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  • A man stands alone in an elevator he pulls a gun out and checks it is all ready before adding a silencer to it. After leaving the elevator he sneaks to a flat which he breaks into by picking the lock. After hearing the shower running he hides in a bedroom and checks the gun again. Upon the women entering a shot is heard and she collapses to the floor. The next morning news report Kim Collins is reporting on the murder and it is revealed the victim was a barrister named Michelle Davis. In flashback Kim is being bullied in high school and Michelle comes to her rescue. After Michelle promises Kim that things will get better it moves on to them in college two years later where they are getting ready to attend a party, just before he comes to pick them up Michelle informs Kim that she plans to have sex with her boyfriend that night. When they reach the club Kim gets out the car and Michelle said they will meet her later. She runs into the two girls who bullied her at school who apologise, although she accepts Kim says she will meet them later and goes off to stalk Michelle and her boyfriend. After hearing the couple argue and break up Kim rushes back to the club and pretends to be there the whole time, Michelle tells Kim all they need is eachother. Now at university Michelle is with a new man and Kim is still single they have a group of friends over and play drinking games for a while. Back in present day Michelle is bleeding but still breathing on her bedroom floor. Now the university group are at their graduation ceremony and smiling for photos. Michelle and her current boyfriend sneak off for some time alone but again feeling unsatisified they argue and Michelle dumps him. When Kim tries to comfort her Michelle tells Kim to leave her alone.

    Michelle and Kim drift apart after taking seperate career paths. Kim going on to be a reporter and Michelle a barrister. Michelle takes an internship which leads her to representing Mr. Khan a well known gangster. The case and it's verdict are reported on television which leads to Michelle and Kim meeting again they arrange to meet up the following evening but Kim is in a car accident. When told how much it will cost to take care of her Kim's brother, Craig, realises he won't be able to make that sort of money quickly so he turns to his former army collegue Mr. Khan for help. Craig is given a 'hit' that he must take care of for Mr. Khan to pay Kim's medical bills when Craig says he cant do it Mr. Khan tells him it's too late to back out and if he doesnt do it it will be Kim who suffers. When Kim confronts Craig about how he is taking care of the bills she finds a photo of the 'hit' and finds out it is Michelle who's collegue has asked Mr. Khan to take care of. Craig argues to Kim that its the only way they can survive but she leaves angry at him. After a tearful catch up Michelle leaves Kim's house after receiving a mysterious phone call. She asks Kim to meet her at her flat at 8 that night. As Michelle heads to her shower we see the hitman, Craig, enter her flat. He waits in the bedroom and shoots as she enters. Once the shot is fired he phones Mr. Khan and tells him he will take care of the body. After Kim stops the broadcast it is revealed it is her last day at the news station. Craig and Kim sit on the side of a yacht out at sea talking and laughing. A woman in a bikini approaches them with drinks and it is revealed to be Michelle. Her and Craig kiss as the yacht sails on.

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