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Swiss Army Man - Movie Review
MattBrady09926 September 2016
"If my best friend hides his farts from me then what else is he hiding from me, and why does that make me feel so alone?"

Never would I expect a farting talking corpse would've turn out to be a good movie. Even on paper, this idea sounds awful, but it's one of those things that manages to work out. I always hear people complain that movies just ain't that original anymore, with the endless reboots and the unnecessary squeals. And then you get something like this that's so different. Something so bizarre, weird and original that it's executed in a way that it actually works as a movie.

There's something deeply beautiful and very relatable about "Swiss Army Man" that I know a lot of people won't agree. It isn't for everybody. I mean, just look at the reviews for Sundance and the reports of walk outs during the movie. But then again, what do they know.

Daniel Scheinert & Daniel Kwan bring a sweet and a very surreal study of the human condition that's done so uniquely. Making farts jokes seem so poetic.

This is Daniel Radcliffe at his best and while he's character may be dead, there's still heart within him. Paul Dano who really has been impressing me over the past years is really great in this. Radcliffe and Dano brought a sense of friendship and a real chemistry that after awhile it kinda over shadows the wackiness of whats going on. Some people may find the scenes between them too disturbing or creepy, and I can totally understand that. But it's something that's hard to explain really. Even if you try to put together why something like this worked, but it never fully clicks in your head as the correct answer. Well, what can I say. Movies make you feel something man.

Overall rating: I'm no gonna lie, I teared up a bit while watching this. Yes, a farting corpse movie actually made laugh, cry and think differently on things.

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A Film That Is Ahead Of Its Time
jecyyru26 April 2020
Cinema is not yet equipped with smell-o-matic technology for that, er, whiff of authenticity and realism. I suggest this film be re-released when the technology is spread widely and people buy tickets for their most hated colleagues, relatives and citizens.
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Much more than just fart jokes, 'Swiss Army Man' is deep & unpredictable
cinemacy27 January 2016
Usually, fart jokes are associated with bad raunchy comedies in the likes of Adam Sandler's recent career, or really uncreative family movies. Insert, 'Swiss Army Man' – the Sundance title that's generated the most vocal reaction amongst festival goers for it's ridiculous, now infamous, farting dead body played by Daniel Radcliffe. This is only how the film begins, and let's just say it toots even louder from there.

Paul Dano plays Hank, a man lost on an island. Right when he's about to give up on life, he discovers the aforementioned farting body and finds an unexpected answer to why his life is worth living. He discovers that many elements of this body can help him survive and find a way back home, and keeps himself sane (or perhaps insane) by talking to it.

The writer/director duo Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, collectively known as "the Daniels", have a reputation for ridiculous and highly entertaining short films and music videos, and this feature represents a conglomerate of numerous ideas that sound bad yet somehow all work. As Hank develops a relationship with the dead body (one that starts out similar to Wilson in Cast Away), the intriguing absurdity keeps you engaged for the rest of the film. This is the type of film best seen with little information beyond the initial premise, as it is full of mystery boxes waiting to be unraveled. Thanks to the great use of locations and production design, the world- building is fantastic and the wackiness becomes downright fun.

On top of being a silly movie that doesn't pretend to take itself seriously, 'Swiss Army Man' sneaks in themes of societal behavior and what is considered weird vs. what is normal. It's rare to find a movie that is so unpredictable in an engaging way, and because the movie begins with something so ridiculous and only goes deeper from there, it allows for limitless ideas on what is going to happen next and continues to be fun to watch. The reason the film may be polarizing is because of how silly it all is, but going in knowing it will be this way is all you need to jump in and enjoy the show. There is little more to say without giving too much away – essentially, if you can accept absurdity and be along for the ride, this movie may just sneak up and treat you to a great time overall.

For more, visit:
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Love it or hate it, it's one film from 2016 that most definitely will not be forgotten.
freekyfridays15 March 2016
The Jury Prize for Best Directing caused more than a few controversies at this year's Sundance Film Festival with some audience members walking out, while others complained about the film's uncouth behavior. What might get lost in the mix is how impressively this unique and uncompromised debut feature can be seen through completely opposite lenses.

One way of responding to SWiSS ARMY MAN could be to contagiously laugh at the screwball actions of Hank (Paul Dano), a man stranded on a desert island with a dead body (Daniel Radcliffe). Another way would be to question Hank's reliability as a narrator and view this surreal, spiritual spiral as an existential journey into complete madness. Either way, Daniel Radcliffe's performance as a dead body is the kind of profound achievement you might expect from a Harold Pinter or Samuel Beckett play.

Swiss Army Man is not just the most infamous film at Sundance this year; It is the perfect Hollywood calling card for first time filmmakers Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinart, as well as being a completely neo-sincere film. Movie lovers should put aside all of its buzz and just experience it for themselves. Love it or hate it, it's one film from 2016 that most definitely will not be forgotten.

Review taken from 2016 Sundance Film Festival wrap up.
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Recommend this film to people you hate
metal-maven6 August 2021
Tell them it is clean fun, smells nice like a perfume and has many pretty girls walking around in skimpy clothes.

Then sit back, enjoy and do not take their calls when they call you all and and bothered.
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Heartfelt and beautiful
pathriciagullberg21 October 2016
This movie was truly beautiful. Don't get scared of the dead body and farts, stick with it until the end. It contains beautiful scenes of friendship and love and acceptance of all human beings. Really teaches you about a deeper mening about life. The desperation of being unloved and all alone, and the lengths we go to fight it and find some deeper mening in life. It's not just about action and saving the girl, sometimes you just have to find the one person in life willing to accept you for you. Perfect movie for the society of today, where so many suffer from depression and loneliness that could be cured if someone would just be willing to take the time to accept weirdness.

Its a perfect mixture of humor and seriousness. If you don't appreciate it, you should probably watch it again. It truly moved my heart. Weirdest best movie I've seen.

Truly beautiful.
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The best movie of 2016
Ramascreen25 June 2016
When you look up the word 'original' in your dictionary, you might find a poster of SWISS ARMY MAN next to the definition. This is simply the best movie of 2016 in my book. It's outrageous, it's visionary, it's full of humor and heart. To those of you who often complain that there's nothing original to watch in theaters anymore, writing/directing team Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert have come to the rescue.

Paul Dano plays Hank, stranded on a deserted island, about to commit suicide because to him, all hope is lost. And suddenly he sees a corpse named Manny (Daniel Radcliffe) who changes everything. Hank is determined to use his new multipurpose friend to go on an epic adventure that Hank hopes would bring him back to the woman of his dreams.

Brought to you by the guys behind "Turn Down For What" video, SWISS ARMY MAN is what happens when you let filmmakers run wild with their active imagination. It's a story about a man scared to take chances on love and life until a dead man who farts a lot has to show him how much fun letting loose and taking chances can be despite the outcome. Writing/directing team, simply known as DANIELS, pack this film with all kinds of surprises, like one of those nesting dolls, just when you thought you've seen what Manny can do, he can do another thing and another and it doesn't stop. And I'd like to see it as DANIELS channeling their limitless creativity through Dano's character, Hank, because Hank is the one who's got the skills to utilize Manny in order to create something that's either fun or simply useful.

Never have I seen a movie that celebrates farting as much as this. Some might dismiss SWISS ARMY MAN as absurd but this film wears absurdity proudly like a badge of honor. And to me the fart jokes and the corpse jokes, the erection jokes, they even have Jurassic Park jokes, are all just the vehicle that drives this friendship story. You have one character who's dead inside, and one character who's literally dead, interacting in a way that looks insane to some, but DANIELS crafted in a way that makes Hank and the audiences feel hopeful at the end. So this ain't some kind of "Weekend At Bernie's" long lost cousin. Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe fully immerse themselves in DANIELS' vision, although I'm sure at first they may have had trouble imagining what they read on the script. But the commitment of those two actors is evident on screen, they don't hold back. Accompanied by fantastic and super catchy score/soundtrack, SWISS ARMY MAN is a cinematic celebration that you can't get enough of. Bound to be a favorite to many; bound to be an instant classic.

-- Rama's Screen --
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Men with ironclad pre-nups
dokhtar-mekonam11 April 2021
Here is a DVD/Blu-ray boxed set combo you can give to your wife. This film, er, stinks so much that she will leave you and you are off the hook and owe the freeloader nothing.

Yup this film is so bad it makes Mamma Mia seem endearing in comparison.
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Donot show this film in a car or in an elevator
jamal19781 December 2020
There are only two of you and it is not possible to pretend it is not you!

The film will stink up the whole place and there is no escape.

Since this is a play rather than a movie there are only two guys in it and we see no pretty girls. Sausage fans who have already watched Bon Cop/Bad Cop and Blades Of Glory would love this though.
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What the f...
devylon-6393527 April 2018
.. is actually a very good description of this movie. Like many others I imagined it to be some kind of cast away with a corse for the volleyball but it was suprisingly different. At this point you should know that farting is an essential plot device in this movie and that it is actually used to underline it's statements. If you cant get over this fact don't even watch it, because it is very heavily featured.

I can't help myself fealing kind of weird recommending this movie because it's just plain akward and even uncomfortable to watch at some instances. The cinematography is very good and the metaphoric value every set build has for the story is strongly admirable. After about thirty minutes of runtime I came to appreciate the movie for what it is. A character study and a reflection of human behavior, traditions, norms and values, which is mostly presented through dialogue between the two characters. Daniel Radcliffe and Paul Dano play they're characters in such an astonishingly believable and sweet way, that you can take them seriously at any time during the movie even though the plot is as ridicoulus as one could imagine. I think this is a piece that many will grow to appreciate after some time and it is definitely going to become a cult classic.
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Shockingly Perfect!
tamarablagrave3 February 2019
I've seen a lot of reviews putting this film down for its toilet humor, but I think those reviews have, sadly, only skimmed the surface. This movie had me, admittedly, skeptical. After a few minutes of selling into it, I saw a story that we can all relate to on some level. It's a story of our fearls of being seen for what we really are, no edits. It's asking why we judge each other and ourselves down to the most basic and fundamental parts of just being living creatures.

By the end of this movie, my partner, my son and I were laughing as tears steamed down or cheeks. Not many movies have done that to me. I also have to throw in that when my teenage son is swept up by a movie to the point of crying and laughing simultaneously, it would be far from pretentious to say he loved it.

If you don't mind some brutal honesty about the things that make us all human and you're willing to open your mind to something truly different, this film will have you laughing, choking up, and everything in between in a way you'd never experienced before. Can't recommend it enough! It was a truly, unexpectedly perfect change of pace!
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doctor-elephant6 May 2021
I cannot believe the good review. Surely., it must be the studio interns (if not, HI DANIEL!!!)

Anyway, this movie stinks. It reeks. It has a one track mind and that mind is focused on flatulence. How many cans of beans did the director feed the two actors??

No women in this film so those of us who like feminine pretty girls in our movies won't see any, but then again perhaps the director wanted a couple and no women would sign up!
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do it.
closetninja6 July 2016
I'll admit it, this movie was weird as f*** and certainly not a block buster but don't let that stop you. As weird as it can be (it will have you wtf'ing through out) its still full of deep meanings and hidden messages. its like a double sided coin, one side full of slap stick and off the wall comedy while the other has you thinking about life while hitting you right in the feels. its an interesting combination that shouldn't work but in my opinion is masterfully done to create an overall good movie that will leave you thinking yet with a smile on your face and a lot to talk about. go see it folks and don't let the beginning deter you, its got more to offer then just fart jokes.
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A strange, brilliant, and mind blowingly hilarious self aware film
ez-xbox4 July 2016
Like abnormal? See this. Like intelligent? See this. Like funny. SEE THIS! Swiss Army Mans diversity was not only noticeable but its strangeness was not only quirky but hilarious. This is easily the best comedy of 2016. It has Daniel Radcliffe who was perfect for Manny, and Paul Dano who was also perfect for Hank. I swear there is no way of telling this is Daniels first film from the perfected direction and writing. The humor has funny build up and is really farcical. I think this film did everything correctly with how it wanted to do it. I recommend this to film goers who like strange but intact.

11/10 Golden Potato
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Creatively mind-blowing
BecauseIAmBATMAN24 September 2016
One of the most insanely creative and original film ever. Its often strange with crude humour about farting corpses and boners, but there certainly is a deeper meaning to it rather than being crudeness for the sake of it.

This film is truly a magical experience that dares to defy conventions. Its a thought provoking film that would make you question our conventions and need to be normal while exploring loneliness. With beautiful cinematography, powerful performances by Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, well paced with an excellent soundtrack this certainly is my favourite film of the year (so far).

Its certainly not everyone, it wouldn't be surprising if most people dismissed it saying 'What the hell'. Certainly recommended if you are into quirky, offbeat and creative films.

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You Have Enemies
johan-nader4 July 2020
You have enemies, right? Everybody has enemies! This is a must smell for them! Give this to them as a gift. Ship it to them anonymously and they will say WHAT THE FART! WTF indeed. Necrophiliacs everywhere love (to smell) this. As it is certified stinkier than a bag full of McDonalds' 'food.'
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A wannabe good movie
dimmymichopoulos23 November 2019
Filled with swallow jokes, swish army man, is a movie that is not for everyones tastes. Arguably, beneath the childish approach to tell this particular story, one can find a deeper meaning. One can also argue that the entire movie is a metaphor. Even so the movie fails to keep you interested and the message that wants to deliver is pretty well hidden or even there at all...
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Do not fool yourselves, there is no deep meaning in this movie
jostelle5 July 2016
I went to see Swiss Army Man excited about a potentially unique movie. Unfortunately the movie does not live up to its hype. This story just feels like an attempt to have people find depth and symbolism where there is none. The continuous use of fart noises and the constant corpse boners are a slap in the face for anyone who wants to claim to have found a meaning to the story. It truly feels like the movie goes out of its way to add the most absurd elements into the mix just to show how people can make up all these "findings". Like painting cans of soup to prove a point, this movie shows how nowadays you can get away with anything as long as there are people who believe their artistic and intellectual "abilities" can justify a complete and utterly disastrous movie. There has to be a reason why the last line of the movie is "what the f**k?" and I believe that reason is just to slap your face one last time before exiting the theater.
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johnfranklyke27 June 2016
MAGICAL, would be the one word I'd choose to describe this film. However, it is so much more. It's smart, but disguises itself as dumb or silly at times. A wonderful commentary on human life that makes you laugh, gasp, and truly ponder.

It brings up something that everyone can relate to, every human. However, serious the film may get, it's extremely self aware, and never get's too deep without being able to take a few steps back and laugh at itself.

The fun and playfulness of Steven Spielberg's Hook, mashed together with Cast Away and Fight Club.

One of the most fun roller-coaster rides I've had in a while at the theater. Enjoy it on the big screen.
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Wild and entertaining.
jdesando29 June 2016
"You can't just say whatever comes into your head. That's bad talking." Hank (Paul Dano)

Swiss Army Man is not Weekend at Bernie's, despite the animated corpse, Manny (Daniel Radcliffe), nor is it Cast Away with its benign Tom Hanks character and soccer ball Wilson. Rather it is as imaginative and unsettling a fantasy as you will see in your recent memory. The corpse (Daniel Radcliffe) eventually talks (albeit perhaps in Manny's mind only), and as the above quote suggests, maybe too much.

Marooned on an island, Hank is suicidal to the degree that he tries multiple times. Life has not been agreeable especially in his now lost situation. Enter corpse Manny, whose initial introduction is a body still filled with flatulence. Okay stuff for pubescent boys in the audience who can identify with the humorous properties of farts.

However, as in all good allegory, this film is conscious about the figurative relevance of those bodily functions, even boners from a dead man. As you already figured out, this body carries the weight of allegorical implication, mostly confirming that even in the body's basic functions, there is life affirming activity, enough for a seriously homicidal like Hank.

Swiss Army Man has a bunch of utilitarian functions, like the titular renowned knife, to counter the absurdity of life so well documented in the detritus Hanks finds in his lost condition. Cheese Puffs become almost sacred to a hungry castaway and erections are publicly appreciated as evidence of life, especially among the dead.

Dano and Radcliffe are the modern buddy-film icons, clueless about the value of life at its simplest but smart enough to figure it out. The ubiquitous smart phone, with its waning power, has the brief power to engage even a corpse with images of lust and maybe love, fleeting as the images might be.

A foraging bear reminds me that Hank is not as vulnerable as Leo's in Revenant, yet dramatically showing the wit of the two buddies for saving themselves. Nature is always a danger, but survivable if buddies are willing to count on human nature to get them through.

Swiss Army Man is not as oblique as Samuel Beckett's absurd dramas but feels much longer; however, it is Beckett with a sense of humor. It has an accessible figurativeness to please even the most unwillingly interpretive audience.

See this film to help you understand that even the basest human activity is better than the void to which we are all called.
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It's a sausage fest
Skip it.

Sure necrophiliacs and sausage fanatics will love it, but anyone looking for a good scent or a beautiful woman who is attractive and an eye candy will be shutting it off in 5 minutes.

Weekend at Bernies is how to do this kind of a film.
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Dumbest Movie I Have Ever Seen..........
KobraPower10 July 2016
I can't even begin to describe how ridiculous and stupid this movie was. I am utterly amazed how this can have a user rating of 7.9 on IMDb. This writer has some serious internal issues to be able to come up with this script. I never write reviews but for this movie I am compelled as a citizen of the United States to do so. My girl and I were just looking at each shaking our heads. This is not a comedy, nor an adventure and definitely not a drama. I can't believe how this got green lit to be made. FYI, if you have a fetish for farting, erections and complete nonsense, then this movie by all means is absolutely for you. The ONLY highlight of this film was the Popcorn and Coke we had.
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Pure boring filth...
foxfire0303 May 2021
This is nothing but an attempt at trying to be ingenious and different but it is merely childish trash and the people who created have NO CREATIVITY NOR WRITING SKILLS. A jr.highscool boy has already written this I'm sure.
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djreeser29 September 2016
Really? When watched the great satire "Idiocracy" I never thought that the scene about a film, "ASS" (literally just a shot of a man's butt against a black background farting for 90 minutes straight) will be ever brought to life in any possible variation. So here it is! I was hoping for a good ending that would save this movie but... forget about that! It's really weird people are looking for a deep meaning in it... there is none! The only positive thing I could say about this movie is that you might laugh because of its stupidity. As I said: Some ideas "Idiocracy" predicted have been brought to life. People are paying to watch an ass farting movie. The world is doomed!
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Spot on awful.
martin_urk7 October 2016
First of all: I will never get those 97 minutes of my life back.

I seriously forced myself to watch the entire movie to see if there was some kind of story behind all the farting and nonsense. And at the very end it totally blew my mind. This is by far the most idiotic movie i might have ever seen.

If you are a Daniel Radcliffe fan (and can't get enough of his farts), love indie music and don't care about a proper movie with good humor and a decent story... Well this might just be your kind of movie. Sit back, relax and enjoy 97 minutes of total utterly humorless nonsense. This is my first review on IMDb. I just could not rest with the fact that movies like this get a 7+ rating.
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