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aerobro8 July 2020
How can the whole premise be on no one can find out shes a woman yet she keeps her 18" beautiful long hair, manicured eye brows.. give me a break.
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This was a stupid movie
johnpwabbajack11 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I'm sure whoever wrote this intended the ending to be filled with a profound meaning, but it's really just idiotic.

Essentially there is a comet which passes by Earth, some ash hits the atmosphere and a new virus infects people. The virus is fatal to women, but doesn't seem to hurt men. So the governments of the world start rounding up uninfected women to try and find a way to preserve humanity or whatever.

Like all pretentious films this begins in media res, so you have to suffer through an unnecessarily disjointed retelling of what is going on, but the story is so utterly basic that all the plot points are still telegraphed. I was playing Borderlands 3 while watching and managed to understand the story completely.

Telling the story in order here: Guy and girl are in love, girl's roommate comes home early after the comet thing happens and ash starts falling, she's sick, they take her to the hospital.

The boyfriend figures out what's going on while at the ER, steals hazmat suits and boy and girl go home. The ash is dangerous, yo.

The girl's father is some sort of medial expert from the UK, he tells boyfriend how to keep them safe. Boyfriend proceeds to virus proof the house. Boy and girl have to live in very rigid quarantine because the virus kills and stuff. Boy also builds a hidey hole to keep THE MAN from coming and taking the girl.

Things get tense, as they do during this kind of lock down. It becomes more and more clear that women are dying from the virus. Girl joins some sort of secure online message board and talks to other women. They share stories with each other for emotional support, and take photos when they are dying. Have to be secure to keep the girl from being snatched up by the government.

So at some point boy takes a test that confirms he is a carrier; he isn't ill but he can transmit the virus.

Time goes by, things get more tense due to girl not being able to go outside and do what she wants to do. She is basically a spoiled idiot who doesn't understand that if she DOES what she wants to do it will kill her. Boy and girl fight a lot because, well, not being able to do whatever she wants is somehow worse than dying.

The government in the UK finds her mom, sad time, dad tries to stop them from taking mom but get smacked for his efforts. Girl is UNDERSTANDABLY UPSET by this, but then throws a temper tantrum because boy sensibly reminds her that as much as she wants to call dad (he sent them a video) that will give them away.

Girl continues tantrum, throws boy out. Boy goes to give space, then finds girl goes onto roof and takes off hazmat suit, essentially damning herself...all because she values something trivial (going outside) over staying alive. She dumb.

(After this is where the movie starts, ish)

So the girl takes the test, she sick yo (QUELLE SURPRISE). THE MAN shows up so she hides in her hidey hole while they search everything. Eventually THE MAN (well, men, there are a couple at least) leave, but not before the one in charge tells the boyfriend "hey, you didn't need to hide her, we don't take the sick ones."

So boy and girl go on road trip so she can see a waterfall one last time. They stop at sketchy motel where an obvious trans person solicits the girl while the boy is off doing something (it seemed like he was paying for a room). Girl is dressed up like a boy, bind breasts with cloth and duct tape. Wears beanie. Sad trombone.

Next day boy and girl go to get supplies at a ransacked grocery store, there is a problem that isn't worth describing, they pass a diner and girl wants to eat breakfast inside instead of getting food to go. While in there we find out from a man on TV that there is a multi-million dollar reward for turning in live women. They want them eggs, yo.

(Now that I think about it the grocery store might have come before the motel, but who really cares?)

Girl starts bleeding from her ear, which is a sign the virus is progressing. Boy freaks out and they leave without paying...but a guy there is like, nah bro, I'll get the tab. NOT SUSPICIOUS AT ALL.

So the totally not suspicious guy follows them, with his son, to their camp site. The hang out, get tipsy and shoot at a tin can...and OF COURSE the guy can't hit it but when the girl tries she gets it on the first shot because yes we can or something.

Boy gets jumped by guy and son, they want the lady to turn her in for the bounty, she has a seizure or something, then, in the evening, strips and pretends to seduce the son, kills him with a rock. They then kill the dad. And nothing of value was lost.

So from there she's pretty much dead, having a bad time, they find the waterfall and he takes a photo of them together with the date written on her to show when she died. Of course, the argument that led to her going outside, and her going outside, play along with them making their way to the waterfall. It's supposed to be poignant but it isn't because she's a moron. The end.

So did that sound good to you? No? Yeah, it's a dumb movie about a basic moron who condemns herself to a slow death because she had to stay inside for a couple of months.
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Dull, predictable and illogical
I don't usually write the review while I'm watching the movie, but I was confident I wouldn't miss much after watching for a bit. This film is heavy on being overly dramatic and light on sci-fi, (or anything else that might have made it interesting.) The plot is thin and the acting trite. There's a pandemic that only effects women. We find out pretty quickly she's infected. The rest of the movie is her and her bf wandering around and (I guess) waiting for her to die. In the process, they exercise little common sense. Wouldn't you: -cut off you long, dark, flowing locks of hair? -work up some fake whiskers or other type of disguise? -stay out of stores and restaurants? -not fire a gun for target practice and draw attention to yourself (and waste ammo?) -not leave what appears to be a safe and secure house? ...if there was a $2M bounty on your head? I can't believe this was in the Netflix top 10. Thank God it's over.
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The hair
alejandrovelez8510 July 2020
Decent story, but she ruined the movie. Not cutting her hair, wearing makeup, lashes and Trimmed eyebrows really didn't make sense. She's not a big name, so I don't understand getting a lesser know actress that would commit to the role.
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Not bad at all
lyu-2190914 August 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Don't understand all the bad reviews, really! It's slow, but interesting. I liked the characters, even though the acting wasn't the best. To all those writing about the hair and not hiding - she was already infected. They went out not to hide or run, but to be out, to be free, to be couple one more time... despite everything.
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Worst Female Character Ever
shoppsi8 July 2020
The acting was good but the writer's didn't give the female lead much to work with. This could have been so much better with a strong female character instead of a weak, selfish character who actively resists and resents everything her husband does to help keep her safe. I really felt badly for the male character. She was so stupid.
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Interesting premise, confusing plot. Main characters weren't likable
johnhsmith-000568 July 2020
This story had a lot of potential. But when you have only 2 main characters on screen for 90% of the film, those characters should be really good and likable, or at least be interesting to watch. These were neither. They had zero chemistry together, and mostly scowled at each other and at the camera. I would have liked to see more in this world than these two characters.

Also the plot jumping back and forth in time was a little confusing.
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Lead actress ruins the premise for vanity
bramstayer14 July 2020
Great premise but they blew it. Its been done better by better and this was a waste of time. Predictably dull. I hated the female lead but she didnt write it. She does nothing but childlike mistakes while the main man does so much to secure her. Its simple things that others mentioned that show how little things add up to a big heave of....who cares. Better luck next time.
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Good actors with a dumb plot
draftdubya7 July 2020
No matter how much dirt you put on Freda Pinto's face she still looks like a woman. Why in the he77 would she need to go out in public? Has the writer ever heard of TO GO or Takeout? It's no reason she should ever leave the car to sit down to eat. Masters of Horror and the book did this so better with The Screw Fly solution.
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If Only...
snhuckaby10 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The concept was intriguing, and I thought I would enjoy this film. I literally picked up my phone and started reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets about 30 minutes into this movie, without even realizing I had done it. The description said it was a Sci-Fi thriller. There was nothing thrilling and very little Sci-Fi about it. If you want a movie that uses flashbacks and almost no dialogue to tell a story about an ungrateful woman throwing away all of the devotion and hard work her boyfriend put into keeping her alive, this is your movie. When you have hair down the middle of your back, makeup on your face, well groomed eyebrows and eyelashes that have been meticulously separated, maybe don't go in public knowing that women are being hunted and sold. If you know the air contains a virus that will definitely kill you, maybe don't run outside and take a deep breath. Having been almost completely housebound since the beginning of March, I understand the feeling of wanting out; however, I also understand the need for safety and keeping my loved ones from getting sick. He made all the sacrifices in this movie. She acts like a child the second things get complicated.

TLDR: If you want a Sci-Fi thriller, this isn't what you're looking for.
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Cut Your Hair Girl!
jfbensted19 July 2020
Sad. If a female wants to evade being identified as a female ... Number ONE .. CUT YOUR HAIR .... Number two ... NO MASCARA!!!
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Probably the most dislikable characters ever written for a pandemic movie
mrmilk-7270416 July 2020
The plot is interesting. The actors are strong. Even the cinematography is acceptable.

That said, the main characters are just so incredibly dislikable. They are reckless, they aren't careful, and they will just keep frustrating you to no end. It gets to the point where you just really don't care about the characters at all anymore.
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I wanted to like this
rmmil22 March 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Before watching this I briefly looked at reviews and saw they were completely all over the place so I had no idea what to expect.

The good? Not much. Frieda Pinto is extremely easy on the eyes. The cast is a talented group of actors, and the cinematography made me "believe" the dystopian future was "real".

The bad? Everything else. The cast, while talented, is a complete waste. Most of the time spent by the leads is spent literally staring at each other, with little / no dialogue. Does this portray deep meaning and emotion, or a lazy screenwriter? Honestly I bet this film has 3-5 pages of conversation, in total.

Speaking of wasted actors, "Hi Chandler Riggs!" I hope he got a decent check for the 12 seconds of screen time he had, and he probably doesn't say a complete sentence the entire film.

As for the plot? Sad stuff happens. I really tried getting into it, but the lack of dialogue and plot pacing left me wanting. I constantly paused to look at the time, wondering how such a short film could seem so long. Also, there was no need to chop up the timeline as it was, it just makes the final reveal all the more confusing, in that it's not much of a reveal at all. Probably the most anti-climatic climax I've seen in recent memory.

This film could've been so much more, and give Chandler Riggs A sentence of dialogue, maybe?
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No matter how bored you are, don't watch this movie
ivonarichter5 April 2020
Worst film ever. Good idea for scenario, but bad interpretation, boring.
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Damsel in distress devolves into suicidal teenage tantrums
HughNibley5 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The acting here was pretty decent from the leads, cinematography was good for a fairly low budget movie, but the story ended up lacking.

There was a lot here that could have been really fascinating. The plot sets the stage for what could be a dive into very fascinating conflicts and character exploration.

Instead, the movie delivered a fairly boring jog through well played out tropes.

You have the strong, "overprotective" husband, the irrational and overly emotional wife who can't act to save herself, let alone anyone else, except for one small part near the end. She behaves in a way that constantly puts them both in danger and seals the deal by committing a prolonged suicide in a way that precludes her death possibly benefiting the rest of humanity.

There are all sorts of different paths the story line could have taken which would have been empowering, deep, and meaningful. The tragedy could have really meant something... but it didn't. Instead, the story meandered down a path that seems 'ok' on the surface, but is actually hollow when you look more deepy.
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Incoherent, confusing, boring.
RyanTayphoto10 July 2020
This story is told not chronologically, which I don't understand because it really did not add anything to the story it just made it more confusing. It was slow and boring, and no point do you feel anything for the characters, it's just melodramatic.

It's just a waste of time.
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Think "The Handmaid's Tale" meets "Romeo and Juliet"
TopDawgCritic7 March 2020
Clearly the current only reviewer 'gerard_schmidt' is a wannabe critic that probably only saw the trailer, and even with that, this film is certainly not a 1/10 smh. And if anyone thinks my rating and review is fake, click on my username to see my 1000+ ratings and 800+ reviews, and read my profile on how a film should be properly rated and reviewed.

Now this little gem of a film; This is novice writer and director Takashi Doscher's third full length feature film, and I have to say, he nailed it, especially considering this is a low-budget B-grade indie film.

This was a true romantic psychological moral drama apocalyptic sci-fi thriller that actually combined those genres better than I would've ever expected. I'm not a fan of back and forth timelines, but Doscher's timelines worked exceptionally well, especially with the perfect cinematography and distinct color choices for each timeline by cinematographer Sean Stiegemeier. Doscher's directing was spectacular, in that every scene transitioned perfectly, even with the back and forth timelines. The score and sound were on point and very fitting in maintaining that constant level of suspense. Leslie Odom Jr. and Freida Pinto's character chemistry and intimacy was convincing, and their performances outstanding - especially Pinto's break-down scene that was award-worthy. My only critique would be the slow pacing. I know it had a lot to do with maintaining the tension and suspense, but maybe cutting down/out some scenes, and/or pick up the pace in many of them, the 98 min runtime would've flew by.

I get this film wont be for everybody, but if you're a fan of apocalyptic films with romance that actually works well, then you will enjoy this. If your gal wants to see a chick-flick and you a sci-fi, this film is perfect for both. But if you're expecting a big budget Hollywood blockbuster from seasoned actors and filmmakers like Mad Max or Oblivion, you may be disappointed. But nevertheless, this is a well put together and entertaining film - especially considering it's a low-budget B-grade indie film, put together by a novice filmmaker. Mad props to Takashi Doscher for this little gem, and it's a well deserved 9/10 from me.
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Its the little tragedy that overshadows the catastrophe
scootergirlv23 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I dont know whats wrong with a lot of these reviewers , armchair critics i guess. This isnt a slam bam action movie, its not a horror movie, its not a thriller. Its a human drama, its poignant and about love and sacrifice, loss, trying to save what you love, and there are no happy endings. The movie isnt about the event that kills so many, the movie is about the story of two caught in the event, their personal tragedy. If you love stories about what it is to be human in the best of times and the worst, what is means to have to give up everything for someone you love, and knowing the happily forever after is for fairy tales. Then watch this movie. If all you like is bullets flying fights monsters and blood and gore then skip it, its not for you.
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Low rating/bad review peops- you're missing the point.
sparklingnicki13 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I marked spoilers but I don't give away too much, FYI. So- the reason I'm making a review is because I think people are being too harsh and focusing on the wrong details.

Don't get me wrong, I had the same instinct in the beginning that so many of you seem to be focused on: Why didn't she cut her hair? Why did she want to go to a restaurant? Why would they want to leave the safe home? Why doesn't she do more to change her appearance? Etc. Etc. Doesn't make sense... and then it does.

This woman traded her life for a few days of freedom. This film comes at an ominous time, as it forecasts a life where in one has to decide whether to live or just survive.

Sound familiar?

Maybe all the bad reviews are people projecting their own misery in isolation. Maybe, in that case, don't watch it now, because it is too now.

As a lover of the dystopian and/or post-apocalyptic future genre, this film was perfect. Add a touch of romance, suspense, drama and, Voilá!, it's couple-friendly! Quite lovely. Dark, but lovely nonetheless.

PS- if you do dare to watch, have Kleenex ready.
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ramyindya8 July 2020
When you having a script with only 4 characters in it, you want it to fast moving, building tension, rather the super slow moving. To build tension & sympathize with the character, you also need an outstanding actor or an extremely beautiful lady , Frieda pinto isn't either. The movie starts off with lot of suspense & thrills as it starts with no background, it takes 15-20 mins engaging time for the Audience to figure out whats going on, but once you understood whats going on, then they start explaining everything in flashbacks which bores you down. too slow for a thriller category
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orionhi14 July 2020
This could have been a good movie and I gave it a chance but the flashbacks and a lot of nothing happening make it boring as hell. Most of it consists of them staring off into space reflecting on the nothing that happened before nothing happened.
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No Children of Men
Cineanalyst7 July 2020
This seemed a timely indie movie to have just appeared on Netflix, "Only" being an apocalyptic drama concerning a disease outbreak, an over-burdened hospital, quarantine, PPE, decontamination, subsequent reliance on the Internet and mobile phones, the anguish of isolation and separation from loved ones and other such things that seem relevant or a worse-case sort of scenario for the real-world pandemic in 2020 and the virus that began spreading late the year before. The most striking part of the movie's pathogen, however, is that it kills women exclusively. This leads to the government rounding up the remaining women by bounty (in a "The Most Dangerous Game" sort of way) and by militaristic force to harvest their eggs in an attempt to perpetuate mankind. Tricky territory for a young (and male) filmmaker, Takashi Doscher, to take on. It raises all sorts of questions going back to Laura Mulvey's seminal essay on the "male gaze," "Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema," and the long history of cinematic patriarchy. The handling here of this "Pandora's box," so to speak, is mixed at best.

The establishment of a cinematic gaze isn't done very well, even with the male bounty hunters eyeing a disguised Eva (Freida Pinto) suspiciously. Mostly, we get the usual mobile and sometimes shaky digital camera that merely follows the characters around. The dichotomy between city and wilderness isn't successfully leveraged, either. There are a couple prominent exceptions regarding the gaze, though, and they both involve Eva undressed and a heightened score. In these scenes, she's both something of the object of the male gaze (a nude one that's sexual and the other that is controlling, protective) and in control of that gaze by exploiting her power in women's traditional cinematic role of to-be-looked-at. In the nude scene in particular, she uses the male gaze to--fleeting though it may be--take control of the situation.

Naturally, though, one wonders how much more tactfully and thoughtfully this could've been handled by a female filmmaker, or at least a better script. As timely as the pandemic scenario is, the dystopia where women are treated as property to serve only reproduction and are ogled wherever they appear is history, if not current events, rather than science fiction. A more intelligent use of the camera would've helped, too. Indeed, my favorite picture from 2019 was all about women, their historical repression and the power of the gaze, as made by female filmmakers, "Portrait of a Lady on Fire." So much time, on the other hand, is wasted in this one on the melodrama of the couple's relationship, with him, Will (Leslie Odom Jr.), isolating her within, and controlling her communications therein, a hermetically-sealed prison of an apartment and her emotional reactions veering between submissive and either stupidly reckless or rebellious, for such a thin payoff in the end. The crying and her gun play are especially overdone, while Will takes on the usual competent and active role of male leads, providing and protecting, It seems, whether isolated in an apartment or harvested for reproduction at a lab, women here are objectified and treated passively. It would've been nice had the film not been as open to the same charges of misogyny as its sexist scenario.

There may've been potential to do just that with the theme of photography in the narrative (as with painting in my favorite picture of the year), but, unfortunately, its use by women here is largely restricted to death poses--of snapshots they take of themselves when they've succumbed to the femicide of the disease. Eva covers a bedroom wall with such pictures of her lost friends. This is hardly the first movie I've seen where a female character's only escape shown from a paternalistic cinema and domineering male gaze was death, including suicide; I would be pleased if it were the last, though.
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Its just ok.
predator0072029 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
The acting was top notch i have to admit, the music was very fitting in every scene, but did she really have to go outside and get infected like that? Pretty much the whole action of the movie happens because she was stupid and went outside and took her suit off. They were doing great until that very moment...probably could have wrote a better story if they followed a different path. Shame, that one aspect killed the whole story for me.
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Misleading trailer...
moorek12 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
I went into this as a post-pandemic dystopian type of movie which is what the trailer seemed to imply. A chance to see a world without women and how men adapted. Maybe how did the world deal with billions dying all at the same time. I thought it would be average with the potential of originality. However the movie is a character piece focused on two main characters with the pandemic and societal elements just the background. If I had gone into it thinking that way, I might have enjoyed it more.

The odd thing is that there are some elements, while minor, did offer some originality or at least a difference. Things like the police officer saying he won't take the sick ones. Or the chat room with the every dwindling numbers. We've seen these movies were a few distant people might die off but this was a support network that was slowly and depressingly dying.

So the character aspect of the movie isn't too bad although sadly I never felt any chemistry between the two main actors. I never grew to like them to worry about them getting ill or hurt. I actually only felt any emotion for Carl as a young kid that won't have a woman in his life. I think with two different actors this might have worked a little better.

As so many other reviews have said, the core element of the story is poorly executed. Women around the world are dying. The female survivors are being rounded up by the police or males who are offered a huge reward. As a woman you would do whatever you could to avoid looking like a woman. We see these are Eva tries to hide her breasts with tape. Good first step. But removing the hair would have come much earlier. It's been over 400 days so eyebrows should have grown back in. If they had been trimmed to the point where they won't grow then you'd try to fake something. I'm not sure if she used makeup but her complexion was still perfect. You'd do something to hide that. You've had over a year to work on your fake makeup. Take up smoking or eating things that stain your perfect teeth. And unless you felt you could absolutely pass as a man then stay in the house or the car. The latter was especially frustrating as they were going to a special place for her to die. If that is what is important to you, then be quiet and just go. Don't risk your desired death location.

I think with many other actresses, this role would have worked better as they would have done more. If the actresses won't cut her hair then at least get one with short hair that could be greased back. Have the couple play we makeup. We saw what they did with Theron in Monster - you'd think a couple could fake facial hair or something after a year of practice.

It is a slow movie and if you go into it with that mindset then you might like it more than I did. There are scenes like the aforementioned chat room visits and the final waterfall scene that are well done and why I gave the movie a "4".

Wait for the remake in 10 years to see how that goes.
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Difficult to understand
laurazackery-510746 July 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Top-notch film. The acting, the music, the scenery. I struggled to understand Eva's POV. She resisted everything Will was doing to protect her. She resisted quarantine. She wanted to just go outside and see the sun. Not that she was suicidal, she just resented the new restraints, the loneliness. And I guess I can understand. I spent 2 weeks isolating myself from my family because of a possible exposure to COVID-19. It was torture. Eva did 400 days. I get it. But I just can't understand the hopelessness. I prefer my apocalypse films to leave me with some hope in the end.
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