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Sex & Nudity

  • Women is seen walking around in her back bra and underwear
  • Women cleavage is shown throughout the movie
  • Season 1
  • There is no nudity, but some light sexual dialog. Even though set around a group of senior students the actors are all well into their 20's and beyond.
  • Teasing, lesbian name calling & jokes and general sex jokes.
  • A student-teacher affair is seen twice. A story is told from a student that the teacher called her to ask if she was wearing any underwear, in which she replies "No."
  • Two teens make out (clothed) and the boy pulls out a condom. However, they are interrupted before anything happens.
  • A boy asks another boy if having sex with his girlfriend was "pretty Amish"
  • Two teens have sex. They take off outer clothes, and begin to make out; it cuts to black (underwear glimpses only - no nudity/sex shown).

Violence & Gore

  • This show is a slasher TV show with excessively exaggerated blood and violence. There is usually a death per episode.
  • A severed head is thrown in a hot tub. Blood spreads around it.
  • A girl is chased by a killer and slashed in the back with a knife (very graphic). Blood drips down her back and she then has her throat cut - she gurgles and sputters blood. The killer throws her into a pool as she dies. Her blood starts to flow around her.
  • A man gets shot multiple times and his blood splashes on a woman's face.
  • A woman receives a bloody animal heart in the mail.
  • A girl cuts her wrist and blood drips down her arm. Brief but may trigger people who self-harm.
  • A girl is hung and the sound of her neck snapping is heard. It is then made out to look like a suicide.
  • A flashback depicts a young woman with her throat slashed off-screen. Her blood is then seen briefly spurting from the wound.
  • A figure steps on a fallen young man's foot. He then uses a large, sharp object to stab the young man's eye (the stabbing is not shown). His body covered in blood is briefly seen in photographs in current-time.
  • A figure punches a girl in the face. She runs, and tries to escape by climbing up the ladder leading to a police station's rooftop. The figure catches up to her, violently stabs her in the lower back twice and slices her leg, which spurts a large amount of blood. She bleeds out on the roof and dies.
  • A headless body (which belongs to a severed head victim before) is recovered, and is completely burnt and charred.
  • The body of a butchered animal is shown on an operating table. It's very bloody and guts are spilled on the table. Brief but may be disturbing/gross.
  • A decomposed severed head falls off a shelf. Brief and not bloody.
  • A guy gets punched in the face. Blood drips down his nose.
  • In a dream sequence a woman gets stabbed in the stomach before the blade is torn out, causing the wound to gush out blood. She is then stabbed off-screen.
  • A man gets sliced in the chest. His wound bleeds before he is dragged away.
  • A man is found chained and soaked in blood. He has a deep cut in his stomach and a carving in his back.
  • A man gets stabbed off-screen and you can hear his scream. A girl walks over to him and pulls the knife out of his bloody chest.
  • A man is gagged and rigged to a tractor. A girl sets off a trap by accident and the tractor blade kills the boy as his blood and brain matter splatters all over the girl. You do not see the blade killing the boy.
  • A shot of a boy with his head split open from behind is shown. Other shots of the boy's chewed up flesh are shown too. Very bloody.
  • A bloody boy with his head split in two is shown twice. In one scene he is shown holding a bloody heart that is pumping out blood.
  • A girl gets slashed in the arm. Minimal blood shed. The stitched scar is then shown in the next episode.
  • A man gets hit with a poker. Bloodless. He is then shown tied to a tree as blood profusely pours down his face and chest. As the rope tied around him was taken off next episode, it also rips out his guts from his wound and he dies. Very gory.
  • A cop is found dead and bleeding in a cell. In the next episode the body is shown again and a woman pulls out a necklace out of his mouth.
  • A girl finds a throat-slashed party goer on the floor soaked in blood. The kill is not shown.
  • A woman gets chased and stabbed in the arm and side. Blood is shown. The killer then tries to freeze her to death but she survives.
  • A woman gets slashed in the arm. Her bloody scar is shown after.
  • A woman gets slashed in the stomach. A lot of blood pours out. Her and the killer then have a fight with more stabbings inflicted on the woman and fist-fights and headbutts are shown.
  • A woman gets shot in the chest and then the head. Blood is shown.


  • Many uses of the word bitch, Other words such as Crap,Damn,and Hell are used, shit is used once in season 2.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Some jump-scares and excessive exaggeration in wound and death sequences.
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