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This Was a Chore
Neon_Gold20 May 2020
I found this movie a chore to watch. It was just so boring and drawn out.

Nothing really made sense, even beyond the lore of the monster. Like why did they take a 4 year old to a college house party. Why does the man character constantly say the name that he shouldn't be saying. It felt slapdash.

The acting is pretty awful and one of the actors is clearly English doing a horrible American accent. It makes the film slightly entertaining as it enters into like disaster territory but I was just so bored that I struggled to actually focus enough to pick up on things.

Also this movie is not scary in the slightest. It has terrible CGI and it's just bad.

Don't waste your time with it.
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Say bye bye to decent horror films
JontheLobsterLover23 January 2017
There are moments when you watch a trailer for a movie and think to yourself "Well, the trailer is pretty bad, but maybe the movie is better." And, sometimes the movie does actually turn out to be better, making you pleasantly surprised. I did not have that feeling as I watched the trailer for the Bye Bye Man. After the trailer ended, there was not one ounce of me that thought "OK, maybe I should give it a shot.".

I watched this movie with my best friend, who also happens to be a horror fan, only because we have literally seen everything else that was out. I personally found three major issues with the movie.

1. The characters: Not one of the characters were particularly likable, so who really cares if any or all of them get hacked to bits? They don't really have any back story. The only one you feel any emotion towards at all is Elliot, and even those moments of emotion are sparse. Of course, he's the only one who has somewhat of a history to him.

2. The acting: To put it simply, the acting is horrendous. It's downright laughable. The writing can only be blamed for so long. It felt more like a high school stage production (and a bad one at that), than an actual movie. The women who played Kim, and Elliot's girlfriend, are by far the worst out of the whole movie, the latter being slightly worse than the former.

3. The worst thing about this movie is there is no mythology about the Bye Bye Man. There is zero backstory into who or what this creature is. All we know is that he is a creepy man with a creepy dog, and that's it. We don't know why he's terrorizing and killing these people, other than the fact that they say his name. WHY?! Where did that lore come from? Even the most psychotic icons of horror have some backstory into why they are that way. This movie offers you none of that.

I wouldn't recommend seeing this movie; I wouldn't recommend renting this movie; I wouldn't even recommend watching this movie for free on Netflix. This is one of the worst horror movies I have ever seen, and I've seen some very bad horror movies.
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A silly horror movie but watchable.
mochteam1 December 2019
Truly a PG-13 flick. Not exactly scary if you're over the age of 13 but I can see people not into horror finding it a decent watch. With that in mind I won't exactly be harsh on the movie it had it's good and bad ideas. I think what it suffered from the most is that the Bye Bye Man wasn't exactly scary because you never knew what he'd do once he got you and it's never really explained. He's just like a guy with a dog that rides a train and leaves coins or something. I dunno he's just not a scary enough character.
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Could be better, but not awful.
jturner-8476517 January 2017
First thing you need to know is the acting is bad. At times it's alright, at times it's awful, and at times I cringed. The plot of the movie is not bad, no one really has addressed this but this is easily the only thing that kept my interested throughout. Not a new idea by any means, but the psychological aspect of the movie kept me entertained. The directing was good. Some shots were pretty cool and some jump scares were actually clever. Depending on how you look at it, one of the jump scares was either a rip off or was inspired by a James Wan jump scare. The movie had the potential to be good and they just dropped the ball. Some people have mentioned how the shot gun deaths were one of the reasons it was a "bad" movie. These people are over dramatic. That scene, while head scratching is not going to ruin the movie. Though, it's what they had to do it seems to keep a PG-13 rating based off rumors I'm seeing/reading. If you are a fan horror, go into this movie with low expectations. If you are not a fan of horror, don't watch this movie.
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I felt like I was watching a horror parody
eabsler-3304530 January 2017
I'm so serious when I say this: I made an IMDb account just to rate this movie. If you are considering watching this, you shouldn't. I guarantee you, you will hate it! I felt like I was watching a comedy when I was in the theater, I even laughed a few times. The "villain" was a poorly computer animated joke. I didn't feel scared or even remotely nervous. Every single person who was involved in the making of this movie should feel extremely awful lmao. I actually think this is in the top ten worst movies I've ever seen. I wish there was an option to rate it zero. Please don't watch this movie. I'm making this review to save your time!! This has been my good deed for the day... sorry excuse for a movie in general
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A solid horror entry
bobjohnson99426 May 2017
Like some other reviewers said, I could not understand how the IMDb score at this time is 4.3. but there were so many 1 star ratings in the written reviews. This horror movie deserves 5 stars, which makes it worth watching if you are a horror fan. IMDb users note, horror movies rarely get above 6 stars, its just how people vote in this entire genre. A 7 in a real horror movie, is like "gone with the wind" or "citizen kane" level classic (lol). Anyways, back to the review.

This movie has a good premise, good rules for the supernatural critter to follow, real unease and dread, even among the "authority" support characters, and a few good scares. The CGI budget is low, and it DOESN'T MATTER, as it might in some other movie.

And I don't just mean it is good for an indie, it is just plain good (if you are a horror fan).
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Why the bad reviews?
BatsyCharky29 March 2017
I just finished watching this movie. I don't understand all the bad reviews I thought it was pretty good. I'm very particular on my horror especially these days. I found it to be rather eerie and a creepy atmosphere. It has a nightmare on elm street kind of vibe but more stranger. It's not a serial killer rip off and far from boring.

Perhaps people are just obsessed with the lousy "found footage" atmosphere or the Ouija boards possessions. I thought it was a rather refreshing considering all the other flicks these days. I wasn't expecting to enjoy it I just put it on for background noise and I thought it was going to be a random crazy fellow killing random people.

I highly suggest it I'm shocked about all the bad reviews I'm wondering if we watched the same movie. If you're not the type to listen to bad reviews I say take a chance for it.
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Really not that bad. Some people are slating for the sake of it.
TJHa-113 January 2017
I've just been to see The Bye Bye Man and i can honestly say it isn't that bad. OK so it isn't going to win any awards and its unlikely to be a horror classic. But if you go in expecting little then its a pretty decent horror film. Its pitched somewhere between Sinister and it follows.


Its quite easy to watch. Fairly decent story

Cons The acting is below average. The story had potential to be really good but seemed to lack in a proper back story and the main characters were lacking any real personality.

Overall If you are looking for an amazing horror film then this probably isn't for you. If you want something fairly enjoyable for 90 minutes i can think of worse films to watch.
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An OK horror flick for horror lovers
mikeinpgh23 January 2017
If you like horror flicks in general & do not have huge aspirations of seeing a Silence of the Lambs or Halloween or even The Ring or Strangers, you will probably enjoy The Bye Bye Man. It's worth watching though not very memorable as nothing really makes it stand out from the run of the mill horror flicks.

The story: 3 college kids move into an off campus house & quickly discover a night stand with a cryptic verse written over & over, "Don't think it, don't say it". Yes, of course, we all know right away what it is they can't think or say, it's "The Bye Bye Man". Say that & you're history! Sounds like The Candy Man, right?? Or kinda like The Ring (if you watch it you will die). Not only will you die if you say it but anyone who heard you say it is also a dead man or lady. Nothing new here. I must say the acting cold have been better but overall, I still liked it. Then again, I like most horror flicks more than most do so take my opinion for what it is.
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Wasn't as bad as people say
new-york-11 April 2017
Im very picky when it comes to horror movies... I hate movies like paranormal activity and Annabelle. This movie was just fine to watch at home. The acting is off yes but its more realistic to how real people act than how most movies portray. Needless to say real people don't behave like they do in movies so this one is a nice change.

I also loved the fact that this movie was about teenagers but didn't include them having sex, getting drunk or party all the time... It was a pleasant change to watch a movie about decent teens.
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Don't trust these other reviews
dnathanr111113 January 2017
This movie was very impressive to me, especially as a starter for horror in the new year. The whole basis of the movie was of the titled Bye Bye Man. A creature, ghost, entity, whatever, is not defined; He is still a horrifying thing. The first half of the movie gets into it very quickly. We get a decent introduction to all the characters, and then right there everything just starts going down. As the movie progressed I was honestly very gripped by it and the overall feel of the movie was amazing. One of the coolest parts of the movie is how the Bye Bye Man not only affects the characters but the viewer in many ways. I was completely shocked by how well down this movie was honestly. it was a refreshing take on the idea of a boogeyman-type character. Yes this movie may be full of clichés, but hey, that hasn't stopped some movies from becoming amazing. The clichés actually, in my opinion, worked and helped the story line of the movie.

I really recommend anyone who's a casual or big horror fan to watch this movie. Don't go into it thinking it's going to be some amazing Nightmare On Elm Street level horror movie. Go into it with a fresh mind and just experience it. You will not regret it.
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I'd recommend seeing it, if you're a fan of horror movies.
Hellmant20 January 2017
'THE BYE BYE MAN': Three Stars (Out of Five)

A horror flick about a supernatural entity that can possess anyone that learns it's name, which terrorizes three college students. It was directed by Stacy Title, and written by Jonathan Penner (of TV's 'SURVIVOR' fame). The script is based on a chapter of the 2005 book 'The President's Vampire', titled 'The Bridge to Body Island' (by Robert Damon Schneck). The film stars Douglas Smith, Cressida Bonas, Lucien Laviscount, Jenna Kanell, Michael Trucco, Carrie-Ann Moss, Leigh Whannell, Erica Tremblay, Cleo King, Faye Dunaway and Doug Jones (as The Bye Bye Man). It's received mostly negative reviews from critics, and fans alike, but it's done really well at the Box Office (so far). I thought it was OK.

Three college students (Smith, Bonas and Laviscount) move into an old house, near campus. Once there, they learn about a supernatural entity called The Bye Bye Man (Jones). They also discover that the Bye Bye Man can possess anyone who says or thinks it's name (and make them do horrible things). In order to try and stop the creature, they investigate it's origins. While doing so, they desperately try to stop others from learning about it. They also frantically try not to kill each other, in the process either.

The movie is a great concept for a horror flick, and The Bye Bye Man is definitely a frighteningly memorable slasher film villain. I'd like to see a sequel, or maybe more, and hopefully the potential franchise keeps getting better. Penner's script isn't bad though (he also plays a small part in the film), and Title's direction is decent as well. I also can't believe the producers got such an awesome cast for this (Whannell, Moss, Dunaway, Jones!). I'd still recommend seeing it, if you're a fan of horror movies.

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Do Not Believe the Negatives!
Kaat122029 May 2017
I don't understand why so many hate this movie! It's certainly better than any of the Paranormal franchise. I usually go for the slow burn, atmospheric movies, but I found this scary and entertaining.

It's simple to follow, and there are plenty of scares. It's not too complicated so it doesn't get tangled up in itself.

If you like movies like "Candyman" or "Boogey Man," you will probably like this.

The only way to know is to watch and decide for yourself.
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Oh my word this is terrible.
bibliophilia13 January 2017
I will admit that there are some very creepy parts to this film, yet watching this film I kept getting flashbacks on better horror movies that presented bogeymen way better than this one did. I felt like I was watching a movie that decided to reanact scenes from other movies.

I'm just going to come out and say it: The acting is HORRIBLE. This movies presents us with stilted, horrendous caricatures of what I think is supposed to be acting, but overall it's some of the worst I've seen in a while. The character's dialogue is so clumsy it gets awkward after a while. This is seriously worse than what college kids fresh out of film school can do!

Another error with this film is the characters describing the plot of this movie repeatedly to us OVER AND OVER AGAIN. This movie could have been about 20 minutes long! This may just be one of the most incomplete films I think I've seen in a while.

I didn't have very high expectations for this movie when it came out, but my god is it a lot worse than I had imagined it could ever be!
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Genuinely boring.
abrahamdeleon1513 January 2017
As someone who is a big fan of horror films, I can truly say that this film was bad. This film had no originality whatsoever. The entire film made me feel like I was watching a movie about Slenderman, The Babadook and something just plain weird. The film had so many things that were unexplained (which sometimes isn't bad) but it was to the point where I was entirely lost and waiting to be picked back up by something good. The acting was horrible, the content felt unoriginal and the whole film relied on jump scares to get any sort of reaction. If you're someone who loves jump scares and doesn't appreciate real suspense, terror or fear then this movie is for you. The jump scares were interesting and there were a few points where the movie could have expanded or gone somewhere deeper with it's scenes, but it failed to do that and falled flat with every chance it had. I had such high expectations for a film that was from the producers of The Strangers but this was just completely horrible. Skip this movie, you aren't missing much.
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I am shocked of the IMDb rate. READ ALL OF IT!
azanoo13 January 2017
Just for once my girlfriend and I decided to go to a movie with an IMDb rating this low (at the moment 3.5). For us IMDb is everything, we really trust on the opinion of the crowd.

We really love horror and thriller movie's. I can tell you one thing, this movie is GREAT! Once again I am shocked to see the IMDb rating. I think it's bullshit it got rated so low by some *prohibited word on here* who think they are "movie experts" and have nothing to do with their life. I mean what the *what two people do when making love*, "rating movie's" that's not even a real job. Go *love* yourself. And yes I am mad, because I feel great unfairness against the makers of this movie. They really did a great job!

I understand there can be a different in taste. But as hard as I try to be objective: it is still a really good movie. But worst of all; how many (good) movie's did I skip through the years because of a low IMDb rating...

Just because all of this, I took effort to google and find out how to write a review on here to warn you all (and yes, it is hard to find the button for writing a review here). Please go to the movie and let me know that I am not the only one and crazy. Please, my life is upside down now. I NEED TO KNOW.

~ don't think it ~ don't say it ~
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The bye bye man: unrated
TuesdayThe17th8 April 2017
I actually liked this movie. It has some good scares and in my opinion it is fairly creepy. I am an avid horror collector, mostly indie horror, and indie horrors almost always out do Hollywood made horror movies. The bye bye man, though, is one of the better recently made big budget movies. It is pg13 so i don't know what all these negative review people were expecting. I was able to get a copy of the unrated version on blu ray a week before it is actually released in stores. I have not seen the original theatrical version, but oh my was the unrated version good. It had genuinely R rated feeling scenes. It made for quite a surprising experience for me, as i was expecting the typical teenage ghost story where nothing is showed and nothing is scary. The bye bye man has a similar set up to the newer movie "Satanic". Although bye bye man is much better on many levels, both movies kind of deal with the whole aspect of finding out about the entity or whatever the antagonist may be. There's no big filler or after sequences of action in this movie. It was devoted to the set up and creepiness of the huge house the college friends buy, and just the idea of the bye bye man with out ever reealllly exploring his origin. Its fast paced, douglas smith is a good actor and is actually in his early thirties!! Lol. AND there's a special guest appearance by Leigh Whannell, who is a horror maestro himself. Personally i am impressed and pleased with this movie. The setting was really creepy and the movie was overall refreshing. It really freaked me out When eliot's neiss wanders up into his bedroom while at his party. When she opens the door in the wall, what happens behind her is super scary. The synchronization of it all is terrifying. I give it a 7. Trust my review. Not the fakes
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So very very terrible - it's actually hilarious
comps-784-3826516 January 2017
This film is actually so bad, so really really awful, utterly pathetic, in a strange twisted way it actually, sort of, saves itself (albeit unintentionally).

First question is how on earth did this film get made ?

It is literally so bad it's like a spoof horror of a bad spoof horror doing a spoof of a bad comedy spoof horror.

If (like me) you read the bad reviews, but you have a cineworld card (or equivalent) i.e. You suffer no financial loss in going to see this.

Then go to see this, on the basis it is truly garbage.

If you do, it is hysterical,

I am actually giving this an 8/10 based on I suffered no financial loss buying a ticket to see it (having a cinema card)

That I went to see this expecting garbage and it was so bad it was hilarious.

If you want a laugh go see it.
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Ignore all the haters, this was a great modern horror movie with good acting and characters.
justind-55 April 2017
Well I watched this movie before reading all the terrible reviews on here. Maybe I must have watched a different movie then everyone else watched? Movie I saw had really good character in it, decent acting, and a foreboding, scary character at the middle of it all. I thought it really held your attention for the whole movie, the only thing I thought was a bit of a let down was showing the face of the bye bye man towards the end. But the rest of it was a really fun horror romp, man, there are so many worse horror movies then this going around. I loved it.
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The bye bye man-- a bit like the movie!
thor202914 April 2017
My opinion-.

This movie begins rather well with a pré-generic sequence that instills enough desire to see more ... but after that becomes a story of three friends who fall by chance on the horrible origins of a mysterious character and that " They eventually discover that it is the root cause of an evil that will affect them. This movie is still allowed to watch and I have not found it so bad, no need to see a nightmare movie to please, here there are nevertheless suggestive scenes sufficient for me. Good as in all these horror movies, it is not all Evil Dead nor exorcists, but what is certain, to have the scare of their life, then go see a real psychopath for that is cinema, Not the best, but not the worst either, if not do not watch this movie, I note it anyway 7/10.
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finally, a horror movie that isn't bad
yusef-ghanima1 April 2017
i think it was since the end of the saw movies that i lost any hope in finding a horror movie that isn't bad. the title made me hesitate to watch this movie, i thought it was in the horror comedy genre, which i believe is total rubbish that was invented, maybe by the guy who made the evil dead, which is basically a genre of failure horror makers, when they realize how bad and hilarious their movies are, they start to pretend that it was intentional comedy. it's common sense that you can't have horror and comedy at the same time, but we live in a world where a man can win weight lifting competition for women. i was brave enough to look at this movie again to find out that it doesn't have comedy as part of its genre. as expected, nothing new here, you know you saw most things before unless you're a millennial, but some how it's effective, still creepy and can be terrifying sometimes. the director is really talented with a very interesting cast, they just needed an original script.
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For a movie without a massive budget it does well
kieranmtwilliamson28 May 2017
The negative reviews for this movie are unjustified. For a what is a fairly low budget in this day and age it did well. The acting was good, the plot was intense and the twists were brilliant.If they had a higher budget I'm sure they could have done even better, and I'm sure a sequel would do well.
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Bad in the best way
greem-3671721 December 2019
Watched with a couple of friends and had a great time. It's In the:"so bad that it's awesome category"
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Its so bad...!
janne-bunkholdt27 February 2017
Incredibly bad movie. Bad acting and the story could have been so much better than it was. I thought it was a bit messy. The lines were too unnatural. When someone breaks into your home, the question is not "who are you?" in a calm way, but "get the hell out !!" . Was also a lot of mistakes in the movie... it's simply a low budget movie... The only reason I went to so this film in theaters was due to the good feedback some people on IMDb had written. If you are in doubt then wait until it comes out on DVD / Netflix. it's not worth seeing it in theaters, select a different movie.
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Don't think it, don't say it, don't watch it.
Sleepin_Dragon11 February 2019
What has happened to this genre? Years ago it seemed a similar type of film would be hitting the big screen on an almost bimonthly basis, now when we get a horror, it always feels as if something is missing somehow.

The Bye Bye Man begins well enough, and has a fairly interesting concept, trouble is the direction is so poor, it fails almost entirely to so the basic premise of a film, and tell a story, it's lazy somehow, we get no backstory, no real conclusion, and certainly no real tension.

The acting was fair I guess, but none of the cast were treated well in terms of script.

Overall, a total disappointment, some wonderful ideas, just badly realised, and way too predictable, you always seem to know what's coming next. 4/10
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