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Acting skills not required
roymcf-332-85717328 June 2015
Being a lover of bad movies I wasted an hour or so of my life watching this garbage. It's so bad I had to warn other users to save themselves. I can't act either but the bunch of morons in this 'movie' are unbelievably terrible. I'd like to ask them one question.. 'Why?' ..... Did they set out to deliberately make a crap movie ? I honestly could make a better movie with my mates and my phone. Truly awful garbage, it makes Asylums movies look like multi million dollar blockbusters. Ghost Shark and Sharknado are positively genius compared to this 'movie', at least they have people, sometimes even 'stars' who can act a little, yes the scripts are bad but Asylum know it, I'd rather sit through Bermuda Tentacles again (and it was shocking) than have to watch these idiots . You have been warned.
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When you want to stab yourself in the face...
full_pirate_regalia30 October 2016
I like trash movies. I like shark movies. So, being really spoiled by Asylum, I thought: Aww, come on, for just 5.99€, this can't be bad. Or... Can it? Well... Yes, it can. This is an amateur movie released on DVD. And it's so incredibly DUMB on so many Levels... There's minor things (Why is he leaving his socks on as he wants to join the hottie in the water?) to really, really, REALLY stupid stuff (Whats a scientist doing all alone in the middle of the woods?) and some stuff which will make you just shake your head (no blood in a decapitation scene, but when there's a flesh explosion they just take a bucket of badly done fake blood and throw it into the actors face)... The acting isn't present, I haven't watched it in English, but the German dub, so I can't say anything about the original voices, but the facial expressions are just... Ugh! German sincere is on the Level of "let a bunch of drunk people yell into an iPhone". Not even the music is any good. Uhm, have I mentioned the Shark is just a still picture? It's a PICTURE in front of a moving background. Yes, the thing can fly. For whatever reasons.

Don't buy this. Don't rent this. Don't even STEAL this, it's not even worth that. The only good thing about this movie is: It's only 60-some minutes, and at least the end credits song isn't THAT bad. Still bad, but it's the only light at the end of the tunnel.
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Not 'funny bad', just time wasting, very low budget, really bad movie.
alvima-6578029 June 2015
First of all, the posters and description are highly deceptive - it is a very low budget movie ($320,000) and they could not afford any helicopters, airplanes or even water surfing. So none of the shots in the poster are there in the movie. All the special effects are created on someone's desktop computer (or possibly public library). The 'underwater' camera shots are taken in only a few feet deep water. Deep water 'shark' video clips have been taken from nature documentaries. Most people become 'victims' of shark when they are standing in shallow water or swimming a few yards from shore or a small boat (the only 'vehicle' or 'equipment' used in the movie). There are flabby, really bad actors in their swim suits. The previous credits of "director" include being a "camera-operator" in one production of the same company (which bears his name).

You will have more fun in a high-school production. This is probably the worse movie I have ever seen.
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Porn quality acting without the scenes worth watching
clint-starrett6 July 2015
If you look at the artwork for this movie, you think it sounds bad but might be good for a laugh. If you watch the trailer, you will be convinced that this movie will be terrible but watching the movie itself takes terrible to a new level.

The characters in the movie are not developed and are weak. The storyline is absolutely hopeless. The acting is horrible. There is no horror in this movie even though they claim there is, I couldn't help but laugh about how bad the effects are.

When I started watching it, I thought that maybe it was an amateur 80's porn movie by the quality of the camera work and the bad acting but as I let the movie go on it never got any better, but there were no erotic scenes.

At one point, the story has you "concerned" for the actors in a boat that has gone out to the island, but when they cut to scenes from the boat you can see other boats in the background but there is no concern for their safety as I am pretty sure they weren't supposed to be there or be noticed but I am assuming time is money and they didn't want to wait for the other boats to move for the take.

The movie does have a couple of really bad digs at itself proving that they knew it would be made when they wrote/filmed it.

I wouldn't recommend anyone ever watch this movie. It is truly a waste of time.
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The worst movie ever
13Funbags12 April 2019
This movie is about a giant prehistoric shark that lives in 3 feet of water and terrorizes an island you can drive to. After flying out of the water to kill a guy, there's 5 hands on the shore. Was that comedy? I have seen hundreds of bad movies and this is definitely the worst. There is a review that says no nudity in the title but there is nudity.
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Pretty Much What You'd Expect
Michael_Elliott5 October 2016
Raiders of the Lost Shark (2015)

1/2 (out of 4)

People keep going missing at a local lake and a Professor believes that it might be the long lost Megalodon. A tragic event from her past makes her the perfect fighter to battle the large killer that is stalking the waters.

RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK is a really horrible movie but you've at least got to give the filmmakers credit for the title. It's a bit shocking that someone didn't come up with that title before now but there's no other spoof or connection to the Steven Spielberg movie. Not RAIDERS or even JAWS for that matter.

Obviously one shouldn't go into a picture like this expecting the work of Spielberg but there's really not too much on display here. I think there were enough campy moments to where you could get some unintentional laughs from it including some of the acting, which we will just say it's all that professional.

The special effect shark is really awful but I guess that is to be expected. He appears to change shape and form during every scene and the scenes of him flying are beyond silly. The attack sequences are also rather bad since the majority of the time people just go underwater and that's the attack. RAIDERS OF THE LOST SHARK thankfully lasts just under seventy-minutes and there is one good laugh dealing with the aftermath of a tourist seeing his girlfriend eaten.
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Jurassic shark with a different name
snaylor-5739111 January 2019
If you have seen the above dont watch this as its the same location and story as the other. Equally as unfunny and even for low budget a poor film.
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Corny, campy and stupidly fun
DOGSLEDDER5410 December 2020
This film has it all, if you are looking for a LOW- very low- budget flick with a fakey-looking flying shark with a big appetite, teenagers and young adults to be eaten, and not much story to get in the way. Even young children will not be scared, and they could watch it, although one girl is shown topless for a few seconds. Obviously, not everyone who reviewed this movie liked it, but I loved it. It was corny and campy and stupid- just my kind of film to take my mind off of the year 2020 (or 2021).
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No-budget movie with terrible everything
infessted19 June 2020
I couldn't even give this a 1 star. Tubi-trash at it's finest.
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A worthy sequel to Jurrasic Shark
timo-2810017 July 2017
Just like the underrated classic "Jurassic Shark", also by actor and director Brett Kelly, Raiders of the Lost Shark convinced me with fantastic effects, awesome acting and a story line that made the movie totally believable.

Even dialogues in French, will you believe it, are included in this timeless classic.

If ONLY we hadn't run out of beer while watching it, I would've given 10/10, but the remaining bit of sobriety stopped me from fully enjoying this masterpiece.
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Wholly underwhelming and rather unimpressive shark effort
kannibalcorpsegrinder14 August 2020
Following a series of accidents in the area, a college professor is tasked with joining a military operation out to control a monster killer shark loose in the area, but when they realize the true nature behind the shark's appearance and behavior set out to stop the massive shark.

On the whole, this was somewhat underwhelming if still somewhat watchable effort. Among its good qualities is the fact that there's a decent-sized body count that comes across through a lot of shark encounters. The idea of this thing floating around in the lake undetected and attacking everyone who comes into the waters gives this one quite a lot of genuine attacks and encounters with the shark and sets up a somewhat engaging running time based on always having something happening. With the cheesiness involved in how they finally manage to stop the shark with the monster fish taking to the skies and forcing some rather fun action that's also quite silly and goofy, this manages enough to be at the least watchable. There are a couple of issues with this one. One of the main problems is the utterly underwhelming series of shortcuts here that showcase what a low-end budget the film has. From the hamfisted idea of bringing back the sister from the first film to make a tenuous connection between the films, the scenes in the hallway which are supposed to be a high-end college or the single manned computer desk that represents the security system all just come across as cheap and lazy. The incompetent sheriff who just wants to nap in the middle of actual police work, infuriating scenes that are dragged out far longer than necessary just to bump up the running time and constantly changing camera skills are all extra examples of how cheap this one is. The other problem here is the way this one treats the main shark, which is quite problematic. How this one continues to conjure up lame reasons for people to get into the lake, from wanting to cool off to needing to investigate a strange object in the water while in the middle of a missing-persons' search and having a tourist couple visit the area looking for a good time which all comes off as lame and simply unrealistic. Even the attacks themselves are somewhat of a miss with the lack of blood and gore involved and the hilarity of the CGI creation which is barely placed in the correct aspect, is far too pixelated to look believable and just all-together leaves this as a mess. Together, these are where the film is held back.

Rated Unrated/R: Violence, Graphic Language and Brief Nudity.
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10/10 would NOT recommend
Forcekin26 June 2021
The acting is so bad, every scene could be the intro to a low budget adult movie. Which in the beginning might be quite amusing, but turns stale very, very fast.

Wouldn't even recommend to watch this highly intoxicated. No value in this movie, except a lot of wasted time.
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My Favourite Bad Shark Movie
MoviesFromTheClergy2 July 2017
I can honestly say that after watching this and Jurassic Shark, both have become my favourite bad shark movies from Brett Kelly. Raiders I would say is my favourite out of the bunch mostly because it was trying to add some silly charm to it to make it somewhat memorable - well, to me personally as I have watched it many times. Whenever I next organise another movie night with friends, I'm definitely putting these two on the list as they are short and sweet and to the point.

One story about this movie: Whilst watching, I posted a clip of recordings I took of Carly saying "Damn it, Janet!" (which by the way became a favourite joke of mine as I would always mock it). One of the first likes on that post was actually from Jessica Huether who plays May. I was very surprised by this and messaged her (confirming that it was indeed her). She was very aware that the movie had pretty bad reception and that it was her first proper movie. She was very nice and we had a good conversation about horror as both of us were fans. I asked if she was willing to work with Brett Kelly again and she said that he is one of her favourite directors to work with and says that he lets the actors do things their way instead of him telling them how to play their character the way he wanted them to.

Ever since our conversation, my opinion of this movie that I was laughing at many times completely changed. I did not look at this movie as a cheap way to make quick cash, I looked at it as a project which had a director who worked extremely well with his cast and sat back and let them act freely and I felt like most of them were having a great time filming it regardless of how poor their acting skills were. If it wasn't for Jessica Huether's words, I would've kept on bashing this movie to pieces for it's terrible overall quality. But I will still keep my low score because of that.
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Stupid as hell, horrible acting, yet somehow fun
gjeindl-118 July 2015
This film is incredibly stupid, poorly acted and plain horrible, however I really enjoyed this one. It reminds me of the films we did ourselves, a fun project that never was supposed to be more than that. As this is a stupid movie with sharks I'll have to make the obvious comparison to Sharknado. The effects are pretty much as bad as Sharknado, but the film just has more heart, you can see how the 'actors' actually try to make this work, so I would consider this film to actually be better. I'm not really sure what most of the people who saw this actually expected, but if you ever tried to make a movie yourself this is pretty much how it will turn out, which makes this actually enjoyable.
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