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Season 1

4 Oct. 2014
Visitor from the Other World
A gate to another dimension was burst open in Mikado City, and Neighbors started to invade our world. However, a mysterious organization, Border, fought them off using the Neighbors' technology called "Triggers". They'd been preparing for this day for a long time. 4 years have passed since then, a schoolboy named Yuma Kuga has transferred to Osamu Mikumo's class.
11 Oct. 2014
Neighbor and Trion Soldier
Miwa Unit is confused because they find a large enemy drone that has already been destroyed. Meanwhile, Yuma tells Osamu that he came from Neighbor world.
18 Oct. 2014
Osamu Mikumo's Ability
A gate opens at Osamu's middle school even though it's inside the security zone, and an enemy drone storms in. Osamu tries to fight it off, knowing that he is not strong enough.
1 Nov. 2014
Ai Kitora, A-Rank No.5 Agent
Osamu defends Yuma, claiming that he alone defeated the enemy drone. An A-rank agent Ai Kitora criticizes him for breaking their rules.
8 Nov. 2014
Power Elite, Yuichi Jin
A giant enemy drone appeared, and flies in circles over the city while dropping bombs. Will Kitora able to destroy it?
15 Nov. 2014
Chika Amatori's Side Effect
The higher-ups of Border order a S-rank agent Yuichi Jin to find out why the unpredictable gates appear in the city. Yuma follows Replica's advice.
22 Nov. 2014
Miwa Squad's Assault
Osamu has known that his friend Chika Amatori has something to attract Neighbors. She doesn't want to get anyone involved ever since she lost her brother and one of her friends. Yuma tells them why the Neighbors would come to this world.
29 Nov. 2014
The Black Trigger
A-rank agents Shuji Miwa and Yosuke Yoneya make an assault on Yuma without even asking what happened. Osamu calls Jin to help.
7 Dec. 2014
The Organization Known as Border
The higher-ups of Border disagreed on how to treat Yuma. The highest person in charge, Commander Kido orders Jin to kill Yuma and bring his black trigger to the headquarters.
14 Dec. 2014
Tamakoma Branch
Jin encourages Yuma to join the Tamakoma branch. Yuma accepts it if he can team up with Osamu and Chika.
21 Dec. 2014
Each One's Determination
Osamu hears from Replica about why Yuma came to this world, and from Chika about her true feelings.
28 Dec. 2014
Tamakoma's A-Class Members
Osamu, Yuma and Chika decide to join Tamakoma branch to go to Neighbor world as A-rank agents of the expedition force. They go into rigorous training from Tamakoma First Unit in order to become A-rank agents.
11 Jan. 2015
Border Top Teams
Commander Kido fears that Tamakoma branch will become too powerful. He orders A-rank agents who belong to the headquarters to take Yuma's black trigger.
18 Jan. 2015
NO. 1 Attacker: Kei Tachikawa
Jin fights against A-rank agents led by the number one attacker Kei Tachikawa. He finally uses his black trigger Fu-jin.
25 Jan. 2015
Black Trigger Fujin
The battle between Jin and A-rank agents is fierce. Arashiyama Unit receives directions from their superior Shinoda, and covers Jin.
25 Jan. 2015
A Future in Progress
Commander Kido was shocked to hear the report that Jin beat the A-rank agents. And then, Jin shows up in the headquarters and offers him a big deal.
15 Feb. 2015
Official Border Enlistment
Yuma and Chika are officially enlisted in Border. They become famous by their own skills. Meanwhile, an A-rank attacker Soya Kazama challenges Osamu to a solo match.
22 Feb. 2015
Osamu Mikumo versus Soya Kazama
Osamu fought against Kazama in over 20 solo matches, but never won a single one. What Kazama said motivates him, and they fight a match again.
1 Mar. 2015
Rank Battle! Shun Midorikawa's Plan
Rumors spread that Osamu and Kazama drew their match, that makes Osamu uncomfortable. An A-rank attacker Shun Midorikawa intentionally gathers an audience and challenges Osamu to a solo match in front of them.
8 Mar. 2015
Clash! Yuma vs. Midorikawa
Yuma and Midorikawa start to fight 10 solo matches. Yuma noticed his malice towards Osamu and ready to fight. Meanwhile, Commander Kido holds a meeting to prepare for the expected major invasion from Neighbor world.
15 Mar. 2015
Neighbor World
Border formulates a strategy against the enemy invasion based on the information they receive from Replica. Jin foresees Osamu's danger in near the future through his own side effect, and he asks Miwa for help.
22 Mar. 2015
The Large-Scale Invasion Begins
One of Neighbors' countries, Aftkrator finally starts to invade Mikado city. They put new drones on the battlefield.
29 Mar. 2015
God's Country Aftokrator
Border has their hands full with the enemy's new drones. When Yuma fights against them, Chano Unit mistakes him as an enemy soldier and shoot him.
5 Apr. 2015
Meeden's Baby Birds
Aftkrator has a strategy to divide Border's force. The drones begin to attack C-rank agents including Chika who are evacuating citizens from a war zone.
12 Apr. 2015
The Most Powerful Squad in Border
The enemy's purpose is to kidnap C-rank agents to get a biological power Trion that Kitora revealed. The enemy's leader Hairein decided to bring in his soldiers Enedra, Lamvanein, Hyuse and Viza. Osamu and Chika are in danger, but the strongest unit in Border comes to their rescue!
19 Apr. 2015
Fierce Fight! Enedora vs Kazama Squad
Kazama Unit struggles with Enedra because he uses a black trigger Vorvoros.
26 Apr. 2015
Border on the Counterattack
Tamakoma First Unit fights against Hyuse and Viza to help C-rank agents including Osamu and Chika to flee to the HQ. Meanwhile, a joint team made up of several units fights against Lamvanein.
10 May 2015
The Organon User
The leader of Tamakoma First, Reiji Kizaki orders his teammates Kyosuke "Torimaru" Karasuma and Kirie Konami to save people, and confronts the enemy alone. Viza recognizes him as an excellent soldier and uses his black trigger Organon.
10 May 2015
A Crossroads of Fate
Hyuse and Viza chased after Chika, but Jin and Yuma catch up with them and block their path. Osamu and Karasuma try to take Chika and C-rank agents to the HQ. Meanwhile, the HQ has been invaded by Enedra.
17 May 2015
Tekisho Hairein
Suwa Unit fights against Enedra by locking him in a virtual training room that made of Trion because they can analyze his weakness as they are fighting. Meanwhile, Hairein finally appears in front of Chika.
24 May 2015
Osamu Mikumo's Determination
Hairein has turned Chika into a Trion cube using his trigger. Osamu takes it, and heads for the HQ. Meanwhile, Shinoda tries to join the battle against Enedra.
31 May 2015
Implacable Enedra
Shinoda fights against Enedra. How will he counter his Vorvoros?
7 Jun. 2015
Hairein's Terror
Karasuma uses his personal trigger Geist against Hairein. He can gain strength and speed, but he has only 200 seconds left to be able to fight.
14 Jun. 2015
Fierce Combat! The Battle of the Best
Miwa uses a trigger Lead Bullet against Hairein. Meanwhile, Yuma decides to carry out a desperate attack against Viza.
21 Jun. 2015
The End of the Battle
Yuma defeated Viza, but he has a few Trion left. Miwa was moved away from Osamu by Mira's trigger. Now there are only seven seconds left until the turning point of the future!
28 Jun. 2015
The Have-Not
Aftkrator withdrew from our world and the 2nd large-scale invasion is over. Although Chika was saved, Osamu lost conscious. Osamu remembers why he joined Border in his dream.
5 Jul. 2015
Hero and Partner
Osamu becomes conscious, and talks with Yuma after hearing the situation from his mother and Chika. One of higher-ups Karasawa takes him to the press conference by Border.
19 Jul. 2015
B-rank Rank Wars Begin
Many journalists ask the higher-ups of Border about responsibility for damage caused by the battle. Osamu hears about Netsuki's plan from Karasawa, and then he steps forward in front of the journalists and speaks his thoughts.
26 Jul. 2015
Suwa Squad & Arafune Squad
Yuma and Chika won their first Rank Battle as Tamakoma Second Unit in front of injured Osamu. Their next opponents are the 8th place, Suwa Unit, and the 10th place, Arafune Unit. Osamu can't decide what tactics to use against them.
2 Aug. 2015
Start-Up! Mikumo Unit
Osamu recovered and rejoined his unit. Tamakoma Second had the right to choose the location this time, and they chose an urban stage with difference of elevation that snipers like.
9 Aug. 2015
The Brash Rookie
The match seemed that it would favor the unit with the most snipers, but Arafune Unit is being driven into a corner by rest of two units. Arafune used to be an attacker, so he launches an attack on Yuma, with a sword type trigger Kogetsu.
16 Aug. 2015
Ko Murakami of Suzunari First
Tamakoma Second's next opponents are the 13th place, Nasu Unit, and the 9th place, Suzunari First Unit. Yuma gets a chance to challenge the attacker of Suzunari First, Kou Murakami to a solo match.
23 Aug. 2015
Nasu Unit's Choice
Murakami's side effect is especially troublesome issue. Osamu thinks about how to prepare for the next Rank Battle.
30 Aug. 2015
A Battle in Bad Weather
The Rank Battle started. Nasu Unit takes tactical actions as planned in the storm. However, Chika's sniping changes the whole situation.
6 Sep. 2015
The Thing That Decides the Battle
The agents have been divided into east and west across the river. On the west side, a three-way battle between the attackers begins.
20 Sep. 2015
The Ace's Willpower
On the east side, Kuruma and Betsuyaku are at the mercy of Nasu's shooting. Osamu doesn't want them to be defeated faster than him, so he support them. On the west side, Yuma enjoys fighting with Murakami.
27 Sep. 2015
The Captain's Pride
Chika breaks the bank of the river by her sniping, and draws the water into the city. Osamu wants Yuma to join him as soon as possible.
4 Oct. 2015
And Towards Tomorrow
Tamakoma Second Unit made it to the top group in B-rank. However, Osamu worries that he has scored only one point on his own in the battles.

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