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Lucifer - 6 Brilliant Seasons and Wow What a Ride
depechemodelovercom11 May 2019
I have loved this show since day one, and an avid fan of all three of the prior season before Fox stupidly cancelled it, which actually was a gift. I was one of the fans that worked in the twitter campaign to help save the show,working along with the producers, writers, cast, crew and fans from around the world, with the hashtag #SaveLucifer making history, as Netflix was more than eager to give this show a fabulous new home. So now this series is even better, the new Season 4 just released May 8 2019 is so much more, despite only 10 episodes, they are packed with action, drama,it is bolder, yet the humor in the show is still there, it is definitely the best season yet. For new viewers, do watch the first 3 seasons before the new one, as the characters history is important to this story. I am just finishing doing a binge watch for the third time and it just never gets old. Treasure of a show, great actors, good tight writing, great set designs, cool music throughout, and even a little nudity. What more can you want. Netflix, we need a season 5,6,7 and on.

2019 Update: After yet another fan campaign and good reviews for season 4 on Netflix, we got season 5, although it will be the last and we really wanted 6 seasons, But then Netflix listened, and gave the show twice the episodes for season 5, another win. Can't wait, the writers keep tweeting us the episode titles and have promised the best season yet.

Update for Season 5.1 released Aug 21: AWESOME. One of the best seasons yet. We get some answers, some closure on some things (keeping this spoiler free for you), many of our favorite characters go through unexpected changes, and a new bad guys appears in a familiar face. Best acting ever from this amazing cast. Lots of funny moments too. The second half of season 5 is almost finished and will be on Netflix later, and we are also getting a Season 6 in the future. Just an amazing show, brought back to life by amazing fans, writers, producers, actors and thanks to Netflix.

Update for final season 6. September 10 2021 Just finished watching. These writers amaze me. They gave the fans so many things they knew we wanted. Maybe not in the way we expected, but something for everyone. Lots of action, lots of laughter and definitely some tears. Closure. Tied up loose ends . Some characters reappear. Just an amazing group of writers and producers and a fabulous cast. Good writers know when to stop. They told their story, the way they wanted to, working with the desires of the fans, and gave it the ending they wanted. Sure I would have watched it for dozens of more seasons, and still would have loved it, but actors and writers have to move on. The six season ( really 7 when you count the double number of episodes in season 5). , yeah, six was a good number. You will love this final seaon. There will be music. Dancing. Laughter. Tears. Surprises. A hell of a ride.
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I hope & pray another network picks up LUCIFER
lovettstough13 May 2018
As we all know by now FOX cancelled LUCIFER. I love that show. I hope and pray another network picks up LUCIFER. I think the best network to pick up LUCIFER is the CW. LUCIFER would fit right in the CW wheelhouse along with SUPERNATURAl and all the other shows like that the CW has. FOX which always cancels anything really good that people really like cancelled LUCIFER while leaving one hell of a cliffhanger.
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Show is 100X better now that Netflix picked it up
jonesjamie-384189 May 2019
Thank Luci himself that fox cancelled this show because Netflix is doing a much better job only one season in!
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Season 1 was funny and deserved a 8/10, 2 boredness start...
AliensReservoir22 February 2021
Season 3 was very boring, happily Cain and the Psy put some salt in the boredom. Chloe is just getting worse from season 2 getting bland, happily Lopez compensate the blandness, and getting better and better, which put Lopez as a main character I want to see now, and I just fast-forward when Chloe appear on the screen.

I started season 4 today... will see
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Devilishly good taste in humour
kunagueroooooo14 May 2018
Unfortunately I found out yesterday that Lucifer has been cancelled. As light hearted shows go it was a winner, the whole cast went for it and did a great job. Lucy, Maze, Douche, Amenadiel, and Linda were flawless in their roles. Perhaps Chloe could have removed the big wooden pole from her backside a bit more often but hey, she looked good. Its strange how good shows like this get chopped and absolute rubbish like IZombie keeps getting renewed and its really really rubbish.

Update: Well the show got a couple more seasons, and I'm greatful for that. Perhaps a couple of episodes in season 6 (5B) were a little Woke-ish but what shows aren't these days. Without giving any spoilers away, everybody gets a happy ending including Chloe's daughter. And the humour kept on flowing even in the saddest moments, the last episode had the wife in bits and something got caught in my throat truth be told. I gave it a rating of 10, two years ago and that still stands.
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#SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer
pmelrose52414 May 2018
#SaveLucifer #PickUpLucifer

One of the best shows around. It deserves to continue right where it left off.
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This series started out very interesting, but
Johnboy122113 March 2018
This series started out very interesting, but with each new season, it has devolved into a mess....a boring mess. First, there are far too many female characters, and all are depicted as sexy and beautiful, sometimes downright silly. Yuk. The writing has gone downhill to the extent that the episodes appear to have been written by a group of freshmen high school cheerleaders. In short, it has been turned into a chick flick series. I seldom wish for a show to be cancelled, but this show has earned the right.
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No tension. No chemistry - deadly dull
Jim-Eadon19 March 2017
Lucifer is some kind of politically correct new man, a so-called metrosexual. That premise can never work. He has to be bad-ass, offensive, nasty and un-PC. No actor can make devil-as-campy-metrosexual work because it doesn't make sense and is not in any way interesting or fun. He is watchable, at least at first, until his character becomes irritating, but it's not his fault. The same actor would be great in a bad-ass role. Instead the show demands him to be camp and rather pathetic. OK, so Lucifer is a total wet blanket. What are we left with? The female cop. What does he see in her? She's as interesting as a cardboard box. And has zero sex appeal. Also, she sees things that are impossible, comments that they are impossible, but then does not seem curious. Oh, this guy is obviously supernatural, but I'll just sweep that to one side. That is, of course, insanely unintelligent. Then you have the female psychologist - yawn. And the pointless naggy brother angel character, an affirmative-action hire presumably. And the sassy female angel Hell girl, who is also pretty pointless, she's there to protect the Devil? So even his mortality creates no suspense. Oh dear. I watched the first 6 episodes, and then watched the last episode of season two - mostly skipping the many slow bits. The show is dull dull dull and dumb as HELL. Avoid! The show is insipid play-it-safe nonsense, a kind of safe-area for idiots. No guts. No evil.
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3 stars season 6 only
dgeorge_c29 September 2021
Lucifer, seasons 1-4, real good. Season 5, ok. Season 6, one too many. It seems silly to say a series about the Devil coming to earth to be a better...devil is over the top, but that is how it is. It is way too much dialogue, corney, cheesey and most of all boring. OK, I get that it is trying to wrap things up but Boooo! Too bad, it was so good.
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TheReprobate3 September 2017
8,3/10? Really? Are people really this easily pleased? That is...disappointing. Because what we have with "Lucifer" is a below average police procedural with a cheap gimmick. Nothing unusual there, that's usually how those kind of TV-shows work. But most of those are called out on it. For some reason, this one is being outrageously praised for its shortcomings.

The titular character of "Lucifer Morningstar" (as he outright tells just about everyone he meets, with all the class and mystique of a Las Vegas street performer who's off his meds) is how the devil would be, as imagined by the least imaginative person on earth. He's predictable, vulgar and cheesy with essentially no REAL self-awareness. Oh, the show pretends that they're hamming it up in a fun, ironic way. But it's pretty obvious they're just churning out another barely mediocre procedural with as little effort as possible.

The sad thing is, I would probably have enjoyed the concept if it has been executed with some actual talent and genuine panache. They could have played with the idea of the devil walking the street of L.A., solving crimes and it would have been a fun little diversion. But unfortunately, they forgot to bring the subtlety and quality writing. So instead we're left with this shrine to the lowest common denominator.
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Sympathy for the devil
quincytheodore13 August 2015
Losing the red horn and pitchfork for debonair skin, the titular entity roams our world with wealth and taste. Lucifer is a quirky, somewhat mischievous take on the fallen angel. It has many pop references, cool soundtracks and more importantly, a smooth convincing acting from the lead actor Tom Ellis.

Far from menacing, Lucifer is a magnetic gentleman. He wears nice suits, talks in charming accent and is very manipulative. The way he is displayed here hinges a lot on persuasion. He oozes confident, able to affect others with ease but without being overly callous or arrogant. Tom Ellis just struts as though he embraces the characters, the confidence is nearly infectious.

Production has all sort of nifty flair. Visual utilizes light tone, it gives more cinematic feel than most series, probably to portray the larger than life persona. Soundtracks are very good, the music is a mix of pop, rock and rap, which will resonate with audience in youthful fashion.

Characters are pretty inviting, and it's not just about Lucifer himself. Supporting roles play good parts too, the female police looks sympathetic enough for long term strange partnership, almost in odd buddy cop gimmick. It leaves many possibilities for future episodes, maybe it ventures into case of the week or just expanding on how manipulative Lucifer can be without becoming too sinister for silver screen.

Not sure how long Lucifer will walk the TV or how he will maintain the nature of the series in the long run, but as far as introduction goes, it is done with great taste. Fascinatingly classy and with a touch of devilry, please give Lucifer the courtesy of your viewing.
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Painfully embarrassing for all involved
phignett@hotmail.com9 February 2019
I don't understand how this was made with a straight face by anyone involved as it's truly awful, although my wife likes it so some people might enjoy it. I think the lucifer character is part Carry On character part Austin powers and part Jonny Depp which I love all of these but in a generic US program with a poor script, poor actors and an awful lead with an accent so annoying I can't listen without getting mad that anyone didn't say to him, You sound stupid stop doing it. I think if you like gossip girl and trash like that then you will like this, otherwise steer clear.
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Series 1 hmmm?
roxmewild1 January 2019
Can't comment on series2 or3 as have only just watched the first one. I guess if you are a lover of Cheesey scripts with plots that a 5 yr old can see through then this is a show for you! Personally I need more depth to. What I watch ! I will reserve this show for times when there is absolutely nothing else to watch and or do
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Another show with a disaster final season
mg_legend13 November 2021
If you enjoyed the first 5 seasons of Lucifer and somehow see my review, please just dream of your own ending rather than watching season 6.

Season 6. Quite simply can only be compared to the final seasons of Dexter and Game of Thrones. Terrible.

The final season is beyond horrendous. Lucifer was a fun show anywhere between a 6/10 and a 9.5/10 in the first 5 seasons. Some quite average episodes, some verging on great episodes.

Season 6 never even hit the low's of the 5 seasons before it. Poor writing, massive plot holes, massive inconsistencies. Miserable attempt at a time loop plot. An absolute nightmare. If i go to hell looping Season 6 of Lucifer for eternity is where I'm going

Which is just sad because the first 5 seasons were fun and a great show to binge :(
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How to spend millions on cheesy galore
shiranai-7377012 August 2018
Lucifer is good from the cinematic view, but that's about it. The story is so cheesy you sometimes have to cringe. And worst of all they manage to underbid their own cheesiness when you even thought they couldn't. The devil helps a LAPD detective and falls in love ... Jeezus puhlease. Who even remotely thinks "Oh cool lets produce it".

If I was an actor for this series, I don't know if I had to laugh, cry or just be tempted to quit every time I read the script. Seriously this is one series you can skip without batting an eye. Thank god (pun intended) this show got cancelled, cause it's really a waste of time, talent and money. You're better off watching your neighborhood from the window than a whole season of this cr...
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This was exactly what I need.
KikyNez13 August 2015
Well. This is my first review, for many time here and never done one, is because, this is the first time I got something worth to review. Even if English is not my mother language, I will try my best... sorry if something is misspelled or wrong written. I like complex things. And this character (religion out) is far more complex than any. I read the comics "The Sandman" and "Lucifer", and the premise is cool, considering the series is attached some how with the new issues coming from the comic. I liked the acting, specially Ellis... the girl is fine, and I like the chemistry between them. And more of it,the FX, for a TV series are cool. The script was fine, and got me (but... I knew who did it, to much TV for me, I confess. Though I will not spoil it) In the other hand, I know some people say it was overrated, but: There is a flavor for every taste... And for my taste it was awesome, delicious and brilliant. Every one is a critic, and every one can criticize, but it worth to take a look, just to know if you like it or not. And for the ones on seeing the religious way... People, there are others channels and other series to watch. That is it. Greetings from Uruguay.
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Castle ripoff
mariangella21 June 2018
Lauren German seems to have spend numerous hours watching the ways of Kate Beckett, but has failed completely in an attempt to be a new her.

The "acting" is painfull to watch, better have a go at a painted wall waiting to dry, far more exciting.

I should reward myself for suffering for through 5 episode of this travesty.
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Jumped the shark x1000
Bryyycers30 September 2021
(Updated) The 1st season of this fox original series was 10/10, the following seasons were less so but not bad (just a different show). I was glad when Netflix picked it up after fox canceled the series, ever since it had been hit from episode to episode. Then came season 6, mostly unwatchable, jumped the shark over and over again. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. It's now garbage.
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jnoosa7 April 2018
I enjoyed this the first season as light entertainment , second season just bad writing and new characters like the mother bad story lines with acting stopped watching it , last night had it on in back ground beyond far fetched and cant understand why this is still on sadly as did enjoy the first season alot when they added the mother beside bad acting and dread full story lines 3rd season had writing on the wall and then it is cancelled i just note as it tom'sbirthday it is back on for 2019 wow
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It's a cop out....
jerry-7089627 December 2020
Hey people this is a production centered on making money as they all are. Therefore, all these aholes who think it is a new literate and alternate way of purveying an insight into the human/spiritual paradox need a dose of reality. Lucifer and others are amoral, bisexual and hetero at the same time to tease you. It's a way to stay high in the ratings and draw you into a false reality and your own prejudices. I am a gay male and find it insulting to bi and gay people... depictions make us to be deplorable and immoral. But at the same time Lucifer is depicted as basically hetero to appease any homophobes other words, it does more harm than good to gays and bisexuals...hate this crap. We are normal people who just want to love and line without prejudice. It's all for the money. Shame on you who produce this crap and watch it.
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timhigham5 April 2018
I watched half of the first season but it became repetitive and cheesy. Acting is a little wooden from some of the cast, and Lucifer is not threatening at all.

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Highly over-rated sci-fi police show.
beechinorkelly27 February 2019
Mostly boring, unnecessarily dramatic, easily predicable.
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It really went downhill fast
excldk25 February 2022
The last two seasons were so excruciatingly bad it's hard to think it could have gone this downhill without major actors leaving.

I only finished it because I used to love the show once. It's nothing to do with what the series was. The final season feels more like watching desperate housewives rather than "Lucifer". Thakful it's over and they can't screw it up any worse.
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No development
amithomson26 July 2019
Was interested in season one, started to get bored in season two, I'm on season three and I can't watch it anymore. It's very far fetched, the acting isn't the greatest and the plot seems to be going around in circles. There's hardly any development between the characters. Every episode is more focused on solving murders and the weird humour then building a storyline.
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animal99-114 May 2018
I can't believe this show has been cancelled already. It was FUNNY and WELL written.... although there were times I wish they'd hire more writers for this show because I loved the banter between Lucifer and the Detective (Chloe) that really showed us Lucifer wasn't as GOOD as he seemed.

I loved that it seemed to follow some religious dogma and never lampooned it.

Unfortunately this cancellation smells of Network giving in to the early protest by religious groups. If ONLY they had watched it... None of it made fun of religion or any one's beliefs!

I am going to miss this show... I've watched hoping there'd be some reruns - I could watch this show So many times more!
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