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UnFair: IRS documentary about the abusive powers of the IRS
callawayfairtax15 October 2014
The movie did an excellent job of exposing how the IRS operates above the law and is able to do so with impunity. Good history lesson in the Marxist origin of the income tax. Americans who are not concerned about a government able and willing to target and silence an individual or group are allowing tyranny to grow unchallenged. The tax code cannot be fixed. It is doing what it is designed to do: take the wealth of a private citizen without consent but via legal means. If the tax code actually helped grow the economy and freedom of this country, that would be one thing. But, the income tax is forcing our capital and corporations offshore and then attempts to penalize those who wish to protect their investment by calling them traitors and by attempting to pass laws to control movement of corporations out of this country. Politicians and K Street lobbyist have no desire to ever end the income tax. It is their Golden Goose. Most Americans are silenced out of fear of the IRS. This movie clearly demonstrates that anyone can become a target of the IRS.
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Very important movie.
robfred200915 October 2014
I went to see this movie at the Cinemark in Towson, Maryland. It is a very important movie to see. The abuses and targeting by the US government has been going on for decades now. The targeting and suppression of certain kinds of free speech is very dangerous. I recommend this movie to anyone who cares about their freedoms. They are under attack at a rapid pace now. I would like to encourage anyone who did not see this movie in theatres to purchase a DVD and watch it at home with friends and family. Share it with friends and family as well.

There is a solution to this abuse of power. It is the FairTax legislation. I'd like to encourage others to learn more about it. We need to know what our government is doing. They cannot get away with these kinds of abuses.

It has come this far after years of grassroot citizen support. People want real solutions to problems created by the government. So far, government is just playing games with people who want to live better lives.
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You Need to See This!!
slcgeneral15 October 2014
Great movie. Real people telling their story of IRS abuse and intimidation. Nothing fancy, no special effects, and no hero saving the day at the end, unless We, the People, are willing to step up and put an end to the types of travesties portrayed in the movie.

The pain and anguish visited on everyday Americans, and the arrogance of the IRS bureaucrats should be enough to terrify every American, whether you believe in "big government" or not. This kind of evil can be used against anyone.

The ending takes your breath away!!

Of one thing we may be certain. If the bureaucracy in Washington isn't stopped, it is only going to get worse, and we have the lessons of history showing us just how bad "worse" can be!!
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More propaganda for the poor designed to keep them poor using fear
lleutierpeimdb21 December 2022
Warning: Spoilers
This film capitalized on a legitimate concern - the fact that the IRS audits overwhelmingly target the middle class and that tax write-offs require substantial starting capital - as an excuse to push propaganda. And, as usual with anti-tax small government rhetoric, it pushes the idea of gutting government services and programs in order to reduce taxes paid. It's a strategy that's never worked. It always gets implemented as "starve the beast", where obstructionists underfund programs to cause them to fail, in order to gain power. However, the next step is always to siphon tax money into private pockets - not to reduce taxes.

People concerned with high taxes should always keep in mind that *every* tax cut always provides *even higher* benefits to corporations and the most wealthy, while increasing national debt. What we need is not a tax cut, but to ensure that the most wealthy, who gained wealth through exploiting working-class Americans, the poor and publicly-funded resources, are made to pay an even higher tax rate than most Americans. As it stands, most of the wealthy in America pay 1% or less of their gains as taxes. The entire point of adding additional funding was to give the under-staffed IRS the resources to audit millionaires and billionaires. But they're likely to do the easiest thing and keep auditing people without armies of lawyers to defend their wealth hoarding.

Republican congressionals overwhelmingly voted against stopping corporate profiteering (such as by fuel refineries and energy congolmerates), and despite the consistent whinging about high taxes for blue-collar workers, did absolutely nothing to help anyone making less than $200K/year. Which is typical. It's a party that exists solely to exploit the poor by convincing them that they're under attack by other poor minorities. Democrats did a bit better, choosing to fund the IRS and spend tax money on citizens rather than defense contractors. But they also added in the $600 banking limit to catch people venmoing. We need to oust the Republican party entirely and split up the Democratic party, which is basically run by people who make policies that are fiscally the same as a 1980s Republican, but also try to separate Church and State like the founders intended.

Look up ranked choice voting. That's the kind of thing we need if we want minority parties to actually have a voice in Congress that can contest the current two-party system. Get your representatives to pass that. If they won't do it, they're part of the problem.

Lower and middle classes have to pay taxes and *then* pay for everything out of pocket because Republicans consistently run the narrative that *only* the federal government is corrupt - and not state, city, and county governments and law enforcement. And most especially private industry, which now runs many utility companies and private healthcare because of Republican lobbying.

As a nation, we pay the highest percentage of our income for goods and services of any first-world country for maybe a 10% increase in wages for in-demand jobs. Realistically, if we properly legislated single-payer healthcare and education spending, we'd all have "free" healthcare and education - meaning we'd pay no more more taxes than we do now to get it. But no one tries that, because wealthy donors fund trash propaganda like this film to convince them that there's no way to fix it short of civil war, and that other nations are worse off despite having less crime, better health, and a better standard of living.

It's probably a waste of time to even write this, considering the target demographic of this film and their understanding of how government actually works, but I had to do something to counteract the shills posting rave reviews of this blatantly false extremist propaganda.

Please actually look up the text of laws and the cost of things like roads, healthcare, and education, and then ask yourself why we can't get things for the same rates here in the greatest country on earth. It's not because it's impossible. It's because the people yelling the loudest about supporting regular Americans are the biggest thieves.
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"Tax Policy is Moral Policy!"
kuhlenbeck14 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
UnFair reveals the truth about the abuses of power and the cover-ups by the IRS, exposing it as a blatantly unfair and corrupt entity which is unable to be reformed and, therefore, must be abolished.

This film is firmly grounded in history, building on the arguments of the founders of the United States, along with many notable philosophers and other historical figures who have added to its greatness.

The Founding Fathers wrote that when any form of government becomes destructive to the ability of the people to secure life, liberty, and property, it is the duty of the people to alter or abolish it.

UnFair exposes the inner workings and dealings of the IRS - The United States federal government agency that has the power to enforce the confiscation of legally acquired income.

This movie brings together multiple points of view in presenting the clear moral case, not only against excessive taxation, but to put these arguments into a focus that the very principles upon which this nation was founded are so abusively violated that a free people are compelled to rise up and reject them outright as unconscionable to the very foundation of absolute moral freedom and liberty.

In a free society, the sole moral purpose of government is to protect the life, liberty, and property of each individual. It is through objective laws, police, courts and a military that governments achieve these goals. Separation of powers, checks and balances, and federalism are meant to confine the federal government to its proper functions, as enumerated in Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

***POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT*** The tag-line for this film is: "Tax policy is moral policy."

A forced government tax on income is theft and "Thou shalt not steal" is a moral imperative. Therefore, the only answer is to abolish The Internal Revenue Service of the United States federal government.
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