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Season 1

15 Jan. 2015
Jump at the Dump/Road Block
On the day Stinky & Dirty meet, they must move a boulder that falls into an intersection in Go City. Stinky & Dirty build Jumpy the Stunt Cycle a new venue to perform her stunt show.
5 Jul. 2016
Mighty Night/Water Ways
Mighty Night Mighty the tugboat's onboard spotlight goes out while tugging giant freighter Moby Dee. Stinky & Dirty light the boats' paths with Stinky's headlights, until they reach a closed drawbridge. After succesfully lifting the bridge, Mighty and Moby Dee continue, but the road no longer runs alongside the river. Stinky and Dirty cleverly use fireflies and a kite to give Mighty a light that can reach where he's going, and safely bring Moby Dee to the harbor. Water Ways Chopper the helicopter is delivering packages by air all around Go City, but accidentally ...
2 Sep. 2016
Can You Dig It?/Dirty, the Garbage Truck
While digging a hole, Dirty's rear shovel is pinned under fallen dirt. He and Stinky must figure out how a garbage truck can dig him out and finish the hole. When Stinky's hopper won't open, Dirty must help Stinky complete his trash pick-up route...using his shovel and dozer blade in ways he never imagined possible.
2 Sep. 2016
Running on Empty/Rolling Blunder
When Stinky and Dirty run out of gas, they must come up with clever ways to get across town to the gas station for a fill-up. When a trailer truck spills its load of bowling balls, Stinky and Dirty must figure out a way to collect them all and bring them to the Go City Bowling Alley.
2 Sep. 2016
Concrete Plans/The Art of Trash
Stinky and Dirty accidentally mess up some recently smoothed wet cement and in an attempt to re-smooth it, leave their tire tracks behind, until they hit upon a solution and their job well done is a true work of art! Stinky & Dirty clean up a vacant lot full of dumped trash to turn it into a park, but when they can't remove some large items stuck in the center they turn the items into a trash sculpture instead!
2 Sep. 2016
Brave's New Siren/Demolition Dust-Up
Stinky and Dirty try to fix Brave's broken siren, but when they can't finish before a fire alarm goes off, they make other loud noises to ward off traffic and escort Brave to an emergency call. Dirty and his construction truck colleagues need to work together to build a road but their teamwork fails in a hilarious slapstick manner, until a little shared rhythm from music gets them all working in harmony.
2 Sep. 2016
When Stinky and Dirty get lost in a thick fog, they come up with new ways to "see" - and use smell and hearing to successfully find their way home. When Dirty develops a squeak that keeps himself and his fellow trucks awake, he and Stinky go in search of a solution and discover that while some sounds keep you awake, others are good for helping you sleep.
2 Sep. 2016
Landlocked/Bouy Ya!
When a landslide blocks the canal, Stinky and Dirty find a way to get Mighty the tugboat to travel on land, helping him to finish his job delivering buoys to the harbor! When the buoys are blown out to sea, the big ships can't figure how to navigate the harbor to their docks. That is until Stinky and Dirty use garbage to create new buoys to direct the ships away from danger, and safely into their slips.
2 Sep. 2016
Follow That Line!/Seeing Red
It's Race Day in Go City, but when the little truck painting the course line goes off track, so does Red and all the other race cars. That is until Stinky and Dirty race to the rescue and help the cars find the line and get back on track. Stinky and Dirty have a hard time getting Red from the car wash to the auto show without getting dirty on the roads between them, until they build their own car wash right beside the auto show!
2 Sep. 2016
Detour/Heat & Ice
Chill the Ice Cream truck is diverted from his normal route, and Stinky & Dirty help him to find his way on a complicated detour - but when his ice cream cone gets him stuck under a low-bridge, it's a clever solution that gets Chill to deliver the ice cream successfully to the kids he's trying to reach. On the hottest day of the year, Stinky and Dirty have to help Big Ben deliver a giant Polar Bear shaped Ice Sculpture to the ice rink, before it melts.

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