It s a forgettable movie trying overly hard to make a political statement to the point where it feels forced and wooden. If you see the movie as a play and not a standard movie then it is a passable affair. Obviously a low budget affair they tried extremely hard with what they they could afford. The ratings here nailed it at 5 out of 10. The best thing that can be said is that they aimed high, failed, but earn some respect for giving it their all. Better than most movies now a days.
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Well made
alex-smmr19 October 2016
I enjoyed the movie and the only thing i didn't like about it is it could of been longer but still it was fun watching it, and this could happen and yet people don't realize it because i know it can, because i was in the military and i know how they run. The movie portray what the corruption in American can do and will do and we as people must stand up and fight for what we believe in. This is not just a movie this is what is coming some of the parts are already here. Movies tell you a lot what will happen just open your eyes and you will see whats around you. Mostly over all good actors but some parts i know that some of the people didn't try but over all I was impressed with it. Open your eyes people this is what you come.
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oh my...... so bad
speardog29 September 2017
This movie is historically bad. It reminds me of the religious movies that come out that get decent ratings and you wonder why, how? I guess people with a far right wing philosophy will be turned on by this movie. It will play to their basic need for hate, disgust, suspicion and intolerance. I don't know what the budget was or who the actors are but both were sorely lacking. Don't let the 5.8 rating fool you. If you voted for Trump and are still proud of that fact go ahead and watch the movie. You will love it. If you didn't vote for Trump or now are regretting the fact you voted for him then this movie will probably disgust you on the level of propaganda and even the level of dishonesty. The movie edited an Obama speech to say the exact opposite of what he actually stated. Despicable.....

I have been an IMDb member since 2007 and this is my first review.... that is how much this movie disgusted me.
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This one's an easier target...
MrGKB23 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
...than the enemy redshirts the father of this film's director (and I use both those terms lightly) once disposed of by the hundreds throughout his own cinema career. But Chuck Norris was never in a movie quite this ham-handedly inept. Although much of the acting is actually passable, despite detractors elsewhere on this site, enough of it stands out like Sofia Coppola in "The Godfather: Part III" to detract, and even the more accomplished thespians involved in this lifeless misfire (I'm looking at you, Diane Ladd) are hampered by info-dump dialogue, broad-brush characters, and a plot structure that would make Syd Field wince if he was still alive. That Alex "InfoWars" Jones was cast in a cameo role should tell you all you need to know about this production. Strictly for insomniacs, there's virtually nothing in this lo-fi paranoid vision to hold your attention.

Put it this way: when you've got that DVD case in your hot little "Hot dog! This has got to be better than that 'Red Dawn' remake!" hands, give the plot summary on the back cover a once-over, and then put the DVD back where you found it. That is all you need, I guarantee, to get your money's worth of prepper entertainment from "Amerigeddon".
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No, It's not a Cinematic Milestone...
ldrequiv10 March 2018
...but it does a decent job of depicting what would follow from the reification of its premise.

You can argue with the premise. You can dismiss it as unlikely or unrealistic. But you're required to buy the premise.if you want to enjoy the movie.

There are persons who would cheer for a UN takeover of the U.S. There are persons who would fight to their last drop of blood in resistance against it. Given the premise, the depiction of resistance to such a takeover by a fiercely patriotic, well prepared group is reasonable.

No, it's not Citizen Kane or Casablanca. But as with all movies, it's made for an audience prepared to accept its premises, at least for the duration of the movie. "Red Dawn" was of the same sort. And of that sort, this isn't half bad, especially given how modest its budget was.
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The idea is nice but the film is horrible
oobe-419-87388914 November 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I like the idea. That there is a group of super-powerful people and they are like open about killing billions because it's the new order and stuff. So they have this master plan to do an EMP attack and then I guess stuff will sort itself out eventually. They have SOME support in the army apparently and they also have some SS-kind-of units (private military contractors probably). Against them stands a young idealistic white soldier and an old racist politician-philosopher kind of guy. Overall this is a nice idea for a movie. But not this movie. This movie is not good. It just screams "we don't care". Someone gave some money, let's do this, OK it's done, lets go home. And it wasn't even a lot of money. I could probably make a better movie on a NOKIA 3310. Overall a missed opportunity. 2/10
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Great for getting others involved.
davesantos3 July 2016
Mike Norris is in hospital at the moment for a suspected poisoning incident. He has be recovering but had a close call at one of his movie events from an unknown individual who may have placed a suspicious substance on him. Keep an eye out for how he is doing. The movie is great for people who do not know much about issues that occur behind what is seen on the mainstream news. For others who have done their research it may not be as satisfying. I watched with a friend and he found it interesting because he has started getting involved in reading about global issues. Amerigeddon is great for Patriots and general family by in large.
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As Good As Left Behind But With More Guns, Less God
danzig138-668-9392181 September 2018

This is gloriously ridiculous. It's going into the collection along with the "Thief in the Night" series and other winners!


What's extra sad is that the people who think this presents a genuine possibility don't realize that the chances of such a thing increased *dramatically* with the ascension of Donald "Take the guns first, go through due process second" Trump to the White House.

If you're the masochistic type who takes hilarious pleasure in overwrought RWNJ flicks, you *cannot* skip this one!
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Low-budget depiction of the last-ditch resistance against the noose that Carroll Quigley suggests is tightening around our necks once our time is finally up
mta7000-732-7080082 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
With Chuck Norris' son at the helm, Amerigeddon offers hokey acting and low production value to be sure - you'd have to look through Christian family entertainment titles to find anything nearly as bad - but, even if it's probably under most people's radar and deservedly so, its message is timely although a film covering material like this is not going to get a big budget Hollywood treatment any time soon since entertainment professionals with such views are blacklisted in Hollywood which instead is bent on depicting preppers as inbred, polygamous religious fanatics marrying children in their compounds with their guns at the ready to shoot interloping law enforcement. (See the "Nine wives" episode from season 3 of Numb3rs for a typical example) In this current Hollywood climate, I suspect Mike Norris didn't have a whole lot of resources to draw on and this film's inferior quality consequently shines through.

Even though the film itself was awful, the issues and context it represents is something that shouldn't be ignored. I admit upfront that I'm a confessed former NPR listener / donor whose paradigm has since been changed by passing familiarity with Gary Allen's None dare call it a conspiracy, Jean Raspail's The camp of the saints, Woodrow Wilson's chief adviser Edward Mandell House's Philip Dru: administrator, Alexander Inglis' Principles of Secondary Education (for a discussion of chapter 10 of Inglis' book, see the YouTube video, "John Taylor Gatto: the purpose of schooling"), Leonard Lewin's Report from Iron Mountain, G. Edward Griffin's The creature from Jekyll Island, the works of the Fabian socialists, Margaret Sanger, Anthony Sutton, Murray Rothbard, and John Taylor Gatto, and of course Tragedy and Hope by Bill Clinton's mentor Carroll Quigley which you can find reviewed in a 1966 back issue of the CFR journal Foreign Affairs in the JSTOR database at your local library or see summarized in W. Cleon Skousen's The naked capitalist. The aggregate globalist message of these works - snuffing out Western middle-class prosperity, mores, values, and the surplus population itself using economic pressure, birth control, Prussian-style compulsory education, environmental regulations, a dependency-promoting welfare state, a staged clash of civilizations, and ultimately brute force to create a well-pruned, malleable, disarmed, drugged up, hyper-regulated, child-like populace governable by a modern ubiquitous administrative surveillance-state - is what the resistance fighters refuse to accept in Amerigeddon and taken together is what ultimately animates their fight.

If you follow Infowars, Breitbart, and Drudge (all of which will likely be pulled soon just as Savage Nation recently was), you'll notice that Amerigeddon is an amalgam of the ideas in the above-mentioned books which have gotten their second wind in these alternative media outlets and if you've heard of Amerigeddon at all, it probably was in one of these venues. Talk-show discussions and articles about billionaire-financed revolutions, Jade Helm, the impending federalization of police, UN takeover of the U.S. military and regulatory bodies and the Internet, gun control, big pharma, corporate migration overseas to countries where environmental regulations are not imposed, as well as topics du jour like the CDC's refusal to conduct a study comparing autism rates in MMR-vaccinated vs unvaccinated children or the German family who sought asylum to home school their kids, and relentless calls for abolishing the Federal Reserve are interspersed with ads using Mafiophobia to peddle precious metals, non-GMO herbal supplements and food storage, body armor, ammo, EMP-proof solar generators, and other prepper items which the main characters in Amerigeddon seem to have in a good supply.

The way these alternative media outlets like Savage nation usually tell it and the way Amerigeddon portrays it, the financial angel currently sponsoring much of this social unrest is the ubiquitous George Soros who uses a phalanx of tax-exempt foundations to funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to finance agitator groups, riots, and mass Muslim (but not eastern Christian) migrations into the West - all with the end objective of consolidating the world's wealth and power and collapsing the remaining independent nation-states of the West into a global New World Order run by a cartel of multi-national corporations, megabanks and Roundtable groups as described by Quigley, Allen, and others. These entities, they say, are headed up by Soros and his ilk - families like the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds in years past - who nowadays have armed body guards, private jets, multiple mansions and super-yachts leaving huge carbon footprints that the average individual working-class citizen would be hard-pressed to match while these same elites use their ownership/control of seminal news outlets like AP and Reuters to mold public opinion in favor of population control and doing more with less to avoid impending environmental disaster.

The Soros character in Norris' film is elevated from social agitator and environmental regulator sponsor to the status of James Bond villain whose endgame involves a doomsday satellite weapon armed with an EMP that wipes out the power grid of the United States, paving the way for a Jade Helm-style invasion by Chinese troops into the American heartland accompanied by gun confiscation and martial law. The U.N. invaders set out to extinguish the last pockets of resistance with the help of traitorous American military leaders in order to usher in the New World Order which a few lone-wolf Texans desperately try to stave off.

Amerigeddon's shelf life, if it will have any, will be due to its being an interesting historical footnote and curiosity should its scenario ever go from being a Sinophobic fantasy to nightmarish reality in much the same way that the March 4, 2001, TV pilot episode of an otherwise-utterly forgettable TV series, The Lone Gunmen, is still remembered for using the plot device of airliners being crashed into the World Trade Center via remote-control in much the same way Webster Tarpley hypothesized it happened in his book, 9/11 : synthetic terror, where he asserted that the planes that actually crashed into the World Trade Center were navigated remotely using the Global Hawk guidance system.
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