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A job in The Crimea
Tweekums30 January 2016
Warning: Spoilers
This episode sees Frank being offered a job by Stephan Novik, an oligarch, who was forced to leave The Crimea after it became part of Russia. When he departed he left a painting which contained a document which gives its owner mineral rights in the territory and now he wants Frank to retrieve it. There are complications of course; his old house is now occupied by a Russian minister and Novik has hired Olivier Dassin, a second transporter, to double the chance of success. Because Frank works alone he initially turns the job down, Novik persuades him to do it by providing evidence linking the minister to the disappearance of Zara Knight, a woman Frank loved. Things go wrong from the moment he reaches the Crimean border; he manages to get away from the border guards but loses his car in the process; this forces him to team up with Dassin. Back in France Cat does some research into the disappearance of Zara Knight and learns that the Minister wasn't involved but Dassin may have been… unfortunately she can't transmit this information to Frank.

There is plenty of excitement in this episode, notably Frank's escape from the Russian border guards as he enters The Crimea; this involves plenty of shooting and the sight of his car driving over a cliff into the water below. The scenes where they enter the villa are just as exciting with fights and shooting leading up to things going wrong. The tension is nicely raised as Cat's investigation finds evidence suggesting Dassin can't be trusted… not that anybody will be too surprised that he turned out to be a wrong 'un. As well as the excitement there are some chuckles to be had as Frank steals a lorry's tractor unit after losing his car. The cast do a solid job, it was nice to see François Berléand return as Inspector Tarconi even though his part is fairly small. Overall a good episode with an open ending… presumably things will be resolved next week or in another future episode.
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