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MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
The short Disney movie that had all the Frozen fans begging for more.
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Pure Perfection!
Hunter-Lostie14 March 2015
It's Anna's birthday and Elsa is determined to make it a "perfect day" in order to make up for all of the birthdays she's missed in the past. While she takes her sister on a treasure hunt for presents around town (bumping into some familiar faces), Kristoff is left in charge of guarding the decorations.

All seems well, until Elsa's cold starts to cause havoc; let's just say that when a Snow Queen sneezes, there's a high chance that's she'll end up polluting the area with extremely hyperactive "snow babies". Will the day be ruined, or will Kristoff and Olaf manage to keep them in tow?

"Frozen Fever" is colourful and fun, packed with stunning animation and humour to keep both children and adults intrigued. It offers numerous nods towards the original movie (including one "Let it Go" pun to make you giggle) and a catchy song that will surely stay in your head for days.

Be warned "Frozen" fans: "Frozen Fever" may just get you even more hooked than you were before! A solid 10/10
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"Frozen Fever" is a viral infection too awesome to avoid!
AdrianOlonan15 March 2015
Disney's 2013 film "Frozen" is truly a milestone in movie history. It became the highest-grossing animated film of all time, with over USD 1.2 billion box office revenue. It's also the first female- directed film to reach the billion dollar mark, thanks to Jennifer Lee. Now that if you miss to see the phenomenon in theaters, now is the chance to catch up.

The short film centers on Elsa's preparation to Anna's birthday, with help from Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf. It's funny and heartwarming. It's probably 8-10 minutes long only, and you'll beg for more. "Making Today A Perfect Day" is treated as the successor to the YOLO song "Let It Go". It's catchy and good, and consistent to the aura of the Disney Princess franchise. Expect some nice surprise at the last 2 minutes! It might be important for the upcoming full-length sequel.

Franchise movies thrive because audiences connect with characters. Even I myself experience it. "Frozen 2" is coming for sure, and it's too awesome to miss.
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As good as Frozen and better than the live action Cinderella
Stompgal_8716 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this film when I rented it on Amazon Video since I didn't get the chance to see it in the cinema when it was shown before the live action Cinderella (which wasn't as good as the original cartoon version but had a great cast) and as a fan of Frozen I really enjoyed this one so I purchased it on Amazon Video for subsequent viewings.

While the song Making Today a Perfect Day takes up most of the film's running time and I didn't think much of it when I first listened to it on YouTube due to a similar line to one in Let It Go, it got better when I watched the film and it is very catchy. The story is not a rehash of that in the feature film because the relationship between Anna and Elsa significantly develops. The animation in this film is on par with that in the feature film as are the roles of Olaf, Sven and Kristoff while the simple story of Elsa worrying about ruining Anna's birthday with her cold has several moments that made me laugh, likewise with Tangled Ever After, and I liked the cameos from Prince Hans, Marshmallow and Oaken. The voice cast was also as good as they were in the feature film. In addition the snowgies that form whenever Elsa sneezes are adorable and the springtime dresses she and Anna wear are absolutely beautiful.

All in all just as good as the feature film with its song, animation, humour and the developing relationship between Elsa and Anna being the aspects that stand out the most. 8.5/10.
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Really Heartwarming & Charming Short
nikosafer14 March 2015
After 2 years of original movie ,Disney and the directors of Frozen make a short (which i like to call it Movie episode special video)to show as what happen after when Elsa learn to control her powers.

I was really excited to see this short when it first come out ,even this short it was about Elsa tried to give Anna the best celebration for her Birthday ever. I was expecting to see the sequel of Frozen this year but what to end up it wasn't bad at all.

So let's have a look

Story: Well is what i say earlier is about Elsa tried to give Anna the best celebration for her Birthday ever but something goes wrong and by the end everything is fine. As you probably know is Birthday Episode (sort of). The story is little weak because of the cliché (the main character tried he best to make it perfect but something goes wrong and it is in chaos but by the end everything is fine )

Characters: All the Characters are the same except Elsa it has changed before it was the quite and far away character because it was afraid to hurt someone with her power and now is happy, it enjoy what he doing and it has really good relationship with her sister Anna. What a really love of this short is the relationship between with the sisters.

Animation: The Animation is a little better of the movie(not much)for example the girls new dresses look really beautiful and the little tiny snowman's

Songs : The New Songs by Idina Menzel are really good but not as Awesome & Catchy as let it go & love is a open door ,but the new songs of this short they are really Good,Heartwarming and Catchy. My Favorite songs of this short is Touch of Ice.

Overall this short is really Heartwarming ,Charming and really enjoyable to watch it ,is still on Theaters with the live-action remake Cinderella (2015) go ahead and watch you are not going to be disappointing especially if you are a fan,big or huge fan of the frozen movie.

I like the short really much and i am clad to see it ,the strongest point of this short is the relationship between with the sisters. The Only problem i have of this short (is not so big problem for me) the story is a little weak because of the cliché of a Birthday Episode (you know the main character tried he best to make it perfect but something goes wrong and it is in chaos but by the end everything is fine)

i give this short

B+ 4/5 8/10 81/100 and 4 stars

Thanks you Disney

and as for the squeal of Frozen i am really excited to see it when it come out i want more of the relationship between with the sisters,what new adventures will come for are heroes and a new and a really good villain (because Prince Hans as a villain is awful)
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Frozen Fever
Terryfan3 April 2015
Frozen Fever is the short animation special made for fans of Frozen and it kind of serves as a sequel to the movie.

However it is an short film to hold over fans of Frozen.

What makes the film works is that Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad, and Jonathan Groff all return to reprises their respected roles as Anna, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff. So it will bring some special meaning to the fans to get the original cast together for this short film.

The plot of the film is that It's Anna's birthday and Elsa wants to make this a special day for her sister unfortunately Elsa has a cold but she is determent not to let that stop her from making Anna's Birthday special.

The song "Making Today A Perfect Day" is the main song of the film and it is very catchy and original to boot. They pick a strong song for the film.

Animation for this film is superb as in the first film very much attention to detail for the characters as well as the snow effects.

Voice acting very interesting from the start as the cast show us why we fell in love with the characters in the first place.

Plus with Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck return to direct the movie and once again deliver on the film so nice.

The film is just all together fun for all ages if you love the first movie you will love this special short animation film, the film feature amazing artwork, superb voice acting, humor plus nice nods to the first film.

I give Frozen Fever an 9 out of 10
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Beloved characters in their best form
StevePulaski14 March 2015
Preceding "Cinderella" in its theatrical release is "Frozen Fever," a short film revolving around the characters from the hit Disney film "Frozen." The short involves Elsa (voiced by Idina Menzel) and her friends Hans, Sven the moose, and Olaf the snowman (Josh Gad) preparing a surprise party for her younger sister Anna (Kristen Bell). Elsa, however, has a cold, where every sneeze produces several tiny little snowmen, sort of resembling Olaf, but she persists on, taking her sister through all of the little decorative zones she has set up for her before taking her to the final party. The short reinforces my believe that the "Frozen" characters are best in small doses, and I only wish now that instead of the "Frozen 2" we all knew was coming, we'd see these characters populate several, extremely fun shorts like this.
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Cute But Pointless
utgard148 August 2015
What's the point of this? It's not long enough to have any kind of real story so you wind up with an unnecessary short that just serves as a reminder that there was this movie a couple of years ago that had these characters people liked. I mean the whole thing is basically one song stretched over a thin plot about a birthday party for Anna. That's it. It doesn't feel like they had this amazing idea for a short in mind but that they just wanted to keep the Frozen brand alive while they worked on a feature-length sequel. Maybe I'm wrong about the motivation but the whole thing just seems pointless beyond the commercial reasons. Look, I'm not saying it's a bad cartoon. It's fine for what it is but it really makes you appreciate the animated theatrical shorts from decades ago when people put effort into crafting a quality cartoon with a limited running time.
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A good placeholder
neil-4761 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Elsa has big plans for Anna's birthday, the first which they can spend together since they were small, but it looks as if she is coming down with something (oddly, since a cold never bothered her anyway): every time she sneezes, it generates a batch of snowmenettes, and chaos is not far behind them.

This short, which precedes the theatrical release of Disney's live action Cinderella feature, satisfactorily fills the gap until Frozen 2 arrives. It is quite good, although the song which occupies much of its length is, frankly, no great shakes - it doesn't have a lot of shape to it and is rather rambly and structureless.

But the film itself is full of humour and action, and is very entertaining.
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A darling little short!
Irishchatter28 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I think this was a great idea for Disney to create a little short from Frozen because nearly everyone in the world loves Frozen! I found it so adorable that Elsa kept on sneezing of little tiny snowmen. I definitely want to hug them too just like I wanna hug Olaf haha!

Again, Elsa always dresses so well but this time, she is dressed in a Summery fashion this time. It's very flowery and sparkly, it definitely suits on a Spring or Summer day. Anna dresses well too but she always shows plain Jane colors, it's not bad but, they could at least made an effort with her!

Shorts like these makes me badly want the sequel to come out now but unfortunately it won't be out in 2018 which it is too long so I guess I gotta wait for a while :(
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Cute, creative little short with a catchy song
llltdesq26 December 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This as an animated short using characters and events from the film Frozen. There will be spoilers ahead:

This is a short cartoon set in the Frozen universe. The short opens with Elsa frantically planning the perfect birthday for Anna. The main problem is, Elsa has a cold and every time she sneezes, she creates little snowmen. Rather active and devious little snowmen, with designs on Anna's birthday cake. This sets up one of the two story lines in the short-a battle between the snowmen on one side and Olaf, Sven and Kristoff trying to save the day and preserve the cake.

Meanwhile, Elsa has gone to wake up Anna for her birthday. Anna has a serious case of bed head when she wakes up. The two sisters get dressed and go on a treasure hunt of sorts, Anna following a string to her presents while Elsa sings her a song between sneezes and the creation of yet more snowmen, which she strangely never notices.

As the two go from point to point, they meet characters from the previous feature and Anna becomes increasingly concerned about Elsa's cold (there's a nice nod to the feature's biggest musical hit at one point) and tries to get her to go home and go to bed so she can get better.

Throughout the short, the action switches between the two plot lines until they join up at the end. There are references back to events and characters in Frozen several times and the ending is rather nice. I suspect we'll be seeing more of the little snowmen in Frozen 2 and that this short was made as a test of sorts for the characters and the animation requirements.

It was released to theaters with the feature Cinderella, but apparently wasn't qualified for some reason for the Animated Short category for the Academy Awards. It's a strong year, so it won't really be missed much. It's an entertaining short, particularly if you like the characters.

This short is on both Blu-Ray and DVD, included on a compilation of recent Disney animated shorts (Walt Disney Animation Studio Short Film Collection) as well being included as an extra on the Cinderella (2015) release. Most recommended.
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A wildly entertaining and cute short for all ages
jappleack12529 March 2015
I saw Cinderella with my family at the movie drive-ins the day after it was released and as a Frozen fan myself, I was actually excited for this when i saw the trailer for this movie on GMA. When i saw this before Cinderella, I really loved it personally and my family seemed to loved it too! My sister isn't fond of Frozen itself, but when she saw the short, she felt renewed and started loving the franchise with me. If you want to see a short and a movie that has princess and has really entertaining moments in it this spring, then both this short and Cinderella is the right pick for you. But if don't like/hate Frozen, then some of you might be redeemed to this or just enter the theater when Cinderella starts.
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Misbahsaleh1 April 2015
I never really go t the buzz about Frozen I think Disney has done much better before, maybe it had more merchandise for children to obsess about I don't really know. I preferred Tangled and other Disney films, I Think Frozen is extremely overrated and Frozen Fever even more so it is just a song and i think that the way the fans obsessed about Frozen Fever coming out they could have made something better. I only watched Frozen fever because it was forced upon me at the beginning of Cinderella. I think that people expect a lot from Frozen and Frozen Fever but my advice is not to expect it to be amazing. I went in watch Frozen and Frozen Fever with an open mind but I was disappointed I expected the film and its spin off short to be a lot better. So again I am disappointed.
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Fans of Frozen will be in heaven!
TheLittleSongbird31 March 2015
As someone who loved Frozen and considers it one of Disney's best since the Renaissance, Frozen Fever(although for personal tastes it could have been a little longer) was quite a treat, just as good as the film and goes perfectly with it. Just as if went perfectly with Cinderella, the feature film it accompanied, which I also loved.

The animation is not quite as polished as in the film but it is still beautiful with lots of attention to detail in the backgrounds and care in the character designs put into it, the rich and sumptuous colours are easy on the eyes too. Making Today a Perfect Day is a very good and catchy song that puts a smile on one's face, not quite on the same level as Let It Go but it stays very true to the style of the songs in Frozen(no surprise as the same composers were involved) and is certainly memorable. The rest of the music fits very well.

Frozen Fever's writing doesn't disappoint. The dialogue is very funny without trying too hard to be so(Olaf in the ice palace introducing each of the snow creatures by name is hilarious) and also shows an emotional core without being cloying. While it's a potentially thin story with not an awful lot surprising the story was really charming with a good deal of funny- especially with Olaf- and touching moments, not to mention it was cute(not only Sven but especially the snow creatures). It was a wise move focusing as well on the sister relationship between Anna and Elsa, that was very well done and had a lot of heart. Anyone who has a sister or more that they love to pieces will really identify with them here.

Nothing to complain about the characters either, all of them great characters anyway and in Frozen Fever they have everything that was so winning about them in the first place, the only change is Elsa and it was one that made perfect sense and necessary. The snow creatures are simply adorable. The original voice actors return and bring the same amount of energy and charm they brought in the film. Overall, a great short that Frozen fans, or at least most of them, will love. 9/10 Bethany Cox
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snow gremlins
lee_eisenberg28 March 2015
Elsa is preparing for Anna's birthday, but a cold sends a few things awry. "Frozen Fever" is a short opportunity for the characters to strut their stuff, especially Olaf. I understand that "Frozen 2" is currently planned, but I don't know how they would continue the story. I think that any continuation would have to come in short snippets like this one. Both Elsa and Anna have brought a more complex dimension to the world of Disney princesses.

In the end, I found this to be a good short. The cast of "Frozen" returns to voice the characters and gives them real vivacity. You'll probably enjoy it.

John Travolta is never going to live down that mispronunciation of Idina Menzel's name.
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Is a it a short film or a commercial?
paul_3-960-89677414 April 2015
I was apparently one of the select few, who dozed off during Frozen, I don't know why but I fell asleep for a bit. I didn't hate it but I don't get what all the fuss is about. Anyway I went in with an open mind to see Cinderella and the short "movie" Frozen Fever. I used the quotation marks for the simple reason that I could not see Frozen Fever as anything but a commercial, a commercial for the upcoming Frozen 2 but mostly a commercial for new merchandise while we wait for the second animated film to come around.

The story itself is interesting, the girl - Elsa - who has ice powers and doesn't need a coat in winter gets a cold, that can be good premise why not. But then Elsa and Anna change outfits and the sisters are basically playing with the dresses as if to show them off in the commercial, sorry the short. And it slowly becomes less and less about the story and more about the merchandising. I usually don't have a problem with making money but not if it's at the expense of good short film that could have been a lot more entertaining if it wasn't a commercial.
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Short but not sweet
nemhook12 August 2015
First of all there are a lot of easily pleased people on here. stop calling this a movie or film because it is neither, it is a short animated "Clip", nothing more, thinking it is anything other than that only shows how deluded most people are, My Child was left with " was that it", there wasn't enough time for it to grab any attention and served only as a means to give frozen attention it has otherwise lost.

Frozen Fever lacks any sort of real story telling and falls short when attempting to get you interested, from an un-catchy tune to an ending leaving you thinking, didn't that thing fall of a cliff in the first one, now it's friendly.
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2/10, typical Disney sequel.
crosshorsegirl23 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
This short reeked of a Disney sequel. Not only is it full of weak, childish humor ("Dry banana hippy hat"? Really, Disney? That's supposed to be funny?) and bland, overused tropes, but the song "Making today a perfect day" sounds like a recycled, more repetitive and less interesting version of a previously scrapped song from Frozen, Life's Too Short. (SPOILERS!!!!) And for some reason, when she was sick, Elsa started acting and sounding drunk. I could understand her sneezing and almost falling off the clock tower, but why did they have to make her act like she had just downed a bottle of Vodka when she was fine not 2 minutes before?

As I said before, this whole short was filled with immature and stupid humor. Good god, I am so tired of the stupid "I got Kristoff and Sven to take a shower" bullcrap. Can we stop with the "gross dude who never cleans himself" trope now? It's 2015, people. And wow, shoving Hans into a pile of horse dung. Just... really? I don't think I could've rolled my eyes any harder. It was forced in at the end as an afterthought it seemed, and for god's sake, Disney. Feces. Do. Not. Make. Everything. Funny. I was hoping they'd go for a better, more mature type of humor than "boys are smelly, let's throw them in poop!!!"

It was packed with overused tropes and lines, down to the classic "I wanted today to be PERFECT" "But it WAS perfect because I spent it with you!" ending. Overall, this short just annoyed me, and people's fanatic reactions to this mediocre-at-best short annoy me further. If this is what Frozen 2 is going to be like, then Disney will not be seeing my money from it.
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What a cash in for Disney for its highest grossing movie of all time
lisafordeay25 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
OK Frozen is the most overrated Disney movie of all time and with a sequel coming to you soon(I am not making it up as it was announced a few weeks ago that Disney is making another Frozen movie again)and so they decided to give us this disappointing short. Now before I dive in let me say that I am not a hardcore fan of Frozen in fact I really loved the first movie but the hype destroyed it and now I can't go anywhere but Frozen is shoved right on my face.

The short is based on Anna's birthday and Elsa develops a cold so what does she do well SING of course another irritating song called Making Today A Perfect Day and whenever Elsa sneezes tiny little snow babies would come out of nowhere(think Gremlins when you see the short) and Elsa asks Kristoff(Anna's boyfriend now as remember Hans was the bad guy in the first one)and Olaf(Josh Gad who will soon be starring as LeFou in the up to date version of my 5th favorite movie of all time Beauty & The Beast)to help her make Anna's birthday perfect.

Overall this was a pure waste of time and if you are planning to see this short its shown with Cinderella(which I had the pleasure to watch yesterday and that was better than this money grabbing franchise.

Even Tangled Ever After was better than this(and yes I prefer Tangled A lot than Frozen but some people may think I hate Frozen I don't I loved it but its too overrated and driving kids and adults insane.

Skip the short and watch Cinderella instead.

Verdict: Disappointing
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This makes Frozen look good
pinkarray24 March 2015
I was highly disappointed with this short. As much as I loved Frozen when it came out in theaters, this was a disappointment and proved that sequels aren't worth it. Because this is the same director that directed Frozen and she makes a mostly unfunny sequel that has lacked almost all of the charm and wit from Frozen.

The short leaves questions to be answered. This is so overrated, childish and plays out as a cloying Disney short, which downgraded it.

The song just wasn't as memorable as the songs from Frozen. The characters are now silly, and how would Elsa's sneezing cause everyone to use them to make a great birthday??

The same writer that wrote Frozen also directed this, and I can say, she doesn't do good directing neither.

Anna is turning 19 now. And Elsa has to make up for all the birthdays that she done missed and try to make her the best birthday ever. This was just a bad idea which could've been executed okay.
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Disappointing when compared to the full-length movie
balive-170-7679027 March 2015
First, I should say that my six-year-old daughter enjoyed this short. Unfortunately, my wife and I did not. We both found it pretty dull with a lackluster song, and a plot that was lacking as well (Elsa has a cold and wants to throw Anna a birthday party). It felt a bit "phoned in" to me.

In comparison, I thought "Tangled Ever After", the short that followed "Tangled" by a year or two, was quite good. That got my hopes up that "Frozen Fever" would be great as well.

My opinion: "Frozen" is great for the whole family, but "Frozen Fever" is just for kids.
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A sellout
spencercom22 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Plot holes, terrible writing, and trying to copy everything from Frozen, makes this short seem like it just wants to sell some toys instead of tell a story. The short just dragged on why I waited for Cinderella to start. Most of the jokes were ether overused or from the last movie. Even the plot did not know where it was going. The only completely new thing is the snowmen that Elsa sneezes out. Yes, Elsa sneezes out living snowman. The acting is decent and the animation is normally pretty. However, I pretty much ignored that because I was trying to figure out how Elsa can turn her dress green This is the worst short Disney ever made.
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dispensing bad medical advice
clearthinkernow13 April 2015
What the point of dispensing any medical advice was, I couldn't tell you. Anna tells her sister she has a cold and needs medical care. The vendor tells her she needs a cold remedy. There is no medical care needed or of any value for a cold. We should stop seeking attention for the common cold. This raises all of our medical costs, wastes time and puts unnecessary and perhaps damaging 'medicine' into our children. It will pass. A fever is also mentioned. There is no fever with a cold. All in all, poor advice and not the place for advice-giving at all. Done with Frozen. Let it die. Do not push more on us. A surprise birthday party, without any invited guests, is all the writers could come up with for this nothing cartoon?
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Frozen Fever ~ Short and Sweet!
Njkinny13 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
A short movie which seems a short sequel to Disney's blockbuster hit movie Frozen is added in the beginning of the Cinderella movie. Once again we meet Elsa, Anna and Kristoff in this short movie. It's Anna's birthday and while Elsa wants a perfect celebration for her sister, the misadventures that follow will have you laughing, sighing and thoroughly enjoying!

A bit commercial but still I absolutely loved it and it came as a surprise too!

Now I am all the more eager to watch the next Frozen movie and hope it releases soon. :)

This review is also available on Njkinny's World of Books & Stuff
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A 7-minute short feature, a musical birthday.
TxMike3 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched the newest 'Cinderella' on DVD. And a bit off-topic, it is a very nicely made version of the classic tale.

The DVD extras are sparse but one of them is this nice little 7- minute short movie. The title is a reference to it being a birthday but someone is sick with a fever.

It has many of the same performers and same characters as in the feature length movie 'Frozen.' In that movie Elsa, the Ice Queen, spent a lot of effort staying away from Anna. Now it is Anna's birthday and Elsa wants to do something special for her, a birthday party. But Elsa isn't feeling well, she has a fever, and in the end Anna has to take care of her.

This short is done in a traditional musical style with one long song and most of the characters singing their lines at one point or the other.

All in all a nicely entertaining short, especially if you like 'Frozen' the movie.
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