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A nice journalistic drama worthy of your time
alain-kapel522 March 2015
Koreans rarely disappoint when it comes to movies. Whether you're talking about dramas or thrillers, they always boast high production values combined with good acting from all involved.

Whistle Blower is no exception. Here we have an intriguing story based on a true case that revolves around a scientist who claimed to be the first person to successfully clone human embryonic stem cells. The movie starts out with protag Yoon Min-cheol's investigation into illegal ovum trafficking that might be connected to Lee Jang-hwan, the aforementioned scientist, and his research into stem cell cloning. He decides to pursue the story further, but it quickly stirs public interest that backfires at Yoon and his network station. The rest is up to you to reveal, as it would be a shame to spoil more of the plot.

I feel like I've said enough regarding the movie. I wholeheartedly recommend it along with Silenced and Unbowed as some of the best Korean dramas I've seen recently. It might seem as a modest TV production at first, but it quietly pulls you along and doesn't let go until the end. You'll enjoy watching Yoon's fight for justice against all odds.
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Decent thriller
mister_bateman20 December 2020
The nature and magnitude of the medical scam in this movie makes it a little hard to believe that the doctor managed to get so far with it and become this rich and famous. I also found it funny that journalists are portrayed as idealistic, unbiased fighters for truth who have freedom to investigate and actually do so, when in today's reality they are nothing but mouthpieces for their oligarch owners. But that aside it's a decent, well acted, well directed thriller with a good message that highlights corruption, greed, media manipulation and the importance of standing up against power and doing what is right, regardless of the consequences. It's all little too long though.
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Interesting but not very original
tenshi_ippikiookami12 November 2016
"Whistle Blower" is the typical movie about journalists trying to find the truth while all the powers to be try to stop the truth from coming to light.

Based on a true story (you know, that thing that just means there is some relation to reality in the fiction we are seeing), Yoon is a news producer who gets some tip about the shady business a fertility clinic has. To his surprise, the clinic seems to be related to the most famous and respected scientist of the country, Lee. Yoon will try to find the truth with the help of a, well, the title of the movie says it: whistle blower.

The plot development is not very original with only a couple of surprises or touching moments along the way. The pace suffers in some moments, and the movie would need a faster rhythm in many of its parts. The acting, on the other hand is good enough, and all the actors feel relatable, from the ones that seem to be trying to find the truth, to Lee Geung-young's scientist Lee.

In the end, the movie ends being not particularly engaging. But the story of people trying to find the truth and fighting against the structural violence of society is nice and interesting enough to be worth the viewer's time.
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