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Sex & Nudity

  • Teenage girl has been curled against the tree in the forest. Her cleavage can be seen apparently through her legs. However she is fully clothed.
  • Two teenage characters begin to kiss in a car. The male put his hand on the girl's bare leg and and she moves it under her skirt. He panics and they stop kissing for a bit before resuming
  • Two teenage characters make plans to have sex, though it isn't explicitly stated.
  • Two teenage characters engage to do dry humping(Non penetrate sex) in a forest. The female has her shirt unzipped a little. The male pulls out a condom and presumably puts it on before having sex with the girl. They are rubbing,grinding & thrusting against each other's bodies without having sex ostensibly. But the male stops fairly quickly after the female states that he is hurting her. We see the man's bare buttocks partially, but no other nudity is shown.
  • Two adult characters speak about having sex at one point, though they don't speak about it explicitly. It is implied that they do, though none of it is shown
  • A one point a married couple speak to each other in a way that implies that they want to engage in sexual intercourse. Later, they are seen lying in bed, presumably naked. Their daughter sees them, and they both laugh. This scene is played for comedic effect. (Male entire bare back is visible. the woman's only bare shoulders are visible.)

Violence & Gore

  • A character uses a gun at one point for target practice and shoots a few cans.


  • Plenty of uses of f*ck, as well as others including sh*t, b*tch and damn

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Two male characters get drunk at one point
  • Some of the characters consume lots of alcohol at certain points towards the end of the movie
  • Characters otherwise drink and smoke on occasion throughout the movie

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The movie as a whole is fairly intense in terms of arguments that characters get into, especially towards the last act
  • The last 10 minutes or so in particular could upset some viewers
  • The movie often proves hard to watch for some viewers, as it deals with multiple mature concepts


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A major part of the plot is that one of the characters cheated on her husband while she was married to him and never said anything. While it is never shown, it is spoken of fairly often.
  • A teenage girl tells an older man that she will have sex with him if he likes. She claims to have had it before, so she knows what she's doing. However, she is very quickly turned down

Violence & Gore

  • A character steals a gun that she is seen about to use to kill herself in her car. The camera cuts away for a bit, and we hear a gunshot, implying that she has shot herself. Later, she is seen in the hospital with some blood on her shoulder. The act itself is not seen.

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